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There is no shelter from the storm.

Team Instinct is prepared for combat!

This will be a print along with Mystic and Valor as part of the set at Animaga 2016 held this weekend!!


Karlie Kloss being sunshiney in the kitchen. (X)

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Have some Gravebone to Brighten up your day <3

OK LIKE IT’S 1AM SO ILL WRITE U SOMETHING NEW IN LIKE *looks at wrist where their is no watch* 6ISH HOURS LMAO. Have these older ones you MIGHT not have seen before. If you have, sorry. =( Kinda repost.

-Percy has a thong kink.

-Credence has insomnia from a scarring childhood and Percy stays up with him until he falls asleep, swapping sad and funny stories.

-Credence has developed a phobia to belts, so Percy refuses to wear belts when he’s with Credence, and thus just doesn’t wear pants at his apartment with Credence.

-Percy picks up an abandoned tortoise that someone left Abandoned in a box on the streets. The animal and Credence fall in love with each other and he walks it on a leash through Cental Park with Graves.

- Since the 1920s were hostile to homosexual relationships and persons, and Percival wanted to give Credence something with the sentiment of a wedding band or ring, he buys a watch. It’s a silver encased wristwatch (emerald encrusted on the watch face) with a leather band and an inscription on the back reading “I will never leave you in the shadows, Credence -Percival ” Credence wears it literally everywhere.

-New Year’s Eve is something Percy traditionally spends alone, but in the shift from 1926 to 1927 he wants (needs) to show Credence the life he deserves. So instead of drinking until midnight and passing out in the couch, Percy takes Credence out to a lavish, elegant dinner and party in which Percy gets tipsy enough to toss off the suit jacket he was wearing and drag Credence to the dance floor from 11pm to 1am. At the stroke of midnight, when the space explodes with excitement, Percy draws Credence in and kisses him passionately while the crowd is preoccupied with their own intoxication and joy. Quite literally, Credence is swept off his feet and can barely believe in this reality. It’s the best New Year’s he has for a while. (Percy tried to bed him once they got back to the apartment, but Graves couldn’t stop giggling whenever Credence kissed him. So they just laid atop one another on the couch, drifting off easily.)

- Credence has to spend a lot of time at home (Percy’s apartment) after the NY 1926 incident and starts to teach himself how to sketch, because he’s just, curious. At first he just doodles little things Around the place like furniture and skyscapes, but then he starts to sketch Percival cause, you draw what you got on the brain. Soon, he’s basically gotta notebook full of pretty damn good sketches of Percy that he keeps in his room. Then, when Percy inevitably snoops around Credence’s room, he still can’t get over the fact that he’s living with Credence and adores him silently, he finds the book. He doesn’t say anything but starts subtlety posing as he imagines a figure in an art class would (“Paint me like one of your French girls” basically). Credence turns bloody beet red every time he does and it and eventually works up the courage to ask why the hell Graves was lying on the couch in his boxers in a “weird” pose. Graves just smolders back and says “To inspire your artistic mind.” They both lose it and look away, neck, face, and chest red. Eventually they get over it and Credence openly sketches Percy whenever he likes. Percy tries to return the favor but he can’t draw for crap. To make up for his inept skill, he poses whichever way Credence asks of. (His favorite, though he won’t admit it, is laying spread legged upon his bed.)

