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Lame Jokes with Bangtan

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Rap Monster/ Namjoon: You’d been hanging out with eomma Jin a bit too much and started to adapt his penchant for telling bad jokes.

“Hey, babe. I have a question?”


“What type of shoes do ninja’s wear?”

“Y/N…I swear to Go-”


Are. You. Sure Y/N??”

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Seokjin/Jin: You’d both been going back and forth, bickering in the kitchen about whether you should make an additional portion of 짜장면 (Jjajangmyeon) for when the other boys would come back to the dorm. Suddenly, it popped into your head, the way to win, bad dad jokes.

“Hey, Seokjinnie Oppa, I have something important to ask you…”


“How do you make a tissue dance?”


“You put a little boogie in it!”

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Suga/Yoongi: While he was looking up books on musical composition you’d found a jewel on jokes and decided to see of you could get a chuckle out of him.

“A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender sa-”


“The bartender says, “We don’t serve food here!”“

"Yah! Do you think that’s funny?”

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J-Hope/Hoseok: You all were on a drive down to Busan for a shoot by the ocean and had been in the car for hours.  All the members were asleep except Hoseok who seemed to have a lot on his mind. His mixtape was dropping soon and you could tell he was feeling a bit anxious about the reception. You decided to lighten the mood with a bit of a joke.






“Yes, Y/N??”

“Stop thinking so hard! I can smell the bacon from here. We’re only in Daegu and I’m already hungry.”

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🌸 The University of Hong Kong has a killer view!


“Hey!”  Caleb swung through the door cheerfully. “Sorry for keeping you waiting, I swear we have meetings around here just to talk about nothing.”

Ryver hadn’t seen him smile like that in a long time. His heart hurt, but he made sure to keep on a happy face. Caleb was still fragile, and Ryver wasn’t about to let anything happen that would break him again. “Yeah, no it’s cool! I was running late so I just got here, too.”  He lied.

Playful Morning - Simon

Simon X Reader

Description: Simon plays with your son???

Requested?: yes by @blueminter

Notes: I know it’s quite short but I hope it’s okay. And I know it’s not great. And I know you’ve been waiting. I’m so sorry 😬 xox

Sun broke through a gap in your curtain, waking you up from your sleep. You rolled over, stretching out every limb and muscle possible. As you stretched, you realised there was no lanky body next to you. Your eyes opened slowly and you rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. “Simon?” you said sleepily, probably too quiet for him to hear.

After a few more attempts, you gave up and grabbed your dressing gown and slipped on your slippers.

As you walked down the long hall from your bedroom to the stairs, you noticed your 1 year old sons bedroom door was open and the curtains were pulled. You smiled as you realised where Simon would be.

You walked down stairs quietly and tip toed to the play room. You pushed open the door slowly and leant your shoulder on the door frame. And, sure enough, Simon was sat on the floor with pillows and blankets thrown randomly in a circle with your waddling baby boy, making the most adorable squeals and shrieks as Simon threatened him with tickles.

You walked towards Simon, and wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed it gently.

“Good morning, sweetie” you said, sitting down next to your husband, laying your head on his shoulder.

“Look at what I taught him, Y/N!” Simon said sitting up on his knees and waving your son over. “Jack! What’s my name?” Jack, your son, waddled over and excitedly shouted:

“Da!” Jack jumped up and down from one foot to the other. You smiled broadly at your son but then you pouted at Simon.

“Thats not fair!” You scoffed with a pout. Simon pointed his finger at you.

“What about her?” Simon said. Jack looked puzzled for a minute but then exclaimed with a beaming smile:

“‘ummy” he said, obviously not perfect but you couldn’t help but squeal and pull him into you and kissed all over his face.

“I love you so much, little man!” You said squishing him into your chest. A gentle cough interrupted you. You looked to your left and you saw Simon, pouting like you had before. “And of course, I love daddy a lot too!” you said with a smile to your son.

