sorry for ranting in tags i think about this a lot

I’ve been thinking about how toxic fandom can be.

I could write a dissertation on the various ways fan culture breeds the worst of the worst, but this particular rant is about the race thing. Because Tumblr culture thinks it’s so progressive and above other places like Twitter and Reddit and, idk, Yahoo comment sections when it comes to race. But actually it’s not any better. It just covers the bigotry up with flowery words and feminism!!! (yeah I’m still mad at how much this site can shit on female characters while praising white peen, all the while claiming they want better for women)

This has been on my mind for awhile, even more since I’ve totally fallen in love with The Flash and watched the fallout that happened the second that Candice Patton was cast to play Iris West.

And I started to really wonder why folks went off the rails. Why people latched on to Caitlin like a life line and insisted that she should be Barry’s love interest, even before the show aired. And once it did, posts in the Iris tag ran the gauntlet of excuses of why she wasn’t a well written character to how she should either be killed off or reduced to something other than a main.

The writers of the show have pretty much made her perfect. Happy, loved, a great friend. Pretty much always has a smile on her face. College student, working part-time to cover expenses at a coffee shop. Loves her some Barry. Loves her some Joe. Even loves her some Eddie once she realizes that her whole world wasn’t just her bff, school and her dad. Even still, she starts a freaking fanblog about that super fast dude that goes around saving people because she knows Barry and wants to help him find the truth/closure about his mom’s death. She literally hasn’t done anything to anyone to be dragged across the coals the way she has been. In fact, everyone else has been doing a disservice to her by being big fat liars about things that she should really know about. Which, somehow, people turned this into being her flaw.

(If you can’t tell, I’m a stan for Iris. I will defend her to the death. Carefree blk girl that has so many people in her corner. This is SO FUCKING RARE! I have NEVER seen this before on tv)

Then that wonder turned into an ‘oh yeah, fandom is racist as hell but they don’t want to admit it.’

Because I’ve seen various versions of CW’s Iris West in other shows, with almost the same personality and charisma and having everyone be in love with her cause she’s just so awesome… and fandom tripped over themselves to stan the hell out of them.

But all those characters where white.

And this is the problem. The second a characters can no longer jokingly be called snowbunny, too much of fandom can no longer relate to them.

That’s when those tired ass tropes come out:

  • The bad actress thing
  • The no chemistry thing
  • The she’s better off without a love interest thing
  • which feeds into The Independent, don’t need a man thing
  • The she’s too aggressive thing
  • The she’s too passive thing
  • The they’re like brother and sister, so it’s incest thing
  • The she’s an action girl, therefore why are you trying to bring in a usually white male love interest to ruin it (even though that male character will have more fans than the said female character)
  • The but she’s also a damsel in distress, why can’t she just save herself and carry that load and just be a general mule that cries I Don’t Need a Hero Baby and if you help me in any way it’s just gonna invalidate my Strong Independence thing
  • The she’s too perfect thing (a.k.a the Mary Sue Syndrome)
  • The she’s not perfect enough (a.k.a. the I don’t understand that characters can be flawed and I can still love them when they identify as a woman… But hey, let me flood your dashboard with Loki and Sherlock and Bucky Barnes, and Sam and freaking Dean Winchester b/c tragic male characters are just the fucking best or something… idk, I seriously don’t care anymore)
  • The why can’t we have more strong male/female FRIENDSHIPSaremagic!!!!!11!, they don’t have to become romantic thing
  • The I just don’t like her thing, even though I can’t articulate why I actually don’t like her. And if pressed for it an explanation, I’ll just throw out the most superficial reasons why she’s just the worst thing ever to hide my internalized misogyny and racism while tagging that shit but please don’t call me out on it because then you’re just being a bully and I was only stating my opinion even though nobody fucking asked for it and gosh can’t I just live? First Amendment!!!! I’ve sent myself gotten anon death threats okay, this is why we can’t have nice things
  • The she didn’t look like that in the original source material thing. Why is everything become so PC? Those black/brown people are really getting out of hand with their want for representation. Why can’t they relate to a character if they don’t actually look like them? It shouldn’t be that hard. Who care’s if they didn’t cast Katnis or Khan or The Exodus right? They’re just characters. And their race shouldn’t play into how much you identify with them. But holly shit, Idris played a Viking god??!? Annie isn’t a pale, freckled faced red head. That’s just taking things too damn far. Let me shove the importance of European beauty standards down your throat some more, because obviously there aren’t enough of us in all your media.

