sorry for spamming but i need money ; ;


I actually really didn’t want to do this but since my new job seems to be screwing me over I’ll have to get by without a paycheck for longer than I expected… I just really need any extra money I can get right now.

So I’m opening up emergency commissions!

• up to two characters
• basic color + shades
• payment via PayPal
• digital only
• no backgrounds
10 6 slots open
• I’m really slow, so it may take up to a week for me to finish an artwork

I’ll draw pretty much anything (except for furries) just send me a message and we’ll talk though the details ♥



Before anyone raises their eyebrows for the prices… i decided to raise them BECAUSE, i really reaally need the money and have very little time to work on them.. and ahhh i hate to price my stuff… i had some people help me out but still nervous ahhhhh… ANYWAYS

Any questions, suggestions, anything, my inbox is open

★ ★ ★ ★  Contact is:       ★ ★ ★ ★

For past commissions you can take a look HERE! 

For other chibis you can take a look here!

Thanks for your support and everything!


Hey guys!

As a few of you probably know, I’m moving across the country to go to art school and I leave this Saturday  super excited! Unfortunately, since my family don’t have a car and I have quite a few bits and bobs to take with my, I’ve needed to hire a car, and that cost me £200 (or $260). This has left me a bit strapped for cash, and while it’s pretty inconvenient I’m not one to beg for money, so I’ve lowered my comission prices!


-I’ll draw pretty much anything, but I’m better with character design and small illustrated scenes

-Small payments are up front, anything over $20 is half up front

-If you want NSFW you’ll need to prove you’re over 18

-You own what I make, no need to credit me if you don’t wanna

-’Scene’ means something with a basic background (as shown above)

-Extra characters are +$5 each

-Paypal only so far, but if you know any other payment meathods then I’ll look into them

Thanks for reading, sorry for spamming your dash, and please reblog if you can!

Okay let’s do this again, but a bit differently. My last post about commissions with my normal prices didn’t pick up, so here we go:


I’m in such bad financial situation right now, I am ready to draw any kinda picture with only 5$. Icons, loadout pictures, bust, full body, SFM work etc.
The topic of the picture can be discussed, because there are some things I won’t draw.

I know I’m selling myself short, but what can you do ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I am very passionate about not starving to death.

Tips are always welcome, all of the money will be used to buy food and medicene, two things I need to live.

Here are some examples:

I would like you to consider this carefully.

Did you receive a message from a complete stranger, asking you to reblog a post with a sad story asking for money? Since several people have asked me what they should do, I can only tell you what I would/would not do. 

I will NEVER reblog a post asking for money from someone I don’t know, no matter how sad their story is, UNLESS… their post is linked to something that holds them somewhat accountable, such as gofundme or a similarly alternative site, which will display their name, location, the amount of money they need, what it is for, how much they have received, and how much more they need to reach their goal. That, I might considerThere is NO way that I would ever ask my followers to send a stranger money. There is NO way I would blindly send a stranger money through PayPal, in the process, also giving them certain personal information via the PayPal payment notification.  

Several times a year, one of these sweeps through one or more of the fandoms, beginning with the groups, moves on to the group members, and then to the followers. They rely on kindhearted people to reblog their post. If someone reblogs them, and they get results, they will ask that person to reblog them again. Don’t send money to strangers who can’t show accountability for the funds they have received. Don’t let entities you do not know or do business with have access to your personal information via a PayPal receipt, which will show your name and e-mail address, and possibly your physical address and phone number, depending on how you select the service type in which you pay.   

This is different from someone asking for help on their own blog and relying on their friends and followers to help. What I am referring to are accounts that sweep through this site spamming people they don’t know through asks and chat to reblog a post. 

Hate me and call me a cold-hearted person if you must, but scams work by either scaring people or preying on their empathy. Sorry, but my rule is: No accountability, then no help. 

I would like you to consider one more thing… Just because someone does set up a gofundme type account, does not necessarily mean that the story behind why they need the funds is true. The only benefit of this is that you will see who they are and how much money they have received. 

Blog safely. Keep your followers safe. 

Emergency commissions

Hey guys,

I would like to announce one more time that commissions are open. I am in huge need of money right now like never before. Today I’ve received a bill from my doctor. I need to pay it in the next few days, and the amount is horrifying. Therefore, I will spend my already saved money, but I won’t have anything to live next month.

So guys, please if you want to help me out just commission me. I will really appreciate it!

