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Never forget EXO’s cover of Luis Miguel’s Sabor A Mí.

Goodbye. (Seungcheol Ficlet) [A]

THIS ANON REQUESTED THIS AND I A SEUNGCHEOL BIASED WAS BASICALLY KILLING MYSELF TOO. OMG SO OKAY. It took me a lot of guts before i posted this just so you know guys I am so NERVOUS mainly bcsI don’t want to ruin this blog reputation for writing good goods (shameless may it seem but i am a fan of the admins too so lol hahahaha) I’M SO SORRY BECAUSE THIS IS REALLY SHITTY AND this is just my second time posting a scenario (and it’s mah baby seungcheol again lol) and and and fck really i’m just really nervous and rlly not confident abt this so anw.

I was scrolling through the request box and I saw this and was feeling angst-y that night so why not try is what i thought. this is really short tho. (I’M SORRY) I wanted to post something as a thank you for you guys heh we love you~

Thanks to Admin Kate for editing this one and adding a lot of those dramatic shts that i really can’t express.Thank you btch love u ♥ And also the [words like these] are lyrics from I.O.I’s Downpour, credits yes. so here you go~~ i’m sorry for the grammar mistakes and my shtty writings.

-Admin Kenvy

Warnings: contains death and shitty writing..

“I’m sick of this Cheol.” You stare at him with damp eyes, biting your lips to restrain the salty tears from falling, you had already rehearsed a lot of times and successfully handled your emotions right, but the actual thing was a lot worse than what you had expected.

“No, no, Y/N please.” He begs, holding your hands tightly as he quietly sobs in your lap. You can’t help but feel your heart squeeze in pain. It was so hard to see him in this state but you needed to, as much as you want to not see him hurting, this was the only way now. He needs to let you go. He has to, or it’ll be even more harder for you to leave.

“Stop crying.” You cooed, reaching out your hand to wipe away his tears, smiling widely at him to cheer him up, silently taking his features all in. Ah, this is man I love.

He took your hand, staring at it longingly before he kissed the back of it, eyes shit as he breathed you in, he chokes on his tears, your vision became blurry at the sight. It was and always will be his favorite thing to do, kissing the back of your hand while looking at you getting all red and flustered was one of those things he loved about you. He loved the fact he had that effect on you. He treated you like a princess, he gave you everything but with the way things were now, you just didn’t deserve any of it.

“I’m tired Cheollie, can you sing me a song?” You propped yourself back under the sheets, just like those days when you have a bad day, his singing will always turn it upside down.

He tried to smile at you, and composed himself for the last time, he sniffs quietly, but resumes to clear is throat, almost too painfully.

You’ll miss him so much. You’ll miss his lovely almond eyes that always seem to take you to a newfound galaxy. Every day was an endless adventure.

I wish things wouldn’t end this way, if I knew I was going to be erased from this world then I would’ve never have dreamed of meeting you. But, I’m glad I did. You made me happy, you made me feel loved. The world didn’t seem so cruel the minute I laid my eyes on you.

[Please stay, I can’t be alone without you, yet.]

The beautiful words and tunes that always would always leave his pretty lips, he had your whole heart in his hands, the whole world.

[I keep yearning for you.]

You’ll miss loving him, you’ll miss every bit of him, you’ll miss the gummy smile that always shined so bright, you’ll miss his kisses. You’ll miss everything about him.

[I will never lose our many happy memories in the rain…]

I won’t forget the day we first met, I won’t forget the day we made amends, the day you told me you loved me, will never be forgotten. I’ll continue to love you even afterlife.

With one last look, one last smile, and one last breath you finally said goodbye.

[Goodbye to us.]

The second you close your eyes, he felt his whole world crumble down. No, please no.

Please don’t take away the most important person in my life, don’t take her away, I love her. Why are you doing this to me? God, answer me. Why?

The heart monitor fell flat, and the tears just kept on coming.

She’s gone.

He held your limp body in his arms as he held on to you tightly, sobbing loudly he hid no embarrassment.

The nurses stood and watched quietly, things like this were frequent. They knew he still needed some time.

“Y/N, no..” he sniffed, “Baby, please. Wake up.” He cried and cried. As he pulled your body closer, a sheer white paper came tumbling down from the sheets, in which he looked at curiously, he cautiously picked it up and when he saw the familiar handwriting, his stomach flipped. He hastily read the paper, his heart dropping as he read every word.

I hope you don’t regret falling in love with me, because falling in love with you is the best thing that has ever happened in my whole life. Didn’t I tell you that you’d be the only one I’d love ‘til my last breath? I kept my promise.

yes… shitty thing again… I wanted to sketch at less something about dmc again… Working on a LadyxDante and more tho. This was more like a practice about facial expressions.

Based in another supernatural set of images.

PS: I’m sorry for my horrible handwriting, I have a very bad pulse for writing with the tablet.


have some soft woomys ~~~~~~~

and yes callie would definitely be the one to wear like 30 flower crowns. 

free to use with credit <3333


hello yes hI tbh i dont really know what to call this i guess its a follow forever even tho i havent reached any goals and probably never will haha but cause its my bday and im feeling nice its just a lil list of people i love and i wish who would love me back and also friends and people i used to talk to or talked once and just love u know so yeah if u are here u are loved and a big part of my life and in my head we are all friends and i love you and hope u had a nice day okay yes ! (btw sorry for this shitty edit made by me heheh)

imma start with my babies (a.k.a friends)(even if we dont talk anymore if we did at some point we are still friends okay)(at least in my head..)

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and WITH CHANCE everyone is there and if i forgot someone i feel v v bad im very sorry omg im not good a this excuse me

Make me choose

Anonymous asked: 10’s blue suit or 10’s brown suit


Oo I love my Ugly Boy
So rough and tough,
don’t care about anything but me,
Yes I just love him cause he’s so crazy,
Just crazy about me.

You can’t tell me Nep wouldn’t listen to Die Antwoord.

hey, welcome to my very first botm!! yes this is very exciting! anyway i really hope this works. (sorry for the shitty edit)

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