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Preference "How they react to their newborn child"

(Firstly I am so sorry for the late post, I had an emergency yesterday and today I had a family diner so i couldn’t post it earlier. But here it is now! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Yay for our faves being cute ass parents :D PS. I removed characters I thought might be too young to have a kid for the moment…sorry about that…Gifs not mine/found them on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d be speechless. During your whole pregnancy, he was acting all excited and confident about the whole baby thing but the instant he heard the cries and later the doctor calling over to him asking if he wanted to hold them, he became nervous and anxious. Once he sees how small his child is compared to anything he has ever seen, he’d be scared yet at the same time it brought him an undeniable joy. 

Daryl-The moment he sees his newborn child, he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling and baby talk with them. From the start of your pregnancy, he was all excited at the idea of the two of you starting a family. So although he had been nervous hearing the cries and screams, as soon as he has been permitted to hold the baby, he smiled and laughed while trying to coo it to sleep.

Rick-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d start to cry tears of joy. He was so happy to learn that you were pregnant and had enjoyed helping you as much as he could, that seeing the result of all of it in the end, he started to tear up. Just the sound of the child’s cry made him happy and as he was permitted to hold them, it was even better. 

Merle-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d be nervous and would wait for you to guide him. From the start of your pregnancy he had been unsure about the thought of becoming a father but with your encouragements and support it made him grow to love the idea. However as soon as he was able to hold his child, he started to fidget and wasn’t sure about how to handle such a small and precious thing.

Glenn-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d chuckle and tears would come to his eyes. He was ecstatic to know that you were with child and had taken upon himself to learn how to care for when expecting. So much, he had stayed with you during the whole birthing and  was practically begging to hold his child the instant it started to cry.

The Governor-The moment he sees his newborn child, he wouldn’t be able to stop wanting to hold them and smiling.  During your whole pregnancy, he did whatever he could to stay by your side and keep you and his child safe as it made him feel at ease knowing that you were both fine. So the instant, he heard the cries coming from your child, with the most care and love he could muster up, he held her tightly.

Abraham-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d feel at ease and finally would smile. He had been slightly distraught at the idea of having a child in these times and had expressed it to you countless of times. Even though everyone and you had managed to make him feel more comfortable with the idea, in the back  of his mind he still was unsure. However, as soon as he was permitted to hold his child, everything changed.

Eugene-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d be stunned and wouldn’t be too sure of how to hold them. During your pregnancy, he had grow to love the idea of being a father and had done everything he could to help you whenever you needed. So when time came for you to deliver, he had been serious and was doing his best to support you. However, when time came to hold his child for the first time, he was surprised by their size and got nervous by how light they were.

Jesus-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d be pleasantly surprised and wouldn’t be able to let them go. After discovering you were pregnant, he couldn’t be any happier. He helped you everyday going through it and did his best to provide with whatever you needed. And now here he was and was allowed to hold his child for the first time. As soon as he held them, he smiled and had gotten excited to see them.

Dwight-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d finally understand the joy and start to ramble on about them. During your whole pregnancy, he was uncertain about himself but for your sake he tried his best to support you. As you had notice him, you would usually do your best as well to encourage and reassure him. So when he was finally permitted to hold his child, he’d feel different and didn’t regret it.

Morgan-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d smile and would finally be able to feel happier. When he had learn you were pregnant, he started to blame himself for being so reckless and was uncertain of having a child in these times. You dd whatever you could to reassure him but he still had doubts in the back of his mind. However, as he finally held them, he started to smile and chuckle.

Shane-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d be stunned and wouldn’t know exactly what to say. During your whole pregnancy, he had stayed by your side and help you as much as he could. He genuinely cared for you and his child and had been as excited as you at the idea of finally having his own family. However, when he was permitted to hold them, he suddenly got teary eyes and chuckle as he wasn’t sure of how to handle them.

Milton-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d handle them with the most care and smile. When he learned about your pregnancy he had been uncertain at first but slowly he grew to love the idea of being a father and did everything he could to help you. So as he was permitted to hold them, he held them carefully and couldn’t help but smile looking at them.

Aaron-The moment he sees your newborn child, he’d be happy and would already start to talk to them. From the start of your pregnancy, he had helped you with whatever you needed and was doing anything to make you happy and you were truly grateful for him. So as he was finally permitted to hold them, he was excited and couldn’t stop smiling looking at them.

Gabriel-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d finally feel more comfortable and would genuinely feel happier. When he learned you were pregnant, he had blamed himself for it and had apologize to you countless of times and admitted he was uncertain of it. However, with your encouragement he slowly grew to accept it and as he was permitted to hold them, he was finally sure of himself.

