sorry for posting many photos of them

katie mcgrath :
- broke her foot bc she was drunk
- her lockscreen is a pic of her and her dog (x)
- has a bag that says “helping the environment is a reason to celebrate” in spanish (x)
- nearly cried when she got a deathly hallows pillow and the han solo funko pop (x) (x) (x)
- she got a manip of her and nathan fillion and she caressed him lmao (x)
- said she doesn’t know what to do with her arms when she acts (x)
- said she runs weird bc of her big boobs (x)
- wrote “that’s a lot boobs” on a lena fanart when a fan asked her to do it (x)
- wrote “mine” on a supergirl funko pop (x)
- wrote “go team supercorp” on a supergirl poster (x)
- read bits of supercorp fanfics and then signed them (x) (x)
- a fan said she was sorry ‘cause there were too many photos to sign and she replied “don’t worry i don’t mind sweetheart” (x)
- katie + kids is the cutest thing in the world (x) (x) (x)


I’m sorry guys for posting to many of these.
But can we talk about this photoshoot for a second.
Like my god do they look goooood. Chanwoo bby is glow up central tbh 😍💦
Yunhyeong just being a ball of sunshine 😩☀☀
Bobby’s first kind of sexy photo and them being the goofy bunny he always is 😍
Bin werking the camera 😏😏😏
Dong is just being his sexy ass self 😩❤
Jun rocking that swimsuit 💦💦💦
And Jinhwan being a cute little cinnamon roll 😍❤
And all of the abbs 😍😩❤


So blessed to have so many talented artist!! <3 Sheith has my heart and won’t let go. I have so many more charms on the way and I want even more… Do you think I have room for them…fuck! Also 7 plush commissions from my fav plush artist. 

21.4.2017 I’m back from a hugely busy Easter holidays! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting - I’ve made so many drafts and taken a lot of photos but not posted them! I’m back at uni now so expect much more from me again, especially as this is the lead up to my final exams! Xxx Emily

Just wanted to post some more photos from the marriage equality rally in Melbourne yesterday, and take the chance to tell a couple of stories because there was so much love in my city and I’m so proud of everyone. Long post, sorry, but there’s a bit to cover - ye be warned.

I spotted this cute couple as I walked out of Melbourne Central (a shopping centre and train station all mashed together) and told them they looked fab. Spotted them again and asked for a photo - they were very happy to oblige when all of a sudden the ABC came up asking for an interview, and I took this pic. They were beautiful people.

I’d seen this guy post in the Facebook event just before I left home, and suddenly found myself standing right next to him! We had a quick chat about how many people had arrived and then waxed about how AMAZE it would be if Lady Gaga parachuted in to the masses. Really funny guy and I’m glad to have met him. I swear I’m so much more personable at these things. 

I do love a simple home-made sign. I don’t have a story about this guy, sorry. Actually from here on in it’s all random stories of the day, assume the pics are unrelated.

The Greens senator Janet Rice got her rainbow family on stage while she was talking. Her wife is the Nobel Prize winning climatologist Penny Whetton, and she just happens to be trans. Senator Rice mentioned that in order for a married person to transition they must first divorce their partner. This information drew an audible gasp - fifteen thousand people had just heard this information for the first time and were disgusted.

A timely reminder that marriage equality doesn’t just effect the L and the G.

I spent my time during the speeches standing with the Greens, who I vote for (in the Senate at least) and who gave me a free shirt, so I felt obliged. They’ve been in this fight ever since former prime minister John Howard changed the marriage act - without the need for a plebiscite or survey - so I felt very comfortable chilling with them. I was about to take a photo for them when an organiser came up and announced that Senator Rice was about to do a press conference. They wanted representation in the shot, and as I was standing there and very obviously trans they asked if I wanted to be involved. I’m not a member yet, though, and declined. Besides, I am way too shy for that shit.

There were these two young girls - actually, side note, its amazing how many kids were not only there but openly passionate about the topic of the day - but these two girls couldn’t have been more than seven or eight, and they were leading a cheer as we marched:

One, two, three, four: equality is what we’re for!
Five, six, seven, eight: rainbow families are so great!

