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Dudes you can ship what you want but you can’t deny that JD and Veronica’s relationship was in no way healthy, Our Love Is God is not a romantic song like at all and I am personally gonna blow up the school of the next person who says they need a boy like JD so maybe they’ll finally understand that he ain’t a good boyfriend!!!!!!!

Honest thoughts:

A bit sad about the tumblr video. I mean yeah I’m glad he acknowledged us and all but like why did it only have to be the weird shit? Why couldn’t he have like scrolled through his own hashtag or the sidemen one where there isn’t only ’’’’’’’’cringy fangirl’’’’’’’’  stuff on there. Why couldn’t he have reacted to like amazing edits/gifs/fanart etc. too, because right now most of his fans think tumblr is so cringe & weird and it’s giving us, the fans who dedicate most of their time to post here and want to appreciate how important they are to us a really bad reputation.

I’m really curious why some Great Comet fans feel the need to constantly bash on Dear Evan Hansen. Like, we get it, you think Great Comet is a better show. And everyone’s entitled to their opinion. However, that doesn’t mean everybody automatically HAS to agree with you, and it doesn’t give you the right to be so cruel about a show that’s helping so many people, and changing so many lives.

I’m in no way insinuating that all Great Comet fans do this. I know that there are plenty of very mature members of the GC fandom who don’t feel the need to put down other shows just to praise their favorite. But I’ve just seen so many people lately coming up with reasons why Dear Evan Hansen is bad, or “inferior” to Great Comet, and it seems like it’s always being posted by some Great Comet fan looking to prop up their favorite show by tearing another one down.

And this obviously goes for DEH fans who hate on Great Comet too. So far, I haven’t seen many DEH fans actually do that (the vast majority of the DEH fans that I’ve talked with are usually mature enough to enjoy both shows?? I know that sounds like a revolutionary concept to some people) but I’m sure there are some out there who are doing the same thing, and hating on Great Comet just because they prefer DEH. And that’s just wrong as well. Everyone’s allowed to have a favorite show, but there is absolutely no reason to let your love for that show make you hate on something that a lot of other people enjoy.

Because, at the end of the day, what does making hate posts about one show or the other really do for you? Does it increase your favorite show’s chances of winning a Tony? Nope. Does it make fans of the musical you’re hating on open to listening to your favorite musical? Nope. The only thing it does is upset people, and perpetrate unnecessary fighting between two fandoms that should be peacefully coexisting, and supporting each other. So instead of continuing to pit these two shows against each other in some stupid fan war, how about we knock off this childish behavior and start promoting them for what they truly are: two high quality musicals that deserve praise and respect for spreading such positive messages, and for bringing happiness to so many people.

White feminists need to understand that yes, you are a woman and life isn’t fair for any of us. You do have to face some cruel things… but you don’t have to face them like ALL women. What a white woman has to deal with often pales in comparison to the strife that a poc woman has to deal with simply for being born a woman of whatever color she may be. You won’t have to deal with the added stigma, discrimination, hyper sexualization, sometimes desexualization, higher poverty rates, higher chance of a lower education, lower pay, and everything else a woman of color would ever have to deal with. So to all you white women, who are learning to love yourself and stand up for yourselves- stand up for other women.

Women’s issues are not universal to all women.

If you want to be a true feminist, recognize that things like racism intersect with sexism, and help other women of color. Because sometimes things are hard for a white woman, but they could be 10 times harder for a black, latinx, Asian, middle eastern, Native, or any other non white woman. So while I encourage you to educate yourself with gender studies and feminism, keep cultural and diversity issues in your heart. Because women can’t be equal till all women are treated with the same liberation and respect.

i’ve been seeing some nasty comments on lea’s instagram lately and i feel sick. how can people in the same fandom as me straight up bully a 17 year old girl that just happens to be in a relationship with an actor in a popular show. she seems so sweet and pure and i can’t believe that people saying that they “love” henrik says such nasty things to her. if you don’t like her just don’t follow her and let this, without exaggeration, KID be. i hope that those of us in the fandom who actually can behave like normal people makes sure to put these horrible people in place


We didn’t made a place in our musical play tho . -. Oh whatev, at least I had my marathon around our school gym for the setup x”D I can finally reply to some ask and tags ;;-;; Sorry for my absences, I had a full week sickness. Unstoppable headaches, rough cough and it affects my headache, and a bad cold. Sometimes mild fever = 7 = BUT IT’S DONE! STRESS SHOO SHOO!   

