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麗日お茶子 °˖ ✧

Happy belated birthday mom-in-law, Maria! @theladystrikesagain (。’▽’。)♡ 


Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.


SMROOKIES; an otome game 

After three years of hard work, sleepless nights and routine breakdowns, you’ve finally been accepted into a digital media program. It seems like you’re finally closer to achieving your dream, it’s probably going to be smooth sailing from here on, right? Wrong! Upon arriving to school for first day orientation, it was suddenly revealed that your school program went through a sudden revision and now you’ll be working with the students from SM Academy of Stars in a joint program to complete assignments, pass classes and prove yourself an able producer. But no worries! The top students of SM are ambitious, hard-working and handsome, your future projects with them will be a success for sure, but how will you be able to convince them to partner with you for assignments instead of your rival classmates?  

Continuously improve your skills, balance your social and love life as well as complete assignments on time for the next 4 years to ensure that your future is bright!  Keep your chin up, you’re one step closer to becoming an award-winning producer you’ve always dreamed to be…that is, if you graduate.  


CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?

1K!!!!??? i really can’t believe that so many people follow me mainly because i’ve had this blog for only two months now? and mainly because i’m….a loser…..but u know what no matter my disbelief i’m incredibly happy and grateful that so many of u clicked on my blog and were like ‘ah yeah they seem cool’ like??? what??? i made this blog because i didn’t wanna spam my main blog with mx and i’m realy glad i did because i met so many lovely & amazing people on here and just…thanks mx for bringing this fandom together!! real sappy hours anyways this is pretty much a ‘i love my mutuals’ appreciation post so 💖💖

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So I’ve been here little over a month now and honestly you’ve all made me feel so at home in this fandom again, I’m not sure why I ever decided to leave but either way I’m glad I came back. Everyone is so creative, so passionate about their muses and thus far every interaction I’ve had has been an absolute joy!! 

Now, here are all the people I think are really neat! It doesn’t matter whether we’ve interacted before nor whether you’re a new follower, this is just a list of all the lovelies who catch my interest! Sorry if I forget anyone, I really tried not to but I am only human!

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