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hey! since you said your ask box was empty I figured that I could help haha Could I request a really fluffy scenario with Jisoo where the reader is on her period just helplessly lying in bed and silently crying because she can't even move because of the pain (man how can I relate to that) and when Jisoo finds out what's the matter he's really worried and trying to comfort her anyway he can :3 make the ending extra fluffy please? THANKYOU!! btw I hope you're having a great day ^^


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pairing: Jisoo (Joshua of seventeen) x Reader

genre: Fluuuuufffffffff!

word count: 644 (so short I know I’m sorry)

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Jisoo asked for the nth time while standing in the doorway.
“Yes, I promise, It was just a little cramp I’m fine. now go to work!” you insisted before pecking your boyfriend’s lips.
“Fine fine, make sure to call me if you need anything okay?”
“I will, have a good day.”

less than two hours ago you had that conversation with Jisoo, and if you could have seen into the future, you would have begged him to stay. you squint your eyes as you turn your head toward the golden rays of light that made their way past your window coverings, groaning internally at the growing pain in your stomach. laying helplessly on your shared bed, clad in nothing more than some gray sweatpants and a hoodie that is easily two sizes too big, you attempted to shift yourself up to grab some food - to no avail.

Throbbing pain shot through your veins and you let out a weak mewl before sinking back into your pillow, swallowing the lump in your throat as you held back the urge to scream out in pain. No Advil, no food, no heat packs, and worst of all, no Jisoo.

without your approval, streams of hot tears started flowing down your cheeks. the pain, mixed with the overflow of hormones in your body, it’s just too much. you bit your bottom lip to keep yourself from sobbing when the sound of your bedroom door creaking open captured your attention.

“Y/N..?” a soft voice called out.

you opened your mouth to speak but all that came out was a stutter of syllables and a sharp pain in your side, causing you to clutch your stomach.

“Y/N are you okay? Ahh, I knew I should have stayed home, baby I’m so sorry.” Jisoo apologized while rushing to your side. “What can I do to help you, princess?”

without speaking, you pointed in the direction of the bathroom and the boy instantly knew what you meant. speed-walking into your ensuite and grabbing some pain killers and turning the hot water on in the sink. He placed two capsules on the nightstand and carefully helped you sit up. you winced slightly and Jisoo’s face dropped, cupping your cheeks in his hands.

“I’ll help you feel better Y/N, I promise,” he said, wiping a remaining tear from your face.

before you could thank him, he handed you the medicine and some water, sweetly smiling at you before turning back to the bathroom. you took the pills while watching Jisoo grab a washcloth and soaked it in the warm water, ringing it out gently before walking back to you

he kneeled beside your bed and lifted your shirt slightly, you widened your eyes as he placed the warm fabric on your lower abdomen and you closed your eyes at the instant relief. the boy lightly tapped your belly button, causing you both to giggle.

“feeling better?” he asked as he stood up.

“Much.” you responded with a grateful smile.

“Ahh, it’s so nice to hear your voice again. now don’t move, I’m gonna make us some food and we’re gonna binge watch your favorite drama until you’re all better, okay?” Jisoo offered, pecking your cheek softly.

“That sounds amazing Jisoo, how did I get so lucky to have you?”

“You make it seem like I’m the angel when I’m only the servant helping the real angel get better.” Jisoo responded, causing you to hide your face.

You spent the rest of the day cuddled up in Jisoo’s arms, watching a cheesy drama and re-enacting every kiss scene. somehow he made you forget all about the pain, not only in your stomach, but in this world.

A/N So here it is! It’s so much shorter than I had hoped it to be and I don’t really like the ending but I hope this is what you wanted! 

-Admin Yeonie

Melodramatic, But It Turns Me On

summary: teenage!phan are at a sleepover and begin to have a bit of fun with the sex dices they’d found earlier that evening. 

warnings: smut (kinda)

words: 5.3k


I was gonna write more of illaks but apparently a weird 1am idea took priority and now . idk what this is laugHs oops

Im so tired I cant even think straight im sorry if the majority of this makes 0 sense I need 2 have a nap

This is probably the closest yall will ever get to me attempting smut lol appreciate it while u can x x

(if u don’t know what a ‘sex dice’ is click here)


Phil’s always felt weirdly privileged to share Dan’s bed whenever he sleeps over.

