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are we really just going to pretend that comments such as these from ace inclusionists don’t play into age-old (dangerous) stereotypes that paint lgbt people as lecherous predatory freaks who are a danger to children? is that what we’re doing now? acting like this isn’t repackaged vintage homophobia? okay


^^ here’s the original post from which all of these screenshots were taken, where you can find all of these comments and dozens (if not hundreds) more like them. i know the entire ace community is not like this and i said as much in the tags of this post. i don’t care. homophobia, unintentional or not, is a common enough issue in ace rhetoric that i feel it has to be addressed, and that’s what this post was trying to do.

Alright, quick post on this Trump policy of separating families at the border because I’m sure some fuckface is gonna come digging through my blog and ain’t nobody got time for all that.

1. The policy is extremely unpopular. It’s not hard to tell, but surveys show that about 66% of Americans disapprove of the policy (source)

2. There is literally no law requiring the separation of families. None. This was a policy literally enacted last month. No other administration has done this.

3. This is a Trump administration policy. Not the democrats. Not Obama. Not HRC.

4. Many if not most of the people being caught at the border are seeking asylum. That is not a crime. In fact, they are doing what they are legally supposed to do. Per US law, you have to be at en entry point (a border) or already on US soil to request asylum.

5. The Trump administration has all but flat out said that they’re holding the kids hostage (something they undeniably are 100% responsible for but are trying to blame on Democrats) to use as leverage for getting Dems to agree to fund “the wall”.

6. On that note, the wall isn’t going to happen, it’s an idiotic impractical idea that would be a massive waste of tax payer dollars

7. CHILDREN, some infants, are being taken from their families without consent. Often times the families are lied to, being told they’re taking the kid for pictures or a bath and it’s only hours later the families realize their kids aren’t coming back

8. These children are locked in cages for 22 hours a day. They don’t have furniture, a basic lack of privacy, are over crowded and oh yeah, TAKEN FROM THEIR FUCKING FAMILIES. If you think this won’t have lasting impacts on them you are an utter fucking idiot

9. Regardless of whether the families committed a crime (they didn’t) it’s inhumane to separate families, to keep kids in cages, to lie to parents so they don’t even know where their child is, how they’re doing and so on. If you’re focused on the “herr derr illegals” bullshit and completely ignoring the kids being snatched away from their parents in a strange country where they may not speak the language and locked in cages for 22 hours a day. FOR NO REASON. And if you don’t see the problem with that, you are a garbage human.

10. There’s been nothing to show that this is working as a deterrent.

11. There is NOTHING biblical about this. Do you honest to God think Christ would be ok with this? For real? Yes, the bible says to follow laws. But the families DID follow the law. Not to mention an unjust law doesn’t really fall under that. The Bible straight up says (paraphrasing of course): Treat foreigners and strangers in your lands with kindness and love. Welcome them. Pretty sure it doesn’t say ‘lock them in cages’

12. We shouldn’t be making decisions about our country based on the Bible in the first fucking place.

Might add more later but I’m about to pass the fuck out. Just a heads up, if you try some whataboutism shit I will drag you to fucking hell.


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