sorry for not being very active lately

[[ Hey guys, I want to apologise greatly for my lack of activity. I feel horrible for suddenly dropping off the face of the earth….I have just been very busy as my junior year comes to a close. I’m trying to fix my grades and finals are coming up. 

I also recently was accepted for a summer job so some days during my summer break will be dedicated to that. I am really excited for it, but I want to apologise for my inactivity. 

My muses have been dwindling mainly because I do not see my work as good. Mainly with septuamusae and my Irish muses. But other muses have just not come to me. Mainly because of my busy schedule as of late. 

TLDR: I am really sorry about my lack of activity. My schedule is very busy and has skyrocketed in terms of being busy-ness. I promise I will be back soon.


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3


Me and my friend (Jingkabell) concluded How does Kallus in rebel gears look like? ..So here is my gorgeous Kallus based on Rogue One: Costumes design.
I agree with Jingkabell that he was born for the furs! And The scene Kallus’s got a glory bruise on his face from Thrawn impressed me very much lol. So I decided to add some scars on his lips. I hope it’s OK with him.

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Hey everyone, I’ve been very inactive on here lately, and I’m very sorry. Things have been really rough for me. I have to give both my cats away and am giving Tina, my favorite, away tomorrow. I’m having a really difficult time coping with this and seeing everyone’s cats on here makes me sadder.

I’m closing submissions for a little because I have a ton of posts to queue up, and I’d like to take some time for myself. 

Again, I’m very sorry for not being more active on here. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend filled with kitties and love. 

Hey guys, sorry for not being very active recently. I somehow find it impossible to focus lately and in addition to that almost everything I draw looks like crap and causes me to lose motivation even more. 

It’s just a period tho so I hope it will pass sooner because I feel terrible about how little I’ve done in the past month. 

tldr; here are some sketches of a character that I managed to draw last week. 

Hey kiddos.
Sorry for being inactive lately. I’ve been swamped with work and have had a few family emergencies.
I probably won’t be super active for a while longer still.
I just had top surgery today (yay!!) and I’ll need a lot of time to recover.
I love you all very much, and I am so proud of each and every one of you!
Love always,

some loser: idealistic characters are so unrealistic!! there’s no way they can go through terrible things and not turn cynical - and if they do, that means they’re totally stupid and na–

me: kbye

hi yes this blog isn’t dead what’s up

THANK YOU FOR 4K OF YOU DETECTIVES OMG. Meg and I love you very much. Sorry for being so spotty with activity lately, but you guys being here throughout the spottiness is humbling and aahh you’re all so great

I’m going to try my freakin’ hardest to come on here more i promise. things have been kinda eehh lately. i hope you guys understand! :D

i haven’t been particularly active lately, but i’m not gone!  i’m still reading most of what comes up on my dash, mostly as a hyper-distraction tactic because i’ve never been more nauseatingly stressed-out in my entire life :)

the stress is going to be worth it, though.  sorry to be vague–i hope to share what i’ve been working on soon.  for the time being, i really do appreciate all the snail recs and reblogs and pokes.  i’m sorry i can’t reciprocate very much, but trust me, i am really happy to see what everyone is up to<3

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How would the ot4, Link, and Komui feel if a very young girl thought that they were they're older brother/sister and followed them around. She wouldn't bother them and would patiently wait for them to finish and if they were gone, they'd wait outside their bedroom door for them.

my apologies if these aren’t too great,I’m used to being the little sister (and I don’t have brothers either) so I’m sorry if the ones for the guys are a bit ‘eh’ -Cali

Kanda: he’d would be confused,like where did this tiny human come from and why is it following me? I think he’d secretly like having her around though. but there could also be the possibility of him reliving his childhood through having a child around and that could really be either good or bad

Lenalee: she would be so happy to have a pseudo little sister because she herself is a little sister and I feel like she would have wondered what it would be like to be the big sister for a change.

Allen: hooo boy,he would be very protective of tiny child but also very big brotherly and sweet,would definitely play cards with the kiddo and sneak them snacks. like Kanda there is again the possibility of reliving his childhood

Lavi: he’s a toss up,he’d either be really good at being a big bother or really bad…maybe somewhere in between?  the semi goofy older brother. definitely the best at story time

Link: probably confused a to why there is a child around. after a while of having the child follow him around and watch him work,I have a feeling he’d become a little protective over a small child (maybe even a little fatherly?)

