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FFXV Week Day 7: Staff Appreciation & Chocobros

Our last hurrah before we lose ourselves in the world of Eos….. The values and themes in FFXV is something that everyone can relate to and we think that makes this game stand out from the rest. Thanks to the tireless work of the staff over 10 long years, we have gained stronger bonds over our excitement for a game that reflects our own struggles, happy memories, and passions as a group of longtime friends.

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i changed urls again (noxs >> izunias) bc i’m in ffxv hell, i’m just about at my next milestone, and 2016 is just about over, so… time for another follow forever! i’ve jumped around from fandom to fandom this year and changed urls far too many times, but a heap of you have stuck with me throughout all of that, and i’ve met some of you through it as well! so thanks for putting up with my mess of a blog lmao ♥ 

people below are friends and faves, basically. you’re all fab. happy new year in advance!

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