sorry for posting my shitty art



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ngl i was surprised to see the amount of ppl liking/rebloggin/etc the post for my shitty pencil doodles fgldkgjdf;;; SORRY ABOUT THE BAD PHONE QUALITY..))


I’ve had these finished and sitting in my pictures for a few days now and thought that I should post them before I forget about them entirely, so here *throws post at you* have this
(sorry for the shitty coloring, I drew these when I was at my dad’s and I didn’t have as many pencils/markers to use than I do at home; and on another note, the Virgil design is not mine but Serenity’s, I used theirs because I like it more than mine lmao)



The touching story of how Tarn fucked up and lost all his friends.
It’s almost 4 AM and I thought it might be fun to scribble my predictions for 53. I’m sorry for the shitty drawings, I’m in the middle of moving houses and really wanted to get something done before my room is gone. Please don’t take this too seriously