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Lance: I just- it just feels like I’m never gonna get home you know? [holding back tears] What if we never find Shiro? What if we’re never able to defeat Zarkon and he destroys the universe?? I’m so useless to the team already, and now I feel more helpless than ever…

Keith: [doesn’t know how to comfort him]

Keith, singing softly but with emotion: [hugs Lance] 
at the end of the world, or the last thing I see
You are never coming home never coming home

Unpopular Oppinion time

So, you know how there is this awesome Fandomidea floating around of an all-elvhen-advisor-to-the-elvhen-Inquisitor-Team?

With Zevran as Spymaster

Merrill as Ambassador

and Fenris as the Commander to the Inquisition Forces?


Well, here is my unpopular oppinion about it:

I think, Fenris would make a WAY BETTER Ambassador than Merril.

And Merrill would make a WAY BETTER Commander than Fenris.

Why, you might ask.

Well, Fenris knows how Nobility works. He can speak several languages. He is trained in conversation and all the impressive chatty ‘The Game (but without masks)’ stuff. He negotiated a one-on-one battle with the Arishock, for fucks sake. (And who would want to piss of an Ambassador who can straight up rip your heart out if you Insult ANYONE he represents or likes?)

And Merrill? She is trained to be a leader in many ways. She has been brought up to be a Keeper, after all. She must have had some Training in that regard, simply to defend the Clan. She knows what must be done and what Price to pay and she knows how far to go. She might look cute, but she sure can kick ass.(Not to mention that she is the one who gets that shiny armour if you romance her.)


Zevran as Spymaster, absolutely! (But one who’d rather not kill, if it can be avoided. Most People are useless once they are dead, no?)


Welcome to; I’m to lazy to draw in a high quality :{ …and to sad babybone Papyrus and Sad dadster.
A few days ago I saw an awsome fanart about Gaster,where he can visit someone in a dream but he’s forgotten again when this person wake up. I thought it would be interesting to put this idea with papyrus and sans (his children in the Dadster AU).
I see so much Fanarts about Dadster and Sans(Babybone too) and Heck I love all of it! But it made me wonder why there a so less Dadster and Babybone papyrus.
Welp now I draw more useless shitty doodle for tumblr and break my heart by myself because crying babybone Papyrus q.q
The mistakes in Papyrus text are not directly mistakes by me. I want him to speak dorky (He is very young here). When there are some in Gasters text….well I’m sorry then :O

I’m sorry for the long post by the way ^^’’

First few Merlin episodes in a nutshell
  • Gaius: magic is a no-no you can't use it
  • Uther: we've got a problem in Camelot
  • Merlin: oh shit I can fix it
  • Merlin: *does the magic*
  • Merlin: but I gotta magic I feel it in my bones
  • Arthur: I trust Merlin
  • Merlin: *fucks up*
  • Uther: stfu he's your manservant he's lying
  • Arthur: merlin yOU LITTLE SHIT
  • Morgana: I wanna help
  • Dragon: *useless advice*
  • Merlin: *fixes problem with magic*
  • Arthur: wow NEVERMIND Merlin you're fab clean my clothes
  • Gaius: you is stupid Merlin
  • Merlin: I have big ears

i’ve deleted all my masterposts and i won’t be making any more. it sucks because i actually enjoyed making them, but downloading/watching stuff online is a tricky thing. not all websites are safe, there are many filled with viruses that can screw up your computer pretty badly (i know by experience, i just got my laptop fixed after a virus infected the entire system), and videos and torrents get taken down all the time, therefore the links used on the posts become outdated and useless after a little while. sorry!

i hate my roommates (well 3 of them). If you want to come back drunk af at 4:30 am and stumble through the corridor to get to your romm, fine whatever. But “talking” so loudly you could wake up probably everyone in the city and start blaring shitty music, like what the fuck is wrong with you 😡😡😡😡
and my room is directly next to the common romm/kitchen where they are now, continuing their “party” 😡😤😡

