sorry for not being very active lately


Me and my friend (Jingkabell) concluded How does Kallus in rebel gears look like? ..So here is my gorgeous Kallus based on Rogue One: Costumes design.
I agree with Jingkabell that he was born for the furs! And The scene Kallus’s got a glory bruise on his face from Thrawn impressed me very much lol. So I decided to add some scars on his lips. I hope it’s OK with him.


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3

Hey guys, sorry for not being very active recently. I somehow find it impossible to focus lately and in addition to that almost everything I draw looks like crap and causes me to lose motivation even more. 

It’s just a period tho so I hope it will pass sooner because I feel terrible about how little I’ve done in the past month. 

tldr; here are some sketches of a character that I managed to draw last week. 

Submissions closed

Hey everyone, I’ve been very inactive on here lately, and I’m very sorry. Things have been really rough for me. I have to give both my cats away and am giving Tina, my favorite, away tomorrow. I’m having a really difficult time coping with this and seeing everyone’s cats on here makes me sadder.

I’m closing submissions for a little because I have a ton of posts to queue up, and I’d like to take some time for myself. 

Again, I’m very sorry for not being more active on here. I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend filled with kitties and love. 

Short Hiatus... I guess

Sorry for being inactive lately. I know I promised you guys a few more sims and recolors and remakes, but I just don’t feel like doing anything at the moment and if I do, I can’t focus. So… I probably won’t be very active here for a few more days. Sorry. ._.

17th October : “Peanut Butter and Jelly

Sorry for not being active lately;; I’ve been sick and very busy  >.> I know I’ve missed about…4 days of Costume October, I’M SORRYYYYYY

I promise to draw those days in one to make up for it ^^ so in the meantime, please have PB & J Rhett and Link as requested by : @twiningunicorns !!

Also a little reference from Dipper and Mabel costume from Gravity Falls ^^ 
Check out the rest of my Costume October!

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Dude !

Bruh ~

Thank you all so much for your messages, guys !! You’re really making my days brighter, you’re all so incredible…
Sorry for not being really active lately, I’ve been under some stress and even if I stayed positive, sometimes, it was a bit hard… I moved really, really far away, had to leave everything, I’m still not sure at all about my future, still not sure about what will happen at the end of the month to be honest. I’ll only know in few days, so let’s say I’m very worried…
I wasn’t feeling like drawing a lot and answering and well… I’ll try to be more reactive now, it would be rude with the chance I have… such amazing and lovely people around here <3
Thank you all, stay positive and awesome guys !

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Hey kiddos.
Sorry for being inactive lately. I’ve been swamped with work and have had a few family emergencies.
I probably won’t be super active for a while longer still.
I just had top surgery today (yay!!) and I’ll need a lot of time to recover.
I love you all very much, and I am so proud of each and every one of you!
Love always,


i’m sorry i haven’t been active online lately and all of a sudden i come up with this. but this is serious. there’s been a massacre of muslims of rohingya in myanmar / burma. thousands of muslims who escaped shared their stories of how they’ve seen people being murdered brutally by those who hates muslims there, 6 year old kid beheaded right in front of their eyes, burnt alive, sexually harassed, and all. it’s all because of the hatred. and the leader of the country sadly dont condemn this action, very disappointing.

if you can share how much you care about other people’s life, how much you care about depression awareness day, lgbt people’s right, or cancer awareness and stuffs..PLEASE show how much you care about this issue as well. PLEASE SAVE MUSLIMS OF ROHINGYA. make this viral #SaveRohingya. let the UN know that we care. you don’t have to share gory photos to show you care, share the words, share the valid donation link if you find any (the access to the country is limited until now so if you know any, please recheck and then share if its valid). i don’t lie, you can find the news if you want. it’s real but it’s just not as intensely shared as Taylor Swift’s or any other popular artists’ news out there. so PLEASE SHARE #SAVEROHINGYA .


Long time no post. I’m sorry for neglecting my tumblr lately and not being active on my other social media either. My DSLR died some time ago and it took me a while to get accustomed to the very first smartphone that I bought (I’m one of those fossils who’s always hated them and refused to get one until there was no way around it anymore. Typing on a touchscreen is pure suffering to me). But blog post aside. Here’s a recent outfit of mine. As always the wind destroyed the poof but I just ordered a cage skirt so I hope that won’t be an issue anymore in the future. ._.

Dress: Juliette et Justine

Blouse: Krad Lanrete

Everything else: offbrand or handmade


I really need to get back to posting more - again I’m sorry for not being very active, I’ve been fairly distracted lately with flockmod