sorry for posting many photos of them


I’m sorry guys for posting to many of these.
But can we talk about this photoshoot for a second.
Like my god do they look goooood. Chanwoo bby is glow up central tbh 😍💦
Yunhyeong just being a ball of sunshine 😩☀☀
Bobby’s first kind of sexy photo and them being the goofy bunny he always is 😍
Bin werking the camera 😏😏😏
Dong is just being his sexy ass self 😩❤
Jun rocking that swimsuit 💦💦💦
And Jinhwan being a cute little cinnamon roll 😍❤
And all of the abbs 😍😩❤

Back in last year, I was in a convention where I found this cosplayer. She praised me as the only person there who recognized both Touhou and her Remilia Cosplay. And my personal quest there was “find the largest amount of cosplayers and take a photo with them while you Dab”. To me, one of the best days of 2016.

(Sorry for that serious post in the middle of so many shitpost, I’ll go back to the normal programation)


Scans - George Harrison, 1962 and 1992; previously posted at thateventuality here and here.

Photos: Astrid Kirchherr; Mark Seliger

“George Martin said recently how he always felt sorry because he concentrated more on them [John Lennon and Paul McCartney] and he should have paid more attention to me. He said to me personally, ‘I hope you’ll forgive me.’ But I’m quite happy with my role in The Beatles. You know, it split up because of all those problems, there were too many songs. Because we got too close to each other. But I’m quite happy about the way things went. I feel that whatever I am now, I always have been that, you know. Maybe different things have taken longer to reach the surface or whatever, but I mean, I am who I am, and I’m not really that much different to how I was then. Maybe I’m more able to express it or maybe people are more interested now in what I have to say. Because in the Sixties and early Seventies they thought I was a loony.” - George Harrison, 1988 [x]

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hi everyone! i’ve been meaning to do this for a very long time so here it is! my 2015 winter follow forever!

it’s been a really great year! i met and talked to so many people on tumblr and had a lot of fun. i follow like 350+ people (literally more than half of them are inactive art blogs and studyblrs but anyways) and the list below are the people who have made my dashboard so enjoyable!! these are mostly hetalia blogs and art blogs!


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i met so many AMAZING people at gen con!! i was pretty popular with my princess peach cosplay. i’m really happy i went, and i’m sorry if these pictures are bad quality. anyway, i was interviewed, in a photo shoot for a magazine, and many pictures were taken of me by professional photographers (i’ll post them once they’re online). a lot of pictures were taken of me for companies, i was really tired by the end of the day.<333 i loved it anyway!!


i said this before but i still see SO MANY people on my dash doing it but PLEASE stop reblogging from @neverxever they are a repost blog.

also people might think its not a big deal bc my photos arent edits or art or something but i work hard on getting these HQs. yes most of them are available and easy to find in a google search but not in this high resolution quality. also some are really unique and photos you cant find anywhere else. that is until i post them and everyone reposts them. you might not know this but since 2010 ive been pretty much the only person posting these HQs which everyone uses for edits, as backgrounds, as icons, etc. and i dont need to be credited, i also know that they are reposted pretty much all the time…but every once in a while i get so annoyed esp when the repost has tons of notes and my original does not. it makes me feel like you rather reblog it from a reposter than me when im the one searching every other week for hours on end to get these HQs and i PAY for them. yes i pay for them bc those HQs dont just fall out of my ass. i know most of you dont know and obviously you dont do it on purpose. but i want you to understand how annoying it is when you literally do all this for a whole fandom and some people just take it for granted and take the piss by reposting

and im just…sometimes i get fed up. and tbh i have thought about stopping with the HQs altogether bc lately i feel people dont care as much as they used to and people just take them, use them for edits or repost them, without even giving back a simple ‘like’ and im like…is that really too much to ask for? i dont need praise, i dont need 100 messages saying thank you every saturday, i just want to know that people still appreciate them bc otherwise i wont bother anymore bc like i said i put a lot of time, work, and money into getting and posting them. and if you dont like them anymore or dont care about them anymore thats fine. let me know and i will gladly stop posting them.

sorry but not sorry for this rant but i needed to get it off of my chest


So I was tagged by a ton of people to do the 20 beautiful women thing! I’m not exactly sure how many photos I was supposed to post but whatever! Sorry for my face. Thanks stale-sandcastle steve-otters (you guys tagged me like a month ago i’m so sorry) schennylane teach-me-how-to-dougie-hamilton pkanes-brows kevinjuicebieksa kasperithefriendlyghost canadiens-not-canadians nyrgurlforever and alexeiemelinstwin!

I tag nyrqurlforev palecanadiangiant hockeyismyreligon bruinsbarbieee marchandmad sasssytuukka bruins-babe coach-qs-stache ronbakers t-o-ews themutt65 officialpatrickkane shawzys-little-mutt hottscartnell puckhiminthefivehole massholehackey alex-wennburgers darcythekuemperor rvrbata chris-kreidork :)


Okay, someone sent me a fanmail asking to see the photos that I don’t post because I don’t like them and because I’m in an okay mood I thought I’ll post them. Obviously I couldn’t post all of them as there are so many. I decided to stick to my normal amount of selfies that I post at a time and these are the 3 I have decided to post. I don’t like them and probably never will but yeah:)


I created my Instagram a year ago today and I cannot believe the amount of support I have gotten over the last year not only on Instagram, but from the Irish dance community as a whole. I love to look back from my photos from only a year ago to now to compare them. This comparison is my favorite for many reasons, one of which being the photo on the left was the first one I ever posted on by Instagram. As a dancer, I love how it shows the relationships you build with the dancers you meet throughout the years. I also love how it shows my growth as a photographer because I am constantly learning and trying to improve my photos. 


Harucasting’s lunch time on August 19.

What my mom loves most in the world is me! 😄and the 2nd is just the Topokki which is tooooo spicy to me yet and the 3rd is my Dad, Haru.. Sorry.. 😂 Dad. Coke please…. Adori! Nope!!😲

Who wants the last Topokki? :P

(Sorry for those who see our posting everyday. We couldn’t help taking many Adori photos and posting them that he was soooo adorable to OUR EYES!)


Super late but oh well hey guys!! 3 photos because well one of thems today and the other two are when i met Tyler (still not over that tbh) so i can be excused for posting so many especially since i forgot to post the tyler ones til now oops

I didn’t link these jeans correctly on yesterday’s #ootd [sorry!] so I thought I’d share tonight’s dinner #ootn [even though I know I’ve posted similar combo’s in the past] because I got SO many emails about them. They’re one of my favorite pairs. I’ve had them for a long time, and they’re still available in all sizes and only $88 🙌🏼 Shop them here: [] OR sign up with then LIKE this photo to have the links sent to your inbox

P.S. You can’t tell but this top is really really cute. It’s off the shoulder and flowy so, for me, it was love at first sight. 😍 by alyson_haley