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How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire

raychael  asked:

I hope this doesn't seem like a weird question,, but do you think you could recommend some poets?


oh man. oh man, friend, i love me some poetry. here’s a list of mostly but not entirely contemporary poets (i didn’t pick an accompanying poem for everyone because i am both lazy and indecisive sorry but check them all out):

my current fave is ocean vuong (his poem trevor is incredible and makes me feel some Emotions)
i also adore buddy wakefield (we were emergencies is personal fave)
jorge luis borges (his essays and short stories are incredible as well)
anne carson
rainer maria rilke
i’m a big fan of keats tbh
and t.s. eliot (i know it’s a cliche but the hollow men is so good)
margaret atwood (we are hard has some poignant-ass lines)
pablo neruda (clenched soul is one of my all-time favorites)
andrea gibson (i’m gonna rec two poems: the nutritionist and i sing the body electric, especially when my power’s out)
derrick brown
sarah kay
anis mojgani
clementine von radics
daphne gottlieb (why things burn)
azra tabassum
samuel beckett (cascando)
jenny holzer
sierra demulder (ninety-five grievances to god: abridged)

listen i could. go on for a while so i’m gonna stop here but please reblog/comment/etc with your own recommendations that’d be rad

The two year-long voyage for an art trade with @bullworthstranger has finally come to an end. Hear ye, hear ye, as I commit honorable seppuku for being this slow. - __-

I know it looks half-assed (even after 2 fucking years) and I think I could’ve done more – but the longer I look at it, the longer I hold it off and somehow like it more as it is, so I’m leaving it at that. So yeah, sorry. Just in time for Valentine’s Day though so yep. :)

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‘He’ll send a postcard’ 

‘Wish you were here’ 


changing my editing again lmao, i’m sorry i’m so damn indecisive, idk.  the vibrant pics are kinda getting on my nerves cause they look all orangey, i’m also gonna change my picture taking and sizes. 

blog revamping

to anyone who still follows me that cares??? sorry i’ve been super inactive on here but i’ve mostly been around only on my sideblog.

i’ve decided that i’m going to completely revamp this blog and move everything from my drama sideblog (@xueshanshan) onto my main since that’s the only fandom i’ve been active on in the past couple of months, year (???) anyways. this is probs gonna happen sometime soonish, mostly likely this week so yeah.

sorry i’m so indecisive and keep changing my blog content lol but yeah, this has been a psa so you can unfollow me if you choose to (i really won’t be offended) before i completely change this blog and become unrecognizable lmao


today was weird