Commission info

anonymous asked:

i originally didn't know why you cared so much about otherkin and how it's unhealthy until i saw you're ace. smh it's like every anti blog that isn't anti-ace is run by an ace person why are y'all so damn mean

why are we mean?

i’m sorry, i didnt realise telling people to not send hate mail, death threats, spam messages and to offer advice to those who ask for it, also promoting art blogs in need of publicity/money, and supporting my ace friends/followers who may have gone through troubling experiences regarding their asexuality (corrective rape, people not believing in their sexuality, being harassed because nobody believes theyre sex repulsed, asexual due to trauma, etc) and in  general helping out a whole fucking community while showing how unhealthy and fucked up another one was would be considered mean.

i didnt realise excluding asexual people, people who fought hard for a place in the lgbta+ community instead of “Allies”, would be a nicer thing to do. 

im sorry telling someone their entire sexuality is “fake” is a nicer thing to do than all the hard work i’ve been fucking doing on this blog.

hey anon, i got a question for you

why the fuck are you so mean

 while im here doing things to actually help people, make people laugh, show off unhealthy behaviors, support artists, support people who feel excluded for something they cant fuckin help

meanwhile you’re…. what, sending shitty anon messages to people who do nice things for others? hmmmmmm seems like one of us is the actual mean one, and it’s not looking like me, fuckface :^)


boyfriend!suho (request)
  • it’s common knowledge that kim junmyeon is the king of dad jokes right
  • prepare to be spAMMED with them 
  • “jagi, just lISTEN TO THIS ONE” “fine” “A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, ‘Sorry we don’t serve food here.’” “oPPA” 
  • some people like to make him out to be obessed with money or something even tho he really isn’t  bUT he would aLWAYS try to make sure that you have everything you need
  • honestly you’d be kinda afraid to share your needs sometimes
  • bc there was most likely one time when you were like “oh I really want to go to Paris one day” “okay jagi you have your plane tomorrow at 9, is it good for you?” “what” 
  • dealing with 8 other kids is stressful okAY so sometimes he just needs to go to your appartment and have you cook that dish only you know how to make 
  • and he’d just ramdomly come up behind you and hug you while you’re at it because he knows that he can lean on you any time
  • you two would probably end up laying in bed, your head resting on his chest while he just blurts out what had been on his mind until one of you fall asleep
  • I totally see him being the type of guy that prepares really special dates and sends you a lot of your favorite flowers and chocolates
  • long, sweet kisses halfway through movies
  • hand holding whenever you can because for some reason your hand just ??? really fits in his ?? and he just never wants to let go 
  • the members would probably look at u with a lot of respect
  • especially because there was this time when junmyeon was rly tired and the boys didn’t shut up or calm down and you just yELLED AT THEM WITH A RLY SCARY FACE and they all went silent at the same time
  • they love u though bc you make their leader the happiest man in the world
  • he’d be kinda oblivious to your innuendos tho 
  • but once you made it kinda clear what you meant when you started talking abt him humping a cane on stage, $uho would fLY to wherever u where 
  • 10 minutes later he’s @ your house in his practice clothes

requests open for scenarios, reactions, fake text messages and boyfriend!exo

anonymous asked:

your kind of spamming that gofundme. I get it, you want money but im gonna have to stop following you


Look, I’m sorry about spamming, okay. But you need to understand I’m kind of at the end of my rope. 

My partner of 5 years is sick. I don’t know what is wrong with him. He is frustrated and I am scared and we are trying to figure this out. His insurance isn’t helping, and neither is mine. 

He is unable to work at the job he has until he gets better, because his hands are SHAKING. Doctors do not know why. We need to pay for an MRI. 

I am in intense pain. This toothache is leaving me in agony. I need a root canal, or I need to pull the tooth. Right now, I cannot afford either. But guess what - I do NOT want to pull out a molar. I need those. I’m in my early 20s - I do not want to lose ANOTHER tooth because i can’t afford treatment, because YES, this has happened before. We don’t have family who can help. He’s not able to work at full capacity. And my job is only barely covering our bills.

I’m sorry about spamming this link, but it’s only because I truly need the help. 

So guess what:

If people donated - I won’t need to spam it. But until I make these ends meet, I need to keep trying.

If I lose followers in the process…. Well, bye.

anonymous asked:

stop spamming us with your kofi and get a job

//I only reblog it every other day and honestly? I’m trying. It’s not as easy as going out and picking a penny up off the floor. I’m sorry if it’s annoying, but at the moment, I don’t know what else to do.


*:・゚✧*.*:・゚✧*. :・゚✧*. *:・゚✧*. *:・゚

Hey everyone! I’m happy to announce that this blog is (almost) at 10,000 followers! To show thanks, I’m having a giveaway contest drawing!