It’s not like it’s anything he’s a stranger to – quite the opposite really, but out of everyone, Phil’s the only one Dan will actually let in his bed on account of the fact he can actually have a decent night’s sleep without Phil taking all the duvet or accidentally rolling over and pushing him off the bed. That’s Kyle’s trick – explaining why he’s down there whilst his marginally less irritating best friend is up here under his duvet, sharing his mattress. It’s nice sleeping with the knowledge he won’t wake up either freezing cold or on the floor.

Phil’s used to them being the last ones awake – having been friends with a bunch of total fucking lightweights for the best part of three years, it’s become the norm for the rest of them to be down there, asleep. They’re wrapped up in empty sleeping bags and spare duvets whilst the only two who can actually handle their drink are lying side-by-side, a cut above the sea of empty bottles and shot glasses littering Dan’s floor. They’d passed out about half an hour ago, leaving the two slightly tipsy teenagers still giggling over what had been a contribution to the night’s entertainment along with the heated games of ‘never have I ever’ and one too many Malibu shots.

“Does this not feel weird to you?” Dan’s eyebrow quirks in Phil’s direction as he holds the two small wooden cubes in his hand. “I feel-… it feels- I don’t know- gross, kind-of,” he huffs out a chuckle.

“Why would-…” he squints in the darkness, “-… lick-… elbow-… feel weird to me?” he replies, a threat of sarcasm in his tone.

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I spent all day drawing this. Well, took multiple breaks but still.

 So I heard if you call Ink smol/short/cute he gets angry? Yeah. So what better way to make your mortal enemy mad than by calling them smol?

 I seriously can’t stop drawing these two. I don’t want to draw them too much, however. That could be annoying to some people + the other Sanses need love too! This is the first time in a while I’ve draw full body Sans, or full body anything. And Ink’s design was a little complicated, this is only my second time drawing him. He’s still so adorable though.

 Sorry the shoes look cruddy(I suck at shoes) And I’m sorry for the lazy shading. It’s late and I kinda wanted to get this done. Making this a simple gif was a last minute choice. Speaking of gifs, I might do more detailed animated ones of sanses. I don’t know yet, but maybe.

 Hopefully not all my posts will be three paragraphs long. We can only hope.

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I've really been feeling crappy about my art recently, everything I draw just doesn't look good to me and I think that it may be that I need to change my style a little bit. D: Do you have any tips for getting back into the groove? (:

Aww dang I’m sorry to hear that! This is something I definitely relate to recently. Some things that have helped me:

- Putting down the pen for a bit! There’s so much pressure for artists to just constantly keep making things, it’s actually really nice to step back sometimes. It can give you some perspective, and time to reflect. It’s totally okay to just not draw for a while, it doesn’t mean you’re “falling behind” or anything like that.

- Absorbing lots of art I really like. It’s important to embrace your natural drawing style or else you’re never gonna be happy, but at the same time you can definitely make conscious stylistic choices. Browsing art that speaks to you is a good way to find things to apply to your own work, and helps you understand the direction you want to grow in. I use Pinterest and Pixiv a lot, as I like their organisation systems.

- Doing studies! In addition to making conscious changes, you should also get to know your natural style - and one of the best ways is to do studies. Life drawing (try Pixelovely if you can’t get to classes), landscapes, clothing studies, furniture studies etc. Try to do studies without thinking too much, just draw and notice what your style naturally looks like. If you have trouble not overthinking, do some timed studies (I’m talking like 30 seconds, you learn a LOT about your art in 30 seconds). Studies are a really great way to make the most of a period of creative downtime, since they get you honed and ready for when the energy comes back.

I hope any of this is some help to you! It’s totally natural to go through bits where you don’t like your art very much - it means you’re growing! Best of luck <3

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Hi! I'm asexual, and I have a boyfriend. We've been dating for a while, and they knew of my preferences, and even though I've stated that I am not comfortable with sex. He keeps trying to make advances towards me, and make me feel guilty and selfish, because he isn't asexual, and will get depressed and pout that I won't do anything sexual with him. I'm getting tired of telling him each time. What should I do?