They were incredible, and you better believe that people were chanting along with them, these two young cheerleaders who were so full of life and love. 

When the speeches started, the organisers said there were, as I said, about 15,000 people in attendance. Trams were not able to travel on Swanston Street, because people were covering the tram tracks. The lawn and steps leading to the State LIbrary was covered in people, myself included. People stretched down the street and crowded nearby balconies and you couldn’t get out of Melbourne Central on the Swanston St side like, at all.

When we marched, we picked up a lot more people. And I noticed at one point that we covered three entire streets - Latrobe, Elizabeth and Burke - and that doesn’t include the people that had decided to wait on Swanston. By the time everyone got back to the State Library we numbered twenty thousand.

Twenty thousand beautiful, loving, amazing people. It was incredible.

Finally, just a pic of my free shit (and also the free ribbon I received). I had a great time at the rally. More importantly, I’m galvanised. I haven’t campaigned for a political cause since Howard tried to implement an industrial relations bill called WorkChoices, which cost him the 2007 election. I was kinda active then.

Nothing can stop me now.

I’ve signed up to drop leaflets in my neighbourhood. I’m going to as many rallies as I can. I’m going to try and get involved in planning sessions for further action. I’m going to fight for this.

But it’s supremely shitty that Australia even finds itself in this situation.

Back in 2004, as I mentioned, John Howard made changes to the Marriage Act so that the legal definition was exclusively between a man and a woman. This change happened in parliament. Politicians on both sides did not feel the need to formally consult the people before voting unanimously for the change.

In desperation a few years ago (because we queers had gotten very, very loud), then prime minister Tony Abbott (he of the many memes) proposed that if queer people really wanted to get married then they could vote for the right to do so, in a plebiscite. In Australia, if you want to change the Constitution then you hold a referendum, and the result of that is binding on parliament. Marriage, however, is not part of our constitution - furthermore, a plebiscite result does not bind the members of parliament to vote in accordance with the will of the people. It was a delaying tactic, nothing more.

A couple of months ago Minister for Immigration and Horrible Shitty Human Being Peter Dutton proposed a new idea if the plebiscite-enabling legislation was blocked once again by the Senate: a postal survey.

It is, again, non-binding. It’s not compulsory, unlike regular voting. And a survey doesn’t require legislation to acquire the funding. This idea really excited the badly-named Liberals. The expectation was that the No voters, overwhelmingly those who are over 50, would vote in droves while those who would be more inclined to vote Yes would fight each other over ideas of boycotting and have no time to persuade the most powerful group - young people between 18-24 who support marriage equality at a factor of 81% - to post their ballot forms.

That makes the twenty-thousand strong crowd at yesterday’s rally truly astounding. We’re not fighting about boycotts - those that have suggested it have been mostly convinced otherwise. We have all the time in the world to convince young people to vote and in fact the electoral roll has swelled with close to one hundred thousand new enrolments. In a small country like Australia (pop. 24 million) that’s a lot of new potential Yes votes.And queer Melbournians have never felt so much love before, we’re all a bit awed.

We could do with a little help though, especially from those of you who live in a country where marriage equality exists. We don’t need much. We just need you to tell stories. Talk about that big gay wedding you went to last week. Mention how your friends just got engaged and how you’re thrilled for them. Above all, share stories about how the world didn’t end, that people didn’t marry bridges, and that the only thing that really changed was that there is more love being openly celebrated. 

We know that 70% of the country supports marriage equality. We also know that 1 in 5 of those people aren’t sure if they’re going to vote. So a little bit of convincing from internetionals will go a long, long way.

That’s all from me. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I love you all.

And remember: superheroes vote yes!


Last night at GLSEN awards Tony and  Kerry were free from dead weight fake marriage… AND IT SHOWS. Being themselves when it matters. And it should ALWAYS be like this because this fake marriage farce is at this point just that: A FARCE.

Bonus: the girl behind Tony looking at them cracks me up.

Bonus 2: Tony looking at Kerry on stage. Posted without comment, and NO there’s not a SINGLE photo of the Nnobody looking at her that way because well 1) NEVER been in a relationship let alone a marriage with her 2) gay and that’s why he avoids ALL LGBT events she goes to like pest. He’d be exposed in a second.

