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Quand Je Parle, Comprends-Tu?

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: ~600

Request: Hi ! I would like to know if you could do a one-shot with Dean. The reader is a foreigner (Like French or something else) and flirts with Dean in her native tongue, but he doesn’t understand what she saying.

Warnings: Fluff and an annoyed reader

A/N:  I’m sorry this took so long, @look-at-this-moose.  I hope this is okay, and that my terrible French isn’t too terrible.  I spoke it for 10 years about 8 years ago.  To say I’m rusty is an understatement; please don’t hate me.  French dialogue is at the bottom before the tags in English.

Dean smiled at you as you entered the bar and a line of beer trickled out of the corner of his mouth. He doubled over, scrubbing out of his shirt and you chuckled.

“Classy, Dean,” you smirked, your heart warming as the tips of his ears turned red.  “Sais-tu que tu es attirant quand tu regarde comme un idiot?”  You murmured, knowing he wouldn’t understand.  He blushed anyways.

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