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CS AU: The knights of Misthaven finally catch the infamous Captain Hook and bring him to your majesties, Queen Snow and King David and her royal highness, Princess Emma, so he can pay for his crimes. But what if he’d met the young princess before? What if they fell in love?


Heeey Guys!♥ 

So, this year is almost over!;-; and I decided to make this follow forever to thank all of you for making my dashboard beautiful everyday and make my day better with some of your messages♥ i love u all! and i really hope that next year will be an amazing year for all of u! and thank u too for almost 4k followers! i cant believe theres no many people that actually likes my shitty blog;-; ♥

I know i havent been as active as i were before, but ive been busy with some stuff so im gonna try really hard to keep posting graphics and colourings soon!

But anyways, i wish u all a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope u get a lot of gifts and happiness these days cause u guys deserve it all♥

Oh and also, im sorry i didnt add all of you but its imposible;-; i follow more than 800 blogs, but this message is for everyone even if u are not in the list keep in mind i love u♥ and sorry for my english and the ugly graphic too;-; i tried my best:c 

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Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself


Supernatural: 10 Seasons in Graphics
An updated version of my old infographics based on seasons 1-8. Click to enlarge.

(for @buckcompton and @billhoosier)

in our bedroom after the war stars // summer day coconut records // i wanna get better bleachers // electric love børns // we found each other in the dark city and colour // la vie en rose edith piaf // i will follow you into the dark death cab for cutie // stand by me florence + the machine (cover) // hope for the hopeless a fine frenzy // melt jones // in the light the lumineers // lovers eyes mumford and sons // starving hailee steinfeld, grey, zedd // you and i ingrid michaelson // first day of my life bright eyes // mess is mine vance joy 


A Shared Life (The Malec Drabble Alphabet)  (AO3 I TUMBLR)

Getting together hadn’t been easy. But now that everything was out in the open, it should be better right? Right? Well, yes and no, apparently. It seems that staying in a relationship is just as hard… but also ten times more enjoyable, as both Alec and Magnus are finding out. It isn’t perfect or easy, but nothing worth keeping is.

Varying moments in Magnus and Alec’s relationship… or snapshots of their lives together from A to Z.

Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Status: Complete

Tumblr Posts

A - Alexander

B - Bow

C - Cocktails

D - Demons

E - Envoy

F - Feline

G - Glitter

H - Height

I - Izzy

J - Jealous

K - Keepsake

L - Lightwood

M - Magnus

N - Never

O - Opulent

P - Parabatai

Q - Quips

R - Ring

S - Shadowhunter

T - Time

U - Utopia

V - Varnish

W - Warlock

X - XO

Y - Yours

Z - Zenith