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Flicker Sessions Sydney – crowd: up for it. band: up for it. Niall: MAD up for it. It was SUCH a fun night. he looked amazing. he sounded incredible. let’s get together and do it again.

NCT as the Mafia + How He Met You

||| Requested by anon |||

A/N: I decided to only do the members who had already debuted and no one under 17 (Jaemin is an exception, his bday is soon 😂) and this still turned out longer than I expected 😂

Lee Taeyong

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  • The leader and founder of the gang, responsible for practically everything and everyone need to report to him whatever they’re doing
  • Tends to regret his decision to even start this because more and more members join every year and he realized that he will have to take care of them even if he’s dead and can often be seen staring into nothing, thinking about this
  • Since he’s the one who came up with this ‘genius’ idea, he was caught by the police a number of times practically every time they did any petty crime when they first started out
  • But now they got so good at this, that they even have bribed officials working in their favour

You both broke into the same building, at the same time and both got arrested ten minutes later. You even ended up in the same cell for 48 hours until someone came and bailed you two out. While you were waiting, you bickered and blamed each other for being the reason the other got caught but since Taeyong already had his gang, it wasn’t long since Taeil came to get him out as opposed to you, who had no one.

“Taeyong, you’re out! But I swear if I catch you again I will put you in for good!” the police officer said. 

“Yeah yeah,” he stood up and went to the door before stopping. “Taeil, pay for her as well, we’re taking her with us.”

Moon Taeil

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  • Takes care of the gang’s legal stuff (like money and documents) and hides the illegal
  • Is the one who gets the others out of trouble and everyone needed his help at some point
  • Scouts for new members despite Taeyong begging him not to
  • But they have to fit his high standards
  • At first he was really against this whole gang thing
  • But now he’s like the mother of the group

He met you when he came to bail Taeyong out.

“I’m not using our money on her. How do you even know if she will be a valuable asset to the team?”

“She’s going. That’s it,” Taeyong ordered and he didn’t dare argue with him when he’s angry. He kept glaring at you every time he saw you but you exceeded all of his expectations and welp I sense a love triangle

Johnny/Seo Youngho

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  • Finally got into the gang after 9 years of begging proving himself
  • He has yet to find out what his job really is
  • Was so happy when they trusted him with a deal, he screwed it up immediately
  • Before he even joined, he somehow got himself caught in a fight between EXO’s Sehun and Seventeen’s Jeonghan, even though he had practically nothing to do with it and it was mostly Sehun’s fault but that’s for later

While he was waiting in the dungeon to be accepted, he often went to this shooting range to practice but you always beat him and it annoyed him to no end, so one time he made a bet with you, if he gets in (he was boasting to you about the gang) or wins against you, you will have to go on a date with him.

“Well at this point I don’t think you will ever join that gang and I don’t see you ever winning against me either, so why not?” you laughed.

“Watch me,” he smirked, as he was about to tell you he’s in.

Nakamoto Yuta

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  • Like Doyoung he’s an assassin/hitman, except he’s the real deal
  • He prefers silent weapons, like snipers and often stays in the shadows (something he learned from Ten)
  • Not everyone can hire him and he only takes very well paid jobs
  • Despite the things he does, he gets scared very easily by stupid things

Someone set you up and hired both of you to kill each other, hoping neither of you will survive. After chasing, fighting and avoiding you for over a month, someone leaked information to him what’s this all really about and he decided that it would be best to join up and find the one who hired you two. Now his only problem was proving to you that he’s telling the truth and stopping you from shooting him dead. That will be difficult though because once you take a job there’s no going back.

“I have to work even faster. I I just stand around doing nothing she will get to me in a blink on an eye.”

Doyoung/Kim Dongyoung

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  • Very skilled with a wide range of weapons
  • He mostly joined because he wanted to shoot stuff *cough* people *cough*
  • You could call him and ‘assassin’ but he likes to show off his skills, so everybody would know that it was him who took care of things
  • Doesn’t like working with Yuta, their styles are completely different

A fight broke out in a local club and he was searching around the place for any survivors to clean everything once and for all, when he noticed a leg sticking out from under the table. He lifted the tablecloth and saw you sitting there.

“What the hell are you doing here? Did you think you can hid from me?”

“Oh no. I’m not hiding. Quite the opposite! I’m just watching - I mean reading.”

“Really? Reading? In the middle of a shootout?” you just shrugged and he stared at you for a few seconds before dragging you out.

“This is not a place for someone like you, let me help you out of here,” he smirked.


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  • He works as a spy for the gang and is so good at his job that he’s practically invisible and a lot of the members think he’s either dead or lost or smth because he’s so rarely seen, maybe once in six months or so
  • Only Taeyong knows what he’s doing at this point
  • One day Yuta saw him in the headquarters and screamed for two minutes straight because he thought he saw a ghost
  • “Oh it’s just you… I thought you were lost on that mission two months ago.”
  • Some days when he’s alone that happens a lot poor baby he wonders: ‘Why don’t we go on missions as a U unit anymore?’; ‘They missed the perfect chance to add me TEN as the tenth member of 127 smh’

He met you completely by accident, when he came back after a few months and somebody though he’s gone for good again and gave you his room. He lifted the covers up, only to see you sleeping in his bed and he was so shocked he stood there still holding the blanket when you still in your sleep took it from him and rolled to the other side.

