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If your still taking ideas maybe the dialogue "You are loved." And "I'll do whatever it takes to make you happy." From the dialogue prompts you posted. Polyamsanders is the preference but if that makes you uncomfortable i also love Prinxiety and Logicality Only if you want to I'd course don't force yourself. Also I've heard life's hard. I'm sorry about that fam and if it means anything your one of my fave authors in the fandom!

“You are loved.”


I’m sorry this and the other three have taken so long. I dont have an excuse I’m just useless. Also I love polysanders. It’s okay, I hope my day off will help that and im glad you like my writing!!! Trigger warning: self harm and self hatred


“I think we should break up,” Virgil blurts out, their all sitting at the table when he says it. All of their heads snap up.

“Well I mean I think you all should break up with me not like we all should break up, it’s just about me,” Virgil rambles panicking.

“Wh-why?” Patton asked eyes wide and filled with tears, “Did we-did we do something?”

“No, it’s- it’s me. You did-you didn’t do anything wrong. I prom- I promise,” he said spitting it out in a rapid fire panicked way.

“Can you tell us what changed?” Logan asked calmly getting up from the table and kneeling in front of Virgil, gently taking his hands.

“Nothing,” Virgil said jerking his hands away, “I never deserved you, I just need to stop being selfish about it.

“What do you mean?” Roman asked getting up and going to stand next to Logan.

Virgil pushed his chair back, “Stop I don’t- I don’t stop please,” he said scrambling so frantically back that he almost tipped the chair.

Logan stood and took a step back, “Okay look, were not going to crowd you. It’s okay,” Logan said holding his hands up.

Virgil got up and scrambled to his room. Patton stood as if to follow.

“Wait,” Logan said taking his hand to stop him from going.

“He doesn’t think he deserves us,” Patton says.

“I know,” Logan says.

“Then how can you not let me go,” Patton said trying to sound angry but just coming out sad, scared, broken.

“He needs space,” Logan said.

“Spectacles is right,” Roman said, “We got too close and he panicked, ran, if we go now we will just drive him further. We will go to him, comfort him, later but right now he needs space. He needs us to give him space.”

Patton just looked on wide eyed and frightened, “I don’t know what to do.”

“It’s okay well figure this out together. None of us are alone in this,” Roman said.

Patton let out a broken sob and wrapped his arms around himself.

“Oh honey,” Roman said gently picking him up. Patton wrapped his arms around his neck, his legs around his waist, and buried his face in the side of his neck sobbing and clinging to roman like his life depended on it, “It’s okay. Well figure this out,” Logan was gently rubbing his back and trying to soothe him the best he could.

“Let’s go to bed dear, we shall deal with it in the morning,” Logan said.

“Okay,” Patton said sniffling nodding into Patton’s neck.


Virgil sprinted back to his room barely closing and locking the door before collapsing next to his bed. He didn’t deserve them, he thought his mind racing. He deserved to be alone and unloved. He didn’t deserve beautiful, bright Patton who had a smile who lit up the entire room. He didn’t deserve Logan who was smart and kind and not the best with feelings but he always knew how to help Virgil, what facts to use to help him calm down. He didn’t deserve Roman with his heart of gold and ability to make Virgil feel safe in a way no one else was able too. He didn’t deserve them. He thought as he dug his nails deeper into his skin.


The next morning, they woke up in the neutral room Patton was the first awake and the fact that Virgil wasn’t there hit him like a freight train a broken sob left his mouth. He slammed his hand over his mouth and sobbed into his hand trying not to wake the others. He crawled out of the bottom of the bed so he didn’t wake up the two men to his left and right. In that moment he made a decision. He stood off the floor and headed to Virgil’s room.


Virgil hadn’t slept, anytime he closed his eyes he saw the hurt and betrayed looks on the other sides faces. He couldn’t get the image of Patton crying out of his head. What had he done? He had makeup streaks down his face and his face was puffy. He had long bloody streaks on his arms and his fingernails were caked in blood. He was hurt and sad and he felt so alone. He regretted doing it, he wishes he had just been selfish and stayed. He wished they would hold him and comfort him but he had ruined that, just like he ruined everything. He sobbed barely breathing chest convulsing, thoughts flying rapidly around the room.

Suddenly someone banged on my door, “Virgil let me in.”

“Go away Patton,” Virgil said voice shaking.