Yo, this shit I just typed… this shit that I’ve seen in literally any fandom that has characters that weren’t melanin challenged… IT’S GOTTEN OLD

And the clap back that’s been happening… those people like me who are done with everyone thinking white is the status quo… it isn’t about shipping or us being sjw.

It’s about us being so fucking tired of defending characters that look like us, that speak like us, that go through the same bullshit like us, but are either ignored or vilified by fandom for reason that aren’t canon just because said fandom doesn’t want to admit it’s problematic as hell.

It’s about me being too old and too done with fandom pissing on my head and claiming it’s just rain… It’s about the fact that there is no apparent safe place for fans of color because #fandom is for white women.

This should no longer be a thing. There have been more articulate and sober folks saying this since AOL free trial disks were all the rage (trust, I was there) BUT IT’S STILL HAPPENING

This is why folks like me snark, and curse, and reply to your ‘am I the only one that doesn’t/cant’s stand [insert whatever non-white person of the week’s name here] lol?’ posts with side-eye gifs and general disdain. This is why we don’t care for your criticisms that divorce race from the narrative. This is why we have to have racebending prompts and create new tags just so that we can stan for those characters that apparently the world hates. And why we don’t give a flying fuck about your ‘can’t we all just get along? Solidarity guys. Listen to the only MLK quote I know’ posts when you aren’t trying to police the people that are causing the actual problem, but trying to guilt us into thinking you’re the victim. This is why we create our own message boards and forums and no you aren’t invited. This is why we don’t care to educate you. This is why your passive attitude towards the bs we have to go through as fans of color is worst then the actual assholes that perpetuate it.


But, despite all of this, I like it here. Sure, the staff doesn’t have their priorities straight and apparently will protect the identities of KKK members before they’ll support black history month, but it’s free and the xkit guy works miracles.  

But most importantly, I’ve met incredibly talented and smart individuals here. And I know it can be better.

So do better. That’s all I’m asking. Check yourself before you start applying higher standards to characters of color and judging them in ways you don’t to anyone else.


*This rant has been brought to you in part by too much caps lock, the Charles Shaw Trader Joes chardonnay blend, that tequila and Waffle House I had for breakfast, and years of frustration defending characters like Iris West | Bonnie Bennett | Abby Mills | Jenny Mills | T-Dog | Mako Mori | Breaden | Guinevere | Glenn |  Olivia Pop | Joan Watson | Roxy & Fred Weasley |  Uhura | Martha Jones | Lana Lang | Michonne | Nick Fury|  Dualla ‘Dee’ | Rosita | Tyler Lockwood | Sharon/#8/Boomer | Teyla | Regina Mills | Stacker Pentecost | Lacy Porter | Tara Thorton | Shirley Donavan | Marcel Gerard | Naevia | Melinda May | Michaela Pratt | Sam Wilson | Tiana | Cassie Robinson | Tory Foster | Rhodey | Casca | Heimdall | Hogun | Aveline de Grandpre | Scott McCall | Mika | Sasha | Ororo | Literally all the non-white characters they had white folks playing them in  Game of Thrones | dot dot freaking dot I can go on forever with this list

no offense but i really dislike those ExR fics in which Grantaire is super broken/mentally ill and then Enjolras becomes his neurotypical knight in shining armor and saves him. 

I have nothing against neurodivergent R…But please don’t have Enjolras “fix” him and make him be “not broken”. That isn’t how mental illness works, first of all. Disorders are not fixed with love. It can help, definitely, but it doesn’t make the problems go away. Second of all, why is it always Grantaire that’s the one with problems? Why not Enjolras? Why not both of them? If I recall correctly (Forgive me if this is inaccurate - I don’t currently have a copy of the book with me, and I haven’t read it cover-to-cover in almost a year) Enjolras could definitely have neurodivergencies in canon. I understand why a lot of people write R as being ND, given his cynicism and his rants about how worthless life is, but Enjolras can be read that way too, tbh. In the musical we see him becoming really pessimistic and depressive during the battle. In the book we see him as this man who doesn’t smile or laugh much, and is sort of quiet and reserved. Sure, he could definitely just be an introvert that prefers to keep to himself, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Enjolras could have depression. Personally, I always thought of Enjolras as someone who thinks he needs to be perfect. Needless to say, that can lead to a lot of problems. But I never see that written in fic.

