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Throne of Glass Girls & Halsey Lyrics

“We each survive in our own way.”

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imo zine culture in the yoi fandom is harmful and in many ways elitist but you should not, under any circumstances, think of your work as not being good enough because you didn’t make it into zines you’ve applied for.

your content is amazing regardless of what a bunch of randos have to say! you’re out there making your content and that’s amazing! there are people who appreciate your work even if you don’t make it to this stupid “spotlight” zines are. they do not determine your worth.

(and please don’t be mean to people behind zines and artists/writers that are part of this elite. as upset as you have the right to be there’s no excuse for being rude to other creators)

anonymous asked:

Now that I look at Louis' team's work, I remember how MANY times and how much Louis has been always thanking us, whenever possible, saying that it wouldn't work without US, and- some things really wouldn't have worked out without us.

I know, anon. Louis has always made sure to show his appreciation for the people who support him.

He’s talked about how that support gives him confidence and motivates him, and emphasized the team work and the real connection and “sense of togetherness” between him and his fans. He even went as far as saying we’re better than his professional team. And knowing his fans’ distrust of his SM accounts he even took up making thank you videos. He really goes above and beyond. I actually worry sometimes that he feels he owes us more than he does, or more than he should, you know?

Meanwhile his team make it as hard as they can for fans to support him and follow what little they set up for him—let alone do anything to capture new audiences and expand his fan base.

Despite that—because Louis deserves it and is well worth it—fans make an effort to stay updated and active, and to spread information among them and outside the fandom within our limitations. And his fan base is still powerful: we’re still winning him awards and polls, and contributing to chart placement. The fact that they use him as a promotional tool and for click bait is proof of it, too.

So absolutely there’s a lot that’s been down to us. Fan support is important for any artist, in different degrees and forms, but in Louis’ case, when everything else is lacking, it’s even more important. Unfortunately there are things we cannot do, for which he needs his label, management and PR: we can’t negotiate radio play, or book him appearances or performances, and we can’t control interview questions or the media.

But even more so in these circumstances our support is crucial. And Louis is so very grateful and appreciative of it. So if I may, I urge everyone to please continue to stand by him and supporting him as much as they can.

Byler - The Strangest Thing (Chapter Three)

If Richie had to compare his life to anything, he would have to choose honey. It’s painstakingly slow, like the god damn liquid. Taunting, teasing, as if it’s about to do something but decides against it on a fancy whim and just… sits there in a pool of ambitiously collected hopes and dreams.

After moving from his small town of Derry to the equally small town of Hawkins, time seems to drag and deliberately so. It’s like holding your breath underwater for a full minute, or heating your food in the microwave for thirty seconds, making forever sound like an understatement.

Life goes on like a spilled syrup. It starts off mesmerizing, the viscous fluid flowing like it’s on a mission until it slows to a painful stop.

It goes from Eddie sassily countering Richie’s sexually inappropriate remarks to Eddie obediently moving out of town at his mother’s command with his fists in a tight grip that his nails cut through his own flesh.

It goes from Mike and Stanley coming up with the most logical approach to the group’s bold and stupid methods to Mike and Stanley naturally taking over their family business because tradition says so.

It goes from Ben and Beverly boring the group with their poetical exchanges to Ben and Beverly separately seeking their passion in places that will promote their artistic growth.

It goes from Bill bravely paving the way for the Losers to conquer their fear to Bill paving the way for the Losers to be more than what their status quo says they ought to be.

And it goes from Richie naively betting his life on the line to conquer his own fear to Richie gambling whatever else is left of him for another chance to prove himself in a town so small yet so full of room for its mind to grow.

But the thing about honey isn’t just the fact that it’s thick and slow and persistently sticky. It’s also sweet and golden and so… beautiful. It moves delicately, with kind purpose and gentle perseverance. It cares deeply, loves selflessly, smiles irresistibly…

It’s a boy with honey colored eyes, a pair of deep, mesmerizing orbs with a gravitational pull of a thousand black holes. A boy whose existence is a whole new adventure altogether, a world where you can appreciate the leisure passing of time. A fear that doesn’t need conquering but a need to be conquered by, and desperately so.

It’s the tempting idea stuck in Richie’s tongue, bobbing up and down his throat. The brave façade he fabricates to create an equally tempting illusion to hoard all the honey for himself, like the Smaug piling mountains of gold out of greed.

It’s the enticing proposal of “I’ll be your Mike if you love me like you mean it.”

And it’s the impossible request of “Please leave me the moment this stops being fun for you. You’re by no means obligated to stay, much less fall in love with me. Not for someone like me.”

And if life is like honey, then it sure lives up to its name.

Because for every time Richie takes a taste, it gets sweeter, richer, and much more impossible to resist. And the tempting idea once stuck in his tongue becomes the guilty apology burned on the back of his mouth that the one request he promised to fulfill is the only part of the bargain he can’t keep.  

Chapter One Chapter Two

sparklinggreenwings  asked:

It is very hard to find words which can say at least a bit how much I admire your GO art. Every bit of it is wonderful and perfect and I just love looking at all of it. You are so incredibly talented, thank you so much for sharing your art on this blog!

Awww thank you so much!!! Hope you don’t mind me publishing this ask, I want to cherish it  (●´▽`●)  *smooches*


“Hunk, he knows my name. Shiro knows my name!”

“Pretty sure that’s because he saw you start a food fight in the mess hall with Keith and he stopped you two before you could drag other people in it. You both got detention for that, remember?”

or: Lance have been pining after his hero for quite a while now and is having a hard time keeping his crush a secret especially after Shiro called him by his name for the first time.


“No doubt you’ve been wondering. You’d been waiting all year to see if I’d return. Well, you’ve nothing to fear. Night falls once again, and the wind howls through. It’s me, Dr. Junkenstein, and, oh, how I’ve been waiting for you.”