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Why is blood red?

There is a scientific answer, but it is a cold one.
Cold like ice. Hard like steel. Unfeeling.
It reflects nothing of the blood itself.

Blood, which is —
Warm, like fire. Fluid, like water.
Red, like anger. Passion. Fury. Love.


Yes, that is why.
It is the emotion of the body,
the language of the soul,
the tears of the flesh, of the heart.
For when you strike it cruelly enough,
it weeps, it cries, it burns.

A burn that screams:
and demands you stay that way.
—  in us, there is liquid fire | m.a.w


Scene from @thechronicliar‘s awesome fic, An Idiot in Love!

You can read it on AO3 riiiight [here] or you can visit their blog!


Bad Influences

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wonho x reader


439 words

anon nymph wished– can i request a really cute cuddling with wonho fluffy scenario?

Hello love! I’m sorry for this being short! TT I know I’ve been a bit slack on the requests lately but even if a request is shorter than others it doesn’t mean I didn’t work hard on it! I promise! TT I hope you still enjoy it darling! ^^


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Last Bulk and its a long one

~~mod~~ everything else concerning this topic will be kicked to the modblog. ill try to add to the comments today. i feel like i got ran over so i may not be on at all. sorry for slacking on you and for probably being a world class asshole today. please keep it medium.

Anon: What kind of woman ALLOWS “her boyfriend” to make her hideout so she’s not seen with him? What kind of man DOES that? Be happy for them all you want. I think they look and act like morons. As “adorable ” as people think he is , he seems lately like a total douchebag. Good thing all the fucking booze he consumes gives him the balls to “allow” her be photographed with him. And how fucking desperate does one have to be to let themselves be treated like that? Typical Hollywood. I give this a week.

Anon:Okay, NOW do you think he will make an announcement on Jimmy Fallon about DK? Or that Jimmy will mention it? ~~mod~~  dont know dont care. as long as we get some couch action im good.

Anon:No new stories talk about the trip to italy right before dk dumped pacey. They dont talk about how long nr knew pacey before sky. Wonder how much that cost

Anon:I’m so sad mod….. 😢 Twd’s cast are finally coming to my country and i thinks that is very hard for they bring Norman because he is very expensive…. I mean, Norman is so rich, why he charge that much??! 😢😢 (Sorry for the english) ~~mod~~ aww maybe its not the money but more if he has time. where are they coming? you english is awesome

ahauntedfool: My two cents. I feel badly for disappointed fans who have invested so much time, energy, and possibly even money, on their beloved celebrity, only to see him acting in a way they do not agree with. That must be very hard for them. Maybe I can offer some hope and positivity?I believe no two relationships are alike, and none are black and white. Who really knows everything about their relationship besides them? But it does seem like they are together, and if that is the case I hope they make each other happy. I truly mean that. Love is not something we can plan for, but life is short and happiness is everything. I am still a fan of N, I enjoy many of his films and photographs, his charisma is pleasing, he makes me laugh and he makes me smile. There are some things I don’t like about him, but that’s how it is with people. We are all complex and flawed individuals, and in our imperfections there is beauty. I don’t know much about D yet, but I think I’ll check out her work, watch a few of her films and read some interviews. Maybe I’ll learn something about her that inspires me in some way. With that being said, I think they are an attractive couple, and I love seeing him smile like that. They appear happy in those photos and I hope they are. Maybe this relationship will be good for both of them. Oftentimes we learn from our partners how to be better people.

Anon: Wait for the other shoe to drop on fallon, the baby shoe, lol. He has an extra 0 on his paycheck now, so dk can stay in ny and give up her career while nk goes to ga and cons to keep her in designer duds and pap shots shopping and fashion shows. She can laugh with jdms wife about ppl who pay $$$$ to wait in line for a pic, and we get crappy cgi on twd ~~mod~~ come on the deer really wasnt that bad, if you squint it almost looked real

awesomebrokenheartuniverse: What the fucking fuck??? This is beyond baffling.  The public make out session.  Even as a teenager I didn’t make out on the street for 30 min.  They clearly wanted to be seen.  Have we been fooled by NR with some fake persona all these years?  Has he drastically changed due to DKs influence?  Is he whipped?  Is he tired of keeping it a secret and overjoyed to let it all hang out?  Does she have dirt on him and forcing this on him (sounds crazy but ya never know)? Is this a juvenile shit show for publicity to benefit both of them?  So many questions!  Maybe it’s not our business but when they flaunt themselves like this they are kinda asking for it.  This is like reality show in your face over the top attention whoring.  I feel embarrassed for them.  At least she is age appropriate. I don’t know a lot about DK, but the opinions here are largely unfavorable.  JJ seems like a decent guy.  Why would he stick with her 10 yrs if she’s such bad news?   I keep remembering a quote from AL where he said something like “the longer I know N, the more he is an enigma.”  NR seems totally all over the place to me right now.      

Anon: There’s a video of them kissing now. ~~mod~~ ok

Anon: Hey mod! Sorry to keep adding to this but I’m SO aggravated. Now she’s acting like CS posting pics from his apartment. An her fans are saying to stop bringing up Norman an respect her privacy to people. She doesn’t want privacy! Hence the photo! An the photos taken of them on the street the other night for a hour. If I’m w/ my bf I dont stop and post on SM things from his house. She wants everyone to know she finally got Norman. When will this “relationship” end 😭 personally he deserves better

Anon: Why would Norman be so open about his relationship? This PDA doesn’t fit to him, he never showed so much of his relationship, making out on the street, like in the video it looks like they were making a show. They just stood in the same street walked around kissed hugged just to make a show for the pap, my guess they called him, don’t know why

Anon: Re: the “lie.” Doesn’t it look like Norman’s reps said “friends” because of JJ? Timeline: Pic of Norman and DK at the car looking friendly with story about vacation. Rep said “friends.” Weeks later: picture of JJ kissing and snuggling with another woman at a restaurant. Stories: He’s moved on!! Two - three days later, Norman/DK are completely public. The “lie” was so JJ could say he moved on first. It had nothing to do with manipulating Norman’s fans.
Anon: Daily mail has just released an article on NR and DK confirming their relationship and they’ve got a few new pics in there and in one of them NR is looking directly at the camera. I guess we know for sure it was planned and a bit staged now.