“I’ll sink in if I have too. Open the door,” Patton said half begging half demanding.

Virgil drug himself up and opened the door half hidden behind it hiding his arms, knowing Patton would feel guilty.

Patton was having none of it and he shoved open the door almost knocking Virgil over before declaring, “You are loved.”

“W-what?” Virgil stuttered.

“We love you. I don’t care if you think you’re being selfish or whatever you have convinced yourself you are doing because we love you. This isn’t pity or fear that you’ll leave Thomas or whatever you think it is because we love you. So, if you want out because you want out and not because you think you don’t deserve us or that well be better off without you then we’ll respect that but if you’re leaving to help us or whatever then stop because that isn’t what it will do. We love you, we care about you. We want you around so I’m going to ask once and then I will respect it. Do you want to break up with us because you want too?”

“No,” it came out broken and strangled and he practically collapsed into Patton’s arms when he said it sobbing and clinging to Patton. Patton held him and rocked them both stroking his back gently and making soft soothing noises through his tears.

“It will be okay, Verge. It will all be okay,” Patton murmured scooping him up already feeling the room affecting him and carrying him to hall. He shut the door and sat on the floor putting Virgil in his lap. He held onto him as Virgil grabbed fistfuls of his shirt and sobbed just repeating he was sorry over and over again.

Patton looked up when a hand landed on his shoulder. Logan sat across from Patton their knees touching and reached out to take Virgil. Patton slowly began to take Virgil’s hands off his shirt so he could hand him over to Logan.

Virgil panicked the minute Patton started to pull away, “I’m sorry don’t leave. I’m sorry,” he scrambled to grab at Patton.

Logan took him quickly, “Virgil, Virgil calm down its okay,” He said stroking his hair, “Patton’s just going to get Roman. It is okay we are not leaving you it’s okay Virgil. Just try to breathe,” Logan said rocking him.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil said breathing stuttered.

“I know love, do you want to go to the neutral room with Patton and Roman, instead of them coming here,” Logan asked calmly. Virgil nodded burying his face in Logan’s chest. Logan picked him up and carried him to where Patton and Roman were talking. They both stopped when the two entered the room.

“We figured it would be best if we come here,” Logan explained as he set Virgil on the bed.

He slid away from them before saying, “Are you mad at me?”

The others are shocked and Roman is the first to speak sliding up to Virgil’s side and placing an arm around his waist, “We aren’t mad love.”

“I would be,” Virgil said.

“You were scared and had decided that it would be best if you left none of us can blame you for what you are the embodiment of,” Logan said sitting on the other side of Virgil and placing his arm around his shoulder.

“We care about you Virgil,” Patton said kneeling behind him and draping his arms over his shoulder and pressing his front to Virgil’s back, “We won’t be angry for this”

“Thank you,” Virgil said practically melting into their touch, “I love you guys so much.”

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Can I prompt you to make a scenario where Mc uses the taser saeyoung gave ( from the valentines dlc), you can choose if it's angst or fluff either way I love your writing so I won't mind. I hope you have a great day! And thanks so much for all the amazing things you wrote, they really help me after a long tiring day.

right as I posted this I finally figured out what you were requesting omg im so sorry I thought you meant using it on Saeyoung. MC is still using it tho, so..      -Green



-you were getting so frustrated guys u couldn’t handle it anymore

-Saeyoung kept trying to scare you as much as possible. Jumping out of hallways, grabbing your ankle from under the bed and trying to legit p u l l  you under, making all the lights in the bunker go out, anything he could

-you were getting so antsy and just waiting for his next attack , you were so tense

-you had the taser with you pretty much all the time, just in a pocket like it was the most casual thing in the world

-It was later in the evening when he did it again

-you were unsuspecting but still tense, when all the sudden someone grabbed you while you were passing a linen closet and dragged you inside

-you PANICKED and totally forgot it was only you and Saeyoung in the bunker so you just,, 

-did a 180 and tazed that fucker right in the ribs

-and then suddenly U BOTH WERE SCREAMING BC

- “OMG ____ OWWW WHYyYyy”


-you felt SO bad you immediately dropped down to your knees next to him and started to sob bc did you just murder your boyfriend????? oh g o d 

-luckily it was barely a taze and he was fine, just a little ,, s h o ck e d 

-heuheuh lol

-afterwards he promised to stop the scares and you two cuddled all day after that because you were still scared that you accidentally hurt ur baby

-Saeyoung secretly loves it and is glad bc he’s a slut for attention from you and now you won’t stop kissing him every 2 minutes so he feels FInE 

-the best way a plan could fail, he thinks

Period Emergency Kit

Originally posted by atravelgirl

Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader

Summary: Grant understanding his girlfriend’s monthly problems.