Shit if he is making you uncomfortable even after REPEATED times telling him ‘no’ and that it makes you uncomfortable, I’m sorry but I say dump him. That is NOT acceptable behavior and your comfort is priority

Hearing Their Girlfriend Singing in English

This is my third time making this react. Tumblr crashed twice on me while I was creating this. So frustrating >.< I am also really disappointed for not posting anything at all lately, I had to study for a while so that I could get ready to take a very important test. I’m sorry for making you wait so long, anon. Please enjoy!

Thank you for requesting. c:

-Admin Min, x.

As he slowly walked into the shared apartment, he heard a voice coming from deep within the tiny place. He furrowed his eyebrows as he sat his belongings on the counter. He wandered down the hallway, following the voice. When he heard it was you singing a gentle song, in English nonetheless, he blushed gently. He slowly closed the door, feeling awkward about hearing you singing without knowing he was home.

Originally posted by luderella

He was sitting in the living room, finishing the movie you didn’t want to watch with him. As the credits rolled, a voice overpowered the television. He muted the movie, and listened intently, thinking you were calling his name. When he heard your melodic voice from the bedroom, he grinned. Although not being able to understand anything, he appreciated the sound of your voice.

Originally posted by jonginssoo

He went to bed earlier than you last night, and woke up after you. He rubbed his eyes as he walked into the living room, hoping to find you there since your side of the bed was vacant. He heard you singing in the kitchen, the smell of breakfast wafting through the air. He smiled gently as he listened to sing in a foreign language, breakfast completely forgotten.

Originally posted by aeloea

He was sitting at the kitchen table, looking at a couple of scattered papers. He looked up as you walked into the kitchen without noticing him and singing an English tune. He smiled gently before looking back down at the papers, not wanting to bother you, and wanting to continue listening to you.

Originally posted by kyungsol

He was lying in bed, his guitar at his side and his gaze blank. He had no motivation to work on his music, or to do anything at all. His fairy god ears perked at the sound of a melody coming from the living room, and he instantly grabbed his guitar before making his way out of the bedroom. When he saw you sitting on the couch singing an English song while scrolling through your phone, he sat at the kitchen table and began to strum along to your singing.

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You were cooking dinner while Chen was mindlessly walking around the house, whining to himself about wanting food. When he decided he’d whine to you, the sound of your beautiful voice singing - in English - shocked him. He stood beside you before opening his mouth to tease you.
“Who would’ve thought you could sing that well!”

Originally posted by oh-prankster

He was playing an online game against Sehun when he heard you singing. At first he doubted it was actually you, but curiosity got the best of him as he excused himself from the game. He sneaked towards the partially opened bathroom door, peaking inside. When he realized it was actually you singing, he started dancing ridiculously to catch your attention as he mumbled incoherent words.

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He’s been sitting outside your bedroom door giggling like a school girl for quite a while. He loved listening to you singing in English. It sounded so beautiful and elegant when you sang it. His cheeks were flushed, and he wore a large smile as he thought about how perfect you were. He was grateful to be with you.

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He knew how embarrassed you’d become if he mentioned hearing you singing in English, so he settled on listening to you from a distance unknowingly. Every time you’d start to sing when you thought you were alone, he would stand behind a nearby wall listening to you. He wore a foolish grin whenever he heard you singing, falling more and more in love with you.

Originally posted by wooyoung

He was in love. As soon as he heard you singing in English, and he understood what you were singing, he became entranced. He stared at you disbelievingly, shocked that someone as perfect as you could love him. He became a bigger ball of fluff after hearing you sing for the first time.

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Lu Han:
Adorable. Beautiful. Gentle. Graceful. He couldn’t even comprehend how you could be all of these things all at once. He could listen to you sing in a different language all day long. He stayed at a distance to fawn over you so you wouldn’t see him and stop. He wanted to listen to you all day long.

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He was quite shocked when he heard you singing in a foreign language while taking a shower. He stepped into the bathroom unnoticed to brush his teeth before bed, but got distracted by your singing. He was mesmerized by your voice, and the way it sounded as it resounded the tiny bathroom walls.