Anon: Mod - this was an absolute publicity stunt but I don’t understand why. It makes him look like the biggest possible lying fake asshole alive so why would he want that image? I’m secretly hoping this is some kind of early April Fools day joke.

Anon: Mod when do you think NR and DK became more than just friends? ~~ mod~~ would you be offended if i said i have no idea becasue i dont care enough about them as a couple to even guess. sorry if i sound like a jerk im still not feeling well

Anon: I hope Norman doesn’t think we’re just going to “get over it”? It doesn’t work that way. There is a difference between lying about who you ARE and just simply having a girlfriend. (I won’t even go into how fake SHE is) You Lied to the people that supported you Norman. This isn’t just jealous fangirls. This doesn’t just go away in a few weeks.~~mod~~ im sure he knows it isnt just gonna go away in a few days

Anon: Woke up today with tears in my eyes. Every day I used to go check out all he cool Norman/Daryl fan art on instagram. Now I can’t even look at him.~~mod~~ dont cry anon we can find you someone else to look at.

Jan: Listen up To those deeply upset and disturbed by Norman’s recent actions, please read this - Nothing in your life has actually changes NOTHING! You still breath the same air, work at the same place, hang with the same friends and are surrounded by people that love and care about you in REAL LIFE. You have never, nor will you ever, know the real man behind Norman Reeds and thats probably for the best. All that has happened is that the fantasy you have of him in your head is altered, but you have the power and control to change that narrative back at any point, back to thinking he is kind and sweet and honourable and all the other things that gave you comfort and joy, use him for whatever purpose you want - because I have news for you as a fan/consumer of his brand he is just USING you. He is clever, he will smile and be nice as pie if you are paying for his time, (he is a professional actor), what he is actually like once the show is over, behind closed doors, is probably a very different story that really would shock and upset you. He is part of an ugly dark industry and his values are probably way off the mark to what any of us would consider acceptable. The clues are all around us, the fake hollywood friends he has, the partying showbiz life he leads, his love of attention and the limelight, the blind after blind about his shitty behaviour. It does upset me to see people defending him with the best of intentions, when they have no clue that he doesn’t deserve defending, he is surrounded by wealth and privilege and I highly doubt he cares one bit what faceless avatars on the internet say about him when he is home surrounded by his millions of dollars and fake narcissistic hollywood friends. Me, I love Daryl and I will always love Daryl, he is a real sweetheart and the subject of many a fantasy, Norman not so much, I could never fantasise about someone like him -a shallow and highly privileged actor who can have any beautiful woman he desires at the drop of a hat, and knows it. His priorities are clearly material things, this set up relationship with DK that will be played out in the public eye will just be linked to and part of that agenda in some weird way…(I do have my theories as to why he is so keen to play along with it, but best kept to myself) So seriously people go back to your Daryl (or nice sweet Norman) fantasises… Whatever helps you sleep at night…

Anon: You know what’s even worse than finding out he’s a lying sneaking jerk? That he let her troll his fandom for the whole year. He let us try to defend him the whole time when it was all true. It just shows that his fans don’t really mean anything to him. He didn’t care that she was playing with us and mocking us. It’s just so unbelievable that he is the complete opposite of what he made us believe.

Anon: sorry but I feel betrayed. And before I get jumped on it’s not jealousy or that he can’t have a private life, it’s about thinking one thing about Norman and admiring that person for so long then suddenly finding out that it was all a lie. He made us think that he was our friend but he’s not. he’s laughing at us behind the scenes watching how we buy into the image that he made us think was the real him. it’s not him now. he’s a phony. anyone want walker stalker tickets? don’t want to meet him now ~~mod~~ no need to be sorry anon lots of people are feeling all kinds of way right now. i hear craiglist is a great place to sell those

Anon: God Mod it just breaks my heart to see how fake he looks. Allowing himself to be papped is something I never thought he would do. I admired Norman for being down to earth and real. Where is that man now? He’s gone. He sold out. He’s not who he claims to be. Honest? Lol nope. So this is the real Norman we have been tricked into supporting? He looks just as fake as we know she is. It’s so sad and disheartening and I never thought it would happen to him. He’s just like all the rest. :( So sad.

Anon: Wonder how this will work when he starts filming in May will she go to Georgia she doesn’t seem the country girl

Anon: Mod why do think NR’s reps have the statements that they were “just friends” 3 weeks ago only for them to walk done the street holding hands and kissing now? Do you think NR’s reps didn’t know about the relationship? Or he didn’t consult with them before going public? Or do you think it was all planned? I’m just really confused about the whole thing!