Also…he puts other people’s happiness above his own. He is canonly very selfless. The whole point of his character (or one of the main points, anyway) is the fact that he wants to improve the world and make it better for everyone! Not just his friends, not just the French citizens, everyone. And not only could he be rejecting his own happiness in doing so, but he could also get very depressed and anxious and angry when those plans don’t work. Let’s be real here, the world really isn’t always a good place. Not in 1832, and not now. I know that the Les Mis fandom loves Modern AUs in which Les Amis de l’ABC is fighting for problems that we deal with today (some common things I’ve seen written in fanfics are police brutality, racism, and Islamophobia). In those fics, Enjolras is always written as this super passionate guy who never gives up. That’s inspiring, sure, but if I’m being completely honest here…I don’t think it’s entirely realistic? Again, I don’t currently have access to my copy of the book, so I could be wrong, but Brick!jolras has always given me the vibe that he would get really down on himself if his plans to help out the world didn’t work. I don’t want to refer to Enjolras as weak, because he definitely isn’t, but I don’t think he’s necessarily as strong as people write him out to be. He isn’t perfect, as much as the fandom likes to act like he is. He’d mess up. He’d be unable to make a change. And he would hate himself for it, he may even consider giving up. He may see his failures as reasons to stop, rather than reasons to try harder - which is, again, something I’ve seen quite a bit in fandom. 

Apologies, I know this is quite ramble-y and possibly unclear, but it’s just my thoughts. If you need help figuring out what I was trying to say, let me know and I’ll make an attempt to reword it. 

underrated best m8s: jack maynard and mikey pearce

listen i’ve wanted to talk about this for a while and i feel like the friendship between these two is never stressed but they’re beST FRIENDS OKAYYYY and the best friend tag that jack posted today along with mikey’s video just made me want to rant even more about these two they’re just soft puppies that love each other a lot :((((((((((((((

so basically i’m a huge stalker and went through both of their instagrams last night and just take a look at some of these gems:

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❝Next time I’ll be Braver
I’ll be my own Savior
Standing on my own two feet

I have so many OPINIONS over the development of this series and this is my way of venting/reacting (other than the actual ranting I’ve subjected people to in conversations and tags (sorry >.<).

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Alright everybody listen up! Since Ricky’s interview I’ve been on the tags and a lot of what I’ve seen from a lot of the fandom is horrible. I”M A HUGE CLEXA STAN, but this was not about us. This was about a POC man speaking out and telling his story about how he was bullied by the show runner. And with that being said I want to list a few things I’ve seen being said.

1. People are saying “He’s telling us to keep watching the show but why does he expect us to watch it after everything blah blah blah, etc.” JUST MAYBE it’s because there is still a wonderful cast and crew that he absolutely adores on the show still. Now I understand why some people have stopped watching the show after everything, and that’s okay! I would never want anybody to watch something that would continue to make you sad or trigger you. And I think Ricky understands that. But like he said their his family so of course he wants us to support them. If you don’t want to watch the show cool fine don’t watch, but don’t hate on him for wanting us to continue to support his friends. He doesn’t want them to be unemployed like some of you so clearly want by trying to cancel the show. Like I said in my other post there are still amazing characters on this show that I will continue to watch until the end because i want to see their story lines and other people deserve the representation they still got on the show (Bellamy as a POC male lead, Raven and her disability, Jasper with his PTSD, CLARKE THE BISEXUAL FEMALE LEAD, etc.)

2. This goes with number 1 but some are saying that Ricky is guilt tripping you into continuing watching the show? I can see how it could come off that way but I don’t think it was ever his intention. I just think this is a man that loves his cast and crew and is saying to stick with them. If my friend was in a tv show I would be telling everybody to watch that damn show. Yes there has been sensitive issues, but if your going to spread hate about Ricky because you think he was guilt tripping a already broken fandom just stop because I don’t think that was his intention. Yes he said he wasn’t aware of the issues surrounding Lexa’s death till it happened, but I’m sure he understands how we feel to a degree. He even said Lexa shouldn’t have died like that, she deserved a heroic death if she was to die. Even went as far as saying Lincoln and Lexa didn’t need to die, they could have just left then came back! So yes, even he agreed the writing was WEAK and that there should be a better show runner. I mean at this point I don’t understand what some of you want from him? I mean did some of you expect him to say DON’T WATCH THIS SHIT SHOW. No. Because he supports and wants people to support his friends, and he was being professional.

3. I feel like people wanted more tea spilling? This was never about bashing on anybody like Ricky said, this was about how he was standing up for himself after being treated badly by the show runner! Ricky is in actor and we don’t know how much he was actually allowed to say. We all know there is probably more to the story but he did say Jason was a bully to him, and he didn’t have any screen time and wanted to leave from season 2 but CW was so nice to him that he stayed. He was professional through all of this and said he was very sad that he couldn’t play Lincoln anymore because he was his favorite character he’s ever played so far. I just think people were watching expecting to much from Ricky?Like saying something bad could have ruined his career probably, he deserves respect for how he handled that part of the interview.

