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an older design for thuringwethil Ive now moved on from but still; as well as a sketch of Mairon as I see them in the very early times aka “just moved into angband”. i feel sauron would take full advantage of trying out all kinds of forms and appearance (while it was still possible :)) …). also, that awkard moment when “hey thuringwethil can I see your boobs for reference”; then copying gothmogs hairstyle (horn-style?)

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So… i did a redrew.. ;w; 

just a little gift i wanted to give to you! i hope you don’t mind! 

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freddy - pole bear

bonnie - Nek-0x

chica - fimukisza

foxy - kaindycandy

toy freddy - roslue - chie

toy bonnie - mine

toy chica - monochrome-felichii-bluesky

the mangle - himekakocchi 

shadow freddy - reirimeku

fredbear - agatha-kun

springbonnie - ailurophile-chan

the puppet - ehuante 

thanks for being such wonderful people~ 

sorry for any mistakes! (it may be cause i cant see the design clearly.. or i just got confuse when i lineart, cuz i drew so tiny)

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aye!! you seem like a chill chica so hear me out! i am a multishipper trashcan (dont judge) & some days i go destiel others i go wincest but imma go ahead and say its hella hard to find wincest or brothers blogs without castiel & misha hate popping up (i have to unfollow after like a day lmaooo) but i follow like about thousand blogs (??) & half of them are destiel yet this mythical sam hate i cant find it anywhere. same with fanfic y'all always include Sam and make him nice & this is funny to-

-me b/c when i compare dean & cas time on screen vs sam & dean time on screen id expect the destiel folk to be the bitter ones to sam but no, so i’m like why and how?? this got long & sorry for spamming your ask but this is gonna be forever the biggest mystery in spn fandom to me? im out but just wanna send a lil love to the destiel peeps & u keep doing u! 

Hii. :) 

No worries, I never judge, I actually follow multi shippers myself, so it’s all good. :p Also, sorry for the late reply, but your ask ended up on the pile ‘I don’t have a short answer to this’.

I can’t speak for everyone, but essentially the answer is this; to the average Destiel shipper, Sam isn’t seen as a threat. 

What I mean by that, is that we often have this tendency to be extra hard on characters that get in the middle of relationships that we enjoy. Whether it’s a romantic, platonic, or family kind of relationship, even when we don’t want to, our annoyance often is reflected in how we view that character. Sam, Dean, and Cas: they have all done good things and bad things in their lives, but if you add it all up neither of them is necessarily worse than the others. The thing is that we can choose to see the good in a character, or choose to see the bad in a character. 

And because Sam isn’t a threat to Destiel in our eyes, and almost all of us like the Team Free Will dynamic on top of everything, most of us easily lean towards ‘good’, which is why we like to include him in our fic/art/gifs; this is a meaningful person in Dean’s life and we acknowledge that. 

Now the reason Sam isn’t a threat to us -and again, I can only speak for myself, but I’ve seen a lot of people in this corner of the fandom who agree- is how we view the relationship between Sam and Dean. 

It’s like this gifset going around where Sam gets married to Becky in that awkward episode, and the tag that goes with it is “#DOH you should’ve asked for permission Sam, because Dean is both your mother and your father”. 

Which is pretty much the truth. Dean basically raised Sam; with Mary dying when Sam was still a baby and John not being around much, it was Dean’s ‘responsibility’ to all but raise this younger human being, and then when Sam turned twenty it was again his older brother looking after him and leading him into adult life. Dean offering their last food to Sam when he wasn’t even an adult himself; their entire relationship so much mirrors the relationship between a parent and a child, and this is why for me personally, there is stuff that I can even agree on with the just-bros fans; Sam will ALWAYS be the most important person in Dean’s life. Agree! If it came down to it, Dean would always pick Sam over Cas. Agree! The only matter that I disagree on with them is that Sam can be the ONLY important person in Dean’s life, but other than that, I think that Sam’s role in Dean’s life is very clear. 

So because of how I view the relationship, I don’t see that as a threat. It would be the same as me getting angry at my mom for loving both me and my dad. Or my dad getting angry at my mom for putting her child first, or the other way around. 

And that is what’s so great about the whole Team Free Will dynamic, because you have this sort of classic case of a family, and then there is Cas, who perfectly fits that role of the parent’s new partner, and he’s the patient sort of partner who understands this, even though Dean isn’t technically Sam’s parent. Cas understands, and most of all accepts that, which is why neither relationship should be a problem for the other. 

You have two kinds of love, and even though the parent/child kind of bond will always be the stronger one in a sense, it’s not a competition. 

Most fans on this side of the fandom want Dean to have both these things, plus we want Sam to be taken care of and have a family, and we want the same for Cas. So because of this dynamic, we don’t see it as a problem. And although the whole Sam/Dean relationship in canon could be a tad healthier, it’s understandable where it comes from, and Cas gets that as well. 

Meanwhile, Sam always supports whatever relationship it is that Cas and Dean have got going on, and he has for years. 

Long story short, that’s why I guess that there isn’t much hostility towards Sam around here, because we have this idea about how all of these relationships could work just fine at the same time within that particular triangle. :p 

But hey, thanks for leaving some love, and right back at you! :)