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pet rocks become all the rave at their school

Cartman: Those were the most profitable 22 minutes of my life

it is very easy for me to get entangled in the lives of my residents, which would be fine, but they are all going through so much stuff, and i feel like some days i get so entangled that they kind of drain me of my own identity and i get really overwhelmed. my top skill, probably out of all my skills, is reading and understanding people, but it’s entirely at the sacrifice of myself, and without time to recharge i get very emotionally depleted. it’s almost parasitic, except i don’t like the negative connotations of that, bc these women mean the world to me, but we have some women right now going through some exceptionally intense stuff, and i am taking on parts of all of that, and i need to step away for a minute, but i can’t

Things I think the new books could provide closure for

Spoiler warning for pretty much everything

Minor Characters

  • The last two books brought in lots of really interesting characters, and then nothing was really said about them
  • This is about several but Sharon is the best example
  • He had a really big effect on the plot and an intriguing backstory
  • Idk why I’m even trying to call him a minor character actually
  • But then he was sort of forgotten
  • Also, what happened to Melina and the blind brothers after the loop closed?
  • I mean I’m pretty sure they had their souls taken and then they probably died afterwards but still
  • The next trilogy is going to focus more on modern day peculiardom than on the past (I think) but bringing one or two characters back or having Jacob And The Gang find out what happened to them wouldn’t hurt

This turned out much longer than I anticipated lmao but there’s 3 more points bc I am Opinionated

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I have this headcanon that when Tenten told Lee she was pregnant, instead of running through the whole village shouting he is gonna be a father like she thought he would he just hugged her and told her how happy he was she later found out the he went to Neji's grave to share the wonderful news.

I’m super tired, its very late, so I’ll make the grave part later ;n; <3 (sorry)


Trust Part 2.

A/N- I’m sorry this took a long time xx 

Read Part 1 - Here

Like a rock you stood still in a flowing river of people. Your eyes bored into his deep dull ones and after all these years, they never stopped comforting you. You noticed the drastic amount of weight he lost, his face seemed to have sunken into his skull. He looked tired, worn out, sad and worst of all, dead.

“Sammy where the he- Y/N?” Dean ran up to his frozen brother with eyes full of irritation yet once they landed on what his baby brother was staring at, they softened. Your head pounding with adrenaline, and beads of sweat formed across your forehead, you weren’t prepared for this. Not today, possibly not ever. Dean pushed past his brother, ignoring your hand clutched with Troy’s and he pulled you into the most sorrowful yet comforting hug you’ve ever received. 

You pulled your hand away from Troy’s and clutched your Dean tightly around his neck. You closed your eyes from preventing the tears from falling yet a few escaped. You inhaled his familiar scent of musk and you missed the smell of home. You heard Troy cough and you pulled away from Dean with a smile reaching your eyes, a genuine smile.

 You wiped under your eyes and Dean was staring Troy down like he was a threat. You noticed the people began to clear up as rush hour seemed to stop and as your eyes travelled they landed on Sam’s again. It seemed like he never left your gaze and you couldn’t help but smile like a child at that.

“Y/N, why is he staring at me like he wants to eat me?” Troy whispered in your ears and you giggled, which caused Sam to stiffen. Nothing changed, the way you giggled or the way you stare at Troy like the way you use to stare at Sam.

“Where the hell have you been?” Dean ignored him as his expression which was once adoration now morphed into anger.

“I’m sorry i changed my number and i mov- YEAH I’VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU” Dean raised his voice and you flinched. Troy noticed and pushed you behind him .

“Hey man, look I don’t know you but don’t yell at her” Sam’s nostrils flared, who was he to hold your waist like he claimed you? His anger fueled as you grabbed his shoulder and squeezed it gently.

“I’m her best friend, who are you?” Dean being 6’1 (185cm) and Troy being 5’9 (179cm), Dean seemed pretty intimidating. Yet that didn’t stop him from being an idiot.

“I’m her boyfriend” He blurted out which made your eyes blown wide like a balloon. Your eyes quickly shot up to Sam’s hoping he didn’t hear that but he did. He looked like someone had just stabbed him in the heart, repeatedly. Dean’s eyes met yours and he had a look of disgust on his face.

“Wow” He exclaimed and you felt anger coursing through your veins, how could he have forgotten the pain you went through. You were about to yell but Dean cut you off.

“We tried reaching out, we thought you were dead. Sam was drugged that night, we took a test the next day since he kept throwing up after you left. It was a hex” that’s when you felt like your heart had been trampled on by a stampede of guilt. The lump in your throat caused your voice to break as you released a whimper. 

It took you a year to work again. It took you a year and four months to finally fall asleep for more than 4 hours. It took you a year and five months to feel emotions again. It took you a year and nine months to finally meet new people.

 But time could not help you get over Sam and knowing everything had been a lie caused you to feel sick to your stomach. Your face held an emotional wrestling match with Sam’s as his eyes begged for forgiveness and you didn’t notice Dean leaning towards you until he kissed your forehead.

“I miss you” Before he turned around he slipped something in your pocket and patted it gently. He walked to Sam and grabbed his elbow but he didn’t move, he hadn’t seen you in four years. The pain seemed to numb for a second as he saw you. Only you had the effect on him, it’s been four year but the love he felt for you never died, it grew stronger.

 Dean forcefully pulled Sam breaking him of his trance and he glared at Troy who had a curious grin on his face. He ignored him and accepted Dean’s tug. Troy pulled you along as well and the four of you went your separate ways, whether you liked it or not. 

You kept looking back and you noticed Sam did too. You couldn’t help but feel the magnetic tug on your heart and you pulled your grip out of Troy’s hands. He seemed surprised and so did Sam. He stopped when he saw your sudden halt and he was about to run to you but Troy slipped his hands into your fingers again, and with that fate had dragged you away again.

