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Just another comic that I made .It’s so fun to draw all those characters that I can’t stop :,D

 Love the idea of “angel” and “devil” interaction but …this just end like a silly childish interaction and Boris being the dad…That’s all I can do :,)

The “Why I love Kieran” ramble

Seriously though, I feel like I need to get this off my chest.

I see so much Kieran hate everywhere I go and I just completely don’t understand it? 

It’s true, he made a bad choice telling Gwyn about what Mark was saying and it all ended awfully. But can we look at this situation from Kieran’s point of view?

Kieran was alone. Until he met Mark. Mark was the first one for him. Kieran thought that Mark loved him the same way he loved Mark. He was sure that Mark would come back to him, because why not? For Kieran a family means nothing else than pain, rejection and loneliness. He does not understand the feelings Mark has for his family. He does not understand humans and their relations, guess why, BECAUSE HE’S NOT HUMAN. He never lived in a normal family like Mark did, he never had anyone other than Mark showing him feelings of affection.

How would you feel if you saw the only person that ever loved you moving away from you in a way that you have no power over?

Kieran trusted Mark, he trusted him because he loved him, he trusted him because he thought Mark was telling him the truth always, and that his feelings were truth too.

But when he saw him with Cristina he grew anxious. Because he knew that Mark can lie, he is not a faerie. And Kieran has no idea how to deal with lies because he never lived in a world where other are lying.

Kieran was the one that let Mark be who he really felt he is. He was the one who let Mark say and believe that he’s a Shadowhunter. He’s the one who made Mark remember who he is, the whole time he spent with the Wild Hunt.

Kieran gave Mark his heart, the only thing he had, and this fuc… and Mark just threw it away the moment he didn’t need Kieran anymore.

Because that’s basically what he did, used Kieran when he felt alone, and when Kieran was the only one who cared about him, and abandoned him the moment he could go back to his family, his normal life.

And you can think that’s normal, you would do the same thing, but not Kieran

He lost everything he had, the only person who gave him love just abandoned him. He was abandoned AGAIN. And he didn’t want that to happen. So he did what he did.

But that’s not the end. He understood. He understood fully well that he did a bad thing. And he tried to make things better, he tried to help Mark and his family, because he knew already how much family meant for Mark. 

Do you guys even realize, that it’s 99% official, that Kieran killed Iarlath. He killed another Faerie, because this Faerie hurt Mark, his one and only love, hurt him and his family. And Kieran could not forgive that. So he killed him knowing the consequences. 

And the most heartbreaking thing for me was the moment, when Mark told him he’s staying with his family. And Kieran just left. He left to be killed. And he knew that.

But he left, because he didn’t want to bother Mark who didn’t love him.

He left because there was no life for him without Mark.

And I just can’t stand it when I see people hating on Kieran, because he was not in the wrong.

He was just a Faerie boy, who was used and thrown away when he wanted to find happiness.

And that just breaks my heart.

No offense but I’m a little bit mad
I was on Youtube for the new Orisa videos and the comment section was wild and disgusting

You know I love the fact that Blizzard released 3 female heroes is a row, but people are complaining about this? I mean really? If these female characters would be male they wouldn’t care but THEY ARE female and then there was stuff like “What??? Another female hero?! What about the males???? I’m disgusted”
Yeah me too my friend, me too. I wanna scream when I’m reading comments like this one.

People it’s 2017.

“I need it! Please let me see your eyes again”

Rey was hardly breathing like
She needed air,
The lack of his gaze was killing her.
She deeply missed this connection they shared.

She was attracted by him
Not in a usual way
it was something no one could have been
able to deal with ,This attraction was magnetic.

Her full body was filled by wishes she never had, Feelings she never knew

Nothing could have stopped her.
Rey was inexorably pulled to him
She would remove herself his
helmet if he won’t.
It was an Uncontrollable need.

Her eyes deeply needed to drown into his soul, because this is where she felt alive for the First time.
This is where she belongs.


spideypool au in which Wade is a teenager runaway and one night he’s cold and hungry and he gets in this house, eats something, steals some crackers. nobody’s in the house, so he lets himself have a little nap on the couch. when he wakes up, the first thing he sees is his favourite hero in a red and blue suit. angry as hell.
“did you sleep well, sleeping beauty? on my holy couch? who the hell are you”
when Wade raises his hands in surrender, crackers slip out of his poket “i didn’t steal anything, i swear”
and here he is, Peter Parker in his Spider-Man suit, thinking of 87 ways to take care of this guy on his couch (of course he’s not letting him live on the streets, but if he wants to stay he has to help keeping the house clean and go to school. “there are rules in this house”)

Sayo says that if you read the manga before watching the bonus footage “you might even faint” Yurio’s EX it’s based on “one night no one knows about” the night when he ‘fight’ with Beka? that’s why the EX trailer looks like a battle?

Like, Oh My Godtabek!

Anyone understand what I wrote? My english is TERRIBLE but my stupid theory makes me really happy 😲

They are just horrible people

I still remember when they used to say ‘Otayuri is cute, but Pl¡roy is HOT’ they didn’t talk about pedophilia, because Otayuri were not so popular back then, they didn’t even bother… Now we have WTTM and ant¡s are like 'is disgusting’ and many of them are the same who used to find hot that JJ, Viktor or Yuuri raped Yurio against a wall… Hypocrite, don’t you think?

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This is my experience at the Yuri on Ice cafe at Namja Town in Ikebukuro, Tokyo ♥

First of all, I need to thank my boyfriend for following me through this and being with me and making photos of me, thank you ♥

So, when we went there the first time it was already closed, so we went back again the night before (that’s why I really have to thank my bf), I paid for the tickets (if you don’t know, like me, Namja Town is an indoor theme park with some attractions) and at first I was a little disappointed because I thought that I would find an area all dedicated to Yuri on Ice, but it wasn’t :( so I asked where I could find the yoi themed food and they told me that I need to look through all the restaurants in the park, because every different restaurants was making a different themed dish!

I finally found the Katsudon (unfortunately some of the dishes were sold out like the katsudon pirozhki!), it was very very good, a little overpriced but it’s understandable :)
While I was eating my bf went looking for the Makkachin statue and the panel with the trio because I told him that I really loved to make some photos, when he found the place, we went there for some photos :3
Then I found the photo booth and even if the price was very high (600yen) my bf convinced me to do it and in the end the photos came out very nice, so I’m really happy *^*

Before leaving, I stopped at the shop where I bought 4 random gadgets (3 keychain strap and 1 magnet) and they gave me a free sticker (I choose the Victor one <3 ). When I opened the keychains I was sooooo happy because I got Victor (that was already sold out in the normal gadget), Otabek (too cute :3) and JJ (not my favorite but it’s nice I guess lol), the magnet was Yurio and it’s so nice *^*

After that I was ready to leave but my bf convinced me again to get the dessert and obviously I choose the Makkachin crepes, it was soooooo cute, I really was very very sorry for eating it lol

So in the end it was a very very nice experience ♥♥♥