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F1-drivers described with photos

Lewis Hamilton

Valtteri Bottas

Sebastian Vettel

Kimi Räikkönen

Daniel Ricciardo

Max Verstappen

Felipe Massa

Lance Stroll

Daniil Kvyat

Carlos Sainz Jr

Sergio Perez

Esteban Ocon

Romain Grosjean

Kevin Magnussen

Nico Hülkenberg 

Jolyon Palmer

Fernando Alonso 

Stoffel Vandoorne

Pascal Wehrlein

Marcus Ericsson

the further down the grid the sadder the drivers

watch out, she has a gun in her bag

(( ok this was inspired by the tweet // als bc i lov yoonmin ))
//dont get on min yoonji’s bad side hoho, a badass with a gun
//protective yoonji ;’) 

Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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Happy Birthday to the lovely @ohscorbus!!! I hope you liked your impromptu gifts sorry you had to smuggle the chocolates. A little doodle I did which ended up taking too much time cause I couldn’t get their hair right - and now I know its a bad idea to sleep at 2am when you’ve got a two part show later that day. Thank you for letting me take it with Platform 9 ¾. I’m so glad to be sharing massive CC tears with you

How imaginative is this kid? I’m sensing future world leader, just saying 😊


MBTI Types as Lush Bath Bombs

INTJ: Metamorphosis. Dark on the outside. Warm and colorful in the inside.

ENTP: The Experimenter. Do I have to explain?

INTP: Intergalatic. Space related. So are many of the INTP’s hobbies.

ENFJ: Golden Slumbers. Tries its best to help people with their various conditions (in this case sleeplessness)

ENTJ: Dragon egg. The most successful bath bomb. There’s a huge surprise midway (in the ENTJ’s case you learn that they dont actually hate you) but you won’t mind.

INFJ: Ylang Song. Is a kitchen exculsive and super expensive = the rarest.

(there were no good water photos im sorry)

ENFP: Calavera. So many ideas and colors in one pleasing bath bomb!

INFP: Sacred Lotus. I don’t think that I could find a more stereotypical name.

ESFP: Roller. A quote from Lush ‘They see me rolling’ and that is ESFP af. Also its pretty inside and out, much like the all the amazing ESFPs ive met.

ESTP: Lava Bomb. Bold and beautiful. A bit much for some people tho.

ISTP: Cyanide pill. Seems dangerous but is not what you expected (most of the istps ive met r really chill unlike the stereotype.)

ISFP: Think Pink. Great aesthetic and liked by many people.

ISFJ: Twighlight. Subtle, helpful (if u would like to sleep) and liked by many.

ISTJ: Superdad. Don’t you love stereotypes? (it is really pretty tho)

ESTJ: Guardian of the Forest. The name is kinda stereotypical. (sorry)

ESFJ: A Fox in the Flowers. idk im tired sorry byee


when ur fave is too much and makes u emo//

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