If you win, you can choose THREE of the following:

•Handmade aura Quartz Crystal point pendant with chain (pictured)

•Handmade bottle charms (for the aesthetic, but can be enchanted if you’d like!)

•A mini witch kit complete with herbs, salt, chalk, candles, matches, crystal, needle/thread, and more (pictured)

•A personalized decorated sketchbook/notebook for your Book Of Shadows or whatever! (example pictured)

•A mini travel altar to set up on-the-go (in the style of the mini witch kit) complete with a personalized fabric for the base with your choice of sigils or symbols hand-painted on, crystals, candles, and anything specific to your element, deities, aesthetic, etc (I.E. Shells and sea glass if you’re a water witch, bones and teeth if you’re a death witch)

•A wearable spell, casted by me! My specialty is luck magic but I can do pretty much anything you need. Spell will be contained in a tiny bottle on a necklace.

•Custom edible recipes written by me! (I.E. You tell me “I need wealth and I like cake” and I’ll make a spell recipe for you)

•Potion or spell ingredients from the nature I live in! Mountain water, waterfall water, bones, graveyard dirt, melted snow, feathers, etc.

•Wearable spell in the form of fragrance! Your choice of wealth, luck, love, money, strength, friendship, glamour, something else, or a mix!
*:・゚✧*.*:・゚✧*. :・゚✧*. *:・゚✧*. *:・゚
Must be following this blog,
Must be over 18 or have parents permission,
Must live in the US (sorry!!!)
Reblog to enter, you can reblog as much as you’d like but don’t spam!
Likes count as well!
No giveaway blogs! Those are trash!

Good luck and have fun! Winner will be chosen February 1st! Plenty of time to enter! *:・゚✧*.*:・゚✧*. :・゚✧*. *:・゚✧*. *:・゚

HELLO !!!!

So I’m opening sketch commissions. 

So : 

- I’ll draw most things except porn, mechas or gore…..

- But blood or nudity are very okay ^^ 

- I accept original character, fanart and celebrities. 

- I can draw couples but add 5€ to the portrait and 8€ to the waist up. 

- Payment via paypal (chèque okay pour les français)

- Contact me via mail ( or my ask box


- After we agreed on the type of com and the price, you can send me references (pictures and if not, very detailed descriptions). I like to know a bit of the psychology of the character too, so don’t hesitate to explain me his/her life in details :P 

- I do some quick sketches very rough for a pose and when you’re okay, the payment is done after that.

- Then I’ll work one the final version, and will send you WIP if you want (changes can be done in this stage too but mostly on the colors, expressions or small details but not on the general pose of course). 

- I’ll send you a 300 dpi of the commission. And if you’re okay, I’ll also post a low def on this tumblr (but it’s your decision). 

- AND THAT’S IT ! Thank you so much for your interest and signal boost and I love you all <3 

Really sorry for the spam but the need for money is strong right now ^^’ 

And if you cannot afford a commission, a reblog is always really appreciated <3 And I’ll love you forever for that <3 

crabbyhunter  asked:

Frick Ciel, I just read your little thing about scanlations and it really affected me. You were referring to the oshix3 scanlation group weren't you? I'm usually indifferent to this issue because I'm extreeemely guilty of taking whatever I can get for free, but your reaction was so strong that I'm re-thinking my values here.

Okay I’ve had a bit of time to sit down and think through what I want to say, and this is a really fucking long post so my apologies to anyone that sees this. I didn’t intend to mention the scanlation group, but I guess there’s only really one with a huge presence on tumblr, though I’ve seen a few others around.

Honestly I think this whole thing affects me a bit more than the average person because I’m also an artist (well, I don’t like calling myself that, but for ease of explanation), and I’m friends with doujinka in Japan, and I personally know the effort that it takes to put out a book - I’m literally sitting here crying trying to figure out how I’m going to find enough time to finish my furusawa book I’m putting out at an event in October with my 9-6 job, often doused in an unhealthy dose of overtime. And a lot of the popular circles, they’re doing it on the side of their real jobs, 100% self-funded, with no support from any company/publisher, unlike actual mangaka, no matter how small or minor they are (there is a likeliness they receive a small salary if they aren’t free lance and attached to a publisher, regardless of sales made, though of course royalties also apply). 

Even people like Matsuyoshi Aco (JULIA) and Kyuugou/kokonotsu (OAZUKE), whilst being professional mangaka in the industry, are doing their fan works on the side, with no support from their main job whatsoever. If anything, if they were unlucky, they would probably get flack from their main job for doing fan doujins (hence why a lot of mangaka use different aliases for fanworks).