You went home straight away with Troy attached to your hip. After you called in sick to work he took you back to the house you shared. He kept quiet the entire ride and as soon as you stepped foot into the door the questions flooded.

“Who were they? Why do they look scary? Were you dating one of them? Are you okay? Why are you so quiet?” You groaned and slumped onto the couch. You remembered the thing Dean lipped into your pocket, so you pulled it out and noticed it was a card with a number on it. Probably theirs.

“What’s that?” Troy sat next to you and you sighed at the amount of questions he could ask.

“Before i answer anything, let me ask you something. Why did you say you’re my boyfriend?” This time Troy sighed and he gently held your hands.

“Because i didn’t like the way they were staring at you like they own you. They don’t Y/N, you’re your own person and I don’t like the fact that they were staring at you like you were obligated to be with them… i’m trying to say i love you, Y/N” You felt your heart freeze for a second. This is exactly what you avoided, you should listen to people when they say friends with benefits don’t work out.

“Troy” You whispered and he chuckled with regret cutting clear in his voice.

“I know you don’t love me back, i saw the way you looked at him. I’m not angry, just upset you don’t look at me like that” You wanted to cry out for him, you never wanted to hurt him. Ever, you’ve come to love him as a person and as your best friend but nothing romantic.

“I suck so damn much, I’m the fucking worst” you whispered as your hands fell onto your face. He hushed gently as his arms circled your rocking body.

“Hey no you don’t and you’re the opposite of the worst.That’s why i fell in love with you but I get it Y/N. I honestly do” You sniffled and leaned into him.

“When did you find out you loved me?” He kissed the top of your head and you wiped your nose against the back of your palm quite attractively.

“Remember that one night we came back from the block party? Yeah and we were tipsy?” You nodded. “Yeah and remember we had sex like twice? Well the second time you asked to go slow and we’ve never been slow, it was always rough and quick but it was the best sex i’ve ever had. Ever since then i couldn’t get you out of my head, Y/N. Your laugh, your weird obsession with almonds, the way you look amazing with no makeup on and sweatpants… that’s when i fell in love with you” You remembered back to the night and you gasped.

“Troy, that was a month ago” you pulled away from him and he nodded shamefully.

“Surprise, you now know my darkest secret” He joked in an attempt to crease the lines on your forehead.

“I’m sorry, Troy. You deserve someone who can give you the world” He placed his hands on the side of your head and you held them.

“I don’t want the world, I want you” You shook your head and he sighed, knowing his heart broke into two.

“I can’t… I can’t love you the way you love me… not when” You stopped midway knowing the rest of that sentence would shatter his broken heart.

“Not when you already love someone else, it’s okay Y/N. I need you to be happy, just please don’t forget me” Catching what he was saying you nodded and hugged him back.

“Just do me a favour?” He asked against the crook of your neck and you nodded furiously.

“Kiss me one last time” You pulled away and met his eyes. You didn’t answer him as you shut your eyes and leaned forwards. You couldn’t decline him, it felt to wrong too. So you met your lips with his, it was sad, desperate and he was pouring everything he had into it. You felt your lips move against his and he pulled you on top of him. 

Ever since Dean told you about Sam you felt guilty, so guilty to the point where even this felt like you were cheating on him but the sad truth was he wasn’t yours.A few minutes later he pulled away and rested your forehead on yours.

“He’s the most luckiest bastard in the entire world” He whispered before he gently pushed you off and walked out the house. You bit your lip and obbed deeper into your hands.You felt like a piece of worthless trash but you couldnt help it. 

You can’t control your heart which was currently telling you to message Dean. So you ignored your brain and pulled out your phone. You typed the number on the card into your phone and began writing a new text.

To: xxx xxxx xxxx

Dean, it’s me, Y/N. I need to see you, both of you. I’m so sorry, i’m so fucking sorry. I messed up but please let me see you guys.. I miss you so much, i still love you, the both of you.

I’m sorry

You quickly saved his number and it wasn’t even a minute later until your phone buzzed, indicating you had a reply.

From: Dean. W

I’ve been waiting years to hear you say that. I’m sorry for not finding you harder, i fucking miss you so much. Sam…. sam still… i’ll let him explain that to you. We’re staying at the Blue Moon, room number 212. Come as soon as you can please. Come now and bring your things. Come home.

You picked up your keys that laid in front of you and you quickly ran to your room. grabbing your overnight stay bag you’ve previously packed for emergencies and you ran to your car. 

You threw everything inside and you looked at yourself in the mirror. You hadn’t noticed the smile on your face which made the previous situation less painful. Though all you could think was, get ready world, you were coming home.

I will never understand how people can crap talk Pokemon GO as being dumb, stupid or childish.
I spent 3-4 some hours today walking, chatting, seeing TONS people help each other out, families of parents and kids playing GO together all getting along and having a good evening out. 

When someone caught a rare Pokemon people would cheer them on or give high fives or make playful jabs at being jealous, it rained a while so everyone huddled under cover and chatted with people they never knew while joking and laughing. 

The fad of Pokemon GO might die in a few weeks who knows, but all I know is the kindness, the interactions and people actually getting out and exercising this past week has been outstanding and if you legit have something against the game that for the most part has done nothing but good i’m sorry for whatever rock you must live under to be so ignorant.

Also if its childish who gives a crap? The world us adults have to live in right now SUCKS. If we wanna spend some time out of our days (By which most probably don’t have much free time to begin with) playing something fun, getting a work out and forgetting how crappy life can be then i’m gonna be as childish as I want.

Learn to have fun, and if you don’t want too at least have the decency to not ruin it for anyone else.