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Ass ID

Genre: smut, fluff.

Summary: Phil and dan run into each other at the grocery store and phil recognizes dan as his favorite pornstar via his ass

Word Count: 1.5k+

Warnings: none that I can thinking of? Cursing?? As per usual. A small moment where phil thinks dan wants to stop?

Ass ID :

“Please, god please Phil, yes, you fuck me so good! Hmph, god love your cock, so good to me.”

4 hours earlier ;

“Cereal, milk, brea- oomph!” I stumble back and quickly grab the closest thing to me which happens to be a boy about my age, steadying us both. He looks familiar and I cock my head to the side, not so subtly checking him out, where do I know him from?

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking at where I was going.” He smiles, deep dimples digging into his cheeks and god, I know those dimples. Fuck, he’s so cute.

Without thinking, I stick my hand out, “Phil, sorry for running into you.” I feel my face heat up a little as he puts his hand in mine.

“Dan.” He turns around, spotting a loaf of bread on the floor behind him and bending down to grab it, and that’s when it clicks. If you had asked me two weeks ago, that’s I’d be recognizing my favorite porn star from his ass, I would have laughed in your face. But here I am, in the grocery store next to the star of all my wank fantasies, DanIsNotATop. Jesus Christ, only I could end up in this situation.

He straightens up and turns to me with a smirk, “Like what you see?”

I blush furiously, “I’m so sorry, this isn’t at all what I’m like, uh, I- nevermind, I’ll just be going now.” I quickly turn around and head in the opposite direction of the bread, great.

“Hey! Wait up!” I curse my luck as Dan catches up to walk next to me.

“Excuse me if this is forward, but you’re hot and I’m free all day.” I gaped at him, mouth opening and closing like a fish out of water.

The dimpled boy blushes, “Yeah, that was probably weird, I mean, we’re in the middle of a grocery store for god’s sake. Sorry, I’m a little too forward for my own good sometimes.” I’m so shellshocked that it seems my brain and mouth have stopped communicating and the words fall out of my mouth before I can think it through.

“Not surprising with your profession, I’m sure you gain a lot of confidence for that kind of stuff, what with everyone wanting to fuck you all the time.” My eyes almost pop out of their sockets, and I’m internally wishing for god to come and take me, for the ground to swallow me up, maybe even aliens abducting me would suffice. Of all the reactions, I do not expect Dan to start hysterically laughing.

“Oh my god! Well yeah I guess you’re right, aren’t you? So you watch me?” I nod dumbly, too surprised to even form words, probably a good thing at this point.

“Just have one question…when you say ‘everyone’ wants to fuck me, does that include you?” He’s looking up at me through thick, dark eyelashes and I’m swallowing before speaking up,

“Well, I mean, yes? Who wouldn’t wanna fuck you?” He giggles and I’m instantly endeared,

“There are a few people I can only hope don’t want to have sex with me, for example, my grandma.”

“Oh my god, Dan! That’s disgusting! Why is that the first example you think of?!” I let out a roaring laugh, my tongue poking out between my teeth and my hand coming up to cover my mouth.

When our laughter dies down he takes a step closer, getting into my personal space and whispering in my ear, “Offer still stands, if you aren’t secretly my grandma.”

I hum, “I guess I’ll just spend my night alone baking cookies then, too bad, I’d really thought this disguise would get me through.”

We giggle and I place my hand on his hip, traveling slowly to his back pocket and drawing out his phone before typing my number in, “Text me your number.” He does and I send him my address.

Leaning in till my lips brush against his ear as I begin to talk, breath hot and heavy, “7pm, don’t be late, princess.” I slip my tongue out to lick at the shell of his ear, watching goosebumps arise and feeling him shiver under my hands. I pull back, wink, and turn and walk towards the bread.

Current time ;

So that’s how I ended up in bed with the idol of my sexual delusions, being straddled by thick thighs, cock absolutely throbbing in my boxers. We had both already stripped to nothing but our boxers, or well, panties for dan. “Good god, Dan, you’re so hot for me, babe, gonna let me have you, yeah?” He nods eagerly into our kisss.

“Please, phil, touch me I want you to stretch me, please.”

“Mm, yes baby ‘course, c’mon let’s get you you out of those panties.” I flip us over, pulling off the black lace in one quick motion as dan lifts his hips up, before reaching for the lube lying next to me and popping the cap. Squirting a copious amount onto my fingers and warming it up between them, I kiss dan passionately distracting him from my hand wandering to his sex. I swirl my index finger around his rim before pushing in slowly, letting him adjust before thrusting it into him.

