sorry for not being enough

They’re watching baby animals videos

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I’m sorry for panicking and running away that day. I was afraid I couldn’t give you the love you deserved, the love you desired. I’m sorry for being so weak and not trying hard enough to stay in your life. I’m sorry for running, I’m so sorry for not turning back when I had the chance.
—  Tenari Ioapo // Apology to the love of my life #14.

lol oh no is this a double date

Why The Signs Aren't Texting Back
  • Aries: You said something they didn't like
  • Taurus: They're napping
  • Gemini: You're not worthy of a text
  • Cancer: Their bedtime is at 9
  • Leo: You aren't interesting enough, sorry
  • Virgo: You're being annoying
  • Libra: They're watching TV
  • Scorpio: They misplaced their phone
  • Sagittarius: They forgot to
  • Capricorn: They're doing something more important
  • Aquarius: Their phone is off
  • Pisces: Too busy doing something unproductive, but don't worry, they'll come back and let you know what

What could have changed your mind? What would have made you choose me? What could have made you want to stay out of love and not obligation?

I never wanted to hold you back, the last thing I wanted was for you to stay with me because you were scared of how I would cope with being alone. I am sorry that I wasn’t enough, I’m sorry I couldn’t be all that you deserve. But I will never be able to repay you for the time you spent loving me despite falling out of love with me.

You stuck by me when I was struggling, even though there was someone you knew you could love stronger.

—  Thank you for being selfless, and loving me in a way that wasn’t how you used to, but loving me none the less.

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa

Commitment has always been scary for me. The thought of devoting myself to one person seemed impossible. I get bored too easily for that. But with you it was different. I could spend eternity listening to your voice, your laugh, and all your stupid little jokes.

A little watercolour Hermione in the Gryffindor girls’ dorm. I know some people just don’t click, but it must’ve been pretty lonely for Hermowninny.

We’ve all done things we weren’t proud of. I understand that. I know nobody’s perfect, but how do you live with it? How do you get up every morning knowing you could have done better, that you should have done better? Is being sorry enough? Can an apology actually heal our wounds? Ease our pain? Can it undo the hurt that we’ve caused?
—  Callie Torres
and another thing i forgot with my allyship post-

if you support a person of color, TELL THEM.

the people who don’t will go out of their way to send hateful messages anywhere they can. 

the people who do support usually do it silently. this isnt enough. im sorry. i know you mean well. but being an ally means action. It means standing up and saying I support you when someone is getting harassed and it also means taking them aside and whispering to them that you’re there for them. it will mean the world to them.