I love mass effect, and I’m enjoying the amount of bisexual characters in the game but I can’t help but question the reasoning behind it. I don’t think they were created because Bioware was trying to represent actual bisexual characters, I think they’re bisexual because it caters to the straight players. Reyes does not strike me as bisexual, and neither does Vetra. Vetra’s romance is better suited to female Ryder and I think Reyes romance is better suited to Male Ryder. The only reason Bioware didn’t make them gay was because of the heterosexuals ™ playing the game who would of gotten butthurt.

Ok so I haven’t read the newer jughead comics (I really want to!) but I have to address this. Jughead is ARO ace. As in he’s aromatic and asexual. Not only was he confirmed as asexual, he has always made his stance on romance very clear. He hates romance, he doesn’t want to be a part of it. He’s very clearly aromatic asexual. The reason I say this, is because I’ve been seeing a lot of anti ace posts lately… I’ve been hanging around in the jughead tag lately (cuz they sock me right in the feels) and I keep seeing posts that are like “ugh no offense, jughead is gay” “screw aromatic, het aces are gross” “why have a lame cishet jughead when you could have gay jughead”. STOP.

Asexuality can be complicated to explain. You can be ace and still be in a gay or get relationship. You can be ace and be bi or pan romantic. You can be aro ace. But no matter what, asexuals are asexuals. And if someone is asexual and in a het relationship or none at all, that doesn’t make them any less asexual/LGBT+. It’s the same thing you do to bisexuals,you don’t get to decide when that person is or is not their identity. No matter what relationship an asexual person is in- asexuality is valid regardless of the gender of their partner.

In this case, jughead jones is aro ace (as far as I can tell, the romantic part could be up for interpretation but I legitimately believe he’s aro as I can understand his language regarding romantic relationships) He’s not boring or gross for not being in a gay relationship. He’s not a liar and an oppressor for being aro ace- and neither are the real aro ace people who have to hear this in a ace character tag that they went on to see representation. Things like that are gross.

Stop going into ace character tags and saying ‘no this character is gay, and saying he’s anything but is gross and homophobic’ because you know that not true. Leave asexuals alone. Especially when a lot of asexuals didn’t even learn about themselves till going on this freaking website only to have the people that they thought would be accepting do this constantly.

On the subject of Asshole Anons.

// Asshole Anons, I will freaking fight you. Leave people alone.

What sort of sick kick do you get from flooding people’s inboxes with negativity? Go and take that somewhere else, preferably in a diary or a private vent or something else other than picking on random tumblr users.

Please, just knock it off. Nobody needs that stuff here.

Also, by Asshole Anons I means the ones putting hate in other people’s inboxes, not the rest of the anon people. Those ones are fine. Just clearing that up.

Can we all agree that just because one person handles trauma (seemingly) ‘better’ that another, it doesnt mean that the other persons reactions to THEIR trauma isn’t valid? I have NO problem with people not liking the same characters that i do, thats not an issue at all. These are only characters from a book, but i’m honestly surprised by how some people rip them apart for their flaws and mistakes. Real people are flawed as well, and it scares me to read some of the posts on here about characters, because what we say matters.. Even if it’s just on a blog on the internet. We could all do better to have some understanding for flawed characters and their motives. That doesnt mean that you have to like them. In modern society we have so much better understanding of the development human behavior and psyche, but it seems sometimes some people find it easier to villify certain characters instead of looking at the fact that they are a person who have had things happen to them through their life, and made choices who make them who they are today?

Sorry for the long post, i honestly just needed to get it out of my system. I love this fandom so much, and tbh it doesn’t feel very good to be in it right now because of all the anger and namecalling. Please take good care of yourselves, everyone <3

Trying to fit into the art hoe mold is p much impossible for most people who aren’t privileged white girls. The cameras, mac computers, fashion, succulents, backpacks, art supplies, car trips all over, etc. add up fast. I love art and artists with every fiber of my being, but coming from a family of black immigrants with 3 other siblings, I just can’t afford it. It sucks how sometimes I feel like my dedication to art can only be measured by how many stuff i can buy to fit in to the art hoe mold. Not to mention how hard it is to find other poc in a movement that was initially made for poc. Like I have no problem with non poc “art hoes” and art blogs, and the creator of the term is ok with it, but I feel like what started off as a cool movement has been altered so that poc are once again the minority, even in a movement that was made primarily for them. So I’m trying to remove myself from the term. I don’t mean to offend anyone with what I’m saying and if my terminology comes off as offensive please let me know!!