“Wait… What?” he said, taking it from you again.

“Let me sleep,” you just mumbled.

“Ooh I will let you sleep! For eternity that is, if you don’t explain what you’re doing here!”

Jaehyun/Jung Yoonoh

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  • That local lover boy not really, who talks his way out of and more often then not into trouble
  • Because of this reason, he strikes the best deals
  • But tends to say too much and ruin them completely, making everything worse and also starting fights in the process

You accompanied him to one of the deals instead of Johnny and immediately realized he was about to start blabbing shit and stopped him before he could do it.

“Are you sure about that?” you asked, throwing him a glare.

“Yes, I’m sure, could you please stop kicking me under the table?.. Wait, who are you anyway?” he asked you.

“Are you serious?” you stood up and dragged him out of the room to show him who you really are and to shut that pretty mouth of his.

WinWin/Dong Sicheng

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  • One word. Technology.
  • Need to fix something? He can do it. You need to hack into something? He already did that. A couple of grands from a foreign account? No problem!
  • Members are lowkey scared of him because he had hacked into their accounts multiple of times and uncovered some embarrassing photos, dirty secrets and so on
  • Likes to blackmail people with their sensitive information for money

Trying to beat him at online MMO games was bad idea but it was even worse when you actually won. He threw his computer out of the window almost hitting Jaehyung in the head. He soon got another one out from under the table.

“I would rather die but I will never let somebody crush me like that,” he thought, starting to track your location.

Mark Lee

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  • One of the first members to join the gang
  • Was the youngest at one point and everyone didn’t take him too seriously despite the long ass rides
  • When he finally got better at socializing, he also got better, actually really really good at investigations/infiltrations/collecting information
  • Taeyong often sends him out of the city for a job
  • Hates Donghyuck’s guts lowkey best friends

He met you while working in one of the coffee shops as part of his mission. The moment you walked in, you immediately caught his attention and what other way to get to know you better than to approach you head on.

“A coffee for milday,” he said, putting the cup down on your table.

“I didn’t order any.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “It’s on me.”

You just rolled your eyes and decided to take it. [x]

Huang Renjun

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  • So smol, so soft, protect at all costs
  • If it wasn’t for Donghyuck he wouldn’t be here
  • He was like “Hey! There’s this gang and I’m in it, Mark’s in it, you’re in it.”
  • “Wait what?” he just blinked a few times.
  • And now he’s here, still a bit lost and not sure what he’s doing exactly
  • Not yet too enthusiastic about all this

He hasn’t met you yet or rather you haven’t (officially) because he has been hiding. He is very impressed but also afraid of you at the same time. When you try to talk to him, he runs away.

“Why does he run away? Is he scared or something?” you asked Jeno.

“He tells everyone that you have this strong aura around you and he can’t handle the pressure very well,” he shrugged. what does that even mean I have no idea

Lee Jeno

Originally posted by haecha

  • The voice of reason in the gang
  • Often questions what the hell are they even doing
  • “How can we call ourselves a gang? We’re not even intimidating”
  • “You can’t just say we are the mafia because you think it sounds cool”
  • Helps Taeil keep everyone in check
  • Secretly enjoys stealing cars and driving around, until he crashes them which happens soon after

He saw you sneaking around, trying to steal from them and casually approached you.

“I’m sorry but who the heck might you be?”

You stood up from the door you were about to pick a lock from and started walking in the opposite direction like nothing happened. He came up to you in quick steps.

“Oh no no no, you don’t get to leave as if everything is okay. Come with me,” he said, trying to drag you inside.

Haechan/Lee Donghyuck

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  • Is very experienced in making explosives because he has been researching them ever since he first saw a war movie
  • Likes to make a grand entrance when a fight with other gangs break out
  • Everyone tells him no to because it just draws more attention to them that way but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Thinks almost every person in the gang is a big loser
  • Except for Mark
  • He’s the biggest loser of them all
  • Even when he’s out on a mission, he calls him just to tease him

You walked into the mine field he set up for a test but he didn’t feel like blowing you up since he was in a good mood.

“Don’t move!” he shouted to you.

“I’m just passing by, what’s your problem?”

“I think you have more problems than me,” he said, pointing at the ground. You looked down and noticed a mine below your feet. 

“Is that what I think it is?”


“And? Will you help me or will you just stand there?”

“It depends on what I can get in return…”

Na Jaemin

Originally posted by jaehyunsleatherpants

  • Despite being the youngest, he for some reason was really persistent to get into the gang
  • “I’m not taking in a bunch of children, this is not a kindergarten,” Taeyong said as he took him in how is he the leader? he’s too soft smh
  • Doesn’t talk much and doesn’t share what he’s doing (which brakes the rules btw but who cares)
  • The others have yet to find out what is the real reason the joined

You found everything that he does suspicious ever since high school, so one day you followed him and saw what he was hiding all this time. He noticed you soon after though. He grabbed you by the arm and sat you down in one of the nearby chairs.

“Now you be quiet and listen to me very carefully, if you ever as much as think about what you saw here…”

“What?” you retorted. “I’m so scared! What happens to me then?”