“Uh, Jack why don’t you go and get your blanket and mummy and I will set up a DVD?” Simon suggested. Jack ran away, laughing as he went, and Simon turned is attention you. “So, you love me a lot? Would you care to tell or show me how much that is?” he said shuffling towards you. You giggled and got on your knees so you were just taller than Simon, who was cross legged. You put your hands through his hair and kissed his nose gently. Simon held your waist and pulled you closer, subsequently making your knees buckle, sending you into him. After falling to the floor in a bundle of laughs and giggles, you looked into his deep blue eyes and a mixture of love and lust pushed you forward and crashed your lips into Simons. He kissed back with the same amount of lust and passion. You pulled away and then planted little kisses on his soft lips, probably teasing him. Simons hands guided you to sit up and then pulled you into a tight hug.

“I love you so much, Simon” you say nuzzling your head into his neck.

“I love you most, Y/N” Simon said, cradling your upper body tightly.

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Hey, I understand if you feel too pressured to finish the comic, but could you let us know whether or not a new update will come?

Im so sorry i have been alive on tumblr. I actually flew out to Asia to visit a few family members the day right after I last posted and BOY HAS IT BEEN A RIDE. No wifi, no 4g, no data, PLUS Tumblr, Instagram, Youtube, ETC ( basically every single social media you can name) is BLOCKED over here.
I was lucky enough to find a VPN with an American server so I can post this but it will only last a few hours.

ILL BE BACK IN TWO WEEKS. So so so sorry i know you guys are still waiting for the comic. I have all the comics drawn and the moment I get back in the states I will update ASAP! Sorry for the LONG wait ❤️❤️❤️


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Could you do a dad!Rossi imagine where he misses his daughters science fair or something that she worked hard on. She wins first or something he he finds her in her room upset and she won’t talk to him because she’s mad. You can pick the ending💕 

Requested by Anon~

Rossi gave a soft knock on your door, but he didn’t hear anything on the other side. Another sharp jab of guilt pierced his chest, causing Rossi to throw caution to the wind and open your door. He just wanted to talk this out now; he didn’t like waiting around, hoping you’d stop being mad at him long enough to talk.

“Y/N.” Rossi said lowly. As he approached, you stubbornly looked away. Geez, Rossi wondered where you got your stubbornness from. “Honey, I’m so sorry I missed it. You know how chaotic my schedule is…”

“You care more about your job than you do me.” Was your reply, low and angry. “Go away.”

Your words sent a sharp knife through Rossi’s heart. “You don’t really believe that, do you? I love you more than anything; that’s why I feel so bad about missing out on things.”

You were quiet for a while, but a surge of hope ballooned in his chest when you finally looked at him. “I won first place, you know.”

Rossi smiled. “I know. And I’m probably the proudest father in the world.”

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I'm having a nervous breakdown, so I was wondering if I could request how Jotaro would react to seeing s/o like that?..

I’m sorry this took so long to answer my dude :(


At first Jotaro doesn’t know how to react. Should he hug them? wait for them to calm down? He is just staring at them for a few seconds, considering the best option.He will approach them slowly, and  hearing them sobbing and crying like that breaks his heart. He will try and kneel or do anything just to get to their height level, so they can see him in the eyes. Even though he doesn’t really know what to say, he tries.

“Hey, what is it? what happened?”

He gets more worried when he sees them crying even harder and not answering him.

“I’m going to hug you now, ok?” He warns them, of course, in case that they don’t want to be touched.

His heart breaks even more when they cling to him the moment he puts an arm around him, making his shirt feel wet immediately with their tears. He will hug them firmly, placing his chin on top of their head.

“It’s ok…let it all out… we can talk about this when you feel like it.”

And he will hold them close as long as they need to.



#1 Andre Burakovsky

Can you please write a super cute Andre Burakovsky one!? Thank you, your writing is great!!!

SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG !! But i hope you like it!!

V short but there might be a part 2 !!

Warnings: none idk

Song suggestion of the day: winter bird by Aurora

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“Are you on instagram?” you questioned your boyfriend as he sat opposite you on his phone. A small smirk crossed his features, giving you all the answer you needed. “Oh my god, you are!”

The two of you were currently filling in time as you waited for your flight to be called. At starbucks, no less. Andre, it seemed, was using this as an opportunity to take typical white girl pictures. You shook your head. “If you don’t drink that soon, I will.”

