sorry for my face srsly

I was tagged for a selfie by @elixmia, @hobbitsmind, @asylumsammet, @foreveringrey, @alcibiades13 and @hold-back-the-time , thank you folks!
Bunch of you guys tagged me and I promise that you’ll have better selfie than this.
I tag: @anthr0pos, @avangaysia, @hietalice, @punkularity, @petro96, @hera-salander, @can-i-play-with-madnesss, @bees-against-humanity, @into-the-cosmic-sea, @derogatorylt and @daslykanium


ok these aren’t the best and tbh i’ll probably change some of them when I draw them digitally but i’ve been wanting to draw my phandom favs (and their urls) for a while now so here we go!!! I still have a lot more planned but so far here is: plantboylester, galaxyphan, dauntlester, beware-phangirl, eternallyphan, starlighthowell & spacecoatlester !!

<3 ilysm! thank you for being so wonderful!! <3


What are you tweeting!? “Hashtag there’s a freaking ghost after us?!”

[Wip,more about that in the tags]