The Wolf-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d stare at them with intent and understand what it now means to him. During your whole pregnancy, he tried his best to be around you and help you as much as he could. You noticed his efforts and had thanked him each time for it. As he was permitted to hold them, he’d smile and wouldn’t stop inspecting them making sure they are fine.

Simon-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d get all nervous and would stumble to find the right words to say. When he learned you were pregnant, he had taken it as a joke until he realized you were telling him the truth. It made him nervous but he had always hidden it behind his bright and positive mood. However, as he was permitted to hold them, his nervousness showed but nonetheless he couldn’t help but smile.

Ezekiel-The moment he sees his newborn child, he wouldn’t be able to stop looking at them and praising them. During your whole pregnancy, he was happy to help you and the thought of having a family just made him feel even happier. Despite being nervous during the birthing, it all disappeared the instant he was permitted to hold them and stay close to you.

Benjamin-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d get nervous and wouldn’t be too sure of what to do. He was excited to help you and care for you during your whole pregnancy and you couldn’t hope for more. However, when he was permitted to hold them, he slowly started to get nervous and wasn’t sure if he was doing the right thing.

Caesar-The moment he sees his newborn child, he’d smile looking at them and just feel happy to know that you are both well. During your whole pregnancy, he did everything he could to keep you safe and well to make sure you and the child were fine to assure you that he loved you. So the instant he was permitted to hold them he couldn’t ask for more.

Michonne-The moment she sees her newborn child, she’d start to cry tears of joy. She was uncertain of having a child in these times but with your support and you reassuring her that you’ll be by her side, she grew to accept the idea. As she was permitted to hold them, she started to cry and couldn’t be any happier.

Maggie-The moment she sees her newborn child, she wouldn’t be able to stop smiling at them and tears would come to her. She was certain of having the child and was even more grateful that you understood her and did whatever you could to keep her happy and feel comfortable. As she was able to hold them for the first time, her joy and happiness showed through her smile and laughter.

Andrea-The moment she sees her newborn child, she’d finally be able to smile and feel better. She had doubts since the beginning of her pregnancy and even though you had tried to reassure her, she still couldn’t be certain of what you were both doing. However, that feeling changed the instant she was permitted to hold them.

Jessie-The moment she sees her newborn child, she’d cry tears of joy and chuckle looking at you. She was grateful for her sons and your help in supporting her and couldn’t hope for more out of all of you. So the instant she finally saw them, she didn’t hesitate to ask to hold them and as she did, she finally smiled.

Sasha-The moment she sees her newborn child, she’d be at loss for words and tears would come to her. She knew she was happy to have the child but at the same time at the back of her mind something was still holding her from enjoying it as much. However as she was permitted to hold her child, she smiled and just couldn’t describe her happiness.

Rosita-The moment she sees her newborn child, she’d chuckle looking at how small they are. From the start, she was unsure of having a child but with your support and help, she managed to grow to appreciate it a little more everyday. As she was allowed to hold them, she finally understood and couldn’t be any happier.

Tara-The moment she sees her newborn child, she’d get slightly nervous about how to hold them but nonetheless it brought her joy. She had been nervous from the start and wasn’t too sure of how to handle it. Luckily with your help and support she grew to understand it. However, as she was permitted to hold them, she put as much love and care as she could.

All Mine - Chapter Two.

Part One: X

Here it is guys, Chapter Two! Hope you enjoy it and I’m so sorry for the wait. Prepare your bodies for next chapter. Good Lord. I do not own this gif and I am unaware who does, if its yours let me know and I will credit you.

(Y/N = Your Name. Y/A = Your Age.)

“Uh.. Hello?” You said, without looking at the caller ID
“Is that Y/N?” A husky voice said through the speaker.
“Yes, speaking. Who is this?” You sat up, turning on the lamp next to you.
“It’s Norman. I was being serious earlier. I asked you what would you do if I needed you tonight. Well, I need you.” He laughed into the phone.
“What do you need me fo- wait, how did you get my number?” You asked him, thinking if you had given to him earlier in the day.
“I have my ways. Anyway, I need you. Come over. my hotel room is 205. See you in 15 minutes.” He hung up leaving you no option to turn him down. You threw on your jeans, A vest and a hoodie, you were exhausted, what could he possibly want?

You knocked on the door, and soon enough he pulled it open, he was in a onesie, holding a bowl of popcorn.
“Hey, Y/N.” He said ushering you into the hotel room.
“Hey Norman, what do you need?” You said, crossing your arms around your chest. You did your best to act unimpressed with being here even though you never wanted it to end.
“You. Now sit, I need a film buddy and seeing as we’re spending another 2 days together, we should be friends.” You sat down on the end of the bed and with a huff he dragged you to the top of the bed and put a bowl of popcorn on your lap.

