sorry for sketchy line

Some more mer-person Bitty!

I don’t really have a story in mind, and I know this is HEAVILY inspired of the Little Mermaid, but I see this later in the story, after Jack (and crew) saved Bitty from the nets, after they fall in love, etc. This is why Bitty is panicking instead of just singing to him. 

(thanks for the ones who saw this on my stream!)

theotherstarkbastard i know you asked for anders playing with ser pounce and I’ll most likely actually do that later, in the mean time have (some sort of modern au because tshirts are easy to draw) Anders n Pounce sleepy cuddletimes

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draw your otp- real life or fictional thanks (btw great job with the art things)

JOLYNE AND HERMES FOR LIFE………get that anasui shit outta here

also i love bruabba they r so pure….



This is to continue the Senpai and Morinaga as Gems thingy

Bloodstone’s weapon of choise is a scissor (if you read the manga you’ll know why) but I still have to think of Souichi and Morinaga’s.

His personality can be defined as Yanjire (almost Yandere but not murderous), as someone happy and kind who can turn violent at any given moment.

Im sorry for the shitty sketchy lines but I didnt have the time to do the lineart

So, I have been playing with my new drawing tablet today and this is the result. Before, I was using an Intuos Draw. I love the Intuos Draw, but I was hoping to find a tablet that I felt more comfortable drawing with. Well, I asked my mom for the Huion H610PRO. I have to say, this thing is huge, so I have plenty of drawing space. Now, I have only been using it for a couple of hours so I cant give a difinitive review on it, but I will say that I find the pressure sensitivity (it’s most valued feature) is too much for me at the moment but I’m sure I will get used to it. Truly it’s only real problem is that when I try to draw a curve the line gets spiky like a heart monitor. I HATE that. So, I have to keep rotating my canvas when I draw curves, but other than that It’s okay. Sorry for the super sketchy lines. I’m still getting used to this tablet. 


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Hey! do you happen to have any tips on how to draw Rohan's headband? (I swear I can't seem to get it right)


so I like to start as if I’m just drawing a flat normal band around the head, obvs follow the curvature of the head, and then add zig-zag lines (sorry these are sketchy)

when I first started drawing rohan’s headband i kept messing up. but I noticed it’s very important to keep the zig-zag lines big, and the middle space in between the shapes big. Big and dramatic, like his ego.

I hope this helps!!


Day 6: Friends / Lovers

Aoba: Okay, so the suggestions for the name of the band are …

Aoba: “Noiz and the Bunnettes”, “I dont want to be a part of your fucking band”, “JELLYFISH”, “Koujaku and the nerds”, and “I love aoba”… you guys suck at this….

They decided on calling the band the d-club. Also songs I want them to sing {X} {X}

Some jikook fanart I just finished based on this beautiful post. Jimin got his front hug, and Jungkook is calling his girlfriend boyfriend by his favorite pet name. Also I bet Jimin smells like heaven so Jungkook with his “scent fetish” is probably enjoying that too. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

My first time drawing them, it was fun! >:D And sorry about the sketchiness, I am incapable of creating a clean line.

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Hi!!! Could you draw some more pietro? :3


so i realized all too late i did the line art on the same layer as the sketch >:^U sorry for the inconvenient sketchy lines ahhhh