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[Masterlist] [Request]

Today my Mum and I went out for dinner. When the waitress brought us our food, she asked “Can I get you anything else?”, which I didn’t hear, so I said “Sorry?”, so she repeats the question, I thought she said “Is that everything?” So I said “Yes, thank you!” and what followed was 30 seconds of awkward silence while she patiently waited for me tO ACTUALLY ASK FOR SOMETHING ELSE???? My mum then points out that I need to actually finish my thought and I just said “Did I?” which makes nO SENSE and the waitress just laughed politely and walked away… It wasn’t until 2 seconds later that I realised what was actually asked. That concludes the story of the last time I ever go out in public.

Family Fight

@kimkim-gt Asked: Ikon reaction to you (gf) crying bc of a family fight. Sorry for my bad english and tank u so much😘😘❤

Jinhwan: He would try to his best to make her feel better. While she crying in his arms he would feel his eyes start to water. Since Jinhwan is a emotional person, he would feel absolutely terrible and try to comfort her. 

Yunhyeong: Yunhyeong would cook her favorite meal. He would try his best sure she feels better. And do anything possible to take her mind off of the fight. Depending on what the fight was about he would try to give you some advice on how to cope with your feelings.

Bobby: Since Bobby is a very positive person. I can see him hugging you and kisses you while also just in general try to take your mind of it. He would tell some of his bad jokes and if that didn’t work would move on to numerous things to try to make you smile. Your happiness is the most important thing to him.

Hanbin: Hanbin wouldn’t really know what to do. He’d try his best to make you feel better. Since Hanbin is good with words he’d just talk to you while cuddling you and making sure that you were okay. He’d put on a movie to take your mind off of the fight.

Donghyuk: This precious sweet heart would do anything possible to make you feel better. He at first wouldn’t know how to react when he saw you crying, all he could was hug you and tell you that everything was going to be okay. For the remainder of the day he’d just spend time with you even if it meant skipping practice.  If the next day you were still upset or sad he’d buy you flowers and take you to lunch. 

Junhoe: He would at first make fun of you but once you started crying. I can see his expression changing dramatically. He would start to ask what’s wrong with you and why you were crying. He wouldn’t really know what to do, like at all. He’d be scared. And just stare at you and then after a while he’d hug you and pat your head.

Chanwoo: Poor baby. He would freak. He’d cry to make you better by mentioning your favorite things. He’d try to get you to play your favorite video game. But if you were still upset or sad, he’d just stop and start cuddling you. Fluffy Channie

I know family fights aren’t easy. And if you are currently going through a family fight or any issue. It’s okay!!! Things will get better! :)

-Admin Ha Seok

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ohhhmygodd OHHYMGOD I AM SO HAPPY YOU STARTED WATCHING MIRACULOUS LADYBUG!!! I've been following you for quite a while because of Fire Emblem Awakening and I'm just SO GLAD you're in the ML fandom now!! (also, I can't wait to see all those wonderful fanarts you'll be making for Fire Emblem Fates!!) xD

Thank youu!! So glad you like my art ;w; I will definitely draw more about ladybug, it’s such a cute show aah

About Fates, I’m sorry that I have NO idea when I can play it (Europe still hasn’t an official relase date, maybe (???) it’s the 30th April), so I’m afraid you will not see anything about it from me for a while. My fight to avoid all the spoilers will be hard.


I haven’t finished anything in a while and life hasn’t been that great either, and i have bad habits to break. but for now, all i have are WIPS and broken promises.

I tried to make things easier but i think i just painted myself into a corner.

I  am sorry.

A Lost Bet (Taehyung smut)

*Sorry for going missing in action, school just started up again for me and it’s taking my time away*

You patiently waited for your boyfriend to come home. This time was different from the other time you were waiting.

You and your boyfriend, Taehyung would let bets and dares for each other. You both could be very playful with each other, making almost anything a bet or a dare.

But you lost the last one. Resulting in him doing his little victory dance and kissing your cheek while you pouted. You both challenged each other to beat each other’s high score on Piano tiles.

“There’s no way you got three crowns! Did you tell Kookie to play on your phone?”

“No, Y/N. He didn’t play when I asked him to.”