Word count: 1.004

A/N: Just another shot, full of fluff and sweet things. I hope you like it.
I am sorry if I haven’t post anything in these previous days, I’ve been busy and my holidays are over soon. I have lots of home work to do. I am writing my pending requests in my ask too and I excuse myself if I am taking so long to post them. I am really sorry, hope you understand my struggles.

- G. x

Warning: (Y/F/D/F) is Your Favourite Disney Film and (Y/H/C) is Your Hair Colour.

It was your week of the month and your monthly visitor has arrived when you least expected it, your menstrual cycle wasn’t always regular so you never knew it when you’ll start to bleed.

Unfortunately, you were at work and you had too much stuff to do: finish your photoshoot, go to your meeting with your managers and go on a date with your loyal and precious boyfriend, Grant Gustin. He was as busy as you did and he had some shootings to finish for the Flash’s new episodes and he had some crossovers with Stephen and Melissa too.

You just had too much work to do and you tried to finish everything while you’re bearing with your stomach cramps and back ache. At the end, it’s always like this. You have to bear every pain in your life.

You thought that being a famous model with period cramps was the worst thing that could ever happen to you. You are suffering, but still you have to smile and be serious, pretending that nothing is happening inside you.

In short words, emotionally you’re fine, but physically you’re bruised.

You were lucky to have some little breaks and you somehow had a chance to put a hot water bottle on your stomach to relieve the pain for a little while.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Your manager, Laurent, has asked you as he noticed that you were curled up like a ball on the couch of your changing room.

“Laurent,” You bit your lip as the cramp came back again and the sting this time is worse than the ones you had before. “it’s just some girly things.”

“Oh, do you want to go home directly after your photoshoots?” He suggested and your eyes grew wide as you heard his proposal. Laurent always cared for your health and safety, you knew that it wasn’t a problem for him.

“Yes, please.” You nodded repeatedly and he typed a message on his phone, as if he was informing someone.

After that conversation with Laurent, you had your last shots and then he brought you back home. You thanked him so much for understanding your situation and he told you to get better soon.

As you arrived home, you quickly plopped yourself into your comfortable black couch and curled yourself in a ball, trying to ease the pain for millionth time now. As you waited for the pain to go away, you let your eyes shut close and you drifted in your sleep in a jiffy.

You were roaming in your dream world as you felt a kiss on your forehead, followed by a sweet and gentle caress. You slowly opened your eyes and it revealed you your boyfriend’s handsome face, two green beautiful eyes staring at you.

“Grant.” You called his name groggily, still feeling tired and sleepy.

“Good evening, baby.” He smiled at you and you gave him a weak smile. “Do you still have your period cramps?” Laurent informed him surely.

“Just a little bit.” He put his warm right hand on your abdomen and he touched it lightly. He left his sweet touch and you slightly felt better. “Thank you, babe.”

“No problem.” He then stood up and he got your favourite soft blankets. He tucked the blankets in your body, assuring himself that you wouldn’t be cold. “Hang in there, love. I’ll just get you something.”

“Alright.” You smiled at your boyfriend’s sweet gesture. He knows how to be emphatic and he understands what you’re going through, he may never experience it, but he knows the pain.

You waited for him and he got back with a personalized big shoe box in his hand. You slowly sat up, still covering your body with the blanket. He sat beside you and he gave you the box.

“Thank you?” You said confused. You opened the box and your eyes widened in surprise and excitement. You quickly kissed Grant on his cheek. He looked at you and he smiled widely for your reaction, he admired you for your childish but cute reaction. He loves you so much whenever you act like that, because it means that you’re really happy during that moment.

You quickly rummaged into the box and looked at its contents. There were different Disney films, obviously, your favourite was one of them, some junk food to satisfy your cravings, some dark chocolate bars for your cramps, a heating pad, a bottle full of pain relievers, some pads and tampons if you ever run out of them.

“Thank you, love.” You exclaimed happily. You hugged him and put the box on the huge glass centre table.
“I am happy that you liked it.” He pressed a kiss on your lips.