“You better not find out…”

All in all, NCT is not yet very well coordinated as a gang but they’re getting there 😂

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What about team nice dynamite playing surgeon simulator on a real person

Oh jeez that gets awfully bloody awfully quickly. It’s definitely  one of their nastier games, which considering who they are and what they’ve done is really saying something.

The idea is probably born in Caleb’s office. Michael’s grumbling his way through stitches, reluctantly laughing as Gavin makes a nuisance of himself while he waits, opening draws, playing with tools, theorising about what everything does, miming out increasingly disturbing looking operations until Caleb finally banishes him back to the waiting chair under the threat of a first-hand demonstration.

Still, the idea is planted and not even a week goes by before Michael and Gavin decide to rob a hospital, pick up a few tools of their own, and play doctor. They get everything from scrubs and gloves to speciality instruments and various medications, alongside a few of their own concoctions and no small number of personal knives. Their ‘surgery’ is an abandoned warehouse; not even one of Geoff’s, just somewhere private where no one will notice them making a mess. And boy do they make a mess.

Their first involuntary patient is a very bad man indeed, cruel and nasty and just generally lacking in heart. So they take his out. Dig around for a bit, surprised by the effort it takes to get through the ribcage, wondering at the sheer amount of blood, the various strange bits and pieces they rummage through, organs they examine then toss to the floor to continue their quest. Astonishingly the patient does not survive, but they manage to extract the heart before it stops beating so at the end of the day they call it a successful endeavour.

For the next sorry contestant, who had the misfortune of witnessing something he shouldn’t have and running his mouth in the wrong company, there is a very delicate eye surgery, followed by a far less delicate experimentation to determine which vaguely eye-shaped objects found laying around the penthouse would make the best replacements.

There’s a dirty cop working for the wrong gang whose night ends with his brain on the floor, a noisy thorn in Geoff’s side who involuntarily donates his kidneys to science, a brief foray into dentistry leaves a crook without their teeth, an arms-dealer who got a bit too touchy loses an arm, and in a move that’s more petty than anything else, a wanna-be conman who thought he could manipulate Gavin of all people gets to accidentally teach them just how quickly a person can bleed out when they’re missing their tongue. 

With all the compassion of serial-killers, the selfish amusement of egocentric children and the in-built bravado born from the unwavering support of a best friend the only end in sight for this awful new game is the inevitable moment Team Nice Dynamite gets bored and moves on to something else.

The rest of the FAHC doesn’t know what they’re up to in their spare time but have seen enough shared looks and whispered plans to know they’re doing something, have witnessed more than enough of that particular brand of nasty delight to know it’s something devastating. Still, when casual inquiry reveals nothing more than a pair of matching grins, somewhat secretive and entirely wicked, it’s generally agreed that it’s best to just sit back and wait for the mayhem to roll in.

Which is all well and good for a while, but eventually Jeremy and Ryan are bored enough, curious enough, nosey enough to give up on patience and track them down. It’s not particularly difficult, they’re not really hiding, but what has been seen cannot be unseen and Jeremy, for one, desperately wishes he’d left Ryan to investigate on his own. Ryan stands in silence, reaction hidden behind his mask though Jeremy fancies that there’s something upsettingly amused in the way he surveys what is undoubtably a makeshift surgery, eyes sharply interested as they flick around the room, to the blood on the floor, the walls, to the body on the table, the wailing heart-monitor and an IV bag filled with something oddly glittery.

Jeremy is feeling slightly less impartial. Maybe it’s just the surprise of it all; he was expecting another firework bomb, maybe a kidnapped cop or the makings of an elaborate prank, anything other than the cold, still, Dexter-like vibe of this particular undertaking. It’s almost too much, too disturbing, even with everything the FAHC have done, everything he himself has done. Perhaps it shouldn’t be, maybe it’s no worse, not really, but in the shock of landing in what looks like a horror movie torture room Jeremy can’t help but think that this is something else, that this is terrible.  

Then Gavin tears through, squawking up a storm and holding two eyeballs up over his head like they’re watching Michael, who’s roaring with laughter and whirling something pink and fleshy around like a lasso as he gives chase, and just like that the moment is thoroughly broken. Ryan snorts, turning on his heel and heading out the way he came but Jeremy can’t quite make himself leave, can’t even stay silent, not when Michael slides through something unnamable, wiping out into a tray of instruments and going down under a bombardment of misplaces organs like the worlds goriest slapstick routine.

The sound has Gavin finally catching sight of Jeremy, eyes widening in shock before he grins, wild and disastrous as he crows out a greeting, calling for the illustrious Doctor Dooley to come in and save him from the heavy-handed fumblings of Doctor Jones, and honestly at that point there’s really little else Jeremy can do but start looking around the room for a spare pair of gloves.

Camren shippers are trying to find every little camren interaction. Meanwhile Laurmani shippers are getting everything we ever wanted in life.

I mean

Come on…

They’re holding hands!

Cute little twirl

Again with the hands!!






I could show you more but I’ll stop….

(This isn’t bash on camren shippers..I’m just Laurmani af lol)

The Phantom Thieves of Legends - Intros (cont.)

*Thor smashing glass* Another! This is more introductory stuff where we meet the rest of the Personas, so I hope you all like this one too! Enjoy! First part is here!


“I do hope you’re not planning on starting without me.”