“I played for hours, I even played after you went to bed. Although it’s hard to pay attention when I had you cuddling me. I wanted to cuddle with you so bad that I lost on the first tile so many times.”

“Mhm.” You blushed, you loved when he cuddled with you. He was always cute about it, demanding cuddles with his cute aegyo.

“But it was all me, babe. I promise.”

“Let’s just start, I won’t go easy on you.”

“Best two out of three?” He held out his pinky, you hooked yours and pressed your thumbs together.

Three tries later, you had a new score on your phone and you were pouting about his game.

“It’s not fair.”

“I still love you, this won’t change anything between us.” You hit his chest as he tried to hug you. You just accepted his hug but not hugging him back.


“Since you won, what do you want?” Your bets were pretty free ended, usually you could decide what you wanted when you won whenever. Sometimes you would wait days just to torture him a bit.

“A lap dance.” He said rather plainly. You were blushing hard at that request.


“Are you going to reject it? I wouldn’t mind, then you could be my slave wife for a week.”

“Slave wife?”

“You do everything for me, but I treat you like my wife still. That includes changing me and washing me, baby.” He winked at the end and your mind wandered to what that would be like.

The thoughts alone made you blush.

“F-Fine, I’ll give you a lap dance.”

“Don’t forget to surprise me, Y/N~”

This lead you into now, still waiting for him to come home. You’ve never done anything sexual with him, the most being his touching your chest.

Sometimes he just randomly touch them. One time you were making dinner for both of you and he just randomly come up behind you and just squeezed your breasts.


“They’re so soft..” He kissed behind your ear, still caressing your breasts.

“When’s dinner going to be done? I’m hungry.” He stopped touching them, just wrapping his arms around you.

“I-In a few minutes.” He kissed your cheek and went back to the living room.

Amongst your reminiscing, you sat in the chair you had ready for him. You heard the lock to your apartment click and you readied yourself.

He opened the door, tired from practice and he looked at you. You curled and teased your hair which flowed into your shoulder, wore nothing but your underwear and his buttoned shirt and took the time to wear red lipstick and eyeliner.

Regardless of your attempt at being provocative, you felt comfortable and nervous about he thought.


“Take a seat, baby.” You walked over to him, taking his hand to guide him to the chair. You made him sit and you played Naughty girl in the background.

You played around with your hips, trying to act teasingly. You straddle him, his arm reaching for your butt as you slowly grind on him.

No doubt you were blushing, never doing something so provocative and sexy for the first time. He bit his lip, probably enjoying it all and you looked at him.

“So naughty, Y/N. You’ve caused a problem.”

You looked down and blushed more, he was aroused by this and you had no idea what to do.


“I’ll guide you through it.” He tucked strands of your hair behind your hair before kissing you softly. His breath was hot and breathed on your neck, letting goosebumps. He kissed your jaw and touched your breast. He groped one while kissing your neck.

“T-Tae.” He pulled away, just licking your collarbone.

“Your skin tastes so sweet, baby.”

“Let me help you.” You got on your knees, still trying to be sexy and took off his pants. You pulled down his boxers, and saw his cock.

It was big, and thick, and you grasped it with your hand. You looked at him for his reaction.

“Keep going, baby.”

You pumped him slowly, seeing him bit his lip again. You let your self take the lead, wanting to see his expression. You played with the tip a little, lightly sucking his tip and hearing a low moan from him.

“Don’t tease, baby.”

“Am I making you feel good?”

“Just wrap your pretty little mouth around me, baby.”

You take him into your mouth, and try to take in more of him. Your tongue wrapped around him and you bobbed your head.

“So fucking good, baby.”

You kept bobbing your head, taking more of him and stopping to lick him with your tongue.

“You’re a natural, baby. Shit.”

You pumped him with your hand, still licking his shaft and went back to taking in him in your mouth. A few licks later, he cursed loudly and his cum shot into your mouth.

“You really are a natural, baby.”

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Dear J,

By the time this is posted, we will hopefully be a distant memory. The last two years have been great, given a few hiccups, but I need to move on.

I am no longer attracted to you & I internally groan every time I get a text from you. You, meanwhile, go on & on about loving me more than anything while criticizing my chosen career path & not respecting my boundaries.

