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Badass Ashiya

Fukigen na Mononokean Chapter 38 (just a few spoilers. please don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled. and sorry if my translation is crap okay. english isn’t my native language.)

whoa, just who is this handsome ikemen? is that really my cute baby ashiya? just look at ashiya’s eyes dude, it’s sucking me in lol. 

Ashiya is not a cinnamon roll okay. He’s a sinnamon roll. 

and let’s not forget badass Abeno-san on chapter 35

badass Ashiya

their eyes dude. THEIR EYES. 




Ashiya badass level: Aruji (master) 


okay that’s enough. 

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Can you please give your full, in-depth, detailed answer on the question, "Who do you believe Inuyasha loves more, Kikyo or Kagome?" I would love to hear your real opinion on this! I'm feeling SO conflicted and torn between the two :(

I just saw inukagkids ’s answer and just WOW ! I actually wrote pretty much the same thing but I was busy with school and homeworks so I’m only posting it now… I’ll try not to repeat what was already said! 

So you’re asking this question to the most intense inukag shipper here, so my answer is predictable: it’s Kagome.

As it was said before, there is a lot of things that are wrong about Kikyo and Inuyasha’s relationship… We don’t really know much about their past, true, but they still had spent enough time together to decide that they wanted to live the rest of their life together… 

So the thing that bugs me the most about Inuyasha’s feelings toward Kikyo is the fact that when Inuyasha was revived, he called Kikyo his enemy right away. Those 50 years were like a short instant for him, yet it seems like all his love for her just vanished at that point, and he hated her until he saw her again and learned that they were set up against each other. He had to be TOLD that it was all a big misunderstanding. But obviously, Inuyasha’s lack of trust is a lot due to his past…

Ever since his mother died, Inuyasha grew up not trusting anyone because obviously, no one has ever deserved his trust. He said a good number of times that all humans despised him and just wanted to get rid of him because he was an abomination. His “hate” for Kikyo when he wakes up from being sealed is perfectly understandable. She was the first human who offered him a place and she was the first person that he started to care for since his mother died, and then she betrays him. 

But the thing his, after living such an awful betrayal, you’d think it would be even harder for him to trust a human again? But no. Kagome comes into Inuyasha’s life and she changes everything. How long did it take before he started to warm up to her? Before he started to trust her? As soone as chapter 78, they are already friends, and Inuyasha is telling her that he loves her company (something he probably never told anyone before)

At that moment , I’m 100% sure Inuyasha would never assume that Kagome betrayed him if something like the Naraku incident happened. Then again, we don’t know how much time Inuyasha and Kikyo spent together before the whole Naraku incident happened, but I can’t believe that Inuyasha and Kikyo had spent less than a month together before they actually decided they were going to spend the rest of their lives together …

But why exactly did Inuyasha agreed to become a human to live with her if he didn’t really trust her? Well it was because she was the only person he had. And that’s pretty much it. What was their relationship based on exactly? They are both lonely, but do they really share anything else? To me, it kind of seems like Inuyasha’s love for Kikyo started has a simple crush. The only reason why their relationship looks so passionate and intense is because their story is tragic. And Inuyasha “love” for Kikyo after she was revived is basically just is guilt of being the one who survived, while Kikyo died because he didn’t trust her. He says it himself !

I could just stop right there. This wasn’t in the anime though, and maybe that’s why a lot of people are still confused. Inuyasha rarely talks about his feelings, especially his feelings for Kikyo when he’s with Kagome. So this is a VERY important moment !

But to be honest, I used to be conflicted too. Especially at episode 47 and 48 (chapter 170-176), when Inuyasha’s “chooses” Kikyo over Kagome. This moment breaks my heart every time because if you don’t remember what Inuyasha said before in chapter 78 (above) it’s easy to believe that Inuyasha wants to be with Kikyo instead of Kagome.

But it’s completely wrong… THIS is what Inuyasha thinks:

He never once says it’s because he LOVES her. Kikyo died because of him so obviously he’s going to care about how she’s doing now that she’s “alive” again! And it’s like that for every single time Inuyasha goes to see Kikyo. It’s always to make sure she’s ok, and to know about Naraku’s whereabouts. When she first got resurrected, he knew that it was best for Kagome to live and for Kikyo to stay dead, because that was Kikyo’s fate and they just weren’t meant to be. Never once he says after she was resurrected that he wants to try to be with her again, he only says he wants to go to hell with her because it’s the only way he will let go of his guilt.

It’s mostly people around him (Kaede, Kagome and even Shippo) who says that Inuyasha is still in love with Kikyo. This makes things confusing, because the story is mostly told form Kagome’s perspective, and most of her friends support her and agree with her all the time.

If you haven’t read the manga, I HIGHLY recommend you read it! I didn’t even liked the anime that much when I first watched it, and the main reason was because a lot of things about the development of Inukag’s relationship was messed up. 

In the anime, when Kagome sees Kikyo and Inuyasha kissing in episode 23, I couldn’t even understand why Kagome was jealous, because they omitted this wonderful little moment that was in chapter 72:

Since that moment wasn’t included in the anime, they couldn’t include this other moment, who is actually one of my favorite Inukag moment of the whole series:

Moments like this are why I love inukag so much. Their relationship is something else. Inuyasha and Kagome have the kind of relationship I would want in my life. Sure, they argue a lot.. But most of the time, it’s because of their jealousy or because they were worried about the other ! And honestly, their bickering just make me ship them even more, because it makes them real. Kagome doesn’t put up with Inuyasha’s shit (being rude, selfish, arrogant…) and I LOVE that. And Inuyasha is not afraid of telling Kagome what he thinks too.

