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I'm not sure that criminal made Georgetown law professor is really a case of white privilege. I read the article, and it explains how he conducted research, read extensively and argued for a prisoner's case at a Supreme Court judge - the odds which are estimated as 10,000 to 1. He wrote and wrote for dozens of prisoners during his stint in prison, working 12 hours a day. Therefore he had the knowledge to pass the bar and eventually Georgetown. He worked for it. His privilege did not grant it.


Except yes, his privilege really did grant his freedom.

While I believe, that certain types of prisoners who receive certain types of sentences to jail do deserve a second chance at life, you do understand why Black people and other POC are angry, don’t you? Because Black+PoC people are rarely granted those second chances by the legal system.

So many of our people receive a disproportionate amount of jail time for more petty offenses, and a lot of our people don’t even make it to jail due to police being violently racist. Even if they DO make it to jail, usually the legal system will turn a blind eye, as there is such a thing as prisoners that are held indefinitely so they’re in jail (for basically time served???) without even having a trial yet.

Then, on top of that, add to the fact that this guy essentially became a self taught law professor, AND his situation is being glorified by the media, when the media can’t even praise a heroic Black (or other POC) person with a “troubled past” without bringing up their past offenses or using a mug shot instead of a flattering picture like their white counterparts get.

In the media, white people get to be portrayed as these vulnerable waifs even when they’ve committed the most heinous offenses like murder or rape, with excuses like “boys will be boys” or “she was a promising athlete who was going to attend Harvard” or other bullshit like that, and get their prettiest facebook photo posted on the news for all to view, so that they can be sympathized with.

And this guy’s history was of robbing banks, so???

YES, he worked hard, but his PRIVILEGE GRANTED HIM THE OPPORTUNITIES TO DEFEND HIMSELF TO BEGIN WITH, and his privilege is allowing him to be glorified for it.

  • Obi: Haha, hey do you guys dare me to kiss Kiki?
  • Zen & Mitsuhide: No.
  • Obi: <b>*Shakes head and chuckles*</b> I can't believe you guys are making me do this.
  • Zen & Mitsuhide: We're not.
  • Obi: <b>*Walks up to Kiki*</b> This is so wild you guys, you're so fucked up for making me do this.
  • Shiro: Honey, where's my Paladin armour?
  • Allura: W-H-Y do you need to know?
  • Shiro: We need to form Voltron!
  • Allura: Uh-uh, don't you think about running off to do no daring-do, we've been planning this dinner for two months!
  • Shiro: The galaxy is in danger!
  • Allura: My evening is in danger!
  • Shiro: Tell me where my armour is, Princess! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Allura: Greater good? I am your WIFE. I'm the greatest good you're ever gonna get!
  • Wolverine: I've only had Laura for 24 hours, but if anything happened to her I would kill everyone on this planet and then myself.
  • Keith: You're so dramatic!
  • Lance, with a rose between his lips, throwing glitter around, dressed in evening wear during the day, draping himself across a piano: I have no idea what you're talking about