An enchanting voice that resounded like chimes in a gentle breeze approached the table which Arsène, Carmen, and Kidd were seated at, prepared to discuss the object of interest for a most promising heist. The trio certainly had no need to glance up to discern the source of the voice; alas they had done it anyway, as 

Milady de Winter commanded a presence that one couldn’t simply ignore. As per usual, she was absolutely striking; even the most ethereal goddess would quiver with envy. Her short, strawberry-blonde locks captured the sunset, and her doe-like eyes reflected the formidable waking sea. The cunning spy sported an ornate gown, colored with pink and black in addition to golden adornments. Milady was fanning herself with her signature accessory, as the other was now in Arsène’s grasp, receiving a delicate kiss on the back.

“Fashionably late, I presume?” he inquired, casting a wink at her.

Milady sealed her fan shut and tapped the tip of it to her full lips, emitting an amused giggle. “You know me entirely too well, Arsène. It’s always a delight to see you.”

“Milady!” Carmen exclaimed breathily, ensnaring the new arrival with an embrace. “Oh, how I’ve missed you! You look dazzling, I adore what you’ve done with your hair. The shorter length suits you.”

Milady plastered a pair of kisses on each of Carmen’s cheeks prior to returning the embrace. “You’re like an angel that walks the earth, love. I’ve missed you, my dear. I trust these two haven’t given you too much trouble?”

The gypsy snickered into her palm as she retracted to make eye contact. “You needn’t worry; I’ve got them under control.”

“'These two’ are still present, you know,” Kidd grunted, reluctantly sipping his bitter coffee.

Milady’s gaze fell upon the convicted pirate, who simply raised an eyebrow and awaited her inevitably snarky reply. “My goodness, William, you don’t look a day over fifty!”

“Devil curse me of this ridicule; you’re older than I, and I’ve barely grazed thirty,” Kidd countered, his bottom lip protruding to form a slight, indignant pout.

Milady snickered into her gloved hand, planting herself on the chair Arsène had retrieved for her. “You look far younger with that adorable grimace on your face, William. And in regard to your rather rude announcement of my age, I am only older by a few months.”

“Aye, that’s true, but you have yet to act like it, princess,” Kidd jested, the faintest trace of a smirk dancing upon his lips. He certainly wasn’t wrong; Milady devotedly fancied fairy tales and the like, therefore she would often dress the part of a princess in order to replicate the flamboyance of royalty.

Right as Milady was about to huff out an indignant remark, the tinkling bells of the cafe door resonated throughout the venue, implying that more people had arrived. Indeed, two individuals were curiously eyeing the occupied table, prompting Arsène to stroll over to them. 

“You both must have encountered quite a bit of traffic, seeing as even Milady had arrived before you.”

“England has been exceptionally cautious regarding the migration of her people due to the tense relations with France, and I was only visiting. You can imagine how strenuous the journey back to the Vatican will be,” the woman sighed. Her coffee-colored hair was neatly knotted into a crown braid, with the remainder of it snaking down her shoulder and clavicle. Ruby irises glistened with a suppressed excitement at the prospect of seeing her friends once more, and she bore a simple yet elegant monochrome gown.

The petite individual adjacent to her nodded in agreement. “Yes, and navigating my way through the Middle East was no easy feat, either. Granted, I did seem to stumble upon numerous distractions. I was fortunate to have run into Joan while wandering around this city. Apologies,” they finished frivolously, adjusting their spectacles as they flashed a pearly, toothy grin that contrasted their sun-kissed skin. 

Al Azif, better known as Necronomicon, was an eccentric scholar that ventured throughout the world in pursuit of research, and their vast wealth of knowledge and intelligence could be considered alien. Underneath the headdress that was wrapped atop their head, their silky raven hair was rebelliously fashioned into a low side ponytail that ended just below their chest. Baggy black pants and a fluttery olive long-sleeved shirt completed the modest look.

“For being the eldest, you’re not imposing a very sterling example. Is your age getting the better of you already?” Arsène teased.

Al playfully hunched their back and emanated a raspy voice in an attempt to mimic a wizened elder, “My boy, when you grow to be my age, you’ll understand.” Ironically, their appearance seemed like they had not even struck their twenties yet.

“Perhaps I will have better luck aging,” Arsène heartily chuckled. “Try not to break your hip on the way to the table.”

A pair of men abruptly sauntered through the entrance of the cafe, and everyone had focused their attention on the intruders; one wore a black suit and possessed uncharacteristically cerulean cat-like eyes; the taller male was dressed in black samurai attire with blue garnishments, and his ebony hair (with navy undertones) was tidily styled into a high bun, exposing his prominent facial features. 

The samurai spoke first, his velvety, cathartic voice wafting through the air like a gentle mist. “I apologize for my tardiness, but Japan is quite a ways from here.”

The black clad man next to him shook his head prior to discarding his hat. “Señor Goemon claims that, but I happened to witness him staring quite intently at a pigeon just outside of this cafe. He would have been arrested for frightening bystanders had I not heroically saved the day.”

Goemon grimaced resentfully, procuring a pipe from underneath his vestments as he admonished, “Mock all you like, Zorro; nature is a beautiful phenomenon in its plethora of forms.”