THIS is reality. The rest is LIES, that the usual bigoted racist haters desperately want to be true because they fit their bigoted, racist, narrow-minded world. Sorry, no matter how many times a lie is repeated, it doesn’t become real. You should have learnt this at least from Trump? And no matter how many times you deny TRUTH that we on this side have known FROM THE START, said truth DOES NOT GO AWAY.

A toast to US, the adults, those who have known where things stood from the start. And a toast to Tony and Kerry: may they see how PUBLIC TRUTH will set them free and make them win, in every way.

Richard’s eyes...

I know, I know… Who doesn’t just completely love everything about Richard, from his soft golden hair, his adorable smile, his appealing voice, to his beautiful soul, but, as everyone knows, one of the most wonderful features are his champagne eyes…  

I couldn’t bare not to “write” a short reminder about his eyes, because you can’t help fall in love with them and melt while starring into those beautiful drops of golden stars… 

And how can you not compare them with so many other marvelous sights: rays of sunshine going through a glass of whiskey, amber glitter, sweet soft caramel eyes…  

…mellow jewels of honey, in which you stare forever and melt in their warmth and sweet vanilla flavor …

…the ocean fondled by gilded strips of sunlight, sparkling fairy dust, sweet scent of champagne mousse… 

…and many other…

Sorry for the long post and for the low quality of the photos, yet, I really wanted to remind you about the wonder of those mild hazel eyes Richard has ^-^

this is the golden age (of something good and right and real)

♡♡♡ for the lovely @jackiemoreno, the brightest star in my sky ♡♡♡

also on ao3

“I miss you.”

“I miss you too, darling.“ Lena answers right away, accent thicker than usual despite the fact she’s been back in Ireland for so little time. “Just two more days until I’m back home.”

Kara presses the phone closer to her ear, closing her eyes and concentrating until she can hear the steady rhythm of Lena’s heartbeat. She sighs for what feels like the thousandth time since her girlfriend has been gone, never mind the fact it’s only the fifth day of their week long separation - her heart aches as if they’ve been apart for months.

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@brandensteineckert Home!! So good to be back. But that was the greatest tour ever!!!! I’ve still got so many photos from the tour that you’ll be seeing me post for quite awhile. Hahaha but for now I just wanted to thank everyone in this photo for such a great tour, and all the many people behind the scenes that helped make it incredible!!! Thank you all so much for the last 5.5 weeks of fun. The fellas in Green Day, their crew, their families were all so great to us. I can’t thank them enough!! Much love! PS I’m sorry my big head is blocking you Jason :) #RancidGreenDayEuroSummerTour2017#RevRad #TroubleMaker #RageLove@greenday @billiejoearmstrong @trecool@mikedirnt @jw_gd @therealjasonfreese@jeffmatika photo: @amarchitiello

anonymous asked:

Hello Im sorry to bother you but Im genuinely curious; what did sixpenceeeee do?

It’s no problem! But to answer your question(under a read more because it’s a lil long) (trigger warnings are: ableism mention, starvation mention, death mention,child death and suicide mention.) 

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Hello, Emma. I love your useful posts and beautiful photos. My school essentials is too many and heavy. The laptop, books, drink bottle, and so on. What do you bring a bag to university? I want to know what in your bag. Thank you. (My English is not better, sorry.)

Hi! Thank you so much. Here are the things I take:

  • my laptop (13″ MacBook Pro)
  • my arc notebook
  • my textbooks (if I really need them or don’t have them on my laptop - I usually have them on my computer so it does make it much easier for me to save space)
  • pencil case - a mechanical pencil, coloured pens (staedtler 432 pens are fab), highlighters (stabilo swing cool highlighters are pretty good!), post it notes are a life saver (I usually have them stuck into my notebook though)
  • some form of a planner - either a bullet journal, agenda, or a digital version (saves you taking one)
  • lunch/snacks and water
  • bit and bobs - tissues, plasters/band aid, hand sanitiser, spare hair bobble, ICOP bag (incase of period bag - it’s very handy to have if you’re caught short or need to help out another person!), lip balm and possible touch-up make up!

