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Mamura Oneshot “Red” Rough Scanlation

Ok, so I have no idea when or if DF is ever going to release their version of Mamura’s oneshot that I’ve translated ages ago so I’ve teamed up with @banira-san and @te-al-latte (mad props to the both of them!) to bring HnR fans a rough-ish translated version of the oneshot. ENJOY!


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The heart-clunching Adrienette dance scene for those who need it, ft. Alya “the hero we don’t deserve” Cesaire

DISCLAIMER: Miraculous Ladybug does not belong to me, nor do the characters. I am solely sharing this scene to spread the enjoyment. Miraculous Ladybug respectfully belongs to Thomas Astruc and Zagtoon productions.

PERIOD AU – requested by anon

Her first encounter with Mr. Strike was one of peculiar circumstances. On one of the hottest days of summer, she had spied him in the shade of a tall tree, engaged in what she would later learn to be an interview. There was something attractively direct to his demeanor, a tranquil confidence seemed to accompany him as he spoke. But what struck her imagination as most unusual was his smile. A smile which had the power to cease further insistence. 

So I was flipping though an old photo album a few days ago for a particular #tbt post and came across a set of photos that made me so contemplative. The pictures were taken the night of the Christmas dance during my first year of university. I was living away from home for the first time and I was just 17 years old. I had completely forgotten about how I had felt that night, but the pictures say it all. This one guy - the boyfriend of my good friend, actually - decided to aggressively pursue me all evening. I was not interested - plus, I would never have betrayed my friend even if I were.

Anyway in the first picture, he (in the tie and vest) is clearly neglecting his girlfriend (standing to his right) reaching across the girl beside him and pawing at my shoulder (I am standing second from left).

I remember being so uncomfortable with his obvious and unwanted advances, I actually tried to remove his hand from my shoulder, even as the photos continued to snap. My friend in red noticed what was going on and spent the rest of the evening shielding me:

I know it’s just a relatively small incident - and far worse scenarios would take place in terms of sexual harassment in my adulthood. But Grown Up me is outraged at how young and vulnerable I was back then. Grown Up Me is angry that this dickhead ruined my evening and didn’t take the hint to get lost. A 17-year-old girl should be able to go to a semi-formal without needing a human shield all night. And now that my daughter is only three years younger than I was in these pictures, I can only hope that she’ll be better equipped and less tolerant than I was. I also hope that, with campaigns like #metoo, society becomes less tolerant as well.


witch’s familiar, a super-rushed 8-page comic about a human named November, a crow familiar named Hemlock, and a witch named Moira, in which Nov gets her phone stolen and they both… get their hearts stolen? By? Each other? It’s gay. That’s all that matters. 

November belongs to @seasideleaside!!!!!