Anon: Sorry…this is a long one… People seem to focus on others being upset because he lied.  But I think a lot of people are upset for 2 main reasons.  One, they really don’t like DK.  It is hard to swallow watching someone you like, date someone you hate.  I had a good guy friend date a girl that the rest of us LOATHED.  She was just a horrible person and we were all so disappointed when he started dating her.  When we asked him why, he just replied, “well, she is not like that towards me”.  Um..ok…so since she’s “nice” to you, it’s ok that she is a a-hole to everyone else?  It lasted all of 4 months, but I just remember we were all so disgusted.  So, anyway, I think that plays a big part in the fan hate.  Fans love Norman and think he is wonderful/nice/kind/good to his friends and fans and they can’t understand how he could fall for someone who is the opposite of all those things.  The second reason is the cheating.  Let’s face it, this didn’t start AFTER she split from JJ.  We would be naive to believe that.  Personally, I think it started during the filming of SKY.  They are together constantly, in the middle of nowhere, I am sure they got very close.  Even if there was nothing physical, they could have been having an emotional affair…which is often worse than physical.  Although we can argue that with his schedule and her being with JJ, they didn’t actually see each other a lot after filming SKY was over, they still could have been texting and calling, thereby continuing the connection and closeness that was formed during filming.  Looking back, I can’t help but wonder if someone DID see them hooking up in a NYC bar (before the break-up with JJ).  If they did in fact have an emotional connection, add a lot of alcohol to that and you can definitely lose control for a minute.  Obviously, this is my own speculation, but no matter when the physical aspect of their relationship developed, I truly believe, the affair started long before it.  As for the people talking about a possible pregnancy.  I can see it.  Even though Norman is pushing 50 and may not want a baby, as some people pointed out, it may not be up to him.  There are many ways for a woman to “accidentally” get pregnant.  Someone, I think it was PR wife, mentioned that DK’s star faded long ago.  She is definitely someone who will do anything to bring attention to herself.  Well, having NR’s baby would certainly bring the spot light.  It may be far fetched but I think DK is really sketchy and I would not put it past her.  I guess only time will tell if there is a baby as well as how long this thing will last.  We shall see…

Anon:I gave a heads up months ago that Diane had a plan and that she and Norman were playing out a fantasy as if they were living their film “Sky”. Health issues included. But guess what comes next (not the end) ;)

Stephanie Kumke:
Maybe it´s not DK in the photo, but come on, a naked bully with lights on it with the message “ Waking  up to good News”… ~~mod~~ maybe she got a job that wasnt in Europe

Anon: Ya’ll need to be realistic. Daryl isn’t the cash cow of TWD anymore. Not sure if no one sees this but the ratings last week dropped. Why weren’t they higher? I mean Daryl was in it a lot yet they weren’t as good as the week before. I’ve noticed whenever Carol and the Kingdom are on the ratings go up. Seems like she’s more of a cash cow now. She makes more viewers tune in. So I really don’t get when people say Daryl is the No 1 cash cow. It’s not true. It may have been years back, but not anymore

Anon: It disgusts the shit out of me when I see people support their relationship and are happy and even say DK is gorgeous. Wtf NOTHING on this woman is gorgeous. She’s manipulative, attention whore and snobby. I can’t believe his fans (not all of them) support her. She’s the worst nightmare. Norman went down to her level. She is unsympathetic to fans, Norman clearly isn’t the man he claimed to be. Not sure if I’m more disappointed or disgusted because he played all of us the whole time for his image

Anon: I think some people are not getting it…NR didnt own anyone anything but he was not coherent and yeah he deceived and lied when he said he doesn’t like cheaters and loves honest people. Regardless of course he have the right to date who the fuck he wants. not my problem. now the way he did it, for someone that calls himself honest is very questionable when you can see CLEARLY how this pics were staged. When you stage pics like that and you claimed for years being the opposite of course  people are going to question who you are and who was the person they have been a fan off all this years. People defended him exactly from this behavior. People defended him when people called him sell out and asshole and manwhore and honestly he just proves the others right. This have nothing to do with DK this have to do with him as a person and how he carries himself. He didnt assume her before because he was sticking his dick somewhere else too and the other kick him to the curb.

dandelioncherokee : Interesting. Norman and Diane are not looking AT EACH OTHER in one single picture. A loving couple would do that ALL THE TIME. One word. FAKE. I honestly haven’t got a clue WHY ALL THIS. Oh Norman,you had it going all good for you.Now I can only pray that the universe will give you another chance,so you can try to fix this. Kisses to you,mod ❤️hope you are alright.~~mod~~ i feel like i got kicked down 10 flights of stairs.. you flirting makes me feel better

Anon: I was just thinking about the happy anniversary post and the ‘comment’. Turns out the DK part of that was true and it makes me wonder how many of the other parts were also true. Maya Angelo said when people show you who they are, believe them the first time. Eyes opened, I get it now and I’m just here for wicked gifs, and weird banter. Good things always come from bad, you’re the good thing Mod.

Anon: Pic look good, his fans on ig congrat to him so lol. Congrat to him too. We know here it so far from jealous but it is about who is this guy. Why he won’t hint their relationship at all.jdm said I think he’s single. So he happy it’s foiod but it different story from why he lid like liar, completely behave another and then be another man. And I didn’t see any pic that he look at her face. He smile to ppl. Wake up idiot fans! ~~mod~~ Please dont call fans idiots we all have our opinion

Anon: Another blog says they KNOW that Norman and DK were a thing since Sky. They supposedly have a source but won’t reveal it, they’re also saying no one knows if cheating was involved because no one knows the status of DK and JJ’ relationship. DK moved to NYC in late 2015 to be with JJ AFTER sky was finished. They bought a home together in LA in early 2016. So if her “source” is correct than yes, they were cheating all along, which makes the dec 2015 rumor seem not so false. They’re disgusting

Anon: Who knows…Maybe they both have an agreement? Maybe he agreed to help her with her image by doing this. He may think what’s the harm in helping a friend?? I am soooooo not on her side…I’m just trying to ration it out. Unfortunately we may never know. I still haven’t seen pics of them full on kissing. That one pic where they’re close looks like he was lighting a smoke. Hand holding? Even friends do that. He seemed pretty drunk anyway. Ugh and her IG? Tries to be like N & HC. UMM no.

Anon: Thinking if the 2 of them together makes me so ill but hey…He’s a big boy. I’ve been going thru the stages of grief (as stupid as that may sound) and I don’t regret smashing my DVD copy of Sky! Didn’t much like it anyway lol now I’m past the anger and just sad. I’m not as mad at N as I was a few days ago but I still think DK is a snake. I hope that he guards his heart from her nasty ways! I also think the whole thing with the paps is strange. N is very impulsive and sometimes too too nice!

Anon:Hahaha I share the same first name as DK, so at least I know when Norman is having sex he is screaming my name. Seriously tho at least she is age appropriate and who cares anyway. You are a fan of his work or not no matter who he is boning.