Hope that helps! x

there should be a neotag ‘family photo’ where we just reblog the same image over and over adding our neosonas until it’s a full page of ridiculous sparkle pets

so like I post just Rainbird on a big canvas, then someone adds their Neosona next to them, then the next person adds theirs and so on and so on

only problems? man that would be a loooong post to reblog :\ hm also if people reblog from different sources, the family get broken up… maybe if the first person tags the second who tags the third and so on? idk


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I read your post about how you really liked the relationship between comic!tony and comic!steve. I don't read the comics a lot, so could you give me some examples of that friendship please? :)


so here we go:

We have their healthy and beautiful relationship actually, full of apologizes and striving to be better people together

We have The Sass™

We have gratuitous hugs like this one:

(also note how they’re still STARING AT EACH OTHER)

(This also happened, though do note Tony is female here)

Basically, their friendship actually means something in the comics. Which is why Civil War hurt so much in the comics. The MCU has destroyed them with the stupid bickering back and forth. These two are so supportive of each other and encouraging each other to be better. Steve helps Tony through so much shit and Tony returns the favor. They fucking love each other. The panel in CW where Tony monologues and how at the end he says it wasn’t worth it?? THAT HURT because of how much their friendship means. 

And I just really love 616 Steve and Tony. They are a delight.

I wish you all the best, [name of ex-best friend]. In the words of “So Anyway” from “Next to Normal”: “and so, goodbye.

The ending to my final message to my ex-best friend.

We had been friends since our sophomore year of high school, and best friends since our freshman year of college. Over the years, we had been through so much together, from starring in cabaret skits together to difficult times during our college years. One of the best things I had heard concerning our friendship was from our high school musical theatre teacher who told my ex-best friend during our senior year of high school that we were meant for each other.

In September 2016, they stopped replying to, and looking at, my Facebook messages. At first, I thought that it was because they were busy with school because we went to school in different states, me in Iowa, them in NYC, and they couldn’t respond to my messages right away. However, when they finally messaged me back after I checked in on them after the Chelsea bombings in the middle of September had happened, I realized that they were deliberately ignoring my messages.

A month, and several messages, later, I finally got my answer: they had been ignoring said messages because they wanted to “love [me] from a distance” for an unspecified reason. However, even though they had asked for distance, they still continued to like my social media posts and messaged me four times: once by text, and three times on Facebook. The first time was in response to a text message I sent them asking them to give me distance, which I then took back after realizing it was a horrible thing for me to have asked them to do after they had asked me for distance. The second was a Facebook message wishing me a “happy birthday” in November. The third time was another Facebook message that was in response to me telling them that it hurt me to see that they were interacting with my posts on social media, but still not talking to me. The fourth, and final, Facebook message that they sent me was in late March after they had liked my post on Tumblr about (unofficially) getting into a graduate program in Milwaukee that I had made a few weeks prior.

In response to this last message, I asked them to “end the silence” and tell me the reason why they had asked me for distance in October. They left me on “read” and then went on to post on social media as if nothing had happened. A few days later, after realizing that our friendship was beyond salvageable, I blocked them on all of my social media accounts for six weeks.

A week after I unblocked them on social media, while I was packing up my dorm room to move back home after graduation, I found a letter that they had written, and sent, me in February 2016 that said they would always be there for me. I promptly started sobbing as I remembered how much things had changed over the last year. After that meltdown, I threw out the rest of the letters they had written me that I had saved and gave away the books they gave me, as well as the tea set that their mother had given me for a Christmas present during our freshman year of college.

A couple weeks later, I sent them this final message that I quoted the ending of at the beginning of this post. In this message, I apologized for everything that had happened since September (including blocking them on social media), apologized for everything I could think of that I had done wrong over the years, and thanked them for what I had learned from them.

They left me on “read”. Again.

They were truly my best friend. I thought that we were going to be life-long best friends. I loved and trusted them more than I had trusted anyone in my life at that point. Hell, they even helped me get closure from my other ex-best friend who had emotionally abused me when I was in middle and high school. It still hurts like hell to think that after everything we had been through, our friendship is over and I never found out why. Hearing certain phrases or seeing posts and photos they tagged me in over the years now make me cry or feel numb because hearing the phrases or seeing the posts and photos force me to remember what happened between us.