Lastly and again. THIS WAS ABOUT RICKY WHITTLE. This wasn’t about LGBT people or Lexa. This was about Ricky sharing with us something personal so we would understand and stop the rumors floating around. Also to show us to stand up against our bullies. The fact that he did talk about Lexa/Alycia and the rest of the cast was great, but I was watching for Ricky. So no hate to Ricky please! I’m so done with the hatred going on in this fandom I feel like I get a headache every time I go on the tags now because one good post follows ten bad ones

It’s tiresome seeing writers having to deal with criticism that isn’t constructive in anyway. It is all based on preferences (ships, bottoms, etc). If you can offer criticism that can better writing or make the writer aware of something potentially harmful/incorrect/etc than go ahead. But if you don’t like who they chose to write together, who they chose to bottom or top, what kinks they write, what au they write, then don’t read the fic and definitely don’t send the writer a rude message just because you don’t like it. Tags are there for a reason, if it is improperly tagged than send a non rude message to the writer about it.

And writers, I know it is difficult not to respond to those messages and to just delete them but that’s my suggestion. But I hope it does not deter your writing, or make you feel bad about your writing because those types of complaints aren’t regarding your quality of writing. I don’t think a lot of people understand how much is put into fics, time effort etc. We enjoy writing and we want people to enjoy reading, so it can be a downer when people complain about things like that. When we put hours and hours into a 50k fic but we get a complaint about the one 2k scene where the ‘wrong’ person is bottoming, or people get complaints because you wrote about a ship YOU like and one they don’t like. It shouldn’t be bothersome but it is. And it’s annoying that it is so bothersome.

Writers, you are amazing, you are appreciated and thank you so much for contributing to the fandom. Readers, you are too. Your support means the world, and there’s definitely a lot of positive support out there, but the irritating messages always seem to stick out more and that is incredibly frustrating.

Incident with Ashton’s Microphone

Okay so ever since I came on tumblr and went through my 5sos tag all I’ve been seeing is people going ape shit because Ashton’s microphone was “turned off”. But can we sit back down and be actually think what could have happened like a technical problem or problem with wiring or maybe the batteries in the mic ran out cause that happens all the time (I work with my school’s technical crew and I handle sound I know what I’m talking about) even when we do a sound check they work and we get to the performance they stop working. IM NOT HATING ANYONE WHOSE GONE AND LASHED OUT CAUSE IF THE MIC WAS PURPOSEFULLY TURNED OFF THEN I WOULD BE HELLA MAD TOO.. All I’m trying to say is that its A LOT of pressure running a show this big even when I handle sound at school it a lot of pressure cause your not just handling one person’s mic, your handle so many other little things and MISTAKES HAPPEN THINGS GO WRONG and when we are in the middle of a performance we can’t necessarily get up change the mic or the batteries or trouble shoot whatever the problem may be. So I’m not hating anyone…All i’m trying to say is that lets sit back and think through what could have happened and do you think John (their sound guy) would have purposefully turned Ash’s mic off? So lets be calm about the situation its a mistake it happened…BUT IF IT WAS PURPOSEFULLY TURNED OFF (which i don’t think the case is however) THEN A BIG FUCK YOU TO THE PERSON WHOSE BEHIND IT. 

I know I might get hate for this but I’ve been handling sound at events for 5 years I know when stuff like this happens, I know half way through mics turn off and to everyone else it looks like the mic was purposefully turned off but 95% of the time its not the case cause when a mic turns off or the batteries run out and there’s any kind of a problem with it no one can hear the person in their in-ears not even the sound people and rest of the tech support crew, so lets be kind and appreciative to their team who most likely tried to resolve the problem but couldn’t don’t let their efforts go unnoticed cause we are really important people when it comes to running shows, we handle all the lights, sound and backstage so yeah…Sorry about the rant…


so. let’s talk emily’s love life

maybe it’s my period, maybe it’s not. idk. but some of the shit that goes on about paige/paily/even paily shippers from certain emison fans is so extra. (i ship emison. don’t come into my inbox telling me i’m biased) 

like??? think about it. 

first of all, there’s a serious portion of emily’s relationship with paige where she was under the impression ali was dead. mind you, this is after the murder of her first girlfriend, maya. that’s a whole fucking lot for someone to go through.

despite that, emily still found happiness with paige. 