“That is, until that very form decides to relieve its bowels on that pretentious head of yours,” Zorro teased, hanging his jet-black sombrero on the rack and gallantly gliding to the table.

“The nerve…!” Goemon seethed, igniting the base of his pipe and puffing out smoke with a scowl embedded on his soft lips.

Arsène chuckled prior to approaching the disgruntled samurai, then he leaned to his ear and mischievously whispered, “If you wish to enact your revenge on him, I’d be delighted to aid you. After all… that bastard robbed me of my succulents.”

Goemon’s silver eyes widened in blatant disbelief and horror. “Th-that fiend…! Not the succulents…!” He glared daggers at the back of Zorro’s ebony head. “Say the word, Arsène, and I will strike that barbarian down to hell.”

The gentleman thief desperately strained to choke back his imminent laughter; he felt the thinnest shred of shame for preying on Goemon’s gullibility, but his immense satisfaction from the successful prank greatly outweighed his inhibitions. Besides, he wasn’t lying about the succulents; they were resting safely on the windowsill of his stolen villa. 

“I will keep you informed, my dear Goemon. In the meantime, let us join the others. There is much to discuss, and Kidd is but a mere moment away from enduring an aneurysm.”

Kidd didn’t even grant him the satisfaction of reacting as he murmured into his coffee, “It’s only made worse by your incessant bantering. You are aware that I’m being hunted by the French?”

Meanwhile, Arsène had escorted Goemon to the table and promptly reclaimed his seat. “I can’t imagine why, the guards’ standards must have plummeted recently.” Kidd’s irritated stare bore through Arsène and he hurriedly retracted his statement. “I apologize, William, but please be at ease. Milady and I have taken the necessary precautions and eliminated any chance of your discovery. Trust us; we will not allow them to take you,” the thief concluded, a determined conviction flickering in his eyes. 

As much as he adored ruffling his comrades’ feathers, Arsène treasured them infinitely more than any material possession he had acquired through his years of thievery.

Kidd’s expression softened as he bobbed his head in understanding, and Arsène proceeded with explaining the ‘grand scheme’. 

“Now, onto the subject of why I have gathered you all here. You all have been graciously performing favors for me without any explanation, and I thank you for your trust in me, my friends. With your combined efforts, I was able to discern the precise location of a lost treasure that was initially thought to be a simple legend…”

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Does PJ like Widow Maker from OverWatch ? xD

((will temporarily use Paint for reaction sketches to asks - but yeah he doesn’t know what Overwatch or Widow Maker are))

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hello!! i was wondering if you could do a single dad au for hyuk? thanks so much, your fics make me happy~

find others: taekwoon 

  • hyuk has a son whose name isn’t hyuk jr. but hyuk still calls him mini hyuk because,,,,,,,,look at him,,,,,he is literally a smaller version of him!!!!
  • same nose? same nose
  • even though he’s really young, only two, hyuk keeps telling everyone that he’s sure he’s a genius. that he’s going to go on to do grEAT thing. that this lil one is capable of anything, the presidency, pro athlete, next steve jobs
  • the rest of vixx was really worried about him becoming a father, but he’s proven that he’s taking it super seriously and would literally die for his kid,,,,,,
  • hakyeon is so proud of hyuk when he sees him being gentle and caring that he almost sheds a tear and hongbin is like jesus bro ur not his mom and hakyeon is like,,,my babY,,,,,,,raising another baby,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • taekwoon is like “can i play with you-” and hyuk is like “no, you might steal him and im not risking that.”
  • got matching baseball caps for him and his son dad hyuk is the cUTEST 
  • you’ve been hyuks neighbor since,,,,,,,,,well you can’t even remember and tbh you two are really close
  • the amount of late night video game parties you two had is ,,,, beyond count and everyone is always like “you’re dating” but you and hyuk were like LOVE? IN MY HOUSE? NO THANKS
  • but ever since hyuk became a dad, a single dad nonetheless, it’s been less video game parties and more “ill babysit if you’re busy bro or come over and watch this disney kids movie with me and my son”
  • and you and hyuk have always been friends, comfortable, trusting, really close friends
  • so it’s not surprising when he invites you to go furniture shopping with him and his son 
  • you push the cart with his son in the seat and make silly faces as hyuk tried to read the catalog and figure out where the nursury section is 
  • but then you hear it,,,,,,,,,,the voice of your aunt
  • and you barely ever see her because she doesn’t live in this part of town??? but you know it’s her voice and when she calls out to you,,, you stop dead in your tracks
  • and all you hear is a “oh my, has it been that long - you’re married and have kids now?!?!?!”
  • both you and hyuk turn around and you want to say “what- no it isn’t what it looks like-”
  • but hyuk loops a hand around your shoulder like it’s the most casual thing in the world and goes
  • “im their husband! nice to meet you!”
  • your aunt almost jumps for joy!!!! rushing over and going “a husband??? you got a husBAND,,,and such a handsome one too!!!!”
  • you look up at hyuk, completely confused at where he’s going with this, until he kisses the side of your face
  • “we meet a couple of months ago and they married me, even though i had a kid an all! they’re a blessing!”
  • your aunt looks between you and hyuk and you try to put on a smile and act like it’s all ok
  • but what???????is ?????? hyuk??????Saying
  • your aunt opens her mouth to say something but hyuk is like “oh! honey, we have dinner with ken later we better hurry up - sorry, i gotta steal them away again but bye!”
  • and with that, hyuk turns you around and hurries you away from your pestering aunt and down the next aisle
  • she doesn’t follow you,,,,,but you look up at him when you’re out of earshot and narrow your eyes, pinching his arm hard
  • “ow! what was that for?”
  • “for pretending we’re MARRIED?????”
  • hyuk grins, rubbing his arm and sending a kissey face to his son and you’re like hey hey dont ignore me
  • and he’s like “i mean, we’re basically married? you take care of my kid like he’s your own and are always at my place, babe we are SHOPPING together”
  • you wanna say something back, maybe about him calling you babe??? but at the same time,,,,,,,,he’s right
  • you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,are basically married,,,,,,,
  • and you can’t imagine your life without hyuk or his son for that matter and when you look down the little boy outstretching his arms to you
  • you can’t help but think,,,,,,,,what if - what if you and hyuk /did/ get married
  • hyuk leans down again, kissing your cheek and he’s like “wow, wanted to do that for a long time,,,,”
  • you playfully shove him, picking up his son in your arms as hyuk grins and watches you two
  • after a moment you look back at him and go
  • “han sanghyuk, i will marry you.”
  • “right here in this ikea?”
  • “yes”
  • slkdj you both break out into laughter but honestly,,,,,,you both know that this moment was destined to happen and even though it was in an ikea and not somewhere super romantic it’s fine
  • because you dont need the ring and the party - you just need hyuk and his son,,,,,,,,,,,,hyuk corrects you on your way home though because now it’s not his son,,,,,,is our son ^^ 
Boyfriend Jeno

