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hey guys! I’m bumpin my commissions again and I have adjusted my prices!

Exciting news: I’m NO LONGER in retail hell (for now…)!!! so thats really cool but its also REALLY TERRIFYING because wow! I no longer have a steady reliable income! But- I really needed to leave that job, it was not healthy, it was not good. I want to live a happier life and I want to take steps towards getting a job I actually want.


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Tumblr kept flagging my original post as not safe even when it is, so I finally I found a loophole so it would show up in the tags ;u; 

(belated) Happy Birthday, again, @sehuntun! Gaius based from the beach DLC under the cut :D

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i have a very disproportionate amount of richie related writings just bc i am him and he is me. meanwhile Stan and Eddie, having some semblance of chill? Can’t relate

thank u so much everyone who’s sending me birthday wishes, sorry I’m not posting them all i just feel bad about spamming other people’s dashes bUT I APPRECIATE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi guys, this is Roxie. A lot of people have been asking me if I’m going to sell my graphic works and artworks. So I finally made my Society6 page!

My store is here!

Now you’re available to buy my Midnight Memories Posters series and my One Illustration series as various products. Please don’t be worried if you see some of my works are missing in the store. I’ll be adding them really soon.

Also you can take a look at all my published works here. If you’re interested in buying any of them but it’s still not available in my store, please feel free to let me know! (P.S. Some of them might not be allowed to sell due to photo copyrights!)

Thank you so so much for all your supports!! I love you all! xxx

sorry to always be spamming you guys with these two.. but i’m having far too much fun with them /:

especially their teeth :U

also i came across a GIF set of Bad Cop saying, “see the gesture i’m making with my claw hands” and I took it literally.. because they’re hands are grey.. so i thought about it a bit.. it’d be interesting of them to have robot hands

Bad Cop/Good Cop©Lego Movie

art, and all that jazz and the flippy shades bla bla©moi


You might be wondering why I’m calling this a Thank You Note instead of a Follow Forever, but I feel like ‘follow forever’ doesn’t quite encapsulate what I want to say… This blog is now a little over a year old! Although it’s only been exo-centric for about 8 months. So allow me to be mushy and say thank you for 6k+ followers! It’s been a great year here, and tumblr’s become a stress reliever when real life gets stressful. This blog was started just as a place to vent my own overwhelming kpop feels — little did I know how much more fun being a kpop fan is in a tumblr community that laughs, cries, and drowns in feels with me. I’ve made some awesome friends here as well — you guys are the best for talking to a girl who’s mostly too chicken to talk to people first. So here’s a huuuuge THANK YOU! to every single person who’s made my tumblr experience so wonderful <3

To my beautiful followers

Thank you so much for liking my blog enough to follow me <333 for liking and reblogging my edits even though I’m still learning ps – you guys give me a lot of motivation to keep making stuff. Thank you for all the sweet messages and lovely words, they really make my day each and every time, to know that someone appreciates my blog enough to come to my ask and say something nice :A; <333 To those of you who started talking to me, you don’t know how grateful and happy I am, I’m terrible at approaching people first T.T

To the beautiful people I follow

Thank you for making me want to set my laptop on fire because of your beautiful edits and gifs. Your posts fuel my procrastination everyday make everyday more enjoyable <333 here’s a special thank you to some blogs I really love/wanna reblog in its entirety/wanna steal—you guys put wonderful things on my blog:

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And finally to the poor souls who put up with me in real life

Thank you for being there irl and I’m sorry for spamming your dash :P <333

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And if you read all the way till here, I’m sorry for dumping a crapload of cheesiness on you, you deserve a standing ovation ♥♥♥