Anon:Is it me or is Norman avoiding liking DK IG posts? I believe he may have been drunk that night and is regretting what he did

rebellacycle:Are you going to watch jimmy Fallon tonight ? Wonder if he will talk about the new relationship. Or just TWD~~mod~~ i will probaly be asleep. probaly just talk about he twd


Norman and Diane are happy and in love so the haters have already lost ✌🏼


I have a question for those fans who keep saying things like “Be respectful of Norman’s private life!”…. But they’re the ones who are (unnecessarily!) publicizing it. They staged and sold pics and video. In PDA, the P doesn’t stand for Private. If they are not respecting their own relationship, why should we? Also is talking about Norman’s penis size respecting his privacy? So what exactly do y'all mean? They don’t seem to want that. They want people to talk, comment, click the links.


:Feel better soon Mod! I don’t understand something about the whole DK Shitshow. If this is legit (and not just publicity) then how come no other gossip sites are picking it up??? TMZ doesn’t have anything to say about it after they just ran the garage pics/got his denial?? It looks like People ENews DM UsWeekly and a few less known sites are the only ones going with it, so how come??? I don’t get it! I don’t understand how Norman can be one thing one day and the TOTAL OPPOSITE the next!??! WTAF

Anon: The photos and the video of NR and DK … Looking at it I just feel DK is walking with his trophy. She wants everybody to see her new toy, her little puppy that she will manipulate as she pleases. DK wants everyone to see his new trophy !! While NR smiles like a fool who does not understand the situation. Yes he became the DK puppet


I appreciate this blog and your work, but you have to moderate some comments that appear on your site. I read comments accusing Norman of lust after teenage girls. This is defamation and it is very serious. It is unbearable to see all this hate and these lies dumped on an actor we have supposed to love. It is all the more intolerable that currently the world is experiencing serious problems. Thousands of people are dying of hunger, London and Paris are the target of terrorists, but some people prefer to waste their time to dumped their hate on Norman. Treat him as if he was a criminal just because he’s in love and he lied because he didn’t want to reveal his private life in the press.I doubt that you post this message on your blog but I needed to say. Many of us live very difficult moments and see all this hate for a simple relationship is ridiculous. Some may express their disappointment but have no right to invent lies and spill their hatred. Sorry for my aproximative English, I hope to find a warm and funny blog. Good luck to you Mod….

~~mod~~ just a few things. 1.tumblr rarely lets me delete comments, the tumblr app hates me…2. the quickest way to get your post deleted is to say “you probaly wont post this”.. i hate that.

Anon:Hope you feel better soon mod. This is for when you do the bulk: at this point I think I’d be happier finding out he did accidentally get her pregnant one drunken night but actually can’t stand her and did this for appearances only and they aren’t really a thing. At least that way he would be the same guy who just made one huge mistake while intoxicated. One night stands happen all the time. But being with her?? it changes everything about him and it makes him a liar.


been two days I haven’t looked at anything to do with N and I still can’t get over this. He’s a complete fake. short of telling us he was abducted by aliens and this was an imposter in his body I will never understand. ’s like he just revealed that he is the opposite of everything he made people believe for the past seven years. Liar. Fake. Hollywood. Stupid. Ingenuine. That’s what this makes him look like now. It makes me want to cry. someone say it was all a nightmare. where’s the real norman


:Happy Today, Mod! I hope your body parts will all in good working order soon. Please take care of yourself. The drama of Norman Reedus means nothing in the long run. Kind people like you who take the time to create community are what matters!

Anon:If DK’s marrage broke down because she cheating then norman gotta run far and fast, they cheat WITH you they cheat ON you. You should look at enty and type in Norman reedus/Diane Kruger this shit been stirring for a while
Anon:Will Jimmy Fallon grill Norman about DK? ~~mod~~ dont know


:Have you seen the pap walk pics & videos?? Omg I’ll swear DK slipped a Mickey Finn in Norman’s whiskey. For him to agree to call the paps on himself, something was totally wrong with him! I don’t recognize that Norman. DK is destructive & opportunistic. She manipulated her way into his life from day one when she recommended him for the SKY role. She is as TOXIC as they come! Wtf’s he doing with her? He’s in self-destructive mode, I pray he comes to his senses in Ga surrounded by good ppl.

Anon:Diane manipulates the media and manipulates Norman. An avid woman who likes to manipulate her little world. How can people defend it? I saw her in truth, she behaves like a haughty princess.

Anon:I no longer see goodness in Norman.


:Just canceled my trip to San Fran wsc. I was gonna meet him but I can’t even look at him nevermind meet him. How are we supposed to pretend he’s the same guy? He’s NOT what he told us he was! It’s NOT bc of a gf but 1) that it’s HER of all ppl (she is the epitome of famewhore sell out and no one I’ve talked to who met her have ANYTHING nice to say) and 2) He LIED about everything. He’s not any of the things we thought, made his reps look stupid and sold out to let himself be papped. WTF is that


: Personally I’m wondering if she got him drunk, got him to agree to this to make the rumors look true, and that he was too wasted to care. This is NOT the guy we know and love. This is also coming from a mutual friend of his not just some fan. he never calls the media, like TMZ on himself. He’s a private, fairly normal dude, and that’s why I think DK set it up. To boost her American publicity and get noticed for work here. Sad, sick, and sketchy.

Anon: I’m definitely over reading about it Mod but I don’t understand how anything is gonna go back to the way it was anyway so I vote to keep it on the main blog. He’s a lying jerk and this is what we have to see now every day because how can we not if he’s seriously with her. I think I’m gonna have to quit being his fan altogether bc I can’t take her I don’t want to see her ridiculous face every single time he goes anywhere ~~mod~~ here the  thing its an N blog, i dont have to post anything with her in it. im really good at cropping things out of pics.

