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So I decided that I should update you after my post about being upset. I’m sorry if I worried any of you guys or brought you down. I felt like I should explain what it was that happened and get my thoughts out. 

So here’s what happened. 

I was talking to someone close to me (I won’t say who) about the tattoo I’m thinking of getting. I was discouraged because of the Septiceye Sam, as I will apparently regret it in the future. I explained why it means so much to me, and why it will always have a special place in my heart, but still it didn’t convince them. I was still told that it was a stupid idea, and that I was stupid for even considering it.

But it went beyond that. They couldn’t understand why Jack is my hero. They seemed to find it strange that someone I didn’t know meant so much to me. They think that others might too and even put some people off me. For example, they believe that any future boyfriend might be threatened by it. But you know what, anyone who really loved me wouldn’t see it like that, would take the time to understand and would love me regardless of what tattoos I didn’t or didn’t have.

I tried so hard to explain it, though, because I desperately wanted them to understand. Because Jack has honestly done so much for me. And I want them to be happy about that. But no matter how hard I tried, they weren’t convinced and things escalated.

And it caused us to fall out. I hate falling out with people, I hate fighting, so that’s what made me so upset. 

But do you know what? 

You know what cheered me up in the end? 


So this just convinced me even more that I want that particular tattoo. So they achieved the opposite of what they wanted, because I now I want it even more than when they spoke to me. 

I’m not gonna let someone else’s opinion, no matter how close to me they are, change my mind about what I want to do! At the end of the day, I’m an adult, and it’s my body. But not only that, it’s been thought through. I would understand if it was something not very meaningful, something I hadn’t really put a lot of thought into… but that’s not the case. Whether they understand it or not, it means a lot to me. 

So nothing will stop me getting it. 

And hopefully one day I will be able to show @therealjacksepticeye in person, to show just how much he - and the community - means to me and how much of a positive impact he, and you guys, have had on my life.

Realisation (Steve Rogers x reader) (Part 1)

HeroesOfOlympus: Heyyy y'all! I’m so sorry I haven’t updated in such a long time. I’ve been writing a few fanfics which require me to ‘study’ the scenes/copy down what the characters say. So, this part is short but the next part will be longer.

Description: Set during Civil War, Steve and Sharon kiss and you feel heartbroken. Despite feeling sad, you continue to fight during the airport battle and saved James Rhodes’ life, resulting in you getting tranquillised by Tony. (This is only part 1′s description)

Reader Gender: Female

Characters/Ships: Steve Rogers x reader, Sharon Carter, Tony Stark, James Rhodes, mention of Peggy Carter

Rating: PG

Warnings: Uh… Nothing?

Tears threatened to spill down your cheeks as you watched the scene unfolding in front of you. The tears welled up in your eyes before trickling down your face, blurring your vision and making everything around you a blotch of colours.

In the centre of it all was none other than Steve Rogers, the Blonde super soldier in charge of the Avengers. He was currently lip locked with Sharon Carter and you felt you heart breaking into a million pieces. 

His muscular arms were wrapped around her waist and her hands cupped his cheeks, their lips pressed against each other’s. You watched with a tear strickened face as they pulled apart, their foreheads resting against each other’s and their eyes slowly fluttering open, wide grins on their faces.

“You okay Y/N?” Sam turned around, taking your hand and giving it a tight squeeze with a sad smile on his face. You bit your lip as Bucky looked at you in concern, a sigh coming from him. 

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March Motivation

I’m the worst and I keep forgetting to post this (sorry @rycolfan!!) but March has been a super great writing month for me so far. I’m about 800 words shy of 10k on my ofic project, and that plus 3k words of micro fics, almost 6k words worth of birthday fics from the beginning of the month, and 1k words on one of my Pinto WIPs puts me at around 20k so far for the month. I don’t think I’ve written this much in quite a while, and I’m kind of freaking out. In a good way. 

My goal for the last three days of this month is to hit that 10k on ofic and mayybbee finish the second chapter of this Pinto project, but the latter will probably be a stretch. We’ll see how it goes! At any rate, I’m not willing to declare that I’ve got my groove back, but I’m certainly feeling way groovier than I was a few months ago.

Fandoms List!

So this has been long coming. I thought i would update this for all those who keep sending me the wrong fandoms or asking, because I feel bad not having this available for you guys. As well, as I have found new interests and some have changed, so please view this before making a request!