“Of course, I do.” You nodded. “I appreciate everything that you do.”

“Aw,” he was flattered for your sweet words. “thank you.”

“No,” you shook your head. “thanks to the best boyfriend in this world and that’s you.”

“Bluffer.” You both laughed loudly. “So, cooking’s on me tonight and then we’re having a lazy night.”

“Yes, please.” You clapped your hands for happiness. It makes you happy whenever Grant cooks for you, even though he always leaves a massive mess in the kitchen. “Thanks.”

“So, what Disney film are we watching tonight?” He asked even though he knew perfectly which your answer was.

“(Y/F/D/F), of course. What a question to ask!” You answered it as if the answer was really obvious.

“I had no doubts.” He winked as he leant in to give you a sweet and passionate kiss.

“I love you.” You whispered in his ear when you both broke the kiss.

“I love you more, baby.” He hugged you tight as he played with your (Y/H/C) hair.

You were so happy to have Grant in your life and you thank him for being by your side whenever you need him the most. He may not be a superhero like The Flash, but for you he’ll be a superhuman and you thank him for that.

i can almost guarantee that sabo will have a pretty decent role in the final war of one piece and that means he’d have to work together with luffy AND IF I KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ANYTHING I BET U ACE IS GONNA BE SHOWN GIVING THEM MOTIVATION FROM THE AFTERLIFE 

Paladins+Lotor x trans bou

REQUEST: HC about the paladins (and lotor if you want.) with a trans male s/o that kinda doubts his masculinity

A/N: I can really relate to this because who actually understands gender? Like, I have had a low-key hard time with doubting of my more masculine ways(I’m non-binary but more masculine) and this kinda hit close to home. Also, I am very sorry for the lack of updates as of lately, more homework than expected And try to stay away from certain things like tumblr. I’m also posting this via phone so the structure may be weird


Originally posted by babsignal

-Will buy anything and everything to make sure his boyfriend feels masculine. No questions asked.

- Want chest binders? Great here’s one for every day of the galra year. A planet? Great here is the one with the supposedly toughest army. Only the best for his boyfriend.

-Pays for everything medical wise.

-Will fight anyone if they even question his boyfriend’s masculinity. They’d be in a worse condition if they caused him to doubt his masculinity.

-Worships his s/o if they don’t feel masculine that day.


Originally posted by goghbach

-Will throw hands with anyone who says anything transphobic towards his s/o. Especially if they were the ones who made you doubt your masculinity.

-He wants to make his s/o feel better he really does, but emotions aren’t his strong suit. So he tries his best to make them feel masculine.

-He does research because he doesn’t know how to treat him.

-But once he knows what to do he’s so helpful.

-If his boyfriend tries to bind his chest with ace bandages(don’t do that doesn’t work, trust me I tried) and at first he’s like “ok”

-But after doing a little bit of research for a chest binder, he finds out you’re not supposed to do that and that it can really harm your insides. And he’s so pissed.

-And he buys his boyfriend like five just to hope his boyfriend doesn’t do that again.


Originally posted by duckydrawsart

-I feel like he;d be the second best to have around during times when you’re feeling not as masculine as you’d hope to be. Especially because he is the embodiment of masculinity.

-Does everything in his power to make him feel good.

- Buys his boyfriend a chest binder and a haircut and new clothes and cologne. And any other thing he can think of to make sure his s/o feels better about themself.

-If they wanna you know have his muscle, he tries to help. Can’t promise anything. Especially if he hasn’t taken his testosterone shots. But he tries.

-Tries to use compliments that are usually used for boys.


Originally posted by pan-voltron

-Hunk is the first best to have around during times of not feeling masculine. Like no doubt. Fight me on this.

- I feel like Hunk would try and help them seem more physically masculine. Like, there are some foods that can lower ones estrogen and increase testosterone. And he knows about every single one of them.

-He’s a very supportive person in general and really wants his boyfriend to be happy with himself.

-Talks his s/o through moments of dysphoria.

-I feel like he’d talk a big talk while doing so too. “Y/n, I swear I will buy you ten chest binders.” Which he does. But over the span of a while because one binder can be up to thirty bucks


Originally posted by aerinah

-Compliments, my friend Lots and lots of compliments.

- “Now please direct your attention to my handsome boyfriend. He is very handsome.”

-Once someone said something transphobic and he fought them. Like hand to hand. Lance likes to think he won.(weather he did or not I’ll let you decide.)