That caused him to glance up at you. “Don’t even think about it.” You laughed as he finally put his phone away and took a sip of his drink. He quickly made a face causing you to burst out laughing as he coughed slightly and murmured. “Cold.” several times over. Eventually he stopped squirming to laugh along with you, before taking another, smaller and more cautious, sip of his drink, a small smile lingering on his features as he glanced across at you.

“What are you grinning about?” you questioned.

He shrugged nonchalantly. “My girlfriend is very cute.”

You flushed under his praise. “well, my boyfriend is very sweet.”

A wide grin appeared on his lips. “Are you blushing?”

“No!” you lied indignantly, raising your hands to cover your cheeks.

A small whoop of laughter issued from the hockey player opposite you. “You are!” he declared triumphantly. You giggled at how pleased he sounded with himself. Andre’s fingers gently curled around your wrists, and he pouted at you. “Don’t cover your face. You’re cute when you’re embarrassed.” At this, you tried your best to shoot him a glare but failed miserably and only reddened even more causing Andre to chuckle slightly. 

“Stoooppp.” you whined, finally removing your hands and placing them back in your lap again.

He grinned, leaning across the table to kiss the tip of your nose. “There you are.”

You giggled at this. “We should go to the gate soon.” you informed him. “The flight’ll be boarding in a few minutes.”

He nodded in agreement as he finished off his drink, before slinging the sports bag he was taking as carry on over his shoulder and reaching for the handle of your small suitcase.

“Let me take it.” Andre said before you batted him away gently.

“Burkie, I can do it.” you laughed, placing a kiss to his cheek as you watched your boyfriend shrug his sports bag further up on his shoulder. 

He huffed, weaving his fingers securely with yours. “Fine.”

You laughed a little. “And they say chivalry is dead.” He smiled over at you as you made your way through the terminal just as your flight was called. Despite the time, there was still a lot of people at the gate when you arrived, meaning you had to sit in line for a while until you could finally board the plane. Truth be told, you were absolutely exhausted. This was your second flight of the day and you’d had a three hour long stop over while you waited for this one. Andre, however, was still a ball of energy and you were pretty sure his infectious enthusiasm was all that was keeping you going.

You sighed in relief as you finally sat down, leaning back against the seat. Andre hummed as he slid into the seat beside you. “Finally,”

You laughed wearily. “You’re telling me.”

He pouted. “You’re tired.”

“Well it is two am, burkie.” you murmured, leaning your head on his shoulder.

He nodded in understanding as the flow of people moving past your seats began to dwindle and the plane began to taxi out onto the runway. You managed to stay awake during the safety briefing and take off but once the plane was at cruising altitude, you were fast asleep on the swede’s shoulder. Andre laughed a little when he saw this but after about one episode of Supergirl, he had joined you.

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How would Ravus react if Ardyn harassed his s/o? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Thanks for waiting so long for this - you’re the real MVP. Sorry it isn’t too lengthy, but please enjoy anyway, bb (*´∇`*)

Ravus on Defense

Ravus puts up with Ardyn most of the time. Ardyn wants his way, so he gets it. Ravus figures there’s no real bother in defying the chancellor - he knows it will just make his life more difficult. After all, Ardyn is the one pulling the strings of the empire when it comes down to it.

If it came to Ardyn harassing Ravus’s s/o though… Ravus would not stand idle. He would be in Ardyn’s face within a heartbeat. Considering the chancellor is his superior, Ravus wouldn’t get physical, but he would approach him with calm, cold anger. You can guarantee he would find some fancy way to threaten Ardyn without making it sound like a threat. Nobody hurts or harasses those Ravus loves, not even the chancellor of Niflheim.

Ravus’s main concern would be for his s/o. He is ridiculously protective of them and would be distraught when they are attacked in any way. Deep down, he is aware that Ardyn wouldn’t be likely to hurt his s/o, but it still puts him on edge. His partner wouldn’t be left alone for a few days, especially if the chancellor is nearby. Ravus would make a silent vow to himself to keep them safe, both mentally and physically. Whenever they had a moment alone, Ravus would gently put a hand to their cheek and ask if they were alright. He would be so concerned that they were hiding fear or pain from him; he would gently pry to reveal the truth. They could tell him over and over again that they’re fine. Ravus will eventually back off, but worry would constantly be in the back of his mind.