@bingeulbingeul-round here’s the boyfriend Jeno bullet point scenario, I hope you and everyone else enjoys this!!


  • Okay so our little Jeno bean who isn’t so little
  • He would be the sweetest damn boyfriend i s t g
  • You both go to the same school so he makes sure he’s able to walk you home everyday
  • His eye smile oml don’t with me
  • Just seeing you standing there makes his heart flutter
  • When you smile at him he melts like butter on toast 
  • To him you’re the most beautiful thing in the world
  • You’re his gravity god that was cringey I apologise
  • But he would definitely do cringey stuff so I guess it fits
  • The pick up lines 
  • Idk if it makes it worse but he’s not even joking or messing around when he sends cheesy stuff he’s being 100% real and thinks they’re super cute
  • Which I think is super cute but some may find it just idk cheesy I guess lmao
  • He’d also be a big help just in general
  • If you were struggling with homework he’d offer his services straight away
  • And by that he’d probably kick you out of your seat and do the work for you
  • You can try stopping him all you want but have you seen the size of his arms? It’s easier to just give up
  • Talking about his arms if he was wearing a tank top or they were on show it’d be really hard to stop yourself from staring
  • You attempt to be discrete about it but would fail miserably
  • Everytime he catches you he gets slightly flustered and starts laughing 
  • This causes you to go red because like it’s lowkey embarrassing which is like a chain reaction, the more you go nervous the more he laughs at how cute you are
  • Everything you do is cute btw there’s no escaping that
  • You get up out of your seat
  • cute
  • You start frowning
  • cute
  • You trip and fall flat on your face
  • Cute for like the first 2 seconds then he’s like woah wait she fell and goes to help you up
  • Can I just point out that cuddling Jeno would be the best thing in like idk existence???
  • Imagine his strong ass arms crushing you lovingly
  • So damn good ugh I need a Jeno hug
  • Plus piggy back rides are definitely a thing
  • Your feet don’t even have to be hurting you could just step outside and he’ll be like
  • ‘So do you want a piggy back ride to the store?’
  • And who are you to say no, free ride right?
  • Dates usually consist of going to the park, staying at the dorms or going to get lunch together
  • When it’s park dates you always take a picnic and end up buying ice cream if the truck is there
  • But sometimes the dreamies crash it and it turns into a date + the dream team
  • Which is a little annoying until you all start playing together and it turns out to be fun
  • When you’re at the dorms Jeno kicks them out and sends them to the hyungs dorms sorry not sorry
  • Then you’ll steal everyone’s bedding to make a fort and play mario kart or something from insie your little cuddle fort
  • I say cuddle fort because Jeno is most likely sitting behind you with his arms wrapped around your neck so his controller is just underneath your chin
  • Which is comfortable yet annoying since your view is sometimes blocked by his controller
  • And finally going out to lunch
  • You both play rock, paper, scissors to decide who pays
  • You don’t like Jeno always paying for you so you suggested this and it stuck
  • You usually go to a little cafe close to the dorms
  • It’s both cute and quiet, making it perfect for the both of you
  • It may not be anything extravagant but it was yours and Jeno’s favourite place
  • But tbh Jeno didn’t care because anywhere he went with you was perfect
  • As long as you’re by his side he’s happy
  • And when you’re not there all he can think about his you and you alone

“O-kay, turn ‘round and let’s see how that looks.”
Emily Ripov turned to face the friendly zbornak — Sylvia, she’d called herself Sylvia — but she did so awkwardly. Ripov was no longer used to kindness without a price, and had quickly learnt to trust no one while travelling the galaxy. This was the source of her discomfort now as she was dealt with something (or rather someone), that flew in the face of all her experiences. The hunter hesitantly raised a hand to her head, trying to imagine what she looked like now the zbornak was finished.