After a bit of stretching, I begin to search for his prostate, crooking my fingers at a different angle at every entrance to him, until I found it, well at least I think I do, since Dan lets out a series of pornstar moans (funnily enough) and pushed his ass back onto my fingers.

“Take me, I’m ready I promise, I swear it phil lease take me I’m begging you please!” Who could deny that? Certainly not me.

“I got you, baby, I’m gonna take real good care of you, don’t you worry.” I shed my briefs, grabbing the condom package next to me and ripping it open clumsily, about to roll it onto myself when dan’s hand comes up to catch my wrist, effectively halting my movements.

I look up, my eyebrows scrunching together. Did he want to stop? Before I can ask he shyly looks up at me, “Wanna do it.” I nod and hand over the condom, moving my hips closer to him so he can grasp my thickness, slowly pumping me before rolling the condom onto my shaft, grabbing the lube bottle, slathering it onto my length, and guiding my to his entrance. I push into the confining heat of him, groaning at the right grip, hovering over him, and breathing hot shallow breaths onto his sweat glistening neck.

“So good for me Dan, taking me so well, huh? Look at you, so nice. Such a pretty boy you are, princess.” A loud whimper escapes him, before he’s grinding back onto my cock.

“I’m good, I’m so good, you can move, move please please,” he rambles into my ear, pushing his onto into my hips, making my breathing stutter in pleasure. I pull out till only my cock head is inside him, before for slowly pushing back inside, watching his hole stretch so filthily around my thick rod, like I’ve daydreamed oh so many times before.

“So good on my cock, god, you’re so tight around me, fuck, dan shit,” I pull out, only to slam in a again and again, setting a hard and fast pace and angling my hips to slam into his prostate repeatedly, his legs wrapped tightly around my waist, face in the crook of my neck, fingernails absolutely tearing up my back, and groans falling shamelessly from both our mouths.

“Please, god please Phil, yes, you fuck me so good! Hmph, god love your cock, so good to me.” I can feel him tightening around my shaft, can physically feel him approaching orgasm, pushing me along as well. “C-close, phil, gonna cu-cum.”
I reach between us to fist his swollen cock, alerting him to my similar state, I’m losing pattern, heat pooling in my abdomen, before I feel Dan clench around me so fucking tight, my hips stutter and I can hear dan yelling his release as I spill into the condom, thrusting shallowly to ride out our orgasms.

“So fucking good, better than I ever imagined.” Dan giggles breathlessly, swatting my slick chest playfully as I gently pull out of him, careful not to hurt him, tie off the condom, tossing it into the bin, and falling onto my back beside dan. Our breathing synchronizes, sweat and cum drying uncomfortably on our naked bodies, and yet dan rolling over onto my chest, curling into my side, his arm draped around my midsection.

“This ok? I don’t usually get to like, uhm, cuddle? After sex I mean, so yeah sorry if this is weird, yeah.” I wrap my arm around him, holding him to my side when I feel him start to extract himself out of embarrassment.

“Shh, gonna sleep, yeah? S’nice. You’re warm.” And something feels right, as dan shifts to get more comfortable and then lays his head on my chest, his hair tickling my chin, legs tangled with my own. Something feels right, and I have a little feeling this won’t be the last time I find myself with an armful of tan skin and warm brown eyes.

Honestly, after We Need To Talk, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this was Rose’s.

anonymous asked:

How & when do you discover your signiture style in oainting?

I don’t think there’s an exact moment or formulaic how I, or anyone for that matter, found a ‘style’. There was a certain period and a few works of mine from years earlier, which I do think to be the turning point for the pathway to where my work is now though. 

Up until three years ago, I used to dabble in a number of different ‘styles’, ranging from manga/anime, caricature cartoon, superhero comic, realism, and even abstract at one point. Heck, I even tried vector-art! It wasn’t until my final years at high school where I think my work began to take more solid form in terms of subject matter, style, colour etc.

This piece above, was done at the start of 2013. There was something ‘dreamy, surreal and magical’ about it, and I like to think of it as a result of me dabbling in so many different styles. In all those years of experimentation, parts of what I loved about each respective style combined to form this direction for my work; a blend between anime/cartoon/realism portraiture, a sense of abstract/surrealism through visual elements (like the hair) and colour. For the rest of 2013, I spent the year developing my art final for my art subject around this concept, which led me to experimenting with this newfound style further. I loved the direction, and had to take it further, refining my digital style and love for these ‘ethereal ladies’

Above, is my high school ‘art final’, which was a refined style of the first image. It was me wanting to push more realism and completely separate visual elements like the skin, from these more surreal/abstract representation of the hair. I loved it, and I didn’t stop there. This style exploration eventually led to me creating my first watercolour work in pushing this direction.