Komui: would be ecstatic,another little sister? how lucky could one man be? but no,seriously,the man is an experienced big brother. (let’s face it though,he’d play with her instead of working)

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Maggieeeee!! I miss you!! I know it's been hard for you but you always posted such beautiful gifs after the episodes and such uplifting meta. We're really losing out. I'm sorry this is selfish, but is there anything you can say to us to make things a little brighter? A lot of us are having a hard time too.

Thank you, anon! This is very kind and sweet. I wish you the best. I’m sorry I haven’t been as active lately. It’s been a combination of RL difficulties and personally having a hard time with the show. I’ll be back to being more active again soon, I’m sure :) I’m still doing my best to maintain things. 

[By the way: although I personally am having trouble with the plot, that doesn’t mean I begrudge anyone who is interpreting it their own way and enjoying it. If you’ll notice, if I’ve ever posted about being upset, it’s been through my own lens (as my experiences with trauma affect how I view the arc), and never about bashing the show itself.]

As for positivity, I’m always happy to offer some. Whether or not you’re happy with the way the show is going or not, each of us have an understanding of how and who the characters are. A lot of being upset, in my opinion, stems from how the show deviates from that understanding. (Or when others offer opinions that challenge that understanding and appreciation.)

But remember, it’s a fictional show with fictional characters. At the end of the day, what matters is how they are for you because that is your relationship with the characters. Nobody can ever take that from you. Sometimes you will see things happen in fiction that you adore and everyone else hates or vice versa, and it will be very difficult. Frankly, it will suck. A lot. And while it’s easier said than done, don’t let those opinions color what or how you feel. There are characters who have been dead in canon (*cough* one of my fave OTPS *cough*) and people still create and create works, worlds, etc. where they live on and get to be happy. If you love something, love them the way you want them to be loved, because it’s about your relationship with the character. 

While I don’t support an echo chamber generally, fandom is about your joy. So craft, as much as you can, your experience on here to match that. To spend time with people who bolster what you know and feel about the characters, who will share your sorrow or joy, depending on how you feel about what canon is doing. Don’t send hate to others or be cruel to others with different opinions. It’s ok to be unhappy about things and vent your frustrations, but don’t make your existence on here about that. It will only lead to dark, sad places, largely for your emotional health.

I know this probably isn’t what you asked for, but I hope this speaks to the range of feelings currently happening in the fandom. As for what I believe, I always think that at the end of the day, no matter how or whether it is shown or not, Fitz and Simmons are amazing, good people whose love transcends everything. They make each other better and they are both committed to making the world a better place. They will go through things that will hurt and change them personally, but they’ll come out on the other side. Theirs is a forever love.

HWTR to you giving them a lap dance

A request. :) (sorry for not being so active lately, I haven’t even had the time to write since school started V__V)



Ooooh, he’d enjoy it thoroughly. He’d feel very special if you decide to give him a lap dance and will certainly encourage you. He’d just stay there, splayed on the chair or couch (wherever you put him), and watch you with hunger in his eyes. He’d be surprised by your decision (since he’s probably the one that give you more lap dances than you do), but he will not say ‘no’ to it. In fact, he may have even given you subtle hints. He’s rather curious by your performance and when he sees how much you try and how you prepared for this moment, he can’t say anything.

“Come on, baby, show me what you got…” he’d whisper seductively and you’ll start, touching him, wrapping your arms around his neck and grinding against him. Joji would smirk at your actions and will try not to say anything. But, in the end, he can’t help himself coming up with a flirty or naughty remark—more often than not, he’ll just groan in approval, telling you how much he liked it. He’ll not touch you, letting you do all the work, enjoying the way you’re teasing him. He’s into watching more than touching, liking to observe your reactions and the pleasure of feeling dominant over you. As if he’s in control—which he probably is. But his dirty words will have you wet instead—so you’ll have to have intense self-control not to lose composure. It’s a hard task—hopefully you can pull it through.

“I’ll eat yo’ pussy later…”

Afterwards, he’d definitely reward you pleasantly for the effort.

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