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2014 Appreciation Post

Hey guys, I started this blog at the beginning of this year and I just wanted to say that the people I follow and the people who follow me are amazing. Thanks for putting up with me this year. I met some wonderful people here because of video games, HTTYD, PJO/HoO, TLoK, OUAT, tv shows, and awesome art so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone before 2014 ends (it’s still 2014 in California).

Anyways, here are the blogs that made my first year on tumblr amazing, and that i loved seeing, whether it was in the beginning, middle, end, or on my dash, or anywhere:

These are not in any order, sorry. (Split into segments to make it easier to read.)

ajayghalaidannabethisterrified, gamingmakesmehighanidewitt, goldenfleeces, misscomstock, missdewitts, itistimetodisappear, insertcoolpunhere, dreamwurks, lesunsinger, emmaswn, korrasami, korasami, theagentofdoom, itsthelastofus, letsgetonwithitmasterschief, elizabethcomstalker, elizabethlutece, bookerduhwitt, gayreyna,

reynasavilaramirezarellano, annabetho, annabethchasy, natesdonutshopdelsinsrowes, dantesbooty, perseass, leovaldelf, sarcasticperseus, thebrookeofdragons, septemberepisode, mgoudeys, fartcryofficial, gaiged, heartcoma, equalistmako, skyejohnsn, thestoriesoftheseven, pai-shodown, ohmykorra, ohmyhayleywilliams, hgrimm23, batcii, merryreyna, smoakandswan, walkingbomb, abigailvvalker, dorkydorian, felicitysss, conduiitz, ultrarecyclovegetarian,

dunwall, dunwalls, flyingcrowbar, felitomkinson, beallpoetic, luteces, volsungs, catnippackets, astriddaughterofathena, anxiouspineapples, azulacroft, charmspeakiing, generalkuvira, ellliewillliams, pixellpirates, aangrolls, vakarianing, electricgale, korraava, troybakerz, twdgluke, frazelnut, thataintforkids, skyphoi, fankakm, callmebooker, columbiacalling, plasmarifles, thediviision, prince-of-the-palmtrees, missdewitts, thegingermenace123, greekcamp, thelastofusconcept, wendycorduroy, discovering-gravity,

manhattansprincess hilarioushumorfromouterspaceclassykatelyn, wedontgivethatup, hatepotion, nicowantsthediangelo, that-classy-lady, joel-ellie, commandercroft, sokkascactusjuice, bbanditt, nightshcde, cookiekhaleesi, ofathena, ohdewitt, dreamsoffools, smar020, muttluver, preatoreyna, shireferhire, bobbibirdy, ilyone, yngvolcanoess, suchastart, son-of-rome, minuiko, olympusbleeds, percyyoulittleshit, andythelemon, paperseverywhere, johannathemad, evesday, paula9991133, bucket-of-nopes, radical-tsunami, myown-rabbithole, lunarchronicle,

fuck-it-joel-needs-a-car, nicodiangvlo, sexualpercyshanlightyear, themysteryofgravityfalls, fuckyeahthelastofus, sakimichan, the-official-princess-club, burdge, viria, golden-flute, moni158, sharkie-19, fenrism, saviodragon, silenabowregard, thethroneoffire, sato-mobile, s-t-o-k-e-n-s, sexualnico, polarbeardog, anakklusmos, wateryoudoingpercy, beroberos, addelburgh, alistairy, astoria-art, etheriums, importantbirds, banannabethmootiness


Also, i know i’m forgetting some people, I just don’t remember/know their usernames now, because of url changes and stuff.

(ps to the people i follow, i’m sorry for the occasional spam of notes from time to time lol)