MY FAVE ( one of like 4 faves lol )AND LAST FOR THIS POST

- After taking Credence in, after the disaster that wrecked both their lives forever, Percy had found himself becoming inexplicably enamored with the young man, spending his leave with Credence whenever he could, working little and doing so under the guise of traumatic experience (Though to say it was a guise was only partly true. Percy still bore the scars upon his joints, his limbs, his chest, back, and neck, that stained his roughed skin a dull, pinkish brown, marks that worried Credence more than Percy) . During one of their long, drabbling conversations, Credence had let slip that he could not properly read much anything but the Bible, his education sustaining of the harmful messages from Mary Lou. The way the boy turned red, the shame visible in his dark eyes and body language, made Percival’s stomach churn painfully, his mouth go dry, and his eyes look away as to give the boy a moment to mourn the losses of his youth. The next day, Percival woke Credence earlier than usual and dressed him nicely, feeding the boy a hearty breakfast and adjusting his clothing like a bird preening its mate’s feathers to perfection. “It’s a surprise…” Percival would say in response to Credence’s gentle questions, accompanied by a friendly squeeze of Credence’s shoulder. Percy presented the boy in front of New York Public Library, an arm around the young man that cautiously urged him forwards. “One way or another you’ll learn to read, and how to properly enjoy a novel.” Percival dragged Credence inside and gathered a vast pile of books, varying in genre, but all masterpieces in Graves’ eyes. As a donor to the library, the staff care little of what Percy does, as long as no damage is done to any property, and neither would dream of doing so. Day after day, Percy and Credence return to a corner of the vast library, working on novels quietly, often leaning over the boy’s shoulder and dragging pale digits over the smooth words. At times, they’d find themselves sitting in the corner, Graves and Credence leaning against one another as one of them read aloud in a soft, clear tone. In a matter of weeks, they’d gone through numerous titles, and found themselves looking more at each other, than the books.

I know I am not the best at drawing but I wanted to contribute to the reylo community and decided that this was the best way to do that. So here is some art for my fellow shippers (◕ᴗ◕✿)


Dan & Phil: New York 2013

a post about reposters

So recently and not for the first time i’ve had gifs of mine reposted- and i know that’s never gonna stop, but what i want to talk about right now is the behavior of reposters when they get called out or creators ask them to remove their stolen posts. Every single reposter i have talked to has gotten (to some degree) defensive about their actions and this is what i usually hear:

  • I had a friend send it to me and i don’t know where they found them
  • I found them on google
  • There wasn’t a watermark so i couldn’t credit
  • There’s already a watermark so i don’t need to credit (amazing)
  • I’ve made gifs/edits/ect before and im not bothered when others repost mine so you shouldn’t be either
  • Well it’s not like they’re really yours either you didn’t take the picture/record the video

All of these excuses, yes that’s what you’re doing when you say these things, are poor. Firstly, a good rule of thumb for anyone with common sense is if you don’t know where it came from or it’s not yours don’t post it-and certainly don’t tag it to try and get lots of notes as if you spent so much time putting your post together?? Also just because someone reposted something of yours and it didn’t bother you does not mean other people aren’t going to get upset when they see something of theirs they worked hard on get notes and praise without any acknowledgment it was their work in the first place. Lastly, “It’s not really yours either, you didn’t film the video/take the picture you don’t have a copywrite on it,” excuse me but it most certainly is the editors original work and the big difference between editors and reposters is that editors will usually always link back to where they found the original video/picture they aren’t claiming that’s theirs, they are however claiming that they took they time to edit the content and make it their own which completely entitles them to call it their original work


Usually when someone comes to tell you you have reposted something of theirs they are calm and are just asking you to remove it, few will come and just start attacking you, it’s usually only once you have made an excuse (see list above) that people will start getting angry and preachy. Yeah, sometimes people will been angry when they see stuff of theirs reposted right away-especially when it’s whole gifsets, the whole idk where it’s from/i found them on google excuse is incredibly weak here (just so you know)-but can you really blame them, especially when it happens to some of these people all the time?


Apologize. DON’T MAKE AN EXCUSE. Don’t try and halfway justify yourself and say it just came from google or whatever. Apologize and delete the post like the person has requested. If you really did want those gifs/edits/ect on your blog the great thing is you now know where the original content came from and you can ask the person where you can find the original post so you can reblog it now. The sad/funny thing about reposters is that they never ask this. They don’t care about supporting creators/editors they just want the pretty gifs/edits/ect on their blog with their own notes. Just to prove how heartless some of these people are i actually had someone message me telling me they accidentally flagged one of my gifsets and then three days later they reposted it with the same caption and underneath the classic (credit to owner) on the post as if they didn’t already know where it came from. 

So yeah, reposters i know you’re never going away, but for the love of god stop arguing and trying to justify yourself when someone tells you you have reposted their stuff. It’s annoying and you’re never in the right, so stop.