Miro: A time traveler in search for future artifacts in the past, she supposedly finds the love of her life in the future instead. (A joint story with my boyfriend at the time) However she highly reflects on me, so her story sort of disappeared once I became single.
Tuooneo: An alien species that lives amongst humans during Miro and Preoprix’s time. His species is an evolved version of Iolarians and Noisulli, but in mammalian form.
Preoprix: A human satellite and pop star. Honestly she only exists because I wanted more of a “mascot character” for myself and a character with crazy hair. She’s where my username comes from.
Faboolous: Used to be a fan Nintendo character, more specifically a Boo. I didn’t know what to do with her so I made her human and…. eeehh…
Ranul: Although still a very drawn and loved character, his old, happier personality isn’t as prominent anymore. He’s been majorly revamped and is turning more and more depressed and kind of weird.

I’ve kind of realized I never draw my other OCs anymore, except for Ranul and my Noisulli characters. And I kind of hate my non-Noisulli OCs because they all sort of hold bad memories with my ex. (especially Miro) And part of me wants to sort of officially "kill them off" and never draw them again (excluding Ranul). :S

Honestly hardly anybody would really remember these guys before I joined Tumblr, unless you followed my Deviantart accounts. So regardless they’re kind of useless characters! And I never did anything with most of them anyways.

But, here’s the years when I first came up with them and when I stopped drawing them as often. I probably won’t kill them off literally, but I’m going to retire them and they’ll be little memories or something. I’ve always been really sentimental towards my OCs, it’s kind of lame I’m sorry.

And Ranul’s being a smug jerk because he’s my favorite and still is around hahaha.

Also sorry for “wall of text” post! I tried to condense it. |:S


Behind the Scenes of Gridlock

Excerpts from DWM 382, as reported by Jason Arnopp

David is suffering more sonic-related misfortune. Amateur kidnappers Milo and Cheen have swiped Martha, slamming the door in his face as they flee. He sonics the lock, pulls the handle, tugs frantically… but it’s no good, the door is locked, for real.  “Useless!” he hoots, snapping out of character. Strolling over to DWM, he shrugs, “To be honest, me and Martha have only just met.  It’s no skin off my nose…”

Russell T. Davies: “On the day of Boe’s death scene, David actually texted me from set, to say how ridiculously sad it was!  A great big lump of animatronic latex, and everyone felt sorry for him!

Part 2 of the Gridlock Behind-the-scenes posts is here:  [ part two ]
All of my previous behind-the-scenes photoset posts can be found here.

hey so

Sexy Zone fans have been buying up their first single “Sexy Zone” in protest of the 3-only single and they’ve managed to land it on Oricon Daily Rankings listing!!

On October 1st:

On October 2nd: Ranking slipped down to 69, couldn’t screenshot since Oricon website only goes to 30 :/

…..buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut October 3rd:


Ultimate goal is to land it on Oricon Weekly rankings

Conclusion: Sexy Zone fans are amazing.


October 4th: 21st

October 5th: 14th

Yeah-sorry but Daleks are very serious they can sense your presence so sneaking up on them won’t work and they can shoot death rays-which is very painful and people die…and Daleks don’ die very easily.

oh ok

External image

External image


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I did search but it turns out Leo said it in a magazine(?) interview and Ken and Ravi say it in Vixx diaries when Hakyeon hugs Ken and the other guys make fun of it and when Hakyeon forcefully hugs Leo and Ravi and Ken say it. I'm sorry for being useless I can't remember anymore ;(

can you remember which mtv diary episode it was? ^^ and you’re not useless, dear ;;;;; don’t say that

and these were all the text posts that i found regarding n being the ‘mother’ of vixx:

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sorry, i didn’t mean to remove any captions. sometimes when i reblogg a post the text disappears, and i didn’t realize that it had happened to this persons fanart. i think it’s because one of my x-kit extensions isn’t working properly, but i’m not sure which one it is. i’ve added the original caption to the post again though, and i’ll try to make sure something like this doesn’t happen in the future