sorry for my shit doodles


it’s been a week since YOI has ended and all i had to contribute are these bad genderbend doodles :’) 
I’m doing a lil’ explaining below about my thoughts n headcanons about this au. 

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one time in qp i was playing mccree and caught a hanzo offguard with flash bomb and was going to finish him off with fan of the hammer but i didn’t realize i had one bullet left so while i tried to reload, hanzo did a headshot.. hanzo made it a point to only target mccree for the rest of the game :’^)

PFFFT what are you talking about I’m not hyping it hahaha who gave you that crazy idea hahaHAHA HAH A 😅

please send help all I’ve been doodling lately were these godforsaken robots is2g

daily reminder

Baseball AU: Trost Districts baseball club; Titans.
It's too embarrassing.