“When i said for you to sit on the bed, I didnt mean sit at the end, Y/N. Now what film?” He smiled over at you. You looked at his onesie. How in gods name does this grown man make a onesie look sexy. You ran your tongue across your lip and looked away, pretending to think of a film whilst in reality you were thinking if he had anything on under that onesie.
“I don’t know, but in all honesty, I wont make it through half of whatever film we watch, I’m exhausted.” You said watching him flick through a list of films.
“Thats fine, sleep on me if you want. We can be sleep buddies as well as film buddies.” He smiled again, looking at you hoping you wouldn’t say no.
“Fine, um a happy film, i dont feel like crying.” You said eating the popcorn, you notcied how close you two were and a blush rose to your cheeks. ‘Y/N, you’re just friends, stop it!’ you thought to youself. Norman hummed to himself as he picked a Disney movie.
“I normally enjoy horror, but i dont want to scare you.” He said as you raised your eyebrow at Fnding Nemo,
“Norman, I’m Y/A, not 9.” You said laughing, even though you did quite enjoy the film, you didnt want to seem childish.
“I dont care, I’m in my 40’s and the film is great. You tell anyone and I’ll strongly deny it. I’ll tell everyone we watched The Omen and you cried” He said, shuffling down the bed to lay down a bit and grabbing another bowl of popcorn off the floor beside him. “I knew you’d come, so i made two bowls.” He said, proudly.

The last thing you remember was Dory speaking whale when your eyes must have closed and you drifted into a good sleep. You woke to a pitch black room, you grabbed your phone and checked the time -“2:46amcrap. You sat up and looked around, straining your eyes in the dark. You were still in your clothes, but you were in the bed properly. As you looked over to your side you saw Norman, gently snoring with his face smashed into his pillow. His hair all over his face. You noticed he was no longer in his onesie. You slowly lifted the duvet to see a pair of dark pajama pants. good lord, his back was bare and you could see two little dimples at the bottom, just above the waistband to the pajama pants. The heat rose to your face and also sunk below your belt. You dropped the cover and shook the very dirty thoughts out of your head. You slowly edged out of the bed and went into the bathroom. Looking at yourself in the mirror, you laughed at your hair a little messed up where you had been asleep. You went back to the bed and set your alarm for 7am.

“Are you leaving?” A low and husky voice, spoke behind you.
“Norman? You scared me.” You said looking over your shoulder, he propped himself up on one arm and looked at you through the darkness. You could just about make out his facial feautures. “and no, I’m not leaving. I was just setting an alarm.” You said, laying back down. Your jeans were incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in but you darent take them off incase it gave the wrong idea.
“That’s good, by the way, you have a cute snore.” He said looking over at you. You rolled on your side so you were facing each other. Your faces not that far apart.
“So do you.” You said back, earning a look of pure embarrassment.
“Im so sorry, was I snorning loud?” he said, putting his head into his hands. So cute when he was embarrassed.
“No,” You giggled, pulling his hands down from his face. “It was quiet and muffled because you had stuffed your face into your pillow, couldn’t tell if you dribbled though.” You giggled again, He laughed sofetly at your comment. You noticed that you still had his hands in yours. You went to move them but he held on tight.

“Come on, Y/N. Best to get some sleep.” He said, leaning over to press a kiss on your fore head. Just as he went to lay back down he dipped his head in lower and placed a small kiss on your lips. “Thank you for not leaving.” He said before he rolled over and soon enough you heard little snores leave his mouth. You decided to strip your jeans and told yourself you would put them back on before he noticed in the morning. Placing your fingers to your lips you smiled before slowly falling asleep.


The alarm woke you quickly, and you groaned in annoyance of the object disturbing your sleep. You noticed something weighty around your stomach and slowly lifted your head. He had rolled back over in his sleep and wrapped his arm around your middle. He had his head into your shoulder.
“Norm, we need to wake up."You said sofetly, stroking his hair.
"No, not today. Y/N. Today is for sleeping.” He said not moving his head from your shoulder.  His arm moved under the covers to pull you closer. He brushed your thighs and lifted his head looking at you more closely. “Y/N, where are your jeans?” He cocked his eyebrow giving a little side smile.
“Get your mind out of the gutter, I was not sleeping in my jeans.” You laughed at his dissapointed face. “We need to get up though, I was meant to be picking you up at 9.”
“Is it 9?” He said looking at you through his dark hair that was covering his face.
“It’s 7.” You brushed some of the hair out of his face, making him smile.
“Well them, we have at least an hour.” He burried his head back into your shoulder and moved his body closer to yours. You could feel the cotton of his pajama pants against your bare legs.and your top and lifted slightly so you could feel his skin against yours. You laughed, but you really wanted to ask him about the kiss. You decided against it, it would come out in time.

