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There is no shelter from the storm.

Team Instinct is prepared for combat!

This will be a print along with Mystic and Valor as part of the set at Animaga 2016 held this weekend!!

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OP: 就命名为“抓娃娃机里的热闹”吧 ……

Translation: I think I’ll name this “The Boisterous Claw Machine”…

Here’s my Explorer Club design for tees! Horror Club, Lars, and yes even Ronaldo fans - I know you’re out there! This one’s dedicated to you! \o/

Please check it out and give it some stars! As always crit is appreciated. :) The link is below!


Karlie Kloss being sunshiney in the kitchen. (X)

bonus gifs ;)

I know I am not the best at drawing but I wanted to contribute to the reylo community and decided that this was the best way to do that. So here is some art for my fellow shippers (◕ᴗ◕✿)