New Pet | Part 9

I’m so sorry it been so long. Here is a late Christmas present because I’ve been slacking. I’ve started on part 10 so it should be done soon.

Warning: language and smut

Word count: 1,833 words


I wake up in a hospital bed and my body felt to be paralyzed. I was so sore that I couldn’t move anything on my body besides my head. I can see two shadows outside of the curtains around my bed, and they look like they are arguing over something. I can’t hear anything though, the world is just mute. I feel myself let out a small grunt even though I can’t hear it I can feel it vibrate through my throat and out my mouth.

The curtain flies open and I watch as J walks into the room by the side off the bed. His mouth is moving, he is trying to tell me something but I can’t make out any of it. “I can’t hear you.” I hope I say. I’m not completely sure though, it’s different when you can’t hear yourself. J’s face has a blank expression drawn across it, I couldn’t tell if he was mad or concerned, maybe both. I watch as his face quickly turns to straight anger and he turns back to the doctor.

He was mad, frustrated, and scary. I could only imagine how the doctor felt standing there having J rip into him. He just kept shaking his head, and walked away. ‘He walked away from J?’ I feared for that man, nobody ever walked away from J and lived to tell about it. J didn’t seem to mad about it though, he walked over and sat down in the chair next to my bed, grabbing a hold of my hand. Moments later the doctor comes rushing back in, holding a pad of paper and quickly writing something down on it. He flips it towards me for me to read and it says, “We need to do more tests to check why you have no hearing. Mr. J has approved of them and we will be going now.”

I look over at J as he shakes his head like he is approving of what the doctor wrote down. I shake my head instead of trying to answer verbally, I didn’t like talking without being able to hear myself. The doctors turns around and waves for some others to come take me to get the tests done. As they start to roll my bed down the hall I look back and J stayed behind the curtains. He grabbed the doctor’s arm, stopping him in his path and telling him something. It looked like J put the fear of god into him.

As we roll through the halls I watch as we pass each room, imagining all of the different stories of each person in each room. A couple rooms down I see David lying in a bed with a cast covering a lot of his body, ‘Has J seen him yet?’ I hope that J isn’t mad at David, it was my fault for distracting him while he was driving and for even wanting to go out last night. As we get to the the small dark room containing a big machine they bring my bed to a stop and help me move over to the bed like table to get some scans. It took awhile and I hated sitting there motionless in this spinning machine.

After the scans were down they rolled me back to where I began, behind the curtain with J. As the curtains opened J raised his head from his hands and jumped to his feet, saying something to the doctor. J shook his head as he turned back to me with a slight smile, the doctor handing him the pad of paper with the pen. He was quickly writing something down and smiled brightly when he came to an end. “Your hearing should be back soon. You’ll be okay. We can leave,” with a small smiley face right below it.

I couldn’t help but grin as J handed me my bag with my belongs and helped me out of the bed. He kisses me in the forehead as he walks out of the room, closing the curtain behind him, allowing me to get dressed. I step out, fully dressed, showing myself off to him. His eyes stare me down as a slowly walk closer to him and he extends his arms out towards me. Running into them, I give him a hug like I would never see him again. We walk out to the car and head home, J was driving this time, ‘He’s probably afraid to let anyone else drive me.’

We pull up to the house, J walking me inside, being greeted by Brooke the second I step into the front doors. Her hug smothered me, but I felt so welcomed. As she pulls away she tries to tell me something, quickly getting cut off when J’s mouth starts to move. Her face fills with shock as her hands cover her mouth. She pulls me in tight before she leaves to the kitchen.

Moments later she walks out holding some sticky notes and a pencil. She puts up one finger, it saying, “Hold on one second.” She starts writing on the paper revealing to me what she had wrote. “I’m so sorry that you can’t hear dear. Mr. J says you will be fine though, that’s great. You should go lay down and I will make you some food.” I shake my head, acknowledging that I had finished reading what she wrote.

I start to head up stairs, J following behind me with his hand placed on my lower back. As we get up to the room I hurry and change into someone comfy clothes as J helps me into the bed, covering me with the fluffy, rich purple, comforter. He leans down and kisses me on the cheek then stands back up straight and softly points at the doorway as if he was asking to leave. He probably had business to do so I just smile, closing my eyes and shaking my head lightly at him.


I wake up to the sound of Brooke placing a bowl down on the nightstand next to me. My eyes quickly open and I fly up, looking at Brooke and saying, “Do that again!” She points at the bowl and I shake my head. She picks it up and sets it back down on the table and there it is again, the sound. “Brooke, I can hear again.”

She places her hands up by my ears and snaps as I smile at the sound, “You can, can’t you?” I was so excited I jumped out of the bed and ran out of the bedroom to go look for J. I look up and down the hallway and see two of J’s guards standing outside of his office, ‘He must be in there.’ I run down the hall and the guards watch me as if I was crazy. I push past them, not caring on what they had to say and open J’s office door. I wasn’t going to tell him yet and see if he noticed. I walk in, trying to act like how I was when we first got home.

J looks up at me and is startled to see me out of bed. He quickly looks down and starts to write something down on a piece of paper. He holds it up, it reading, ‘You’re up? How are you feeling?’ I take a seat across from J leaning back and crossing my legs.
“I’m fine. J, I really don’t like the sound of your pen writing.” I let off a small smirk as J’s eyes widen.

He stands up, looking at me with a confused look on his face, “What?” I start to giggle as he walks around his desk and grabs a hold of my cheeks. “You can hear me?” I shake my head as he starts to smile, showing off his grill.

“How is business going? Still dealing with that one guy?” He seemed to be busy and I wondered if it was still that man.

“We got the money for him, but I don’t know how I am going to get it to him yet.” He runs his hands through his bright hair, I could tell that he was frustrated.

I walk over and sit on his lap placing my arms around him, “It will all work out, I promise. You’re the best at what you do.” I pull away, leaning back in to give him a kiss. It’s been awhile since we had kissed like this, like we were infatuated with each other.