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Muahaha, time for me to bring in the angst! Scenario imagine for Rin, Makoto, and any other Free! characters you'd like; let them react to their S/O having no choice but to break up with them due to her moving to a far university/school? And gender neutral would be great ≧◡≦ —Ellie

How about I add Haru and Sousuke too?


Haru: “W-Why??” Haru was almost crying the moment your words sank in. You also had tears in your eyes, but you were doing your best to stop them. Your studies are your priority, and after getting accepted to your dream University, you knew that you two would be in a long-distance relationship and you don’t want Haru to wait for you without any reassurance that you would be able to stay together. 

“My decision is final. I’m sorry,” You said for the last time before walking away. The tears that you’ve been holding in have finally spilled once you turned your back to him. 

Makoto: “I understand.” It’s a lie, and you knew it. His eyes clearly reflected sadness that you’d never seen before in him. As much as you hated this because you knew that you’ll hurt him, you didn’t also want to hurt him even more by making him wait for a relationship that has no reassurance due to distance. 

“I want you to make your dreams come true, even if that means that you’ll have to break up with me. I want you to be happy.” He took your hand and held it close to his face. You felt your heart breaking, but you managed to smile for him for the last time. 

Rin: “I thought we’d be together forever!?” Angry. Rin was definitely angry at your confession, but it was also clear that he was devastated upon hearing about your plans of breaking up with him due to you moving away to study at your dream University. Tears were already welling in your eyes when he placed his hands over your shoulders and shake you, in hopes of knocking some sense into you and make you change your mind about your decision. But he also knew that he couldn’t be selfish. When he started crying, he pulled you to his chest and hugged you tight, not wanting to let go because this will probably be the last time that you’ll be together. He wanted to cherish your last moment together. 

Sousuke: “I see,” His stare felt cold today, which were completely different from the beautiful teal eyes that always looks at you with love and compassion before. You didn’t want to do this, it hurts you more than it hurts him but Sousuke also has the dreams that he wanted to pursue. With one last goodbyes to each other, he turned on his heel and left. You sank to your knees and broke down, releasing the pain that you’ve been bottling up during the past few weeks while you were thinking about your choices. It’s for the best, you tried to content yourself with that thought. 

Sousuke, on the other hand, cried himself to sleep that evening. He wouldn’t be able to forget about you– ever. 

Haunted - Chapter Ten

A/N: I know, I said I was aiming for Wednesday.  Surprise!  It’s been so foggy and gloomy lately that I was more motivated to write a ghost story - plus I had nothing to do at work today so I had time to write and edit.  This is a longer chapter than usual, hopefully that makes up for how long I made you wait!

Chapter Ten

You ended up spending part of every day in the studio, for the rest of the week.  Youngbae quickly warmed up to you but Daesung was still nervous and tried to stay away from you, even if he had to eat by himself on the other side of the cafeteria rather than sit at a table with you.

“Don’t take it personally,” Seungri said when he noticed you looking sad after Daesung got up and almost ran out of the room as soon as you walked in on Friday afternoon.  “It’s TOP-hyung he’s scared of, not you.”

But that didn’t make it much better, since Seunghyun’s face fell a little further every time Daesung avoided the two of you.

Saturday afternoon you spent at home, catching up on the articles you needed to submit by Monday and enjoying not being in a cramped studio with four increasingly testy men.  Seunghyun paced behind you, stopping now and then to stare moodily out of the window at the rain.  You could tell he wanted to talk to you but it was too much fun watching him pout when he wanted your attention, so you were pretending to ignore him.

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Tictail orders update

Hey guys! 

I know its been a long wait for my pre-order items, but everything has finally come in, I just got the pouches today in the mail (honestly the delays from the holidays really messed up my schedule) and I’ve been working hard on packing all of your orders! :D Thank you so much for all of your patience and understanding, I will be shipping all of your orders by the end of this week, you will get an e-mail from tictail when I do~!

Sorry I haven’t been able to reply to many of your asks lately, I think I’ll make a post about those soon when I get the chance *U*/ <333 Thanks so much!!