An hour came and went, the time on your phone read “8:35” You were still in the bed, he had moved you to be laying on his chest whilst he checked his emails. You moved your head so you were looking at him.
“Norman, I have to ask you something.” You said, which made him look down at you.
“You want to know why you’re in my bed and why I kissed you goodnight?” He said, not taking his eyes off of you.
“Um, Yeah.” You gave a small smirk. “Not that I am not enjoying being in your bed and the kiss was a shock but i didnt dislike it. Its just that I met you yesterday and I’m just trying to make sense of everything.” He nodded, moving slightly so he could look at you better
“I don’t know, I’m not someone who just brings random people back to my hotel room for sleepovers. I just have 3 days with you and they need to count, you know?” He bought his hand up to his, rubbing his beard. You nodded, understanding what was going on more clearly. You grabbed your pillow and hitting his head with it to break the silence and you did need to get him out of bed.
“Ow! Oh this is on,” He said lifting his head up to grab his own pillow. He threw it at you which nearly made you fall off his backwards, luckily he caught you. “Come on, lets go feed the lions Y/N.”

The day went really slowly. Panels and Photo opportunities filled Normans day so you were just fetching water and snacks if and when you could. You guided Norman back to a Boondock Saints table after the panel and he rubbed your lower back when you arrived, earning a look from Sean Patrick Flannery.
"Yo, Y/N, come 'ere.” Sean waved you over. “Whats going on with you and ol’ Reedusy-boy then?”
“Nothing Sean, I’m just his Handler.” You said smiling proudly, thinking you had gotten away with being in his hotel room last night.
“They why were you in his room last night?” shit. How did he know.
You caught Normans eye from his table and he gave you a little wave. You smiled back and looked at Sean.

“Shut it, Flannery. Nothing happened.” You said, punching his arm slightly.
“Well you should see how hes looking at you, I don’t think he thinks it was nothing.” He nudged you slightly and you looked back over your shoulder. Norman was signing something for a fan and as if he felt you looking he looked up and gave a small smile.
“You think?” You said back to Sean who had started signing a poster.
“I’ve known Reedus for years, the way hes looking at you isnt a look he gives out often. It isn’t the ‘sex’ look.”
“You have a 'Sex’ look?” You smirked at him picking up your water bottles you’d rested on his desk.
“Ha! Yeah we exchange a certain look if someones hot.” He laughed handing a fan a signed photo.“That’s not the look he’s giving you. He looks at you like you’re the sun. He’s been in a dark place for a while and he looks at you as if you’re the light at the end of this tunnel he’s been in. He lights up around you and you light up around him. Trust me. It’s not nothing.”
You smiled at Sean and rubbed his arm as a thank you and walked back over to Norman, handing him a water bottle.
“Thanks, Y/N. What was all that about?” He send motioning over to Sean.
“He was just asking how I was getting on being a handler and if you were being nice.” You lied.
“I’m always nice, you know that. Movie again tonight?” He said, quiet enough that people wouldnt hear.
“As long as there is more popcorn, I’m in.” You said up to him, he replied with a smile.

The day came to a close and you drove back to yours after dropping Norman off. You took a quick shower, packed a small bag and headed over to the Hotel. You knocked on the door and he let you in almost instantly. He was wearing  his onesie again and gave you a bag when you walked in. You opened it to see a onesie that matched his.

“Matching onesies?” You smiled looking up at him
“You can’t watch a movie with me until you put it on.” He crossed his arms and pursed his lips. You laughed and hugged him to say thank you. You changed in the bathroom and when you came out he threw his arms in the air. “You look great, Y/N. Selfie?” He said pulling his phone out.

“Sure! Why not.” You had always wanted a selfie with him after all. “As long as you send it to me.” You posed in the picture, making silly faces to each other.
“Its going on my thing, so you’ll see it on there.” He said before your phone had buzzed with a twitter notification telling you he had tweeted.

@bigbaldhead: Onesie party with my movie buddy! Let’s do this!

“You tweeted it! I can’t wait to have the fan girls on my back tomorrow!” You laughed. You scrolled through the replies. You saw loads asking who you were until one girl commented saying that she recognised you as his handler. crap.

You both led on the bed watching films and his arm snaked around your shoulder, pulling you into him.
“Thanks for coming over again, Y/N. I can’t believe its our last day tomorrow.” He said quietly. Pain hit your chest knowing you’d never see him again. you decided to let it past and enjoy the time you did have.
“Yeah, but thats not happening yet. lets just enjoy this right now.” you said tapping his thigh.
“Stay tonight? Please. I want you to stay with me.” He looked down at you, tilting your chin up. You nodded and he pressed his lips to yours. Instead of pulling back, you kissed him harder. His hands went to your hair and yours to his and he moved you to straddle his lap. The kiss had gotten quite heated and you pulled back and looked at him to read what he was thinking. His eyes were darker than usual, his hands were on your waist with his thumbs rubbing small circles.