-Buys his s/o more masculine clothes. Like a lot.

-Let’s say the two to you went to pride and were walking down the street and Lance sees the best shirt. It’s (favorite color) with it reading mighty=trans. And he wants to buy you like seven. He doesn’t.

-But he buys you one and buys himself a blue shirt one that says Mighty=Bisexual with. And wears it with pride.(yes I have one. But mine says mighty=queer)

-He really tries his best to show him he loves his s/o trans or not. If that doesn’t work he tries to work him through the dysphoria.


Originally posted by matthewholts

-Tries to help him feel more masculine. Like, she had to pretend to be a boy for a while, I think Pidge knows a thing for at least pretending to be masculine.

-Tries her best to help her s/o feel masculine.

- And she may not be the most emotionally driven person, but Pidge tries her hardest.

-I feel like she’d be the type of person who corrects a person when they need up with pronouns. And if she isn’t there rover is.

- “Y/n isn’t a she it’s a he.”

-she doesn’t tell her s/o that she programmed the rover to do so. And when it just speaks her s/o has a lowkey heart attack.

-Rover also has notes stuck on it that help him feel more masculine

Hiiiii!! :D Sorry for not posting anything in a month, I’ve started my holidays and I’ve been out, but I’m here again with more silly doodles hahaha xD Sorry for the OOCness but we’re getting close to April and I just love sassy Arnold <3 I’ve tried to make it look more artistic but that’s not my thing xD Sooooo just plain April’s fools Arnold and Helga, they’re adorable anyways <3

Btw, thanks for the +100 followers! T^T I’m happy ;-; Now that I’m on vacations I think I’ll try drawing comics again, I have a few little ideas hoho :D


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Hey, was there any weeding day comic? I saw just weeding acception. If You don't wanna draw, can You tell a lil story? :D Sorry I may make some mistakes.. T^T

I haven’t posted or drawn anything for almost a month. Q u Q; Unfortunately, my room has some small problems that need to be fixed first. We need a carpenter for that. XD After cleaning up and moving furniture around, I should be able to draw regularly. XDD

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piiess/pat x

So just a quick update or whatever

um hi so, as i’m sure many of you know, TBL season 5 premieres tomorrow night. and as i’m sure many of you also know, i won’t be watching TBL live anymore bc it’s gotten just a little too icky for my taste. and while JS’s interview today gave me some modicum of hope (thanks a million bae) i just can’t deal with the squick. so i’m gonna wait until they reveal the “DNA test” was false or at least until liz finds out the truth: that red is not her f*****. cause if that’s what she thinks, i just can’t watch them interact with my shipping googles firmly in place and not feel sick to my stomach. 

(and actually i won’t even be able to physically watch anyway bc now i’ve got rehearsal on wednesday nights until 9:30pm so i guess it was fated that i stop for right now (LOL).) 

but, be that as it may, i will be creeping on the show via you guys on tumblr to see how things are going and getting completely out of context inspirations for new fics. speaking of, yes, i starting writing over the hiatus as a result of the god-awful finale and no, TPTB and what may be the ret-con of the century aren’t going to stop me from enjoying my purely fictional OTP in any way that i see fit. so yes, i will 100% continue writing (as real life allows) so you can expect more of the endless sick fic & dialogue prompt parade, the rest of GWTE, and perhaps some new fic ideas i’ve got cooking. (but unfortunately school has to come first, so please be patient with me :) 

so yeah. that’s just an update on where i stand for anyone who’s interested. and for anyone who will be watching starting tomorrow night, more power to you, be strong(er than me), try to enjoy (at the end of the day, it’s just a stupid show), and i’m counting on you to keep me updated! ;) much love everyone! <333

Chilaquiles for Two.

Happy Valentine’s Day @blackcanarydinah! I had so much fun writing up your prompt and bugging you weekly, I hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!! :D Sorry for posting this so early (7AM est) Gotta hop off to work and didn’t want you to wait ‘til I was home! ENJOY!

Her prompt: anything as long as its fluffy. I just want a fluffy fic that aggressively ignores the movie canon. 

Summary: Echo Base reminds them of home, not the one they’d come to find in each other, but the one’s from where they were born. Cassian from Fest and Jyn on Vallt. Their morning’s have finally become routine, until one morning Cassian wakes a little too hungry, and decides to share a piece of his past with Jyn.