After a bit he pulls away and groans, “I really can’t right now. We’ll celebrate when this deal is done.”

I put a sad look on my face as I stand up and start to leave the room, shaking my ass trying to get J to notice me. I walk into our bedroom as I sprawl myself across the bed, laying there by myself. I strip off the comfy sweats I have on and reach for my phone on the bedside table. I pull up a game and start playing.

I see bright green from the top of my screen and look up. I lock my phone and set it in my lap and look up at the eyes that are roaming my body.

“Nevermind, I guess I have a little time.” he growls at me with the back of his throat and walks to the foot of the bed. He slowly crawls on top of me and straddles my hips. He grabs a hold of my wrists and pins them down to the bed.

“I know you tried to shake your ass at me. Do you want to be in trouble? Bad girls get bad punishments.” He leans down and places a kiss on my collarbone. His teeth quickly sink into where his kiss landed and I scream out in pain. “Do you not like when daddy does that?”

“It’s not pain, more like pleasure,”I say as I bring my head up, grabbing a hold of his bottom lip with my teeth and pulling away slightly.I watch as his eyes slowly roll back letting out a small groan and he grabs a hold of the front of my shirt, quickly ripping it off of me.

“Do you want daddy to fuck you?” J asks as he throws my shirt onto the floor, pinning my arms back above me.

“Yes daddy.” I beg for it as his kisses start moving down my torso. His bright eyes look up at me as he starts to push down my pants, taking them to my ankles.

Someone knocks on the door and I see J’s face get angry, “What is it?”

“Boss, he has contacted us with a meeting place for tonight.” The guard says through the door as J quickly gets up.

“Fuck! I’ll be back,” he kisses me on the forehead as he rushes out the door, slamming it behind him.

Josh Dun x Reader : Convinced With A Kiss

A/N: i am very sorry! i’ve started some new writing projects that could actually maybe get me discovered or published, so i’ve been slacking off the fanfic lately. super sorry! i was extremely disappointed that i wasn’t able to post a new one yesterday. i think it’s my first time not posting something for a day. so here’s this one. thanks for bearing with me, requests open as always, but it might take a little while since i’ve still got some stored up. you’re the best! thank you! i hope you enjoy!

Anonymous said:
An imagine where Josh and the reader are dating as teens and Josh’s mom finds condoms in his room and she sits down to talk with them? And Josh is really awkward and adorable and it ends with fluff?

You spotted him across the hall as you went down the stairs, grinning. He was wearing a red tank top, black skinny jeans, and the new sneakers you had bought for him a couple weeks ago. Sure, you had already seen what he was wearing this morning, but damn, did he look hot. “Hey,” you smiled as you approached Josh’s locker after the bell rang.

“Hey y/n,” he greeted you with a kiss on the cheek. “How’d your day go?”

“Fine,” you responded. “I think I flunked the Biology quiz though.”

“It’s okay, I think I did too,” he chuckled.

“So I was wondering what you had planned tonight…” you hinted.

“I thought we were going to hang out,” he reminded.

“We are,” you nodded. “I just, was wondering if you had anything planned.”

“I don’t know,” he shrugged. “Anything sounds good to me, as long as you’ll be there.”

“What a flirt,” you rolled your eyes.

“Nah,” he laughed. You took off the hat he was wearing and fixed it on your head.

“I think I look better in it,” you joked.

“Whatever,” he smirked as he put on his backpack and stole back his hat. “Let’s go.”

“Your house or mine?” you inquired.

“I don’t know,” he gave you a sly smile. “Your house has the better television and sofa.”

“But your house has the better food and better privacy,” you whimpered.

“Y/n!” Josh exclaimed, but you both burst out laughing.

“Okay, how about this,” you suggested. “We’ll go to my house and watch a couple episodes-”

“Can we cuddle?” he interrupted.

“Yes, we can cuddle,” you giggled. “Anyways, we can go to my house and chill for a little bit, and then maybe go to your house later for dinner and snacks.”

“Can you spend the night?” Josh raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, I think my mom’s working late shift,” you agreed. “Why? What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” he smiled innocently. “Maybe I actually did have something planned later tonight.”

“Joshua!” you cried and you both chuckled again. “Anyways, what do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” he nodded.

You got in his car and he drove to your house. On the ride there, he played some of your favorite Panic! at the Disco songs, and you both sang along. One of his hands were on the steering wheel, the other on your knee, and you had rolled the windows down, letting the music blare as loud as you could. It was a good thing Josh liked loud music like you did. You pulled up into the driveway and he turned down the music and rolled up the windows, giving you a quick kiss on the nose before you walked to the door.

When you got in the living room, you both sat on the couch and you scrolled through Netflix. “What do you want to watch?” you wondered.

“Sex in the City!” he laughed.

“No,” you shook your head and giggled.

“How about Titanic? We can watch the nude scene,” he teased.

“Oh shut up,” you rolled your eyes.

“Okay, okay. How about Stranger Things?” he suggested.

“That sounds more like it,” you decided. You searched for it and clicked on an episode, easing back into the couch, Josh’s arm wrapped around you. There were some instances where you jumped, and he would laugh, giving you a quick kiss, and you would settle down a little bit. It didn’t take long before you gradually rearranged yourself so that you were basically laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around your waist, your fingers tangled in his hair, your head tucked underneath his chin, your legs settled in between each other’s, his stomach pressed against yours. The episode ended and you were both way too comfy at the moment to get up off the couch, so you just sat in silence.

“I love you,” you sighed happily.

“I love you more,” Josh joked.

“Do you now?” you raised an eyebrow, lifting yourself off of him and he sat up, you basically sitting in his lap.

“Yup,” he nodded.

“I don’t think so,” you argued. “I think I love you more.”

“Well how will we ever find out?” he wondered.

“I don’t know,” you smirked. “You tell me.”