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Hello Sweets :) I really love your writing, you cant imagine ! So I was wondering if you would write something for my birthday today with Bucky Barnes where he waits for you to come home to your shared house and he has a surprise for you. The bedroom is full of candles and when you get home he gives you a really gentle massage, that unfortunately leads to something more sexual and you have a Long romantic night together ? ;) Also his POV if you want hihi, that would be absolutely great <3

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Heyyy sweetheart! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Unfortunately I don’t have time today to write you something, but I PROMISE to write it for you tomorrow! Would that be okay? I’m really sorry I can’t do it today :’( I hope you don’t mind. 

Here’s a little bit of Seb for your birthday! Have a blast, celebrate, get laid! <3

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Entry #32

Sorry for the wait guys. I’ve been taking some personal time to figure things out.

Also, I just forgot to update my blog.

I haven’t asked out Wirt yet. But I will. He and Sara have been separated for long enough for him to start dating again. He seems completely over her now. I’m going to ask him out, in person. I’m going to take him to my favorite spot on the woods, where the trees have this place where they part so you can look up at the stars and see almost the whole sky. I want to take him there.

Ford and McGucket are almost done with wedding planning. A lot of extended family is coming for the wedding, including the immediate family of Mabel and I, which is nice. They’ve decided that they’re both going to keep their last names, just hyphenated. Stanford and Fiddleford McGucket-Pines. Sort of a mouthful, but it’s a nice name to have.

I’ll keep you guys updated more regularly from now on.

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What kinds of tests are done on paper evidence, and how destructive to the evidence can they get? Are they similar to tests run on textiles, or would it depend on if the textile is used similarly to paper (like words painted or sewn onto fabric)? Would tactics be changed according to the need to preserve the evidence to hand it back to someone (in the case of things from public or private collections)? Please and thank you! - Delicate Evidence Nonny

You’re back Delicate Evidence Nonnie! And I am back from being sick! How wonderful! Sorry about the long wait time, but c’est la vie, non?

So there are like two categories of paper evidence tests I can think of, and those are questioned documents analysis, and your more bread and butter type where there is a weird stain or maybe some fingerprints that are useful to the investigation type (which Watson has so concisely summarized as the physical aspects of analysis) (sometimes I am just too wordy for my own good *pouts*).

In terms of document analysis, it is not destructive at all (usually), regardless of if it is paper or some kind of embroidered textile. For example, a handwriting analysis would not be destructive to the paper. It would not be very destructive to analyze the ink composition of a suspected counterfeit bank note, but that really depends on the technique used (such as needing to remove part of the page to obtain the ink sample, or infrared examination and light spectroscopy). One exception to the rule I was able to find is the case of charred or burned documents. These must be handled with the utmost care as they will crumble very easily (I’m talking these bad boys get delivered to laboratories by hand in a bed of cotton). Often times though document analysis is done with a lot of time, and some crazy magnifiers, and many reference samples obtained from potential suspects.

For the analysis of physical aspects of the paper or textile, the degree of destructiveness can vary. For example, taking a small sample of a rare book to figure out the composition of the paper used to make it is usually minimally destructive (a very tiny piece from a back corner/binding is usually enough to suffice). But to reveal latent finger on paper will completely destroy it. That process involves using either cyanoacrylate or ninhydrin to reveal the finger print that a) makes a very dark visible print and b) covers it in chemicals you really do not want anywhere near your anything in the case of ninhydrin. In that case you would not get that paper/textile back.

Tactics definitely change depending on the need to preserve an item (especially if it needs to be given back). Now, I have zero practical experience in a forensics lab, but from my second hand knowledge from professors, if there are lots of options on paper you can take as evidence, and one is, say, a precious family heirloom, and the other is a stack of dad’s business records, they’ll take the business records. Forensic science doesn’t aim to destroy evidence, but some tests are unavoidable and will irreparably damage items. In those cases, the less ‘important’ a piece of paper evidence is, the better it is for investigators as it lets them do all the tests they want with no qualms from the potential suspects.

What is really important to know is that the laboratory staff will use non-destructive methods first, before using any destructive methods of analysis. This is done so that if need be, more of the evidence is preserved and available for further testing. Or for giving back, in the case of expensive, private or personal items.


