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One day Alec decides to visit Magnus at his place. When he shows up the apartment is pretty dark. It smells weird in there, not the usual smell of incence and that almost a little burned smell of magic. But today it smells bad? Almsot like demon? Alec suddenly feels cold of fear for Magnus sake. A demon in here? Isn’t his wards up? Has something happened to him? The thoughts rush in his head.  He draws his seraf blade and walk carefully into the apartment. He checks his surroundings making sure nothing in lurking in the shadows. Alec moves toward a dim light, coming from one of the other rooms. Now he starts to hear a murmuring. It almost sounds like Magnus. But knowing how much demons can trick you he doesn’t loose his guard. 

When he walks into the room he sees him. Magnus! He is standing in front of a huge, glowing pentagram with something diffuse in the middle. His hair looks totally crazy, with uncontrollable spikes all over his head. He is wearing black, almost body tight leather pants and a loose dark blue shirt. He doesn’t turn around when Alec enters the room. 

The walls lights up as blue sparks flies from his elegant moving hands, painted nails and a ring on almost each finger. His murmuring amplifies and now Alec can hear words from an unknown language. Something big and dusty rises from the pentagram. Alec must stop himself from not rushing to Magnus to protect him. It might create more damage interrupt him. 

Magnus says a few words in the unfamiliar language and after a while the demon disappears. With an elegant swirl Magnus makes the pentagram stop glowing. Then he faces Alec, moving closer. His beautiful cat eyes glows in the dim light. 

“Alexander! What brings you here?” he says with a smirk. At first Alec can’t stop staring at his pants, that are a little hm, revealing.

Magnus clenches his throat. Alec looks up really fast. 

 “What the hell was that Magnus?” He sounds a little shaken. 

“Oh sorry about that! I was just summoning a smaller demon for a client. Nothing hard really”. Alec just shakes his head. “You wont report me to the Clave right?” Magnus says with a teasing smile. Now the glamour is back on again and his eyes dark and beautiful. 

“Nothing hard? Are you serious?” 

Magnus just laughs and then he snaps his finger, turning the lights on again. Now the room looks ordinary and it feels so weird that just a couple of minutes ago there was a demon in here. Magnus starts walking to the kitchen, Alec following him. “I’m feeling creative, do you want to help me cook some Brazilian food?” 

Of course Alec wants to, but he can’t stop thinking about the contrasts of his boyfriend standing in front of that glowing pentagram looking all powerful. And this laughing Magnus, with flour all over his face, trying to hit Alec back with more flour. 

Magnus will never stop to amaze Alec either. 

EXO reaction to you swearing

Anon Said: Can you please do a reaction. About you (gf) saying bad words at something and it’s their first time hearing that. Sorry for the grammar. Love your reaction tho. 😍



Baekhyun: *processing* Did I just hear what I thought I heard?

Chanyeol: *tries to shake the memory out of his precious head*

Chen: *contemplates his entire existence*

D.O: *talking to other members* Did you guys just hear that?! 

Kai: nonononononoononononononononononononononono 

Kris: *applause*

Lay: –this one’s pretty self explanatory–

Luhan: Oh sh*t jagi I didn’t know you had that in you

Xiumin: Whoop, there it is

Tao: *chokes* *dies* *becomes an angel* *jk he already is an angel* *I guess he becomes something even more perfect than an angel* *so a unicorn* *In conclusion, Tao is now a unicorn*

Sehun: *announces into microphone* Hello everybody, I just want you to know that my girlfriend is more badass than yours

“So what if Law meets Nami, his favourite girl model, on a coffee shop near his apartment in one morning. He is too excited by just seeing her and forgot to ask for her number. All of sudden, their eyes met, and really, Law can’t do anything instead of stare and blushing. 

Well the sad truth is, Nami is actually looking at the man behind Law, Luffy.”

Im laughing so hard omfg why this idea suddenly popped out in my mind tho. Sorry for the crappy grammar