even though that’s over now, it doesn’t mean emily (or any of us) should erase what paige had with emily. nor should we compare paige to like, burnt raccoon shit on the side of the road while saying ali is disneyworld turkey legs or whatever metaphor. 

if you love emison, then you most likely love emily fields- so why are you so eager to shit talk her past relationship? it was an important part of emily’s life. it was a learning experience for her. 

and by shit talk, you know what i mean. im not talking about the people who respectfully state their reasons for disliking paily, and then state why they feel emison is a better suited match etc- im talking about the people who compare paige to shitty things/paily to shitty things/paily shippers to shitty things. 

like take a second and think about what you’re doing.. you are comparing real life people to “trash” because they liked a different fictional pairing from you. it’s not that serious.

yall are doing the most in the worst way when you decide that people who don’t share your opinion on a fictional relationship aren’t worth your respect. this could go for any ship- spaleb, spoby, haleb, jaria, ezria, pepe/tippi, me/jason, jason/me, jason/caleb/me, etc. i just saw it in the emison tags most recently. don’t ship it? fucking great! don’t put others down for shipping it either. 

Rant about all these girls thinking they have teleiophilia

In the teleiophilia tag all I see are pictures of actors (British, American, whatever) and all these girls going on about how they have teleiophelia because these actors are like 20 years older than them…

NEWS FLASH: Fuck no you don’t!

Having an attraction to older celebrities and wanting to have intimate relations with them is called celebriphilia.

A lot of you dumbfucks need to understand this. Some of us real teleiophiles are tired of seeing pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch or Robert Downey Jr.(even though Robert Downey Jr is nice to look at) in the teleiophilia tag! 

Once you people like an older man who isn’t on a television show or in a movie, then you can say you’re a teleiophile, until then…

Oh and also, the people who are thinking “Oh I love older men” and you have a crush on or in a relationship with someone 10 years older than you, sorry to break it to you but they’re not considered “older men”. Older men is usually (in my opinion) considered to be a 25 to 30 year age difference between the couple. 

So pull your heads out of your asses and stop labeling yourself as something you’re not and also stop posting pictures and gifs of male celebrities in the damn teleiophilia tag!! 

That’s all for now!

I know I complain about this a lot I complain a lot in general, sorry  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, but don’t you just hate it when you’re looking for a good Bleach blog and you have to either block or ignore one you think is actually cool because of how biased and rude they are when it comes to ships????

Lmfao in case y’all were wondering, I’m talking about that dumb “bleach-of-the-day” blog.

Like, I saw one of my fave Bleach blogs say that was a good blog for funny memes, but damn. They are biased af. 

that was a rather… lacklustre episode.

rant???? sorta in the tags

anonymous asked:

i hope this doesn't bother you but can i ask what do you like about ruruka?

It’s ok anon, you don’t bother me~

What I like about her is that I see myself in her, I too, have self-confident problems when it comes to relationships, a lot of them actually xD

I don’t think I have anything special for others to have any interest on me, so eventually, when they find someone better than me, they’ll replace me. [ Or as Ruru would say, they’ll betray me (?) ] And I’m only convinced of this because it had happened to me over and over…

Ruruka is convinced everyone will betray her in the end, even Izayoi, who was the person she trusted the most and that proved her over and over that he would be there for her but anyways she was convinced he was going to betray her.

Idk but I see for example last year there were two persons in my life who were so important to me, and we were through so much that I was convinced they’ll be my friends forever. But today I don’t even talk to them anymore, and I won’t ever again. And who was the one who ended both relationships? Me. Same Ruruka was the one who ended friendship with Seiko and killed Izayoi, both becasue of the whole ‘betray’ thing.

Soooo I don’t want to make this ask seem like a personal rant but, um, the thing is, I know Ruruka did things wrong and she might not be the most lovable character, but I see a lot of me in her, I can relate to her a lot, so that’s why she is my favourite from future arc.

aesthetically-very-tired  asked:

Hello friend your rant in the tags about art made me happy and I vvv much agree You worded it so well

yay!!!!! thank u for having the patience to read it !! i also think it might be the reason why some people tend to put down artists, bc technically u can call ANYTHING art, but really if you are creating art that is directly affecting viewers and reminding them of times of their life, and stuff that can make people CRY (i read a thing that said crying is just when your emotions reach their peak and its the physical release of that) is incredible because that is one individual creating some manifestation of their experiences and feelings and understanding of life, and then another individual sees this and feels their own completely different set of experiences and feelings, by the same thing?? thats honestly incredible and beautiful yknow