“Norman, what is going on here?” You said, thinking back what to Sean said earlier. “If you just want a quickie with no feelings, I can’t be that girl.”
“You’re not that girl to me, Y/N. If you don’t want to go any further, I aint gonna push you. I wont be the guy to kick you out in the morning if anything happens and forget it ever happened. I just want to be in this moment with you. It just feels right.” He said pressing his forehead against yours. You weren’t the type to just jump into bed and Sean had said he saw something in Norman when he looked at you. You pressed your lips back to his, throwing away all worry. If this happens tonight and you never saw each other again after tomorrow. So be it. You had to take the leap of faith and pray you’d be the girl who was his everything. After all he was turning into yours. 

White Day Messages
FREE! Boys
White Day Messages

Free! Website Celebrates White Day with Character Voice Messages

Rei: “Here, I’m giving this to you. This is for the other day. I thought for a really long time about what I should do in return.”

Nagisa: “Here! This is for you. It’s thanks for before. When I get serious, even I can make this kind of thing!”

Rin: “That Valentine’s gift was good. This is for you.”

Makoto: “This is in return for the Valentine’s gift. Sorry, I’m not so good at making sweets.”

Haruka: “Thanks for earlier. Please take this. I also tried making it myself.”

Translation Credit: HERE

Rip Them Apart


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*Gif credit to the wonderful person that made this!*

a/n: cliffhangers are practically my go-to writing style and for that I’m sorry. :) 

Jackson was lying in his bed, refusing to acknowledge the existence of everyone. Danny had tried to get him to go to the gym earlier but Jackson growled at him, telling him to leave. He was only in the mood to talk to one person and you weren’t talking to him at the moment. You probably wouldn’t ever talk to him again and fuck if that didn’t hurt. Jackson groaned at the sound of his phone vibrating and he would’ve ignored it had it not been for the picture popping up on the screen. His heart was beating so fast as he sat up in the bed to answer the call, “I’m so sorry.” Forget about everything else, he had to tell you how sorry he was.

“What?” Jackson pulled the phone away from his ear in confusion because that wasn’t your voice. He put the phone back to his ear as the voice spoke again, “Is this Jackson?”

“Who is this? And why do you have Y/N’s phone?”

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Bonus gifs:

Hedy Trivia:

Hedwig’s one of the people whom Kane modelled the comic book character Catwoman after.

“In the first issue of Batman (Spring 1940), Bob Kane introduced the world to ‘Cat’, who later became Catwoman, appeared alongside Batman. Her real name was Selina Kyle. Kane had long admired Hedy’s ‘feline beauty’ and the figure of Cat/Catwoman was largely inspired by her and Jean Harlow.”

- Hedy Lamarr: The Most Beautiful Woman In Film, by Ruth Barton

Images —-@hedylamarr @elizabethrosemondtaylors @gatabella @beauvelvet @deforest @fycatwoman @selinakylesquad

Please Don't Repost My Art Without Crediting
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Infinite Reaction: When you had a big discussion and in the middle of the night you go to his bed and whisper that you love him a lot

Discussion as if an argument?

Sunggyu: Thank you for making the first step, I love you too~

Dongwoo: [squeals] I love you a lot too! And let`s forget about the argument, shall we?

Woohyun: No, I love you more and… forgive me for earlier?

Hoya: [not sure if the whole situation is real] I love you too… and I`m sorry for what happened earlier

Sungyeol: [not sure how to react] I love you too, honey~

Myungsoo: I love you too. Let`s not let this happen ever again, deal?

Sungjong: Okay, let`s forget about what happened earlier. Because I love you too

- Vivian ヽ༼>ل͜<༽ノ

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)

Imagine being Carl's best friend and confessing to each other as he's taking care of your wound

(Sorry for not posting earlier…Friday I had an exam and today I spent the day watching the new Star Wars and Kingsman XD…But here is the Carl request a while back :D It’s really fluffy hope you all like it! Yay for Carl being cute! Gif not mine/Credit to the original owner/ Found it on google)

You had been with the group since the beginning. They had found along the road and took you in.

You had started to get friendly with Carl and Sophia.

However, one day she had gotten lost in the woods and the day you found her she had already turn. It had been devastating for everyone and only Carl could comfort you.

After the farm had been infested with walkers, you had all found refuged at a prison and turned it into a nice place to call home.

You had grown even closer with Carl and the two of you were known as the best of friends by everyone.

He was always there for you and you the same. You were able to have a good laugh and time with him despite the world outside. By then you had realized you were actually in love with him but never had the courage to admit it to him.

