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HWTR to you giving them a lap dance

A request. :) (sorry for not being so active lately, I haven’t even had the time to write since school started V__V)



Ooooh, he’d enjoy it thoroughly. He’d feel very special if you decide to give him a lap dance and will certainly encourage you. He’d just stay there, splayed on the chair or couch (wherever you put him), and watch you with hunger in his eyes. He’d be surprised by your decision (since he’s probably the one that give you more lap dances than you do), but he will not say ‘no’ to it. In fact, he may have even given you subtle hints. He’s rather curious by your performance and when he sees how much you try and how you prepared for this moment, he can’t say anything.

“Come on, baby, show me what you got…” he’d whisper seductively and you’ll start, touching him, wrapping your arms around his neck and grinding against him. Joji would smirk at your actions and will try not to say anything. But, in the end, he can’t help himself coming up with a flirty or naughty remark—more often than not, he’ll just groan in approval, telling you how much he liked it. He’ll not touch you, letting you do all the work, enjoying the way you’re teasing him. He’s into watching more than touching, liking to observe your reactions and the pleasure of feeling dominant over you. As if he’s in control—which he probably is. But his dirty words will have you wet instead—so you’ll have to have intense self-control not to lose composure. It’s a hard task—hopefully you can pull it through.

“I’ll eat yo’ pussy later…”

Afterwards, he’d definitely reward you pleasantly for the effort.

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So I am jumping on the bandwagon mega late but there is nothing new there! 2016 has been a tough year for me, hence not being very active but things are looking up now and I’m looking forward to what 2017 has to hold. You are all awesome and I wish you all of the luck for the new year! Thank you so much for putting up with me, I love each and every one of you. Here is just a few of the people that made this year bearable by there incredible fics,breathtaking graphics and edit and just their amazing, sparkling personalities. I am so sorry if I have missed you but if I follow you I do love you <3

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Jimon week - day 6

No wifi yesterday. .. sorry for being late !!! Jimon Week!
↳ day 6: Animals or Your Favourite Scene

                                   On Rainy Days

It was raining, hard. Simon looked at the window, against which the rain was pounding furiously. Demon activity was always higher on rainy days which meant his boyfriend would be home later and that always made his worries go stronger. He sighed and curled on the sofa, holding himself as his favourite movie was turning on TV, not that he was very attentive, but it still helped him to control his concerns.

Jace had often told him he shouldn’t wait for him and have some sleep, but he simply couldn’t. As long as Jace wasn’t home and safe, he couldn’t rest. Not even for a minute. He tried though, closing his eyes and trying to relax, but as soon as it seemed to work, ugly pictures were filling his mind. It wasn’t his fault if Jace had come back home hurt several times, scaring the daylighter to death.

Sometimes, he spent these nights with Magnus, both waiting nervously for their significant others to arrive at the loft covered in demon ichor, tired and still healing some scratches with an Iratze. Dating a shadowhunter could really be nerve-wrecking, but neither Simon nor Magnus regretted their choice.

Simon startled when he heard the front door opening, and he was immediately back on his feet at the smell of Jace’s blood, demon ichor, and something he couldn’t quite guess, but it was alive for sure.

And there is boyfriend was, holding a wet blanket close to him from which only two pair of ears could be seen.


            “Please, babe, don’t be angry, but Alec and I found a box of kittens.” He started to explain. “Some mundane-asshole abandoned them so we took them. Well, Alec took one and I took two.”

            Simon blinked. What had Jace just said? He almost thought he had misheard it, until he got closer and actually saw the two kittens.

            “You really did save kittens.”

            Jace rolled his eyes and handed them to Simon.

            “Can you take care of them the time I take my shower? Do. Not. Drink. Them. Alec would kill me.”

            “As if I would.” Simon huffed faking to be offended.

            He took the kittens as Jace pecked his lips before hurrying to the bathroom.

            “Can you believe him?!”

            Both of the kittens meowed.

            “Yeah, me neither.”

            He went back to the couch and finished to dry the two poor babies, smiling slightly as he heard Jace singing voice resonating from the bathroom.

            “So, what are your names cuties?” He asked. “You don’t have one? Don’t worry, you new daddies will find you pretty ones.”

            He gently scratched them behind the ears. He smiled thinking about how much he had want to ask Jace about adopting some pets, just to see if they could be great parents. He had just never dared. He didn’t want to scare Jace away; he loved him way too much to lose him.

            When Jace came back from the showers, the two tiny cats were purring loudly on Simon’s lap. The blond man leant on the door frame, smiling fondly at the picture and Simon just smiled back.

            “Does that mean we can keep them?” Jace asked.