Derrick and Sterling said their goodbyes. Once Derrick was on his way, Sterling streamlined over to the bathrooms, where he could catch Eva on the way out.

Eva: “Ugh, sorry that took so long, I had to clean up quite the mess on the toilet seat left by whoever was in there before me…were you waiting long?”

Sterling: “I was going to wait to tell you, but I just can’t hold it in anymore.”

Eva: “What is it, Sterling?”

Sterling: “My promotion. It was…more than just a promotion. Today I pitched a game idea, and the bosses loved it. They want to produce it, so they gave me an advance to start working on it.”

Eva: “Sterling, that’s amazing! An advance? How much did they give you?”

Sterling: “Fifty-thousand dollars, baby. We can move to San Myshuno right away! Fucking tomorrow, if you want!”

Eva: “Sterling! Oh my god! I can’t believe it! Jesus, I’m so proud of you. This is fantastic news. We have to go home and start browsing for apartments right away! Come on, there’s no time to waste!”

    so i’m sorry it’s coming so late — like i said, i spent the weekend taking care of a friend and i didn’t have access to my personal computer. i’m still at work right now so i can’t really be here but i feel like i can’t make any of you wait longer. this is a public apology for @athousandri​ , @eyecursed​ , @rottian​ and probably more people i don’t know about — people i hurt with my previous statements. i’ll place everything under a read more because it might be long and i don’t want to invade other people’s dash. 

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awkward teenage dylric's first kiss??? just to see what your perspective on my au is?? :)) - rebldoomakr

[hey bby!!! i just really feel like they’d be cute drunks, sorry lmao]

To say Eric and Dylan were drunk would be a lie, however, the pair was on their way there. Eric had lifted some beer from the fridge without his dad noticing, but he had wanted to wait until the weekend to share it with Dylan. They were big bad freshman, so of course they had to prove to each other just how tough they were.

They had begun dating not long after they first met. The two hit it off pretty quickly, and their relationship just kind of happened. Neither wanted to put a label on things just yet, but it was obvious enough that they cared for each other. Hand-holding, hugging, and the occasional peck on the cheek was as far as the two had ever gone before. Neither were very experienced with relationships, and by that, neither had ever dated another person in their life.

Eric’s parents were out of the house, attending some party with their adult friends. Eric didn’t really care what they were doing, he was just happy that they wouldn’t be home again until Sunday night. So, instead of wasting this perfect opportunity, Eric invited Dylan over to spend the night. As far as Dylan’s parents knew, the two were just friends. Eric’s parents had no idea what Eric really had planned for the weekend, and they never would, if things went to plan.

Dylan was a giggly drunk. He went from laughing at Eric’s jokes to cuddling him on the couch in the span of an hour, and Eric was more than content with that much, but a part of him wanted more. They were part way into the movie, and Dylan had cuddled himself into Eric’s chest. Eric took a few deep breaths as he tried to gain the courage to do what he had wanted to do for the longest time.

“Dylan?” The young boy lifted his head and sat up. He smiled at Eric and giggled to himself.


“Um, I just wanted to say…um,” Eric stuttered. “You look really cute.” Eric wasn’t sure if it was the alcohol that was giving him this confidence, but whatever it was, he didn’t mind it at all.

Dylan blushed and fiddled with his hair. “You’re pretty cute too, babe.” Well, Eric had never been called that before. This was new, and he really liked it. Dylan, being the drunk 14 year old he was, leaned progressively closer toward Eric’s lips. The two boys’ eyes connected and Dylan grinned.

“Can I kiss you? Please?” And well, Eric didn’t really have the ability to say no. Or anything, really. It was messy and bad as far as first kisses goes, but Eric had never enjoyed something more than he enjoyed Dylan’s lips on his. He knew that Dylan most likely wouldn’t remember it happening in the morning, but that didn’t matter.

The rest of the night, Dylan would cuddle closer and closer into Eric’s side, but Eric just couldn’t stop thinking about Dylan’s lips. How soft they were. The way his doe eyes fluttered shut. He was too young to know what real love was, but he knew that this is as close to finding out as he had ever gotten.