Him on the other side felt the same way but just as you he thought it would be better to just remain friends.


The day after the Governor came you had woken up to find yourself still at the prison. You hadn’t seen Carl or the others but you were lucky enough to be in Glenn’s company.

The day you all found each other had relieved you and as Carl saw you he ran up to you and hugged you tightly.

You were now all in Alexandria and everything seemed to get better after the night Carl got shot. The walls were fixed and people kept watch all the time.


Thinking it was safe you had started to walk outside as you used to with Carl.

Today, however you had decided to go out on your own as Carl had to look after Judith and Enid was helping Maggie.

You secretly snook out and went to the tree where both you and Carl liked to read at and enjoyed some freedom.

You were reading a book, apart from the rustling of a few leaves it was relatively quiet. Until you heard the sound of footsteps coming from behind.


Thinking it was Carl or Enid, you smiled and turn around. You said “It’s nice of you to come here”

Seeing who it was shocked you, as it was neither of your friends but a Savior. He had a knife in hand and was bloodied from injuries.

He lunged forward and you dodged his knife. Although he hadn’t stab you, it scrapped you shoulder and you started to bleed. You pushed the man out of the way and turned around to run.

As you ran the man started to catch up to you. You glanced behind a few times and it only made you more nervous as he seemed to get closer and closer.

You were out of breath and you suddenly tripped on branch and fell.

The man caught up to you and was about to attack you. You suddenly heard gunshots and when you looked back the man was on the ground.

It was Carl and he seemed out of breath. He then called out to you and immediately ran to help you get up.

He had a concerned look and said “Y/N…why would you be out here alone!”

Brushing the dirt off of you, you told him “I-I wanted some time out here…that’s all!”

You were nervous and Carl could see it. He wanted to scold you for coming outside on your own but seeing you all nervous and frightened made him stop.

He got closer and hugged you. He then said “I’m sorry, Y/N…I didn’t mean it like that..”

You hugged him back and you winced at the pain you felt. He got startled and backed away.

He then saw the blood and immediately took off his jacket to put pressure on it.

He sat you down and he went through his bag to get you a proper bandage.

He started to patch you up and you stared at him. You began to chuckle and so did he.

He then asked you “What are you laughing about? You almost could’ve got seriously injured…”

“It’s just…that it’s nice to have someone who always has your back…”

“Y/N…We’re best friends…it’s normal for me to back you up…”

Hearing him say the words “best friends” stung you a little bit and you felt the need to tell him about how you truly felt.

“Carl…I know we’re best friends…but…have you ever thought of me as something other than a friend?”

Your answer surprised him and as he finished wrapping your wound he looked at you with a serious look.

He then said “Y/N…of course…I-I’ve always thought of you as…other than a friend…I’ve always liked you…”

He smiled at you and you smiled back. You got closer and wanted to hug him but he caught you and kissed you.




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A/n: hello people, I’m finally back with something new!! So I’ve been really excited about doing this series for a while, I just haven’t gotten around to actually doing it (I honestly do not know why I haven’t done it earlier, I’m really sorry). This is going to be a series about the trilogy BTS made, which means I Need U, Run, and Young Forever. I wanted to make something about how the boys must’ve felt and the things they experienced during this time, and I’ve been working tirelessly on it for a while now. I would like to give credit and thank @textmebangtan for giving me the inspiration to make an actual series out of it (check out her texts, if you haven’t you’re seriously missing out) and also @justt ally for making incredible YouTube videos about this particular theory, which I personally feel is the most accurate one - you should definitely check her out! I’m most likely going to be posting once or twice a day, considering some of these are quite short… But other than that, I hope you enjoy! xx

Maddie Ziegler Gif Hunt 

Under the cut are around 450 small/medium, mostly HQ gifs of Maddie Ziegler from season five of Dance Moms and recent interviews. None of the following gifs belong to me. All credit goes to their original creators. If you see your gif and would like it to be removed, please let me know. I’m sorry if there are any repeated or similar gifs, and I am also sorry if there are any gifs from earlier seasons.

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the teacher was explaining our final project tonight and was like ‘you can do project A or project B, it’s up to you’ and i was like ‘will we get credit for both if we do both?’ and he was like ‘that’s not necessary, and you really don’t need to worry. your grade is good,’ and without thinking I just went 'not good enough’ in a really aggravated tone and i think i actually scared him a little bit because i am now doing both

Imagine upsetting Negan when he sees you reaching for Daryl during the round up (pt.2)

(Hi guys, sorry for not posting earlier, I was having some difficulty completing this but here it is! Hope you all like it and it makes sense! :D I’m sorry if it isn’t as good as the first one. I also hope you all don’t mind that I made Negan kinda crazy…GIF not mine/Credit to the original owner/Found it on google)

You started to sob at the sight of your friend Daryl being beaten.