This above piece, played on the same qualities and aspects that I loved about this newfound style, and I began to feel comfortable in it, to a point where I even tried to replicate those principles into watercolor. This very piece, I believe, is the root of my ‘style’ that I still have today with my watercolor work.

It’s hard to tell someone exactly how to find a style, because a style can be determined in so many different ways. It can be a style based on colour, a style based on visuals, a style based on ideas/themes or even a style simply based on subject matter. For me, I think the way I found my style was because I was able to somehow merge all these aspects I loved about those styles I wanted to replicate all those years. I was able to combine my love for anime, realism, portraiture, superhero comics, cartoons & caricatures, and even abstract art. 

The thing is, don’t get too bogged down by this idea of needing to find and have a completely mindblowing and unique style. My work and style is definitely flawed and I’m sure there are thousands of artists whom my work is similar to. A lot of people feel like they HAVE to have a style, otherwise it doesn’t validate themselves as artists, and that can be more detrimental. We get caught up in this idea that without a style, we’re sucky and it makes us unsatisfied and want to give up. 

Everyone has their own unique little quirks and kinks that makes their work unique. Two people can draw the EXACT same drawing style visually, but their ideas and themes throughout their work can be completely different, and that is still stylistically unique! Keep practicing and experimenting with what you love, because what you already do is a reflection of what you want your work to show, it might just take time for you to realize what’s so special or unique about it.  

Keep going, because when you do stumble across it one day, it’ll definitely be worth the wait.

swiftwidget  asked:

Probably seems random, but I really appreciate the arm hair details on Toshinori. I actually have kind of a lot of arm hair for a woman - It's just a part of me but every now and again I question whether I should be embarrassed by it. I don't know why but seeing you add that detail makes me very happy and at ease with my arm hair. So, yeah, thank you. Sorry if that's weird or random. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it.

*clenches chest* you’re pulling at my heartstrings here, LET ME TELL YOU A THING;

I grew up in the 90′s where the idea of a gender outside of heteronormative was non existent, so my identity was ‘female’ (this is no longer the case). Around 11 years old I started gaining symptoms from a genetic disease called Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) but the tldr is a major one of them is hair growth due to excess testosterone. I have excess, full 9 yards fuzzy ‘gorilla arms’ and even facial hair at 11 as a ‘female’ and got teased constantly for them. This always upset me so I was prone to shave and hide my arms under sweatshirts (even in the summer) because it’s ‘so gross for a girl to have arm hair’

After a good long beating of this gross behavior (until I was like, 18 or so?), I thought to myself, Why? Why is this gross?? Even if you don’t have PCOS and are cisfemale/mtf/any occurrence of ‘female’, why do/did we grow up being told a part of a naturally occurring thing in our bodies is gross??

SPOILER: It’s not and its effn’ wonderful. I love arm/leg/body hair on any gender and everyone has it and its a shame it isn’t embraced more. I for one stick it on almost all of my fandom victims and I especially think it looks super charming on Toshinori ♥ 

Thank you so much for your note, you don’t know how ridiculously happy this has made me ♥♥♥


Do you have a second to talk about this? Today I was shopping with my mom and I found this lovely pair of shorts, I tried them on and they didn’t fit, so I bought them a size bigger 

do you realize what a big deal that is for me? No more I’ll fit into that after I’ve lost weight, or this will suit me when I’m thinner, I’ll take it as motivation, no more being ashamed of the size I’m wearing, no more focussing on the number and more on how well they actually fit.

And I am so so proud of that. plus these shorts are really amazing and very comfy :DD

I will use the upper pic as a before pic for when I start working on my booty :)

the lower one is actually of no use for the message of this post, but as I took the photo I noticed how visible my calf-muscels had become and I just wanted to share :D


SO AS IT TURNS OUT if you make a movie about Magic: the Gathering like the colossal nerds we are, and Wizards of the Coast likes it, they might send you booster packs!

A LOT of booster packs.

SO MANY booster packs.

they tell you that it’s brave to be strong, to keep marching on with a straight face even if tears are flowing down your cheeks and even if your feet are bloodied from dragging them across rocky ground time and time again.

but sometimes, i don’t want to be brave. sometimes, i just want someone to hold me and stroke my hair and tell me that the universe is a lil bitch and that i don’t deserve it. sometimes, i want to be weak.