sorry for my weird arms

they tell you that it’s brave to be strong, to keep marching on with a straight face even if tears are flowing down your cheeks and even if your feet are bloodied from dragging them across rocky ground time and time again.

but sometimes, i don’t want to be brave. sometimes, i just want someone to hold me and stroke my hair and tell me that the universe is a lil bitch and that i don’t deserve it. sometimes, i want to be weak.

I don’t even know what I’m doing I got bored and wanted to draw a new otp. Got inspired after watching both @sessomesmaru and @sogekihei-sama stream.

Now that I’ve finished this im noticing so many things i messed up on but I’m too lazy to fix it and if I don’t post it i’ll just end up deleting it. So yeah.

Now to try and draw a better one.


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ps. sorry ppl for so much selfie.