TV Shows:

  • The 100 ~ all characters
  • Riverdale ~ all characters
  • The Walking Dead ~ all characters except for Daryl (sorry just don’t like him :/)
  • Game of Thrones ~ all characters


  • Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts ~ all characters
  • Spiderman (all three) ~ all characters


  • Dan Howell
  • Phil Lester
  • KickthePJ
  • RHPC (everyone)
  • Smosh (everyone)


  • Cole Sprouse
  • KJ Apa
  • Lili Reinhart
  • Camila Mendes
  • Steven Yeun
  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Lauren Cohan

These Fandoms, Characters, Actors and Youtubers are all that are acceptable. This is for ships, would includes, preferences, imagines and headcanons. Please send in your requests!

anonymous asked:

ok so just dropping by to say that "the boy who wasnt scared to love but to be loved in return" is literally golden its my fav skam fic and i check that shit religiously like every day to see if you updated which is why im writing this to ask when it will be updated again? even if its like the last chapter i dont even care ill reread it 800x!! im excited to read your other one i just havent had the time yet,,, anyways this is rambling nonsense just wanted to pop in and say i love it thank u <3

ahhhh hello beautiful human being!!!

i’m hoping to get the next chapter out soon, i’m thinking before the end of the week??? if all goes well??

i’m so sorry it’s been so long!! i feel so bad omg it’s just been difficult writing the angst and Even being sad and i’ve been so caught up in the other fic!! honestly i’m so shit at balancing things oh my lord



A messy little comic where a discovery is made (and the masses eat it up).

Part 2

I told you I would return lol 

Fantasy Iwaoi


The Final Countdown

Request: Hi!! I was wondering if you could do one with either Dan + Reader or Phil + Reader about that story that goes around tumblr about how you have timers on yourself (I think your wrist?) that count down the months, days, hours, and seconds until you meet your soulmate, maybe when they meet at a meet and greet?? Thanks!! :D 

Pairing: Dan x Reader (I might do a Phil one in the future based of this sort of request, but I’m already working on one for him so I figured I’d write one for Dan too :)

Warnings: Literally none, other than the fact that this is probably terrible writing. 


47 days, 12 hours, 5 minutes, and 26 seconds. The arrangement of numbers blinked back at you from their place on your wrist. They were supposedly there to tell you how long it will be until you meet your soulmate, but in all honesty they were just stressing you out more than anything right then.

You pulled a baggy sweater on over your head, watching as the fabric ate away the little blinking numbers. And then you were just Y/N. Awkward, socially stunted, nerdy Y/N, minus all that soul mate business. Funny how a little chip of metal could start to alter all of that. 

You pushed a bagel down into the toaster, making a mental note to yourself to actually pull it out before it ended up burning like the last few ties. And then  moved on to your coffee, realizing way too late that you had ever so conveniently forgotten to pick up coffee rounds at the store (again) and were stuck with one of the little packs of instant coffee that you had saved specifically for this sort of occasion. You pulled your mug, the white one with little cat whiskers at the top of it, from the cupboard. 

After filling it with water and sticking it in the microwave for the right amount of time, you did what a good Samaritan, such as yourself, should have done and started to respond to emails- that is until a little notification popped up saying that Danisnotonfire had uploaded a new video. 

It’s not like you could actually be expected to do something productive when there was a brand new YouTube video to watch. And so that’s how you spent the next four minutes of your life (and also how you managed to burn your third bagel that week).


10 days, 1 hours, 52 minutes, and 8 seconds. Over-sized hoodies, sweatshirts, and really just anything with long sleeves became your go-to outfits of choice . Your timer had gotten you panicked over the past few days, the continuously dropping numbers starting to make your anxiety rear its ugly head. 

You were grabbing groceries, your earbuds loudly playing Fall Out Boy as you went along, throwing bread, eggs, and Oreos in to your cart. on second thought you tossed in a pack of Mac N’ Cheese too. A dinner for champions, really. 


5 days, 6 hours, 12 minutes, and 26 seconds. You’ve never been this stressed. Not even when you had to do speeches back in secondary school. Your fingers curled and uncurled around your mug of tea. It was probably cold now at that point, as it had been sitting on the table for a good twenty minutes, but you drank it anyhow. The TV played an old rerun of Friends, a marathon most likely, and you took a few deep breaths, trying to focus on the show.


1 day, 4 hours, 20 minutes, 14 seconds. You were ecstatic, you had actually managed to briefly push the thought of soulmates out of your mind. You were meeting Dan and Phil tomorrow. The Dan and Phil. 

You quickly poured food in to your cat’s bowl, sitting down on the floor next to her as she ate. 

“It’s freaking tomorrow. Holy crap. I’m so nervous,” You said aloud to yourself. “Or maybe I’m excited. I have no idea.”

You purposely kept your wrist down, averting your eyes from the numbers. The last thing you needed was more reason to be anxious. 


0 days, 0 hours, 10 minutes, 51 seconds. You were there. You were actually there. In the same building as Dan and Phil, surrounded by some of the most wonderful people you’d ever met. The entire idea of timers and soulmates was wiped from your head, and you let yourself laugh with the others in your group as a sweet girl named Eden made a joke. 

“What do you think they’re like? Dan and Phil I mean,”Kathrine, the girl standing next to you asked to no one in particular, looking around as she spoke. 

“Tall,” Another girl answered with a laugh, and a few others agreed. 

“Nerdy,” Someone from the back of the group quipped. 

“Nice, I’m sure,”Added the boy to your right, whom you’d helped draw whiskers on earlier. You nodded in agreement. They would be overly nice, surely.


0 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes, 40 seconds. Dan and Phil gave you a matching a set of grins, and you smiled back so hard it hurt. You gave Phil a hug first. And told him you were doing very well when he asked you how you were. 