Tags: AU - Everybody Lives, Fluff, Sharing a Bed, Established Relationship, Kissing/Neck Kisses, Cassian + Jyn actually don’t mind the cold of Hoth for once, Cassian is the best cook in the galaxy (Diego Luna said so, it’s canon).

Word Count: 2620 ——————————————- Read on AO3

If there was one thing about Hoth that Cassian enjoyed, it was how it reminded him of Fest.

There was a time in his life when that would have been a bad thing, the memories too dark and clouded with guilt to smile back upon. But twenty years had passed, and there were plenty more deeds to clutter his mind. With each passing day on Echo Base, new memories of his home world would flood his thoughts, his dreams — if he was lucky enough to have those. Hoth was icy, cold, and sparsely populated. The same could be said about Fest, at least the parts he remembered. There weren’t many children around on either, and the nights were long, only bearable by sharing body heat with another.

Cassian’s eyes were trained on the ceiling of their quarters, wide awake, Jyn’s steady breaths the only noise he could hear. Just like the morning before.

Alright, so maybe there were two things about Hoth that Cassian enjoyed.

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4.14.17 // 9:45 pm // 1k blogrates!

as promised, i will be doing blogrates to celebrate hitting 1k followers a few days ago! thank you so much for getting me here, i appreciate every single one of you :D i am so sorry i haven’t been posting original content (literally haven’t even had time to set up a weekly spread) but i think i’m back? anyway if you would like a blograte:

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thank you so much for getting me to this milestone in only 1.5 months, this is truly unbelievable and you guys are amazing! -m

ps. this never happened if it gets < 15 notes. be my friend please :)

(blograte format below the cut)

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Sorry to everyone who wanted to hear about it, but I won’t be posting anything else about Werewolfcon because I’ve been getting hate again for going and I’m done with being called a stalker. I pay to go to these cons and see Tyler so much because they make me happy for a few days, but to come back to jealous assholes being awful to me ruins the whole thing. I wasn’t going to even mention that I was there because I knew it’d happen, but there was so much that Tyler said that I know people want to hear so I thought I’d share it but all I get in return is people saying I’m lying about my experiences, so I’m not going to say anything else.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you could recommend me some books? I'm mostly into fiction and poetry? But I can read anything. Sorry to bother you!

Sure! I’ve done some other recommendation posts recently:

But since you had a more general request, I thought I’d just make a list of my favorite books I’ve read so far this year. This is out of 90 books so far, just for reference. (Also here is my Goodreads.) I’m going to do a mix of fiction genres. Also I might repeat some recommendations, I didn’t realize I had written that many posts recently. 

In my top three books of this year is A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab. It’s the third in the Shades of Magic series, so you’d have to read the other two first, and I know I keep recommending this series, but it’s so good! ***squeals until eternity***

For more of a romance read, Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge was quite delightful. It’s somewhat of a “Deathless Lite”, meaning it wasn’t as intricately written, but had some of the same dark themes. It made me hyped to read her other books.

The Lauras by Sara Taylor continued to impress me with her talent. It is about a mother and daughter who leave in the middle of the night and then lead a rather transient lifestyle in which the daughter learns a lot about her mother’s past. The premise is that her mother tells her stories about all the various Lauras she has met. There is lots of queer rep, but also some sexual abuse.

A couple weeks ago I read Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng, and it was so good! It’s like! It’s about a planned community where everything is supposed to be idyllic and perfect, but for the artist and her daughter who just moved in, and the youngest, troubled daughter of one of the perfect families. There is a lot of stuff about motherhood and mother/daughter relationships and race and culture and taking children away from their birthright and abortion and slut-shaming, and like… it’s not that long? But it really made me feel a lot of things?

A middle-grade book (like pre-YA) that was fabulous was The Lie Tree by Francis Hardinge. It won a Costa award last year I believe. It’s really smartly written and has a very feminist feel to it. It’s also a historical fiction in that it takes place in the 1860s. A girl learns that her father has been accused of some scandal, and she sets out to find out what it is. There are questions of faith versus science, and one of my favorite lines was towards the end when she realizes that all the adult women in her life are actually much more complex and have more complex relationships with one another than she realized.