Sylvia cast an eye over Ripov’s unruly mop of hair and leaned in again to tighten the bandana she’d just tied around it another notch. She stood back then, arms crossed and eyes squinting in the planet’s weak light. She couldn’t exactly say the hair was tamed but it was better than the feral mess it had been before. Sylvia wasn’t one to worry about this kind of stuff usually, but when a young lady fails to deck some creep in a dive bar down to poor visibility, something needs to be done. Sylvia was happy to give up her own bandana for a good cause.

“…Well? How do I look?” Ripov asked, noticing the difference, now.
“I think… it looks like next time, you won’t miss.”
Her answer was accompanied by a wide grin that stretched even further as the larger creature’s gaze moved past Ripov, back towards the bar they’d just exited. The two watched a gaggle of the bar’s patrons begin to trudge purposefully towards them, creep numero uno leading the pack; Oh boy.
They shared a look, Sylvia pleased to see that Ripov could, Ripov pleased to have someone to shoot a look at. There was a high whirr as she fired up her blaster, ready to shoot something else;
“Looks like it’s next time already.”

@savewoygiftexchange gift for @seerofbread
Hope this is cool for you, I know you were more interested in fic, but I wasn’t about to attempt to write something and try to call it a gift.

Your wish list was fantastic, you had so much material there to play with!! I had a lot of fun thinking about everything, but when you mentioned the possibility of Sylvia and Ripov meeting at some point in the past (possibility forgotten on a canon timeline), I couldn’t get it out of my head. I began to think about a younger Ripov and how she might look a little different – And then of course, both of our ladies have a bandana thing going on as bounty hunters.
I was thinking Sylvia went into bounty hunting by choice (and has been doing it for a while now), meanwhile Ripov has been plunged in there by pretty awful circumstances. Finding Sylvia sure could help her out.
Bounty Hunting takes you to a lot of pretty unsavoury places, too. I imagine them being able to bond when it comes to extra dangers they might face as women (“women”).

Anyway: Hope you’ve been feeling better lately and this has brought you some cheer. I’ll shut up now

Day 30: Magnus + Max

Magnus had almost missed seeing him. He’d been so focused on finding Alexander when he’d portalled into the Institute, that he’d passed the room, his mind working the different places Alec could be that it took a couple of seconds before he realized when he’d just seen.

He backtracked and sure enough, standing on several stacks of boxes, a little boy was trying to slide a fishing rod through the tiny space left by the slightly open window, leading into the next room.

The boy was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice Magnus walking up to him, and leaning against the wall adjacent to the boy’s impromptu fishing spot . Magnus studied the tiny rugrat for several seconds, the focus of those eyes—brown he thought they were—the way the boy didn’t let the blond hair that fell over his eyes distract him from achieving his goals.

He had to admire the tenacity, especially because it reminded him in no small part of Alexander.

But tenacity, no matter how much a person had it in spades could not retrieve whatever it was that the boy wanted to get from the next room, and some seconds later, he released a deep sigh, a sigh that had Magnus’s mouth twitching at how tortured and long-suffering it sounded, and turned around.

The boy didn’t jump or act startled. In fact, he looked more curious than surprised.

And yeah, his eyes were brown.

“You’re looking for Alec.” It was a statement, not a question.

Magnus nodded.

“I’m Max,” the rugrat said as he extended his hand.

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Attention: due to a house-wide habit of almost BLEEDING OUT and the resulting iron deficiency, Wayne Manor juice box consumption confirmed for abnormally high

grayt-goodness  asked:

Ok follow up with the instagram that's stealing art. Now people are giving them hate and are bullying them so it would be great if you could say something about it because no one will listen to me. Even though they are stealing art doesn't mean people can bully them. (Sorry if this is a really disorganized comment)



Request by @jaycc7983 : Hello!! I was wondering if I could ask for a pirates of the Caribbean fic where the reader is helping Jack and Will take back the Black Pearl. (Sort of loosely based off of the first movie) Thanks!!

Hope you like it (I think I did something totally different  ^^“)

Sorry for any mistakes (english isn’t my native language)


How? Hoe did this happen? Again…
Will Turner, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) and the famouse ‘Captin’ Jack Sparrow were running away from the Royal Marines. After Will showed up at your door step, explaining that Jack (once again) got caught you did everything in your power not to get involved again. But some high power seemed to dislike you. ’'Sometimes I hate the both of you. Really!” you screamed against noises of the busy market you three were running at, Jack smirked at you comment and said “Missy I know you love us” than he winked at you and run faster. It made you furious and you tried your hardest not push him into the Soldiers arms that were after you screaming and holding up their weapons. Shots were fired and screams could be heard all over the market. People jumped away from the 'Criminals’ that were your friends and what it looked like even you.  