Every time I have a good day my family is trying to be supportive and stuff. Yet the second I have a bad day where I show my signs of pain they make me feel so isolated and invalidated, telling me that’s it’s part of life and shit. Having regular panic attacks where you’re crying and freaking out isn’t normal. There’s obviously something wrong and you telling me that’s not a panic attack doesn’t help me get better at all. How does one nicely tell their family to just stop trying to play doctor and let my actual doctors do their jobs. They’re telling me that I don’t have major depressive disorder and everyone has anxiety, even though I’ve been diagnosed by my doctor and am currently getting treatment. They are zero help right now in me getting any better. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but goddamn stop trying to play doctor for me. Stop trying to tell me I don’t have health problems when clearly I do if I’m on 4 different pills daily to function.

i’m tired of seeing people using the excuse “well we already knew they were gonna kiss what’s the problem???!????” as a justification for the spoilers. that’s not the point you spork. the point is the idea of the comic leading us to that beautiful tender moment that some of us have been waiting almost three years for. we knew it was gonna happen but we wanted the honest reaction for ourselves. not to be spoiled on a friday afternoon three months before it was actually supposed to be released with absolutely no warning. it’s just not fair. a lot of people feel robbed of a genuine wonderful happy moment. it’s not fair you know.

as a man who believes that zayn and liam are in a real actual long term relationship, i can’t imagine what they’re going through and how they’re dealing with it. even though i was closeted for 10 years, i still can’t imagine how they’re dealing with this. i mean i didn’t have a fake girlfriend/wife, i didn’t have a fake kid. neither did my late bf. and we still struggled. we lived in hell just bc we were hiding our relationship. it was too much my bf turned to drugs to make things feel better. it didn’t. he lost his job. our relationship became so intense and difficult. and one day i found him dead in our bed. and this is how i came out. but at what cost!
being closeted is the worst thing ever. even when you come out, what happened will never totally go away. you’ll always feel weird when people see you with your spouse. i just can’t describe it. it’s just not cool. esp if you’re a poc bc … of things! (i don’t want to talk about this in particular rn tbh.) but anyway, i really feel so bad for zayn and liam. it hurts seeing zayn upset or down. or liam talking about his “wife” and “kid”! i just really hope they both come out of this shit stronger than ever. 🙏🏽

ro fic update #1

okay so a small update regarding all of the fics in the works cuz I’m sure you’re all DYING to know (not rly) but uh for some stupid fucking reason I decided it was a good idea to start writing four fics at the same time lmao what a champ

I should really come up with titles but uh, in regards to the H2OVanoss and the Brohm I posted, they both have a little more written for them, but not enough for me to consider posting anything yet. Have patience! It takes me five forevers to write anything but I don’t plan on abandoning anything, it just might take me awhile because uh I’m slow and WELL.

As some of you may know, I have short term memory loss that I developed a few months back and so I have issues retaining and coming up with ideas. I used to be a BIG writer (not in this fandom, but) so I’ve been trying to get back into it but it is difficult and frustrating af sometimes so please bear with me. Also, please tell me if my characterization is off or if I could improve it in any way. I wasn’t watching Vanoss & friends too terribly long before I developed the short term memory loss, so UNDERSTANDABLY I sometimes have issues with the intricacies of certain people’s personalities, particularly ones I don’t watch that often like Marcel, Nogla, Lui, Tyler, Craig, etc. I’m mainly into Dream Team if I’m being honest but ANYWAY

As for the OhmToonz, it’s still sitting pretty at nearly 3k and there is (kinda?) an end in sight and I have the stirrings of an idea for a small smutty sequel so buckle up for that kids (I know at least one of you made a comment about ending it with smut so here’s your answer). When all is said and done I think it’ll end up in the realm of 10k words for the both of them but lol don’t take my word for that it’ll probably be double that.

