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Kagerou Daze Manga - Chapter 48: RED I


Comic GENE 3月 issue (read right to left)
Manga by: Satou Mahiro
Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

Momo: Hibiya-kun!

Ene: Didn’t you leave with the Fox Eyes-san!?

Hibiya: That…After that something horrible happened…
Please help me, Onee-chan.

Momo: …’kay!

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Seriously thought there was nothing news worthy on this month’s chapter while I was overseas since I heard nothing. Came back and realise Jin still have no chill.

So back in the present after Ayano’s reason on why she and the siblings don’t live together anymore! But after their talk, they realise Momo had snuck out to continue her search for her friend, Hiyori. Soon the remaining Children will realise there was a lie in what they thought they knew and they were tricked. 

Going to try some translation again. Shout out to @fuyuyuu for talking to me with this and explained some parts on what happened. Oh! And I try to scan it in a new way, thinking this way the quality of the scan is better

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scans cr: @bts_scans

please, do not reedit my icons, repost and claim as yours!!!! At least i’m giving the credits to the scan’s owner. You guys should know someone spent money buying the magazine, they spent their time scanning and posting pics with good quality for us, we should recognize their work!! [i’m sorry but english is not my first language]

enfim, se for pra pegar algo que eu editei e editar por cima pelo menos tenha a decência de curtir o meu post ao invés de repostar e clamar por créditos sendo que o trabalho nem foi seu. bom, era isso.

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I don’t have a scanner and the paper kept curling and I took 65 photos before I got this, which is barely passable

This is fanart from Coffee Stains and Cigarettes, by cellard00rs (I don’t feel comfortable tagging em in this horrible quality post, it’s embarrassing) 
This is my favorite scene or at least one of them… I had to draw it! 
I’m hard to convince with fanfics, especially AU fanfics so you know it’s good if *I* like it!  
 Plan to shade/semi color this and then somehow get a better scan.. it’s really big paper too..  is there a place that will scan stuff for you?  Like Office Max or something… Idk 


Bromide set and stage pictures set of Uehara Takuya for the musical “Scarlet Pimpernel”.
I’ll write a short review about the musical at the same time I will share scans of the “blue” version of the program (available only from Osaka performances).

(All pictures are mine. Please credit the musical, the artists and my tumblr if sharing. Thank you)


My wonderful journey to learn how to draw horses from memory (Spring 2014).

I’m sorry I’m only responding now, Lovely Anon, I completely forgot to scan these!  They’re also from my sketchbook, so the quality is not that good. My friend who gave me horse-advice on these was malicedafirenze, btw, thank you again!


Next up for Team Cross Fusion is Meiru and Roll. Going from merely a dream of transforming, to the real deal, they’re ready to fight with the power of love.

Half of these are images I’ve previously scanned, and may have posted here earlier, but the new sets I bought had some of them in a little less-spotty quality. So I did a little rescanning. On top of the Cross Fusion outfit, there’s also the beautiful wedding dress & kimono Roll, along with fancy dress Meiru as well. Roll Soul Rockman is also thrown in for good measure. The last one is the real old one, as you can see spots everywhere. :/

Sorry Narcy, this post isn’t in color for you to giddily scream over all the pink it could contain. PII~NKU!

Scanned from: My Settei/Production Art Stash


I just read Chasing Thunderstorms, a modern HTTYD AU by tysonrunningfox a couple weeks ago, and honestly it was one of the best FanFics I’ve ever read, hands down! Great story line, well-written scenes and dialogues, good character development (and bonus! The contextual setting is literally right where I live! Idk how that benefits you guys, but for me at least it was a huge treat haha) I highly recommend it!!!

Honestly, I’m a little nervous about posting these.. I’m so sorry about the poor quality of both the scans and the actual sketches… It’s been a looong while since I’ve actually drawn (T_T’) and I’ve never attempted either Hiccup or Astrid before, so I really haven’t figured them out yet. I want to try to do more scenes from this if I can manage my time well enough! I would absolutely adore any feedback, please be kind and patient with me, I need to get beck into an art groove! :}



I know, there are enough posts like this one to help those who want to learn how to do “fake” calligraphy. however, I still wanted to make one to show how different kinds of pens do with this writing style. In this post, I did a demo with 6 pens and total, including a “tutorial” at the end part.

I can say that learning how to do “fake” calligraphy is good for times when you don’t have a brush pen or when you want to write on surfaces besides paper. But, if you want to delve into brush calligraphy, it is best to invest in a good brush pen for you to write and practice with. That’s all for now, enjoy writing! :)

P.S. sorry for the bad quality scan. I had to use my phone lol



This chapter of Hiiragi Cirque Ave. Freakshow  was soo good! You guys made me SO NERVOUS FOR YUU IN HIS APRESENTATION. I SWEAR, I WAS SWEATING IN ANTICIPATION. Yuu in fear of the people and my heart cheering for him like ‘’ GO ON BABY YOU CAN DO THIS’’  Im going to do fanarts to every chapter is2g (But I promise the next one will have better quality…)

SO I WILL BE WAITING OKAY @blueberrynedesu and @vixenfur (Dont make Yuu or Mika suffer anymore BC I WILL DRAW THIS TO YOU GUYS FEEL GUILTY)


The first picture is the cover of the blu-ray case that comes with volume 4. The second and third pics are the covers of volume 3 and 4. I can’t find good pictures of these on the internet so I decided to scan them.

The rest of the pictures are scans of the booklet of volume 4.

Sorry for the low quality of especially the sketch page, this is all my scanner can do.

shakespearesclassics-deactivate  asked:

I'm sorry, this is probably a lot to ask for but do you have the picture of Fyodor next to Agatha? Or can you take one? I mean, I just die for Dostoyevsky and I really want to see it! Of course if you want or can to do that! I'm sorry for bothering you!

HEY YEAH NPNP he’s really close to the binding so it’s hard to get a good shot but here’s the best i could do OTL

I forgot to say that I brought this Boruto movie guidebook:

 In Naruto’s character description, Hinata’s name was mentioned:

(sorry for the crappy quality)

 edit: anyway, thanks @yamasaki-akaiko for the scans. I replaced my pics with her hd scans. thannkkkssss <3 link here: x

This is the sentence:

 ヒナタ結婚し, 一男一女 の 父となる

 I tried to translate it (thanks google haha), so here it is:

 “He is married to Hinata, and became a father of a boy and a girl.”

 The good thing is that they mentioned this one, all the other Naruto profile was like “he’s a busy hokage blah blah blah”

Here’s the Human AU skelefam picture I promised! Cyrus loses his first tooth and Daddy Gaster (who doesn’t have a name yet) is pleased for his youngest. Cyrus is also still small enough for big bro Sans to hold, but Cy takes after their dad, so he’s not gonna stay that way for too long ha ha I enjoy the headcanon of Gaster speaking in ASL, so here we have him signing ‘good’ and Cyrus signing 'Dad’ and showing Dad his missing tooth. But aaaaaaaa I’m so sorry for the terrible quality of the photo. I wish I could just scan this, but no computer right now so…