“Maybe I will,” he winked. He leaned closer, your faces only but centimeters apart, and he smiled before pressing his lips to yours, kissing you softly, your hands pulling his shirt off and roaming his bare chest, your fingers tracing his muscles, his tongue slipping into your mouth, your bodies so close but not close enough. He pulled away, leaving you both to catch your breath, and stared at you, a thoughtful expression on his face, and then he closed his eyes. You looked at him, confused.

“What’s wrong?” you inquired.

“Nothing, I just…” his voice trailed off.

“Just what?” you asked, placing a hand on his chest gently.

He held your head with both of his hands, leaning forward to kiss your lips gently, and then pulled away. “We’ll finish this later, okay?” he wondered.

“Sure,” you nodded hesitantly. “Is everything okay?”

“I um, I think I forgot to put something away,” he stammered. “Uh, you know last night?”

“How could I forget?” you chuckled.

“Well, I don’t think I put away the box. I got up late and I was in a hurry and I totally forgot and I just-” he ran a hand through his hair and your eyes widened.

“Wait… The box?” you raised your eyebrows. “As in the box of condoms?”

“Yeah,” Josh cringed. “Geez, I don’t think my mom is home yet. We can hurry, see if we beat her.”

“Well why would she even be in your room?” you questioned.

“It’s laundry day,” he groaned. “That means not only will she be in my room, but she’ll be searching through the stuff in my room too, looking for stray socks and t-shirts on the ground.”

“Damn,” you frowned. “Well, let’s get going then.”

“This isn’t good,” he murmured. You crawled off the couch and he picked up his shirt, slipping it back on, and you turned off the television. You both got in his car and this time didn’t blare the music and didn’t sing along, rather, put the playlist on shuffle and let it play quietly. You glanced at Josh, seeing the fear and worry in his eyes as he drove, and you placed a hand on his shoulder, so he took that arm off the steering wheel so you could hold hands. He was nervous, and you sort of were too.

You had left a great impression on their family when you had gone to dinner with them, and having Josh as a boyfriend meant bonding with his family too. Sometimes you’d go to his house and they would take you out to eat or have a barbeque in the backyard, and you’d always be able to hold a conversation with his mom and dad. You were good friends with his mom, and always updated her on how Josh was doing in school, and she was so sweet she even insisted you called her Laura instead of Mrs. Dun. To think that she might discover a box of condoms in Josh’s bedroom, it made you embarrassed. She would probably ask questions or lecture you, or even yell at you. She usually wasn’t one to yell, but you wouldn’t be surprised if she could after today. You felt the tension in the air as Josh drove down the road to his house and pulled into the driveway, only to reveal that his mom’s car was already there.

“Shit,” you cursed. “What do we do?”

“Well maybe she just got home,” Josh tried to stay optimistic, but the shakiness and wavering in his voice proved otherwise. “Maybe she hasn’t gone to my room yet.”

“Come on,” you tried to gather up whatever dignity you still had left. “I’m sure it can’t be that bad.”

“Yeah, but I lie to my parents a lot,” he bit down on his lower lip. “If they find out about this, they might find out about other stuff. I just don’t want you to get hurt, y/n. I don’t want to have to break up with you or have my parents yell at you or think you’re not good enough or you’re a bad influence. I love you, so much, and I don’t want to loose you. You mean so much to me. I can’t imagine living without you. To think that my parents could possibly want to take you away from me, I can’t let that happen. You know?”

“Josh,” you put a hand up to cup his cheek. “I’ll be right here, okay? I’m not going anywhere, no matter who tries to take me away, I will fight forever just to be with you. I promise.” You leaned in and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay,” he took a deep breath. “Let’s hope things go way better than we expected.”

Josh and you walked up to the front door and he opened it up with the key in his pocket, and you both walked in. Laura wasn’t to be found, but as soon as you both entered and shut the door, you heard her voice. “Is that you, Joshua?” she inquired. You and Josh exchanged a look and he closed his eyes tight before replying.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he responded. “I’ve got y/n over, too.”

“Can you both come here for a second?” she wondered. You followed Josh to the kitchen, where she was sitting at the dinner table, the box of Trojan condoms in front of her, her arms folded, and a disappointed look on her face. Josh stared at the scene for two beats too long, and you felt yourself instantly turn red, both of you freezing in place. “Why don’t you both sit down and explain yourselves?”

Josh exchanged a glance with you and then slowly pulled out a chair, ushering you to sit down, and then pulled one out for himself, the two of you sitting across from his mom. “Um…” Josh was at a loss for words, unsure of what to say.

“I’m waiting,” she cleared her throat, arms still crossed, looking at the two of you. You wanted to shrink, hide in a ball, jump off a cliff, something, anything, to just get you and Josh out of that situation. You were completely covered head to toe in embarrassment, all your confidence disappearing as she stared at you, and you instantly felt a sickening feeling in your stomach.

“Well uh, you see, um,” Josh stammered, trying to gain composure. You put a hand on his knee underneath the table, letting him know it was okay, trying to comfort him, and he took a deep breath before starting again. “We’re teenagers.”

“Of course you are,” his mom narrowed her eyes. “I already know that.” He racked his brain to try and think of something else to say, but nothing came to mind.

“We’re teenagers who make mistakes,” Josh added onto his sentence, and she just stared at him blankly.

“And?” she prodded.

“And we’re very sorry,” he also included. “We don’t know what we’re doing, we’re irresponsible, we’re too young, and we’re um, we’re really sorry.”

You kept quiet as Laura glanced at you, thinking it was smarter to stay silent than add anything else and make the situation worse. You already felt miserable, and you didn’t want to feel twice as bad.

“Anything else you’d like too add?” she inquired. “Y/n maybe?”

“Uh,” you glanced at Josh and then at her, tensing up. “I’m sorry, for disappointing you, and for letting you down, and for being a bad influence on Josh.”

“Don’t-” Josh began to instantly argue with you, but he caught himself, realizing that this wasn’t the time or place. You rubbed small circles on his knee, letting him know it was fine, and he bit down on his tongue, instantly wishing he hadn’t said anything at all.