From September to April, I wrote them several letters that have been posted on DMB. To be honest, I lost count of how many I wrote and how many were published. I don’t know if they read them, or if they will ever read this. If they do see this, I want them to know this: I’m so sorry for everything. I still love you. I wish so much that we could have fixed our friendship, but I understand that it was time for it to end.

P.S. Sorry this is so long and poorly written. I just wanted to get everything out.

Simself Tag

I was tagged for it by @shhhushhh @dandylion240 and a third person (!!! Sorry, I know there was someone else, but I can’t find you in the notifications at the moment!!!)

Tagging @legendofsim @acquiresimoleons @twinsimskeletons

RULES:  Post a photo of your simself, answer these questions and tag some friends.

Favorite Season: Whenever it’s sufficiently cold. In California, it’s usually only some parts of the winter.

Favorite books / author: I’m big fan of Diana Wynne Jones, Seanan McGuire, and Neil Gaiman. I always recommend them to whoever wants a good read.

Favorite song: Always changes. There are so many good songs. For example take Tonight by Def Leppard ;)

Favorite food & drink:  Tea, of all kinds and temperatures. Also, pizza and lasagna are currently on my mind.

Dogs or cats:

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Okay okay but Peter's eyes have you under his FREAKING SPELL MAN like idk it's like hypnosis or some sh*t you just CAN'T STOP LOOKING AT THEM and when he talks to you you just blank and idk man they're just so pretty and warm and brown and soft (Tony thinks it's hilarious how stuttery you get around him cuz you're usually so cool and collected) ~Tessa

man yes i was just gonna add photos & post it but like (also i changed it a bit soRRy)

• yes peter is a god lemme tell you
• there are just so many alluring things about him
• like the list is endless
• firstly, he’s got the softest skin
• you seriously asked him what moisturiser he used because
• what
• this boy can’t have this naturally angel like skin
• like wtf peter teach me your secrets
• “is apart of being spidey? like you get great skin?”
• “w-what? no! a-and i don’t!”
• also yes peter parker 100% has freckles fight me on this
• theyre supa supa light so you can’t really see them unless your up close
• which means you see them whenever u kiss him
• you definitely get distracted by looking at him after u kiss him
• his nose is riddled with them & they are a d o r a b l e
• you love them
• peter?
• not so much
• so you dedicate a large amount on ur time to kissing them all
• so he knows if he doesn’t love them, you will
• just freckley peter dude
• but his eyes
• peter parker has eyes that are out of the fuckin world
• he gets real confused bout your hype about them tho
• “theyre just brown? i don’t und–”
• “shh they aren’t just brown like they’re so fuckin pretty”
• cue blushing
• peter also gets real shy about it too
• we all know he’s an angel and can’t take compliments
• especially from someone as pretty as you
• like he can’t help but get flustered
• “s-stop! you know i..”
• “you what?”
• whispering under his breath
• “you know i get, uh, you know…flustered when you compliment me”
• you just grin at his nervous expression and red cheeks
• “i don’t know what you mean”
• he blushes again because no please don’t make me say it
•you just lean in and kiss him on the nose
• “don’t worry peter, i know u get flustered–that’s why i do it.”
• he glares but his cheeks are still red & blushing so it’s not very threatening

Have a reply post.  :D  I think that’s all?  And I hope I replied to everyone WITHIN the post.  I end up doing replies in weird broken ways and there’ve been occasions where I’ve put the reply but haven’t actually said anything about it… >_>;  xD

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ragnar–danneskjold replied to your photo “LET IT BE RECORDED FOREVER THAT ON THIS GLORIOUS DAY OF NOVEMBER 7,…”

Now they can and should get around to confirming #sabezra

The support is not nearly as universal, though.

I, for one, does not ship Sabine and Ezra at all.

And there are many like me.

(Note: I don’t have any problem what ship you ship, but I just can’t get onto the Sabine-Ezra ship, sorry. You’re of course free to ship them if you want. But I’ll just scroll over your posts 😎)