            Jace’s smile grew wider and he went to sit near Simon, nuzzling on the crook of his neck before putting a kiss there.

            “You know what babe?”


             “We’re going to be such good dads.”


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3

Apologies for absence

Hello, kittens! It’s Val again, returning for the moment. I apologize if I worried anyone with my lack of activity as of late. I’m struggling with things at family and school, as well as my clinical depression (I’m working on it, don’t worry!!). I want to take care of myself so that I can provide the similar content I produced when this blog first started.

There’s stuff out in my life that I’m still trying to figure out. I’m really sorry for my kittens that I can’t provide good stuff for you right now and thank you for being very patient with me. I promise not to fail you. I don’t know when is the next time that I can freely answer your hcs requests again but I’m trying my best to make the most out of this blog and give you the headcanons and matchups you want and deserve. Please do not try to talk or help me out here. This is something I want to tackle on my own terms. You are also free to unfollow if you refuse to be anymore patient with me. I simply need silence. Thank you.

-Val, 2/16/2017


Thank you so much for all your kind messages guys ;o; I’m sooo sorry for being late (1 week late lolololololofvkfajvanjknzs) I’m very busy, this is why I couldn’t answer earlier ;w;

you guys are so nice I die

I’ll try to be more active during the holidays!! (no promise tho)

anyway thank you so much and again sorry for being soo late pzdcfodzvjds

oh sorry, I meant


(no but really thanks ily)

Deranged Secrets - A BTS Jungkook X Jimin X Reader Fanfic Part 1

I’m sorry i haven’t been active lately due to stressful weeks so i hope this fan fiction makes up for it so please enjoy x

Let the journey begin….Enjoy ;)

Deranged Secrets Part 1
Dedicated to my best friend @bts-sugatrash for being so amazing in supporting me all the way with writing this story as I was very hesitant to publish it so plz tell me what you think of it, I love reading your comments :)

Genre: Rough(ish) smut, Angst.

Rated: M - Read at your own risk

Word Count: 14,500 (sorry) XD

Summary ~ Two boys, both the worst of enemies. One boy gave you everything he had and took nothing from you. The other boy took everything from you and gave you nothing in return. It started from a broken heart, which grew into a sick game of lust and desire and ended with one single, deranged secret that could shatter and destroy you both.

The night you kissed Jeon Jungkook was a blessing and a curse. It was the worst mistake you had made for all the right reasons but in all the wrong ways.


An anonymous pair of cool, black eyes stood, hidden within the shadows against the corner of a room in an abandoned warehouse, watching you.

It was late.

In the centre of the cold, dim room, you were perched on the edge of a piano stool, slender fingers gracefully gliding along the rusty piano keys as your eye lids fluttered closed: praying, yearning for an escape.

“Take me away from here,” You whispered into the silent darkness, craning your neck back as a sweet melody sang through your ears, “even if it lasts for a second, a minute even, please please just get him out of my fucking head―”

A twisted yet sickeningly perfect image of him flashed into your vision; he was standing there in the pouring rain, his signature leather jacket slung over his shoulders, clad in his ripped skinny jeans and fresh t-shirt, the lazy grin that you had fell in love with resting on his lips had disappeared and his deep brown orbs were no longer twinkling and smiling in adoration like they used to:

“ Fuck, I can’t do this, Y/N.” He muttered quietly, staring down at the hard concrete floor in shame as the heavy rain showered both of your bodies, the harsh wind whipping your bare skin dry to the bone.

Inside your mind, all of your thoughts were racing like crazy in confusion and anxiety as you watched your boyfriend who could barely even look at you without flinching.

“ Jimin, I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,” You whispered softly and Jimin sighed, shaking his head before sadly looking back into your innocent eyes.

“ You don’t get it, do you?”

“ Get what?” You pushed on, exasperated. Why was he being like this?

No longer bearing the distance between you both, you reached your hand out to touch him but he quickly stepped away as if he had been burnt, rejecting any form of physical contact from you. And at that exact moment, you felt tears sting at the back of your eyes and a small piece of you cracked and died.


I don’t love you anymore, Y/N,” Jimin said, loud and clear enough for you to hear through the rain splattering on the ground. “ I don’t love you, not in the same way I used to. Everything has changed now.”

Thunder suddenly clapped, the rain heavily pouring down and drenching you both in cold water, the sky grey and lifeless, wind too strong and monstrous for you to think properly.

You blinked and a single tear drop trickled down your cheek, his words slicing straight through your heart inch by inch like a dagger made of fire. You desperately tried to move towards him again but he stepped further away from you, like he hated you.

“ No you’re wrong.. nothing has changed, I—you’re lying to me.. you’re lying-”

But he wasn’t. Jimin wasn’t lying.

