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Starting Commissions?

Hey! Riley here, and uh, I’m in a little bit of a tight spot right now.

Because of some underhanded family money crap, things are getting pretty broke at my place right now. I go to school forty miles away (if only to avoid the really toxic school system in my town) and need some extra cash to help gas and just help us back on our feet in general. We’re dragging our knees by the time the next paycheck’s around the corner.

I’m considering starting commissions in April! Except, uh, the thing is, I have no idea how to. I’m sixteen, and unsure how to deal with digital payments in general, how to coordinate ‘em, yada-yada, good stuff, I’m a confused high school junior and it’s apparently illegal to register for PayPal under 18 but there are no other trustworthy digital money platforms and aaaAAGHH

 I’m willing to do digital art commissions for SU and other! Stuff like, uh, these!

Sketches, lines, colourless, coloured, shaded, you name it. The prices will vary based on complexity, naturally, but I’m keeping it modestly low.

My question to you guys is - if you’ve done commissions before, help a dude out maybe? Message me, explain the ropes and dash, whatever - any help is really appreciated. 

boyfriend!suho (request)
  • it’s common knowledge that kim junmyeon is the king of dad jokes right
  • prepare to be spAMMED with them 
  • “jagi, just lISTEN TO THIS ONE” “fine” “A ham sandwich walks into a bar and orders a beer. Bartender says, ‘Sorry we don’t serve food here.’” “oPPA” 
  • some people like to make him out to be obessed with money or something even tho he really isn’t  bUT he would aLWAYS try to make sure that you have everything you need
  • honestly you’d be kinda afraid to share your needs sometimes
  • bc there was most likely one time when you were like “oh I really want to go to Paris one day” “okay jagi you have your plane tomorrow at 9, is it good for you?” “what” 
  • dealing with 8 other kids is stressful okAY so sometimes he just needs to go to your appartment and have you cook that dish only you know how to make 
  • and he’d just ramdomly come up behind you and hug you while you’re at it because he knows that he can lean on you any time
  • you two would probably end up laying in bed, your head resting on his chest while he just blurts out what had been on his mind until one of you fall asleep
  • I totally see him being the type of guy that prepares really special dates and sends you a lot of your favorite flowers and chocolates
  • long, sweet kisses halfway through movies
  • hand holding whenever you can because for some reason your hand just ??? really fits in his ?? and he just never wants to let go 
  • the members would probably look at u with a lot of respect
  • especially because there was this time when junmyeon was rly tired and the boys didn’t shut up or calm down and you just yELLED AT THEM WITH A RLY SCARY FACE and they all went silent at the same time
  • they love u though bc you make their leader the happiest man in the world
  • he’d be kinda oblivious to your innuendos tho 
  • but once you made it kinda clear what you meant when you started talking abt him humping a cane on stage, $uho would fLY to wherever u where 
  • 10 minutes later he’s @ your house in his practice clothes

requests open for scenarios, reactions, fake text messages and boyfriend!exo


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Hello guys, my commissions are open again! (bcs im in desperate need for money…)

so, what does these stuff mean; 

Backgrounds are included in ‘shaded’ option but they won’t be very detailed.
Enhancements consist of wings, animals, bestial figures or body parts(horns not included, horns are free), magic effects(dramatic lightening), unique, extremely detailed weaponry and armour(like Aion Online level of detail)
I can colour sketches vaguely if specified.

GIFs are not included in the description, I might be willing to take commissions of simple effects but the price would vary greatly depending on it. However they’re extremely time consuming so their starting price wouldn’t be any less than $70

I’m completely ok with NSFW, however I won’t draw;

  • Furry
  • Very explicit heterosexual sex scene (because I can’t, it looks odd)
  • Kinks I’m not comfortable with (there are so very few)

I will draw;

  • Basically everything else. 
  • Yep, everything
  • OCs*, fandom related things, ships, canoes…

*Please provide sufficient reference.