And printing these books costs a lot of money. A lot. Let’s just say I looked it up for my own purposes, and even at the cheapest place (which may mean compromised quality) it costs around 12,000yen to print 50 copies of a 24page doujinshi. All most of these artists hope for is to break even - they don’t price their doujins very expensively either, usually just enough to cover costs/costs of the event. An average 24p-30p doujin tends to sit around 400-500yen per book. Speaking of event cost, I calculated that the public transport from Ikebukuro to Tokyo Big Sight costs approximately 1000yen, circle fees are 5000yen for one table (so big circles with 2 tables could be paying something like 10000yen including all their extra chairs), and nvm food consumption which is approximately 1000yen maybe if you’re frugal. They need to sell at least 14 books to make up for the cost of participating alone. And if you don’t ship a major pairing? If it’s your first time participating and you don’t have a lot of people who are willing to give you a shot? Man, that 14 books may not even be an easy sell.

Going by my hypothetical calculation on a 24p doujin, sold at 400yen, 12000+7000=19000, 19000/400 = 47.5. This hypothetical doujinka needs to sell 48 books to break even. And she’s only printed 50. And we know she’s not going to sell all 50, she’s going to probably give away 10-15 to friends, or swap them for other people’s works. Which means from the start, this hypothetical doujinka already can’t break even. 

Oh hey, I forgot to mention that some don’t even LIVE in Tokyo - A good friend of mine, akane (trickstar) lives in Osaka, Peririko (POW!) lives in Kumamoto (which is in Kyuushu) and they have to fly/take the shinkansen to Tokyo to participate in the bigger events. Let’s not even talk about how expensive that is, because we all know that none of them are thinking of losing money there since it’s fun for them to do events and meet their friends - it’s the same reason we all attend conventions after all.

One of my friends, who also has a tumblr here (her username is tomato425​), only printed about 30 copies of her books at the event I met her at in May, and she gave about half away to her friends. I’m pretty sure she participated at a loss, but she was happy to share her art and stories even if that was the case, and to meet more people with common interests and experience the fun of participating as a circle. And that’s the case for a lot of doujinkas. They just want to share their works with people, and they’re doing this out of their own very limited free time, funding it with their own pockets. It’s something they do for fun.

What scanlation groups, especially when it comes to doujins are doing, is essentially stepping on the good will of these doujinkas who work hard to share their creativity, and maybe to make a tiny bit of pocket money if they plan well financially. To top it off, there is never any consent seeked by them from the doujinkas to distribute their work on the internet, regardless of whether it’s in print or out of print. Maybe if they did and were granted permission, it’d be an entirely different story, but as I can already tell you, the back of every fucking doujinshi says ‘Unauthorised reprinting, redistribution or reselling via net auction is prohibited’ on them. In fact sometimes, these doujinka even put the effort into trying to write it in English.

I think the most frustrating part of scanlation groups is knowing that there are people who know a work is out because they follow their favourite doujinka, but won’t purchase it and request that these groups scanlate them? Like with that Eyes on me release by oshix3, it was obvious from the ask vibes that people knew it was a thing, but rather than buy a copy and then wait for a translation, they decide to just wait for a ~free~ scanlation so they don’t have to spend on it. A free scanlation which again, I would like to remind you, is not authorised by the doujinka. In fact, her pixiv profile even states this in English. Though it’s not like scanlation groups need that, because hey, THEY CAN READ JAPANESE, so obviously they already knew prior to that.

I’m just kind of mad because after talking to Peririko, I was greeted with this private message, after I assisted her in taking her doujin off the scanlation group. I’m just going to translate the most relevant part.


“I’m not a very sensitive person, so up until now I have never made a public comment or announcement on twitter etc. in regards to reprints and net auctions, and chose to ignore it happening (I didn’t want to get upset at every little single thing whenever I saw it). Even so, it doesn’t change the fact that the truth is I always wanted this to stop, and that it makes me sad.”

Honestly, I really do get it. I get that it’s hard to buy doujinshi, and they go out of print so fast because of the limited copies. I get that it’s expensive, because mailorder is always more expensive because of the cut mail order companies like toranoana/c-queen/k-books/melonbooks etc takes, thus meaning doujinka raise the prices on their works to make the same amount. I get that a lot of people can’t read Japanese and would love an English version. 

I get it all, I really do. Because once upon a time I indulged in it too - I’m not unguilty. But I also wised up. I realised it was wrong. I realised what we were doing is stealing. They have every right to say no to sharing their works in English. You might think you’re self entitled to do so, to share their works with more people, but you’re wrong. They may not want it to be shared overseas. It may have never been their intention. How can you call yourself a real fan if you can’t even respect the wishes of these people, especially when it’s written in black and white?