Your bottom lip quivered uncontrollably  and it took every ounce of the strength you had left not to completely break down in front of him.

“ What did I do wrong, Jimin? Tell me, and..and I can fix it.”

He screwed his eyes shut, his jaw clenching in frustration at the sound of your broken tone and your big teary eyes that stared up at him, pleading, begging for him to tell you that none of this was really happening.

But as he stared in silence at the one beautiful face of the girl who was crying in front of his own eyes, Jimin knew what he was doing; he knew that this was the right thing to do. There was no other way, no turning back now. This was it.

“ You didn’t do anything wrong, Y/N,” Jimin answered, his tone plain and monotonous yet still he was crumbling into dust at the same time with every word that left his lips, “ And there is nothing you can fix.”

“ I don’t love you,  I haven’t loved you for a long time,” He repeated again, the words stinging his heart as he gazed long and hard into your eyes, “ Because…” He gulped slightly and his voice cracked into a whisper:

“ Because I’m in love with another girl.”

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#303 You're secretly better at piano than Dan

(Sorry again for not being active lately, but I have an excuse this time! We just got attacked by a hurricane (we’re 100% okay!) so Ive been anxiety city the past few days. But on the bright side, I didn’t have to go to school today! Woot!)

One very cheesy thing you loved to do with Dan was play piano. You’d do the easier bit of a tune while you let him do the more complicated part.

You knew he quietly prided himself on his abilities, so you let him feel good about himself when he did really complicated parts. However, what he did not know what the fact that you spent basically your whole life in piano lessons.

One afternoon, he was out filming with Phil. A certain song was jammed in your head, so you sat down at the piano.

“When did you become such a virtuoso?” Dan’s voice snapped you out of your thoughts.

You looked up and blushed ever so slightly. “Well, call me Hannah Montana, because I’ve actually had over 16 years of lessons,”

“What?!” He laughed, coming and sitting next to you. “I don’t even think I can do that,”

“Because I’m better than you.” You teased.

“I despise you.” He placed a kiss on your cheek.


you may have noticed that my activity has been weirdly low in the past few weeks & that i’ve barely been on besides lurking. that is becuse lately it’s been very difficult for me to actively focus on anything ( real life stuff too ) because my attention often wavers & i’ve also been very stressed for no reason at all, which resulted in disturbed sleep patterns & constant tiredness during daytime. now, because of all this AND because the new semester at my uni starts next week, i’ve decided to put this blog on a semi-hiatus. i’ll still be here occasionally to do replies, memes & stuff, but my activity will be kind of low ( i mean, it already has been for a while ). sorry to keep everyone waiting, i’ll try to be here as often as i can !

If anyone noticed...
  • I haven't been very active of late. Life happens. I hate being an adult. Anyone up for killing me?
  • But I promise i shall be back to my normal sns stuff as soon as my life is back in order and I don't feel like jumping off a cliff.
  • I miss making content for sns... argh can this be my job?.. anyone wanna pay me. ..*silence +cricket in the background*
  • Be back to normal most probably next week. Though I wish sooner

sorry for not being more active in reminding you and providing resources, pungeoneers, but i have been feeling pretty sickly lately and i even passed out and missed a call with our halfling and i feel so bad i’m a terrible dm :(

i love you all though and i just wanted to remind you that in four days (friday, feb 24th at 3pm CST) we have our second session, where caitl will be joining us at last! i’m very excited. remember that you’re all level two now, so be sure to update your character sheets accordingly. i’ll be here if you need any help with that or have any questions!

i love you i am sorry i have not been a big presence lately i will try to do better!!!

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Um, hey guys, I know I haven’t been so active on here… a lot of things have gone wrong lately (a power outage+surge that destroyed half of our families electronics despite being plugged into surge protectors, my father being very ill, and getting myself into a car accident). But I will write every prompt in my inbox as soon as everything calms down!

Taehyung scenario - official?

This is not a request or anything but my friend gave me this idea and I really wanted to write it into a scenario. Also sorry for not being very active lately, school has been taking so much of my time :/ I will try to update more often from now on!!

Genre: Fluff
Words: 552
Summary: Where you question Taehyung about your relationship status

You was currently laying on the couch with Taehyung by your side. You had been laying like this pretty much the whole afternoon, cuddling and kissing under a blanket. 

You never knew what to answer whenever people asked you about you and Taehyung`s relationship status. Never had you had a proper conversation with him about it either. Your friends had asked you a million times if he is your boyfriend or not but you always answered a simple “I don`t know”.