“No! No! Please! Stop…Stop!”

You yelled trying to get closer to Negan.

You managed to get away from the men holding you and got close to Negan.

You grabbed onto his arm and pleaded him to stop.

He was surprised and looked at the hands holding onto him. He was confused, he didn’t know if to be happy at the fact you were holding him or keep being mad at you for defending “another” man.

Either way he stopped and looked at you in the eyes. You stared back and and your breath became ragged from your crying.

You slowly turned your gaze towards Daryl and noticed how bloodied he was from the beating. Your tears came back and you whispered “Daryl” while trying to crouch down.

It angered Negan and he grabbed your arm roughly and it made you winced. He noticed and immediately loosen his grip out of fear of hurting you physically. He muttered an apology under his breath and you definitely heard it.

However, he needed your attention so he turned you towards him and said “You beg for him…one more time…and i’ll finish him off…”

Knowing you went too far, you nodded eagerly.

Seeing the fear in eyes, he felt bad and wiped the blood away from his face.


In a reassuring tone, He told you  "As of now…for your sake…i’m done…“

He grabbed your arm and dragged you to the RV and told his men "Take them back!”

He looked at you and continued “And make sure that guy isn’t dead!”

The Saviors were surprised and a few walked towards him to ask “What…what do you mean?”

He stared back at them and told them “I’m not repeating myself…you know what I mean…”

He opened the door of the RV and pulled you inside. He slammed the door and told the driver to go.


You have been at their base for a few weeks now. Since your arrival, you haven’t been allowed to leave your room and Negan spent most of his time with you.

You had tried several times to escape the room at first but each time you were caught by the other Saviors or worst Negan himself.

Until one night, after one of your failed attempts, Negan had threaten you.

In a irritated tone, he said “You keep this up and I’ll chain you to your bed! You’re mine from now on…and until you proved to me that you’re one of us…I ain’t letting you out…”

“Why? Why…would you keep me with you? What good am I to you? You already have everything you wanted from us…”

He stared at you and turned back to leave. You tried to hang on to him so he could turn around and answer you but he pushed your arm away and left.


Since you understood that the only way you were going to get out was to play along with him. Once he’ll let you out of your room, you thought that it would be the perfect moment to leave.

You progressively became more talkative around Negan. You answered his questions honestly and politely. You listened closely to what he had to say and gradually he seemed to put his trust in you, as his guards were always down around you.

You thought to yourself if you did all this you’ll be able to get back to your home and friends and especially see Daryl once again.

The longer you stayed there, the more you realized you missed Daryl the most. He was always with you most of the time and his company had always gave you comfort.

You knew you were in love with Daryl once you realized that the first night Negan persuaded you to sleep with him, you couldn’t help but picture Daryl instead. From every touch and kiss Negan gave you in your mind it was always Daryl.


Him on the other hand, eventually had come to the thought that you were truly in love with him.

As he made you open up to him, Negan realized he fell for you hard. You were kind in every aspect and just as perfect as he had seen you before, even better. To his eyes, you had prove yourself to be detached from your group.

Despite what he had said about your freedom, Negan could never actually bring himself to let you leave the room, he really wanted you for his own.

He had even went to the extent of putting on a lock on the outside of your room so he could keep you inside without having guards at your door.

He wasn’t usually the crazy possessive type when it came to women but there was something about you that had awaken that side of him.


You eventually noticed the extremes he went to and you had enough.

One night, while eating together you shyly asked “Negan…? When…when will I be able to leave and go outside…”

Hearing your question, his gaze immediately went to you and he realized that you had noticed his behavior. He knew the day would come when you would ask him about this but didn’t expected it to be now.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and grabbed the glass of water to drink. It took a few moments before he could answer.

He then grabbed your hand and held it close to him and intertwined his fingers with yours to show you how much you meant to him.

He then said “Y/N…why do you want to leave? I know the room is small but out there isn’t really better…If you want to i’ll try and make the room more snug for you somehow…”

You shook your head and pulled your hand away from his. Out of anger, you yelled

“No…that’s not what I need…I need to go outside! I’m sick and tired of this place! I don’t see anyone else here but you and I can’t take it anymore!”

Negan was in disbelief of what he heard and said “You can’t take it anymore? I let you live a perfect life here, you have a roof over your head, food everyday, a man who loves you…and you’re saying you’re sick of me?!”

In defiance you replied back “Perfect!? I live here like a prisoner!”

He clenched his jaw and grabbed the collar of your shirt and threatened “Say that again and i’ll show you the real meaning of a prisoner…”

He close his eyes and recomposed himself and said in a kinder tone “Whatever I do now…I do it for you…I want you to be happy…with me…”

You then spat at him and pushed him away “You told me I could leave once I’ve proven myself! I did everything you wanted! I even went as far as to sleep with you! What more can I offer?!”