Tumblr’s gotten to a point where so many people share things about asking for permission to reprint artwork on tumblr and what not, but why are these same people that reblog every one of these rants happily lapping up scanlations as if the same thing doesn’t apply?

I’ll just leave this long ass rant as it is. I’m not particularly seeking any kind of witch hunt on scanlation groups, I’m just expressing my dislike towards the activity and the lack of respect that’s given to people who spend their free time and money to share their creativity and stories with us for fun.

eyy i hit 5k the other day, so thanks so much everyone! i’m doing galaxy seifuku’s again because: i love mine, they’re cheap, and a lot of people seem to want them.


  • Must be following me! This is a giveaway celebrating my followers after all! New followers can take part, of course, but please make sure you actually LIKE my blog;; I don’t need people following me who hate my blog and want to unfollow me when it’s over! Thank you for understanding!
  • Likes and reblogs count! You can reblog as much as you like also! Just don’t spam your followers ;u;
  • Give away ends August 24th! Sorry for the strange date! I need to make sure I have enough money saved up from my job, and I start school after that so I need to be sure I have time to order it without making you wait till I am free (๑•͈ᴗ•͈)
  • I will pay for shipping internationally. With that said, you must be willing to tell me your address! If you’re under 18, you must have a parents permission! I’m just going to have it ordered and sent directly to you for convince!
  • Winner picks one galaxy seifuku of their choice. You can pick between blue and purple for colors. You can also pick between long and short sleeve, and shot skirt, long skirt, or shorts!

Thank you all so much! Good luck ´・ω・`

okay, so I (technically my little sister but you know, same difference lol) actually won tickets to the walking dead premiere!!! but there’s one problem: I’m from philadelphia and the premiere is in los angeles. 

I lost my job last week and my depression has been getting worse as a result of this, so even though I pretty much immediately accepted that I wouldn’t be able to go, I got very excited when I saw the email saying that we’d won. The walking dead has been a big part of my life for a while now, and I’ve been dying to meet the cast since forever but I never got the chance because I couldn’t afford to go to comic con and pay for photo ops and autographs and all that. Now I finally have the opportunity to, but I still don’t have the means.

I was looking up plane ticket costs out of curiosity and it looks like the cheapest ticket would cost about $295 (each). I don’t really feel good asking people for money but I was just wondering if anyone would be up to donate if they can? I haven’t made a gofundme yet or anything, I’m still thinking about whether or not I even should. 

If I were to go I would definitely do my best to try and ask a richonne related question, for what it’s worth ;) 

Thanks for reading.



Heyyyy been a while since i’ve had one of these, right? Welll, to celebrate my shinny new job, which i dont really need cos i have enough money anyways, im having a giveaway! I’m about to hit 14k so i figure that’s reason enough, and that i love you all!!! 

Rules! (u lil shits better follow them) 

  • Likes and reblogs BOTH count idc if u spam ur followers, if they unfollow you thats on you sorry 
  • Must be following me it’s a giveaway for my cutie followers, friends
  • Ends march 23rd
  • There will be only one winner and they will receive everything above, sorry i find having multiple winners is a bit of a hassle
  • Ill ship anywhere and ill cover shipping costs, no need to fret 
  • You’ll have to be comfortable giving me your address (I promise i wont creep on ya) (okay maybe i will) (No i promise i wont) 
  • I will order the shirt in ANY size, dont worry 
  • If there’s anything you dont want i will substitute it with something else of equal value


  • Season 1 of Star Trek The original series 
  • The complete Star Trek motion picture collection (both these things are pretty pricey so if u win ur one lucky duck tbh) 
  • A star trek TOS poster 
  • Star trek “trek yourself” T shirt
  • Two stickers from my favorite redbubble store, i kinda threw these in on a whim cos theyre so cute uwu 

ALSO if you’re a Star Trek fan but you DONT watch TOS, and most of this giveaway is TOS, if you win I’ll be happy to swap merchandise for you and get you AOS stuff! 

ALSO (this is kinda pointless this giveaway if probably gonna flop)

  • If this giveaway gets 10k notes I’ll get you any book of your choice under 15 bucks
  • over 20k notes and i’ll get you a DVD or something, like under 20 bucks
  • nothing else really i honestly dont expect over 20k lmao
  • or even over 5k lololol 

Questions/comments/ concerns? Head over to my ask box! Good luck to you all! LLAP. 

I’m sorry for spamming this, but due to some unexpected financial issues, I am in dire need of money for car repairs and for tuition this semester. Rather than asking for donations, I thought that I would accept commissions for these out of this world cat photos- each photo is entirely customized with photos of your cats/other pets! Message me for details!