Taehyung`s lips felt soft against yours. It was like kissing a puffy and soft marshmallow. You could still taste the sweet flavor from the strawberry milk he had been drinking earlier that day. You slowly pulled away from the kiss, but to your surprise, Taehyung grabbed your face and pressed his lips against yours again. “I need to ask you something” You said in between the kisses. Taehyung finally let go of your face after placing a few more pecks on your lips. “Go ahead” He spoke as he stared straight into your eyes, which always made you feel soft and warm inside. 

You started stroking his cheek as you cleared your voice. “What do you say whenever people ask you if we are a couple?”. You admired his beautiful facial features as you waited for him to answer. He seemed a little taken back by your sudden question, but he decided to open his mouth and start speaking. “I usually start with saying that I don`t know, but then they say that something must be going on by the way I look at you etc. I always end up saying that we might be a couple”. You nodded without saying anything. “Or what do you think? Is it okay that I tell them that?” Taehyung asked you, gently stroking your hand with the tip of his fingers. “It´s more than okay” You said as you smiled, grabbing his chin and kissing him gently on the lips. This wasn`t like any of your ordinary kisses, but a special one. It felt different. This one felt real, like you and him were the only thing that ever mattered.

“So we are officially a couple now?” He asked with the cute box smile of his that you loved more than anything. “Yes” You answered biting your bottom lip to prevent yourself from blushing. “Not that you need to post it on facebook or anything”. Taehyung started laughing at your comment, and you did the same. “My jokes aren`t so bad after all, see!!” You added excitingly. Ever since you met him he had always made fun of how bad your jokes were. “Nope, they are still pretty bad” He said shaking his head. “At least they`re not as bad as your music taste” You said sticking out your tongue. “YAH! You haven`t even given it a listen! It`s amazing I swear” He said annoyed hitting your arm, but not hard enough for you to actually get hurt. “Whatever you say big boy”.

Originally posted by taevhyung

-Admin Karoline

ford probably really loves showering with his s/o, it’s very intimate without necessarily being sexual. he looooves having someone else wash his hair, and his whole body really. but he especially loves the way their fingers massage his scalp

and he appreciates the way they tenderly touch his scars

its one of the few times he can truly relax and feel vulnerable (in a good way) and it’s all very calming and he just feels so cared for and loved. 

anonymous asked:

You haven't been very active lately. Something happened? (Sorry if this is a rude question)

((Hi there,

This isn’t a rude question at all :)

I’m so sorry to you and everyone else that I have been so inactive. There’s a lot of stuff going on in my personal life and truth be told, I occasionally have my doubts with running this blog.

For the time being though, I don’t plan on closing it and hope to be posting some more updates soon :)

Sorry again for keeping you and everyone else waiting.


Sorry for not being very active lately, I’ve been going through some stuff. Had a few breakdowns, one fairly major, which leads to smaller more frequent hiccups in stability but I’m still trucking along. 

On a related note, I’ve been working on my speech impediment a bit, increasing my resonance seem to help with the word slurring but still haven’t conquered the lisp yet. BF says it’s not very noticeable though except in more obviously hard words. Fun fact: we’ve discovered my cadence is very similar to Patrick Warburton (Lemony Snicket in the new ASOUE series). So, imagine him, around 17 years old and occasionally slurring his words and you’ve got my voice.

I’ve also gotten serious about working out. Getting some good muscle mass build up and have dropped about 10lb of fat, putting me smack dab in the middle of “healthy” on the bmi. I’m aiming to lose a bit more fat and replace it with more muscle. Not going full body builder. Just a bit toned, ya know?

I’ve gotta say, I really recommend exercising. While I’m still tired 99% of the time and depressed for nearly the same, it’s increased my baseline drive by just providing an active habit to stick to. And seeing the progress is a bit of a mood lifter.

Thinking of doing a then and now comparison of how I look since I have a few older pics of me floating around on my computer somewhere. If anyone’s interested I might go ahead.

Oh, and how about that Series of Unfortunate Events? I liked the first 2-3 episodes but after that it kind of took a nosedive for me and the BF. To the point where we haven’t even bother with the Miserable Mill episodes.

Personally, Neil Patrick Harris never won me over as he doesn’t seem particularly threatening (though he’s funny and acts well), Patrick Warburton was a surprisingly excellent choice though. And the other actors… uh. Klaus is pretty good. Hook Handed man was good. The rest of the casting/acting just wasn’t doing it for me.

Also, since the last time I sat down and wrote a post here, I found out my uncle is a furry. Which is cool because now I have an excuse to post my anthro character designs on facebook. Also, I find it amusing because my uncle is completely bald due to a thyroid condition, so physically he’s the exact opposite of furry.

And, you’re asking yourself now “I thought this was a political-religious-lgbt blog why am I hearing about your hairless furry uncle” and I’ve got nothing.