You gave Dan a hug next and before you could stress out about the fact that you were nearly crying on your favorite Youtubers, you heard a soft beeping and felt a strange tingling sensation in your wrist. 

He must’ve heard it too as he pulled away quickly, staring down at you with wide brown eyes as he gently pulled up his sleeve, his timer blinking up at the two of you. His blank timer blinking up at the two of you. 

You mirrored his actions, tugging your sleeve up far too slowly before coming coming face-to-face with dashes rather than numbers. Your heart beat ten times faster than normal and your stomach was filled with butterflies as you looked back up to him. 

“It’s you,” He said, a massive grin on his face.


170314 // Hii guys 😗 sorry for being absent for such a long time, so here’s a little update: Semester started three weeks ago and somehow I’m already overwhelmed - BUT I’m getting the hang of it thanks to stable routines, bullet journaling and a good balance of work and life 🤗🤗

So here are some snaps of my daily logs (which I tried for the first time, I always do weekly ones) and some handwritten lecture notes.
Happy journaling everyone ❤


i have no clever excuse, sorry. my interests just shifted and i didnt feel up to drawing this. i increased the quality because i wanted it to be prettier but really just made extra work for myself.


getting into a color change next update ^^ im so tired of this purple tbh 





Mystic Messenger Stickers { 4 / 7}

Yoosung Kim || ★ || LOLOL Gamer


kyungsoo’s blind (inspired by hyung) and a virgin. his girlfriend decides it’s finally time for him to lose his virginity. idk what i was thinking. enjoy.

[blow job + smut + dirty talk]

His hand clenched the seat under him tightly, his adam’s apple bobbing as he struggled to swallow.

You opened your mouth wider to take more of him inside, his cock throbbing on your tongue as you forced it down your throat. You hummed and had to contain the smile that threatened to break across your face as you heard him choke. You slowly pulled back and nipped at the tip before letting the tip of your tongue press into the slit. His hips bucked as he let out a sob.

“Do you like that?” you asked, holding the base of him tightly as you wait for an answer.

He nodded vigorously, his hands shaking.

You licked the underside of his cock, paying the vein there extra attention. “It’s so big.” you praised, watching as precum dripped from the slit, and took him down your throat again.

“I-I’m going to..” he gasped, his knuckles white from holding onto the chair’s handles so tightly.

Immediately, you stopped and moved away.

“Please,” he begged, his hips bucking as his cock twitched. He opened his eyes, though it made no difference as he couldn’t see either way. His hand moved through the air but as luck would have it his attempts were futile.

You watched him from a few feet away as you completely removed the dress from your body.

He sat perfectly still, his every sense buzzing as he waited for something, anything, that could be used to his advantage. “Please.”

You slowly walked over to him, your hand roughly tugging his head back with his hair, “Be a good boy.” you chastised. You carefully straddle his thighs, purposely rubbing yourself against his cock. You brought your lips to his collarbones and suckled the tender skin there, “You didn’t think I’d let you come so easily,” you aligned him with your entrance, “did you?” you slid all the way down until your thighs were pressed firmly against his.

His hips involuntarily bucked up into yours, the tight warmth and wetness around his cock almost unbearable.

You leaned down to nip at the lobe of his left ear, “Aren’t you going to fuck me?” you circle your hips, feeling him enter you deeper, “I want you to fuck me,” you pleaded, moving down to his neck to lick the prominent vein there, “please, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

What happened next was a blur; one second you were straddling him and the next you found yourself pressed into the carpet beneath, his hips pistoning in and out of you at a speed you had thought him incapable of reaching. All you could hear were his ragged breaths in your ear as his cock continuously brushed against the spot inside you that had you seeing stars, and your own cries of pleasure.

He lifted one of your legs higher which, as if it were even possible, allowed his cock to hit you deeper, making you cry louder from the overwhelming pleasure. Too soon you felt your orgasm encompass you, causing your back to arch and your body to tremble. You unconsciously pulled him closer to you as you rode your high.

Gently, you ran your fingers through his hair and tightened yourself around him, smiling when you heard him groan, “Aren’t you going to come inside me?” you asked, your voice soft in his ear, “Fill me up.” he let out a strangled moan at that.

You pushed him back enough so you could press your lips against his own plush ones, “I want it, please, Kyungsoo,” you begged, your lips ghosting over his. Suddenly he froze, his cock pressed deep inside of you, and came with a whimper as he released himself inside of you.

You comb his hair as his hips continue to stutter and his breaths come out in pants, “I love you,” you whisper and kiss his nose, which somehow makes his ears turn a darker shade of red.

“I love you too.”

Irene Belserion aka Scarlet Despair


Sorry for not updating for a very (VERY) long time (ive been busy w/my freelance gigs and re-doing my portfolio)! But I decided to do fanart of Irene (cz who doesn’t love evil witch mom)

I’ll try to upload fanart as much as i can (if I can get free time obviously) but do enjoy this fanart of my favorite…..character (sweats)

Also send me a lot of requests—!!! I’ll prob pick my fave from the request batch but send me a lot so that I can draw more during my free time