If you are into graphic novels or manga at all, I have a few things (holy crap I’ve read a lot of those this year!) First off is The Girl From the Other Side by Nagabe, which is a manga about insiders and outsiders, the outsiders who suffer a curse and the insiders who try to keep them away. There is a little girl, Shiva, who lives outside but isn’t cursed, and she is taken care of by Teacher, who is cursed. IT’S SO CUTE AND FEELS. You should definitely search for some of the images here on tumblr (I’ve reblogged some too).

My two graphic novel suggestions are highly NSFW: Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Szarsky, and Sunstone by Stjepan Šejić. The first series is surprisingly funny, about a couple who stops time when they orgasm, and the second is surprisingly heartwarming, about a wlw couple who meet in order to have a relationship primarily based in BDSM. The third volume of Sunstone is really where the feels start slapping you around and I teared up because it was just TOO CLOSE TO HOME. (Also, you can find that one for free on Deviantart.)

I don’t read a lot of poetry, but I did have a couple of suggestions. My first one is Grief Is the Thing With Feathers by Max Porter. It’s somewhat of a prose/poem story about a man whose wife dies, and the crow who visits to help him and his sons deal with the grief. Really beautiful. The second poetry suggestion I have is Crush by Richard Siken (thanks, Lucia), which is quite gay and dramatic and emo, but I loved it. And actually, another book that is prose/poetry-esque that I really adored was Pond by Claire-Louise Bennett. I was actually quite surprised at how often it made me laugh, but it also had just beautiful, beautiful language. (PS I really, really do not like Rupi Kaur’s poetry, please don’t suggest her to me.)

If anyone else wants book recs I’m always down to suggest things, you totally are not bothering me, it just might take me a while to respond because clearly I take a while doing them (see above).

Hello, my dearest followers ^^

First of all sorry for the lack of updates. To make an excuse for myself at first I was so busy I couldn’t find time to log in on tumblr and now since I was absent for such a long time it feels awkward to post anything (I’m not sure if I’m making any sense right now …..). But I will try to post at least once a day from now on.

Now back to why I decided to write this lengthy post today :D 
I’m planning to go on a trip with my friends this October, most likely to Vilnius. Since it will be my first time in Lithuania I have some questions concerning this trip. 
If there is anyone here who has been or is living in or near Vilnius right now I would like to ask some questions and also hear any kind of advice so please do write to me <3

Thank you in advance~~

Anyone remember those ship weeks I proposed at the beginning of this year?

No, me neither. Forgot. Completely. Sorry. :/

So here’s what I’m doing instead!

For the week in which Tagatha Ship Week was last year, (Oct 9th-15th) I’m hosting a whole fandom, all ships, ship week. There’ll be a prompt for each day, and you can use it for whatever ship you’d like (provided the ship is acceptable), and create whatever you want for it- writing, art, edit, whatever! Just please remember to be respectful, and tag anything NSFW/explicit suitably. I’ve created a ship weeks blog ( @sgeshipweeks ) for it, where I’ll post everything from now on (though I’ll also reblog it here) and where you can also drop me a message if you’re unsure about a ship or have any questions/prompt suggestions! X

Hey everyone! Recently I’ve just reached 1k+ followers?? Wow I still can’t believe it… Thank you sososo much everyone! I wouldn’t be able to achieve this without your continuous support (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

To celebrate, I figured it would be great to know my followers so I’ll be doing blogrates with a little extra something.

If you’d like one, here is how it’ll go:

  • Must be following me; I’m sorry! This is also a way for me to get to know you guys too so;;
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  • Please reblog this post and put your studyblr url in your tag if you’re using your main blog.
  • Message me off anon with a star emoticon (☆) and write anything! Introduce yourself, tell me about your day, talk about your fandoms pls talk p5 or tsukiuta with me, give me a word/phrase and I’ll translate it to Bahasa Indonesia, or anything else you want to say!
  • Please mention your original content tag (example: #mine) in your message for easier navigation
  • For the first 10 messages, I’ll also doodle for you! Maybe your icon, your url, or idk heheh I’ll surprise you with something definitely :D

The format for the rating will be like so:

  • URL: 1-10/10
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This will end on October 3rd 2017 23:59 UTC+7 (or WIB/Western Indonesian Time/yaitulah). I’ll be tagging the blogrates with #bekicotrates so feel free to mute (?) that tag if you don’t want to see them.

Once again, thank you for your support and have fun!

Bonus: If someone gets the October 3rd reference I’ll also doodle something for you hahah. Hint: pocketwatch.