I’m sorry we couldn’t make it work, but I’m not sorry for wanting to leave.

Yours, but not really, C.

so I decided to start a studyblr. My name is Carinna (but you can call me Cah) and I’m from Brazil. I discovered this part of tumblr recently and, while browsing through wonderful blogs, I felt motivated to give my best on studies and create a blog of my own. I’d like to give special thanks to @getstudyblr, @vestiblr and @intelectum, which tips and beautiful posts really inspired me to make this decision!! Thank You ❤
other studyblrs that I follow are:

Again, thanks for filling my dashboard with motivational posts and stunning samples of hard work!

(like or reblog this post so I can check your blog and follow you too!)

p.s.: this is a side blog. my main is tottalyrandom. I look forward to being part of this community! … and sorry for any english grammar mistakes!!

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i hope you don't mind my asking, but i'm kind of interested in team MRNG and i haven't seen anything about personality stuff so i was wondering if you could talk about their personalities? (such as this one is too innocent and loves cats while this one turns everything into an innuendo and this one wakes up really early in the morning to make breakfast for the others, etc.) i really really love them!!

I don’t mind at all!! I’m super glad you’d wanna know more about them ! sorry this took so long to answer, but i wanted to make it kinda pretty so it wasnt just a wall of text ahaha i’ll also shove it under a readmore bc damn

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@my followers and mutuals

pls dont get bored or think that these pics i tagged with “made with love” are just baseless/mindless pictures/posts bcs i DO make them while thinking of the one im making it for and with sincere hope that you DO feel better in any way possible. I always go to your blog (and hope that it can give me some clues to your favorite chara/things) before making anything. Yes i kinda stalk u im sorry hahaha

i apologize for the very simple art and i know it’s far from perfect n it might not be to your taste, but i just wanna remind you that i read, remember, and care about you. Im not just an url on your screen that have no emotion but im another human being on the other side of the screen, like you. And while it may not do much, but my feeling and wishes for u are valid and i hope that it reach you my friends ♡♡♡♡

When u have a bad day, going through some rough times, or just feeling oddly blue; dont let the negative side of your brain consume you and pls remember that ppl care about u ♡♡♡♡

have a nice day ^^

Sorry friends, i was meant to upload an update today but today has been a tough day for me.
I can’t begin to explain how sorry I am for not posting enough but at the moment i feel empty and hopeless. I feel that something dark is lurking at every corner, and that there is a massive hole on my chest, while my heart is being crushed under a heavy weight.
I don’t know why i feel this way. I have no explanation or excuse.
What can I do to make it up to you guys? What should i update or write or anything? I want to do something tomorrow to apologise.

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do you have a link to the post where you explained why amara and dean weren't romantic but actually non consensual? I want to show my friends. I've been taken advantage of while under the influence and it makes my skin crawl that they're saying dean is pining and in love with the person who did that to him. i know people will argue that it was about cas, but no amount of meta is going to make that anything but blatant queer baiting and glorifying a dub con situation.


First of all; so sorry that happened to you, I can imagine that coming across similar situations on a TV show you watch must be difficult. *hugs* 

I had to dig because I made that post like a month ago, but I managed to find it! -> Click! 

So yes, that was a while ago, but by now it’s explicitly clear that Amara has a supernatural hold over Dean that Dean can’t break, and it scares him. That’s really all you need to know. It’s like someone putting you under hypnosis, then ordering you to kiss them or be with them. 

It goes without saying that something like that is not even remotely okay, so I sure hope this helps to explain it to your friends. She’s a predator; nothing more, nothing less. 

Anyway, stay awesome! :) 

Anything Can Happen-extended peek

Hey guys! 

So it’s been a while and I’m really really sorry about that. For some of you that follow me, you may be aware that I’ve had serious writing anxiety to the point I cannot stop making edits to already finished chapters because I feel like it’s never good enough or I end up deleting everything and starting from scratch. Anyway, long story short, a friend suggested I try posting just part, get part of this out there and maybe that’ll help getting the rest out there too? Idk. But I figured it could be worth a shot. 

So for any of you still interested, you can check out an extended peek under the cut. As always, thank you guys so much for your patience and for reading my so called writing.

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