“They run to the Port. Cut the way!” You heard one of the Marines scream. Looking around for an escape you grabbed both Jack and Will and run through a small dirty alley. Both men were suprised and stumble behind you. “C'mon boys faster. We have to get the peral back so we can sail far far far away from this god damned island” you said out of breath. Quite hard to escape with a Dress and a Corset as tight that breathing is impossible. Than William pulled you and Jack into gap in a wall where you three could fit in. “Be quite” he said as he pressed his body against the wall. You were pressed between Jack and Will which makes breathing harder than it was before.
“You alright Missy?” Jack smirked and you just punched him in the arm. “This is all your fault Sparrow” you whisper shouted so the Soldiers couldn’t hear you. Jack let out a little laugh. “You hit like a Girl” Oh how you wished you could move so you could punch him where the sun will never shine. “Stop it you two. We have to go the port to get the Black Pearl back.” Will warned.
You took a deep breath (as far as it was possible with a god damned corset). “just ….need a minute” Than Jack looked up. “Got an Idea. Thanks Missy” You looked up at him and you knew by his toothy smirk that you didn’t like the Idea he had in mind.

Ok. This is stupid. I will kill him for that. You thoughts were all about a good plan to kill Jack. You were now sitting in a, you can’t believe you were saying it, Brothel. Yeah you heard right in a Borthel. Girls were all surrounding Will and Jack. Well Jack got a few punches in the face from girls but you were sure he deserved it. “Okay okay Ladies” Jack announced once he told them to stop punching him. “We need one of your dresses” he smirked. The Girls all looked at him with death glares. “Why should we help you Jack?” one Girl with blond hair said. You had to say she was pretty for a prostitute. “Listen. Please we need you help to get away from here” Will said with pleading eyes. He wasn’t found of the Idea either but what other chances did you had?

“I’ll pay for your help” I said. All eyes were now on me. Jack begun to laugh. “How could you oay them, (Y/N)? Do you even have money?” You crossed you arms over your chest. “I do have Money you stupid Pirate. Well it is stolen but…it is real money.” William smirked knowing that you had a talent for stealing much money without anyone noticing. Than you pulled out a bag full of gold and silver. “Is that enough?” you asked the Girls who are all looked at you in disbelieve and awe. “This will do honey. What do you need?” the blond girl asked in a sweet tone. “Wait a minute..Is that my money?” Jack shouted. Now was it you who laughed. Than you said “Hey I help you get your beloved Ship back. At least you could pay me for that.” Jack was not amused but he knew agruing with you would not end well.

After Jack explained his plan to Will, the Girls and you (you hated his plan) you were dress up with way too much make up and your hair in a messy updo way. You now really looked like one of the Girls and it made you shiver. Will tried not to laugh at you as you looked into a Mirror. Jack just dragged you and Will away from the Borthel as you made ypur goodbyes. “So again. (Y/N) you go to the port. You will distrect all the Soldiers as long as you can.” Jack explained on your way. “And how?” you asked. Jack looked at you with a funny face. “You got the body Missy. Used it to your advantage.” he smirked and lied an arm around your shoulder. “Will and I will get the Pearl and pick you up, savvy?” he still smirked. You looked up to Will with a look that said 'help me’. “That’s the best thing we can do now.” traitor, you thought as the three of you got near the port. Will and Jack hide and tried to sneak to the Pearl as a cover they used a little boat. You just shook your head and made your way to the Soldiers that lined up near the Water. You put on your best seducitive smile and sawyed your hips. “Hello Boys” you said as you arrived the men. They all looked at you. Still with a smile on your face you could see how most of the men all undressed you with their eyes. Trying not to throw up you looked around the water seeing the Pearl in the habour. The Soldiers drooled all over the Sand with stupid grins on their faces. On of them approched you. “Well Hello Miss. What are you beautiful Woman doing out here?” he put his hand on you hip and ypu prayed that Jack and Will would hurry up. “You know Gentleman I was just walking around and I was hoping to get some work so I can pay all my rents. I would do anyhting for money” you whisperd in the Soldiers ear. Oh Jack owe you a lot. The soldiers smirked and leaned into you. “Well I could help you out with that.” he sneaked his hand around to open my Dress. The boys still didn’t come. Think (Y/N), Think! Than an Idea popped into your mind. You gasped as you tried to breath and grabbed the Soldiers arm, falling into the Sand. Closing your eyes you let out small breathes.

The Soldiers were all now around you trying to figure out what was wrong when suddenly Jack appeard. “Hello Gentleman” he smirked. They all looked confused and suprised seeing Jack standing just beside them. “I’m sorry but I had to steal this beautiful Woman and save her day once again.” he scooped me up and I strechted my Tongue out to the Soldiers while Jack was running to the Pearl.

After we got on deck of the Ship we sailed as far as we could away from this island. Will opening my way to thight corset said. “That was well played (Y/N)” I smiled. “Thanks Mister Turner” I bowed and laughed. “By the way …how do you exactly got the Pearl back?” you akes and look to Jack who was steering the Ship. Will smiled sheepishly and Jack glared at him. “That Missy is an embarrssing story about a Blacksmith boy who has no Idea on how to take over a Ship.” You looked to Will. “You made a fool out of yourself again trying to sound like a pirate right?” You asked smirking. Will looked to the floor. “Maybe…” You shook your head. “You two owe me alot of money.”

A normal day in the lifes of William Turner, 'Captin’ Jack Sparrow (who has his Ship back now and will probably lose it again very soon) and a Girl named (Y/N) (Y/L/N). A Girl that is way to involed in a pirate life to stop all the trouble.

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