Now I don’t want to get y’all TOO excited (assuming you even ship ohmtoonz) but I’m writing smut for them based off the prompt I wrote “Ohm told me he loves showers so I invited him over to fuck him in my new really neat one” and it’s already 1.7k so um I’m sorry in advance

And ALSO I have a plan for a smutty H2OVanoss slow build friends with benefits type thing LOL but I’m not starting it yet cuz I have too many fucking irons in the fire as is and I at least want to finish two of these before I start another

but yeah here’s an update on what all is going on in the terrifying world of ro’s fics – feel free to leave me comments or asks at any point with head canons or prompts or like just if you wanna talk or scream incoherently at me i’m here kids. I’ll probably be doing these periodically just to keep y’all on the up and up so you know what the dealio is I OWE THAT MUCH

anyway I hope y’all have a lovely rest of the day wherever you are ^^ <3 TOODLES~

I feel detached and tired and unbelievably lonely. I never admit to being lonely but god I am. Being with people makes me so lonely; not because I dislike them but because I cannot for the life of me form any sort of firm relationship or communication with them. I can’t carry a normal conversation. I have a firm believe that everyone hates me or dislikes me by default. I feel that people are constantly trying to mock me or disrespect me and that I have to always be on guard and god it is exhausting..

For the person who just said I'm too old to like Disney

I didn’t realize Disney had a age limit or some kinda of cut of date when you lost stop liking “Kids Stuff*. I’ve liked Disney since I was in the womb and I’ve always been a Disney fan. I go watch all the reboots and I buy merch, okay? This old ass woman is gonna see me reblog Disney things as has the balls to tell me, "Aren’t you a little old for that dear?” Like who the HELL are you?!? I don’t even know you?? What the Fuck?!? Disney doesn’t have a cut of year of loving it. Nothing does. Keep hugging your stuffed animals and watching power rangers!

most of you probably won’t care, but

can we talk about kim seokjin? he’s the most underrated member of bts and it makes me sad to see when other members are far more popular than him. i know so many other people have done almost this exact same post before but it clearly isn’t working because he’s still ignored :( (also if you’re going to complain about ANOTHER kim seokjin post then get the fuck out pls thank you) 

a lot of people say that jin is “just the visual”, that he’s only in bangtan for his looks, that the only reason he got in was because of this looks. they point at the fact that he was casted off the street solely for his looks, that he gets the fewest lines and it’s always the easiest ones, that he can’t dance for his life.


remember that jin came to bighit with absolutely no singing/dancing/music experience (and all the other members had some) and look where he is now. have you heard his cover of Ra.D’s mother? it’s fucking amazing i cried and i will fight you if you don’t agree with me. and have you seen that hard ass choreo bangtan performs that mama just fucking looked over because bts is too qualitfied? maybe he is the worst dancer in bangtan, but he also tries so hard to keep up with this amazingly hard choreo and he pulls. it. off. look at how hard he’s working: his singing and dancing has improved miles since debut, he tries hard to be funny in variety shows/bts vids, he always sings live in performances, and he never complains about any of it. and you just recognize his looks?

not to mention the fact that he knows he’s so handsome - and says it all the time. you find it annoying? i think it’s important: he’s self-confident, and he shows it. kpop idols are just that: idols. fans look at them and idolize them, and setting this self-confident example for us is great and so much better than idols that say “oh, i’m not that handsome…” because he’s teaching us to embrace our looks just like him! and it’s just so important that us young people, especially in this society, learn this.

same goes with eatjin - in this world of stick skinny kpop idols that do one meal a day diets and are ALL underweight, jin has a video series of him just eating food? how great is that? and it’s not just him taking a small bite of food, it’s him wolfing down like 2 servings of food and making it seem okay to eat more than a lettuce leaf for lunch

and not to mention that without him, bangtan probably wouldn’t be around like do u think the other 6 members can manage their silly asses without jin? he’s such an important part of the group, and without him it wouldn’t be the same. can you see bangtan without him? stop ignoring him and what he does. please. it annoys me to see other members talked about and idolized and seokjin never mentioned. it annoys me to see people commenting on eatjin videos asking for other members? it’s his fucking broadcast, pleasepleaseplease don’t ask for other members: it makes him feel bad for not being as loved as the others. and the prologue? HE WAS THE FUCKING MAIN CHARACTER ESSENTIALLY AND I SEE PEOPLE IGNORING HIM. WHY? HOW? his birthday is DECEMBER 4TH and i see like 4-5 people making countdown posts? i swear i saw at least 30 a day for jimin, and tae already has projects going strong even though his isn’t until the end of december. 

tl;dr: stop ignoring seokjin. he’s hardworking and important and a great role model and needs to be recognized. his birthday is december 4th. make him feel loved. participate in jinpreciation week at least. also watch his cover of mother because it’s fucking amazing okay bye.