“Did you want to say something else, Joshua?” she asked.

“No,” he shook his head. “I’m good.”

“I thought you were about to say something though,” she insisted. “Care to share you thoughts?”

You looked at him and he looked at you, opening his mouth and then shutting it, rethinking his decision. “I was just um, I was going to say that y/n isn’t a bad influence on me,” he confessed. “Y/n is the best thing that ever happened to me. It wasn’t y/n’s fault, it was mine.”

“So you take the blame for this?” she wondered.

“Yeah,” Josh gulped.

Your heart was racing, unsure of what to do. You felt so out of place, so scared and guilty and absolutely embarrassed. “Well it’s good to know you two use protection,” she gave a light smile. “But I don’t want to see these in my house anymore, understand?”

“Yes ‘mam,” you replied.

“Yes mom,” Josh answered.

“Good,” she unfolded her arms and pushed out her seat. “You two behave from now on, okay? I don’t want to be finding any more strange boxes in my son’s bedroom, understand?”

“Yes,” you both responded quietly.

She walked away, probably to her room, leaving you and Josh at the kitchen table, your fingers still tracing small circles on his knee. As soon as she was out of sight, Josh let out a huge breath, running a hand through his hair and leaning back in his seat. “Whew,” he whispered. “I thought I was dead for a second.”

“Me too,” you admitted.

“You think she’ll ground me?” he turned to face you.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged. “Probably.”

“Eh, my dad would probably talk her out of it,” he nodded his head slowly. “Look, I’m sorry y/n. I didn’t mean for this to happen. I should’ve been smarter.”

“It’s not your fault,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “Don’t ever blame anything on yourself.”

“But it was my fault,” he argued.

“No it wasn’t,” you shook your head.

“Do I need to kiss you again to convince you?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You’re so silly,” you rolled your eyes.

You both chuckled, but when you laughter died down, you both glanced at the box of condoms still on the table. “Uh, you going to take those home?” he wondered.

“Hell no,” you scoffed. “I would get killed.”

“Well where are we going to keep them?” he asked.

“Josh,” you giggled.

“No, really. Like, what are we going to do with those?” he inquired.

“Fuck, don’t ask me,” you laughed.

“Whatever, we’ll figure it out later,” he decided. “For now I believe we have something to finish.”

“Didn’t your mom just tell us to behave?” you reminded.

“What does she know?” he chuckled.

“You’re a bad boy,” you narrowed your eyes. “You’re going to get me in trouble.”

“Will that be a problem?” he questioned.

“No,” you replied. “I love getting in trouble with you.”

“Do you now?” he winked.

“Come on,” you tugged on his arm. “Let’s go to your room.”

“I thought you just told me you didn’t want to,” he whispered.

“Well what if I do now?” you shrugged.

“Let’s go,” he rolled his eyes and scooted out his chair, grabbing the box of condoms and walking you to his room, where you sat on his bed and he locked the door, putting the box in the back of his dresser.

“So are we going to be needing those right now or no?” you winked.

“No,” he instantly answered. “Then I would for sure get grounded.”

“Another time,” you reassured.

“Whatever,” he laughed, sitting on the bed with you and then tackling you into the pillows with a hug, both of you falling back into the mattress, him on top of you, kissing your neck and making you gasp.

“Josh,” you grinned as he snaked his hands underneath your shirt, rubbing your back as his lips traveled to your shoulder.

“Hmm?” he wondered between a kiss.

“Come here,” you told him, lifting his head up and kissing him on the lips passionately, then pulling away to both of you smiling. “Let’s try not to get caught.”

“Why would we get caught?” he smirked. “The door’s locked.”

“Well what if they hear us?” you reminded.

“I’ll keep you quiet,” he whispered in your ear. “I promise.”

“You can’t promise that,” you shook your head and grinned.

“What if I could?” he challenged.

“Nah, I don’t think I could control it,” you murmured with a sly smile.

He leaned in close, and then stifled a laugh, looking into your eyes. “Why do I always have to kiss you to convince you of something?” he laughed.

“Because it’s more fun that way,” you explained, pulling his lips towards yours, the rest of the night still waiting for the two of you. You loved him so much. You didn’t know a single person as amazing as he was. Yeah, Josh was sometimes a little bit of trouble, but he was always worth it. You wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Hey friends, it’s been a while hasn’t it *sweat drops* Sorry about that, life’s just been a roller coaster lately and I had to prioritize some things. I def have some fanfics by others to post links to and gush over and I need to get my butt together to finish up some of mine, so hopefully I’ll get back into the swing of things by the end of this week!

silver-twilight replied to your post “¦.”

I’m sorry to hear that. You have my condolences. *Hugs*

Thank you. -hugs back-

feelingsinwinter replied to your post“¦.” 

Fuck, I’m so sorry Akira, I wish life would give you some slack, it wasn’t so great for you lately. I’m with you, as much as I can, and if you ever need to talk, my door’s open. *hugs tightly* I’m sorry for your loss.

-hugs- Thanks. At least I was somewhat prepared for it (it was last month when I found out that the relative would be passing). Still, the way it happened and timed out was just…wow. I’m still stunned. It will get better though. This isn’t my first time losing family, so I know my coping mechanisms (although, this time around I find that I like to keep a steady stream of white noise going whereas before I didn’t care). I’m more worried about my other family members to be honest.  

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So sorry to hear that. I’m sending all the love your way xo

Thank you, Mys. xoxoxoxo

aylathebunny replied to your post“I’m really sorry to hear that. I think taking a break would be best….”


*tackles and hugs*


For Aomine, it’s common to use some of your roommates’ (personal) stuff.

Submitted by: exavya

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I’m trying to get back on track, make gifts or edit but lately I’ve not been really feeling like to do anything. Don’t forget you can send me your art & I will gladly look at them/post them with source. Thank you.

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