sorry for my minute crappy handwriting

My tattoos!

Don’t mind the hair. K, so this is my first tattoo. I’m pretty sure you can see what it says, but just in case you can’t read my mom’s handwriting, it says “Be strong Love always Mom”. It’s below my right collarbone. Ok, so the story behind this one. My mom, after she found out she was sick with cancer, gave me a picture of her and I in a frame. I didn’t know that she wrote this little note on the back, and I didn’t know until I moved back in August of 2013 when the frame broke. I pulled the frame out of the box, and I was upset that the frame broke because, you know, my mom gave it to me. So, I took the picture out, and when I was shaking the glass off, I saw some writing on the back. On the back it said “Brianna, you are the best daughter a mom could ask for. Always remember and always know that I love you so much. Be strong, love always, Mom.” When I saw that, I literally broke down into tears. My mom means the world to me, and I honestly had no idea that she wrote that on that picture, and when I found it, I was happy to find a little note she wrote me. I really loved the last part of it, and I decided that was what I wanted for a tattoo. You know that saying “Don’t go looking for a quote for your tattoo because you’ll end up hating it?” Yea, well, I was looking for something in my moms handwriting for a while because I knew I wanted her handwriting on me, and I’m SO happy that I found this, and that it’s now on my skin because it’s a daily reminder that I need to stay strong, and to not let life get me down. Um, what else. Painfullness I guess? It actually wasn’t that bad, it was just more annoying than anything. Ironically, the part that hurt the worse was “Be strong.” Right? Totally weird hahaha. Oh, and it took maybe like 30 minutes?

Sorry for the totally crappy photo, but it’s an awkward photo to take, since it’s on my right shoulder. I also had to crop it because I didn’t want to show my brothers name because he’s only 11. K, so, now of my little brothers has Autism, which is kind of hard to explain, because there is a wide spectrum of different types of Autism. He’s high functioning, so that’s pretty awesome. The symbol for Autism is puzzle pieces, the ribbon is a collection of puzzle pieces in red, yellow, dark blue, and light blue. I wanted to take the ribbon and put it in heart form in some way, and this version I found scrolling through Google. Literally, I think I typed in “autism ribbon heart shape.” This one took what seemed like forever, but I think it only took like three hours. It only took that long because of all the color. For my brothers name, I just had him write his name for me, then had it tattooed that way. This one hurt after like the third color. I was sitting there for hours, and after so many hours, I was getting mad and sick of sitting there and being in pain, and the color wasn’t taking properly because apparently my skin is stubborn and doesn’t take color ink very well. I don’t know. So, at first, it was fine, just mild pain, nothing too bad, but as the hours went on, the pain got worse. 

And my third tattoo. I’m not saying final, because if I find something that means a lot to me, then I’m going to get it. I want all of my tattoos to mean something to me. K, so, you guys (or most of you guys) know that I have extreme self esteem issues. I wanted a quote that would mean a lot to me, and would be a daily reminder to love myself. It’s on my thigh. The pain wasn’t bad in the middle of my thigh, and worse on the ends of each sentence. This quote is from “The Hunger Games”, when Katniss sees herself after Cinna makes her all prettified for the interview with Ceaser. For this tattoo, a tattoo that would mean so much to me and be, like I said, a daily reminder to love myself and everything, to be a book quote. Books are my life. I am a self confessed book nerd. For this one, I just searched through the quotes I saved on my Kindle, and when I saw this one, I thought to myself “that’s it. That’s the quote I want.” This one only took about 20-30 minutes. I love this quote SO much, and having it on my thigh will allow me to see it every single day. I’m starting to slowly get over my self-esteem issues, and this tattoo will help me, and others, get through their issues. At least, I know it will for me. I know that when I have those days where I just hate myself, I want something that will make me know that I’m an amazing, beautiful girl, one who is as radiant as the sun :}

Ok, so that’s it! I think, hahaha. If you guys have anymore questions for me, just send me an ask, and I’ll answer them! I don’t know what all you guys want to know about them, and like I said a while ago, I try to be as much of an open book as I can. Sorry for making this post so long, but all of my tattoos have a meaning to me, and I wanted to make sure that each meaning was clear.