Unless specified otherwise(or it’s a GIF) all commissions will be 300~320dpi, around 4000px

The Process


  • you can contact me,
  • write me what’s on your mind and I’ll see if its something I can draw
  • We’ll talk about the pricing, if they’re too high we can talk about what we can work with
  • I accept payment through PayPal
  • When the transaction is complete and I receive my payment, I will start working on the commission
  • I’ll send a WIP of sketch for you to confirm or change, please say if there’s something you’re not pleased with the pose or character features then
  • I’ll send another WIP with colours to get the colour reference correctly, and wait for your approval, after this step it would be hard for me to change anything major, please be mindful of that
  • and Voilà! 

Even if you’re not interested please please spread the word! 

Thanks in advance for all your support!

beeutifulmuses  asked:

Hey again! Sorry for the spam, darling, but I was just wondering if your amazon wishlist is up to date, or if some things need taking off

That’s very kind of you to ask and check but please don’t feel obligated to get us anything! Most of it is a reminder for us to buy later/when we can :) theres certainly no expectation for anyone to buy anything xx save your money and spend it on you! ^^


Hello! I’ve decided to open up commissions as I need money to pay for school. If interested, please fill out the Order Form and email me at

IKM218(at) (remember to replace at with @)

Name / Username :
price/paypal address :
Style : (ex: Style A)
reference(s) : (descriptions are fine but I prefer pictures)
notes : (personality, specific pose, etc. )

*Please note that I will decline if I feel I will not supply satisfactory level. Please don’t take it personally, I rather try and give my best work to you! *

Reblogs are much appreciated ; v ; )b  <3 

okay, so I (technically my little sister but you know, same difference lol) actually won tickets to the walking dead premiere!!! but there’s one problem: I’m from philadelphia and the premiere is in los angeles. 

I lost my job last week and my depression has been getting worse as a result of this, so even though I pretty much immediately accepted that I wouldn’t be able to go, I got very excited when I saw the email saying that we’d won. The walking dead has been a big part of my life for a while now, and I’ve been dying to meet the cast since forever but I never got the chance because I couldn’t afford to go to comic con and pay for photo ops and autographs and all that. Now I finally have the opportunity to, but I still don’t have the means.

I was looking up plane ticket costs out of curiosity and it looks like the cheapest ticket would cost about $295 (each). I don’t really feel good asking people for money but I was just wondering if anyone would be up to donate if they can? I haven’t made a gofundme yet or anything, I’m still thinking about whether or not I even should. 

If I were to go I would definitely do my best to try and ask a richonne related question, for what it’s worth ;) 

Thanks for reading.


Gloom’s Writing Commissions

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Greetings, everyone! My name is Gloom, and I want your money.

February was a little shorter than expected, and a paycheck I need before a thing is now happeningquite after that thing.

I have a degree in Creative Writing, for what it’s worth (not much, as you can see.) and I am fairly accomplished. I have won awards for poetry contests with poems written while waiting for my turn to present them, and I am quite confident in my ability.

I will write:

  • fanfic
  • character descriptions
  • smut
  • short stories
  • technical writing
  • Other things not listed here. Feel free to inquire.
  • Editing/proofreading services available.

Flat Rate: $15/1000 words. Unless otherwise negotiated. (It’s cheap)

Any work I provide you should be credited back to me, unless you are specifically requesting to be able to claim it as your own.

So if you want to make the OTP kiss, or just make last weekend’s Dungeons and Dragon’s notes sound truly epic. You can count on me. My personal style has been described as “dry, complex and appreciative humor”- but I have written extensively in a variety of genres. Sample are available upon request- because I have a bad habit of misplacing everything I’ve ever done.

for inquiries, message me here on tumblr or email me at (Want some writing for free? REBLOG this post and be entered into a raffle for a free 3000 word thing of your choosing! The drawing will be held monthly, for as long as is reasonable.)

Some more about me: I’m moderately multilingual. If you want something written in French or Japanese, I can do so (for a fee). You will have the added benefit of watching me cry. I’m also proficient in technical writing and some graphic design, mostly centered around usability and client experience, if you’re into that sort of thing.

After speaking with a few of my friends at length, and a clarification from emergency commissions, academic papers (written, proofing and editing is still fine, but they should otherwise be ready to hand in) will not be accepted.