Negan wiped the spit away and listened closely. He stared at you intensely and he understood your argument. He then realized how badly you had played him and lied to him.

Although you didn’t say it directly, he thought that your words could only come out if you had actually loved someone else.

He stayed silent and it made you nervous. You broke the silence and asked “Aren’t you going to answer me?”

He grabbed the collar of your shirt once again, approaching you to him and it made you yelp. You could feel his warm breath and he whispered

“I’m not letting you out…because you’re a bad girl…I love you but you have feelings for someone else…don’t you?”

Your eyes widened in fear and it made him repeat himself more firmly

“Well…don’t you!?” 

You stayed silent and at that Negan knew your answer. He chuckled and said “Y/N because of you…there will be a change of plans…I’ll let you leave this room…for real…once you come to the realization that the only man you’ll ever need is me…and as for your friend…or should I say…Daryl…”

You gave him a puzzling look and it made him smile. He then continued and said ”He’ll know about my changes soon enough too! I hope you know what I mean Y/N…Come on, at least cry a little, he is your friend…”

He laughed in sinister way that made you realized that you should’ve just waited patiently instead. 

BigBang reacts to you being verbally attacked on social media by fans (request)

Anonymus asked:

Can i request a reaction of bigbang finding a video via social media of you being made fun of/ verbally attacked by jealous fans days ago. Thank you! I love you stuff btw! ♡♡♡♡

Thanks for your request! Since I said that I want to do gif reactions one day… I decided that today is that day! :) I’m sorry if this isn’t that good, but it’s my first time doing that… So please tell me if you like it! :)

The credits for the gifs belong to their rightful owners! :)


Originally posted by mydearkiko

“I’ll find them and make sure that nobody does this to you ever again!”


Originally posted by thesoshisone

“Why did they something so mean? And why didn’t you tell me earlier?”


Originally posted by nabbeunsonyeon

“I swear if I find them, I’ll destroy them!”


Originally posted by i-aint-even-sorrey

“My poor jagi. Why would they do that?”


Originally posted by bigblog-b

“I’ll make their lives miserable for being that mean to you, jagi. Promise!”

We Don't Believe What's On TV
Twenty One Pilots
We Don't Believe What's On TV

I’m so sorry that I didn’t post this earlier, I just realized that my internet connection must have been funky and it didn’t upload. So sorry about that! Anyway, here is the audio for We Don’t Believe What’s On TV by Twenty One pilots. Enjoy!

**I am not a member of Twenty One Pilots , and I didn’t write this song. I did, however, make this audio , so please give credit if you’re going to use it for anything**

Hunters Life Part 2

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 1,553

Part 1

I’m really excited for this series guys. I have quite a few ideas for it, so if your loving it, I’ll keep bringing it…..Something I said with Lucky lol. This one is a little shorter….sorry. But I also want to give credit to the writers of Supernatural…..I feel a little guilty…I haven’t done this with any other story, but I’m basing this series off…for now…in season 3. As I did a little research……well….I kinda stole some lines. Please don’t hate me for that. Hope you like it. Let me know. Love you guys.

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Exo reactions to you speaking your native language


*Gifs are not mine unless stated otherwise, credit to owners.


*sits and listens to you, even though he has no idea what you’re saying, he loves the way it sounds*


“Oh, are you talking to me?”


“I don’t really know what you said, but you sound upset with me… I don’t understand why I heard my name though…”


“I think I understood that phrase… See? I told you I could do it!”


*looks up what you were saying earlier* “Aw, I love you too, Jagi. Sorry, I didn’t understand you…”


“Wait, you didn’t teach me that phrase yet… stop speaking so fast! I can’t keep up.” *whiny little Bacon*


“Korean please, Y/N?” *loves hearing you speak, but can’t understand a word of what you’re saying*


*would be confused when you sounded angry, but you said you were talking about the weather today* “Y/N, I don’t understand…”


*repeats what you said with perfect pronunciation and tone*


*just nods along, acts like he knows what you’re saying*


*motivated to try and speak your language* “Jagiya, can you teach me how to speak like that?”


*repeats what you said* “Sehun, that’s not how you pronounce it…” You would sigh.

“I’m tryinggg.”


I’ve gotten several requests if could post the whole thing. I realize I wasn’t clear in my earlier post, but the cast list in the Celebration book is for the entire show, not just S6, and not just S6CS, sorry. :( Basically anyone that was credited officially at one time is in this list, so if you’re looking to see if a recurring character returns, you can’t really :/

They are more or less listed in chunks by series, S6 starts with Rita, and we’ve seen all the characters listed other than Mrs Pelham.