sorry for poop quality


“I-It’s not like I missed you or anything Jedi!”

I still cannot freakin believe that CHOPPER, stone-cold assassin droid Chopper, was the crewmember to do the whole ‘stand in room of missing family member’ trope!! OMG. Chopper is total tsundere and actually likes Kanan (possibly even the whole crew lol). It is in his programming. All astromechs dream of having their very own Jedi!

I just saw Fire Across the Galaxy and I just HAVE SO MANY EMOTIONS. ARGH. I wanted to draw something to celebrate SWRebels so badly but ended up just messing everything up and now we have this poop comic. I’m sorry about the gradual decay of quality but alas the mind wants to draw comics when I’m about to sleep >_<

A new foe has appeared! CHALLENGER APPROACHING

Marth (SSB4) - cheerupcharms

(please feel free to delete all this commentary haha :) Now that the secret’s out, I can finally share this cosplay :D Here it is–Prince(ss) Marth from SSB4! I had a REALLY good time working on and wearing this cosplay, and I can’t wait to show you guys more photos of me and bravepalmtrees as Ike!