They are even more than just two lovers. They are friends to begin with. Of course at first, Inuyasha obviously thought that Kagome was beautiful: he said Kikyo was cute, and then he keeps saying that Kagome is identical to Kikyo!

But it’s so much more than just that. He learns to know her, Kagome, who is literally the best match for him. She is caring, selfless, friendly, understanding, thoughtful and so much more … Inuyasha needed someone like that in his life. Kikyo though, is serious and cold … I personally think the fact that Kagome is the opposite of Kikyo is something that Inuyasha likes. He’s not afraid to be completely himself (a huge dork) with her because he knows Kagome likes him for who he his. Even with his flaws. Even if he’s part demon. Kagome never cared once about this. Heck, she even thought he was cute because of his dog features ! Kagome saw Inuyasha’s worst side, his demon side, but also his weak side, his human side. And she still loves him more and more despite all of that.

Kagome is SO important for Inuyasha in many ways, she can be there for him when he needs emotional support, but she’s also there in happy times, when he can just act dumb and silly and be actually happy. She’s there with him in his battles, because honestly Inuyasha never would have fell in love with a girl who isn’t brave and who doesn’t try everything she can, even when she knows she’s not the strongest one. 

Kagome gives a lot of love to Inuyasha, and Inuyasha gives her back the same amount. There is not one person who gives more in the relationship than the other. Even if Inuyasha and Kagome never officially kiss in the manga and Inuyasha and Kikyo do, always remember that Kikyo is older and she kissed him first. Kagome is still very young and awkward in love (she pushed him away TWICE when he tried to kiss her …remember?)

LOOK AT THIS! They DO have romantic moments ! But Inuyasha is still a shonen manga, and I think Rumiko didn’t want Inukag’s romance to be the main focus. And about Inukik’s last kiss, I think it was necessary because it was like a closure to their relationship. One last kiss to seal their whole story and to say goodbye forever. Inuyasha and Kagome are married now. They have PLENTY of time to get more intimate, they are going to spend everyday together for the rest of their lives! 

So in conclusion, Inuyasha loved Kikyo when she was alive, but now he’s with Kagome because he loves her too. And in the end, even Inuyasha knows himself that he belongs with Kagome more than with anyone else.

But you imagine sponsors and headhunters trying to recruit Percy to join professional swimming? Because they see that the young man has talent but Percy is like: ‘Nah, I’m not interested’ and he always has to deal with offers almost all day, everyday to the point that he thinks that if he loses ‘’on purpose’’ a swimming race they leave him alone, but they just keep coming to him.

And he is really tired of them because swimming is something he really enjoys and that helps him to relax.

Every time he swims or dives, he is one with water, is a feeling that he cannot explain very well, it is not something he wants to make money.

But these fortune hunters not leave him alone until Percy dedicates them one of his famous looks and they already know they should not keep pushing the boy to his limits, especially playing with his patience.

Still about Kate Nash and Emily Kinney

I noticed that, during the interview with Kate Nash, Emily said “you never know” to three things.

1. When someone asked Emily about Team Delusional and she said she thought it was funny when people tweeted her things like “so you’re in Atlanta, this means you’re filming”. Emily said to that: “you never know”.

2. When someone asked if Beth is with Negan. Emily said: “you never know”.

3. When Kate said that she was convinced by Team Delusional and that she thinks Beth is alive. Emily said: “you never know”. Also, after this, she said something like “yeah, they could…” and then stopped speaking. Kate said: “Team Delusional: don’t give up”. Emily repeated: “don’t give up”.

“You never know”, for me, means something like “I can’t say much but yeah definitely”.

I was bored and voila, I made this crap >.>

AU where Jason and Percy are roommate. They do everything together. Usually they went to the beach and play together there. Percy enjoys the sea while Jason looks up to the sky.

I think Alexander Ludwig would perfectly fit Jason and yeahh, it ends up like this. Sorry not sorry >.>

(My english is a crap, I know. Bye ppl~)

When The Calm Before The Storm Its Not Calmed at all

So this is what I wish had happened between landing the plane and Kurt getting stood up.

Love my pretzels. Excuse my English and SORRY if it’s crap!

The ferry ride out of the island was very bumpy, but uneventful. The plane’s landing gear had been destroyed so they definitely needed another ride out of there and since forensics had taken over the scene, they also needed another runway. So they took them out by boat.

Kurt took a deep breath and the cold sea air burned his throat. Jane had been avoiding him since the morning before, sure there had been some exchanges but nothing like what he expected was going to happen. There was no way he misread her intentions from the night before. That kiss, though tentative and soft, had been clear. And the look she gave him as she walked away… That woman knew exactly how to make a statement.

Looking out at the water he entertained the thought of what would have happened if Sawyer hadn’t interrupted. They would have probably been arrested when a concerned neighbor called the cops on them. There was no way he was breaking apart from her without an external force making him. He would kiss her forever.

Land was getting closer and all he could think about was Jane’s lips, maybe it was his turn to make a statement. He turned around looking for her among the crowd of survivors. He spotted her on her way to the back of the deck, maybe on her way to use the facilities, alone. He decided to take that as a sign and followed behind her.

Jane entered the ladie’s rooms, unaware of him tailing her. He waited outside. His mind was running through the possibilities, should he tried to talk to her or just pull one out of her playbook and not ask permission? His mind was made the second he heard the door open.

Kurt all but tackled Jane in the little hallway that lead to the head. Her surprise was evident but she held his gaze defiantly, as if knowing exactly what he had in mind and daring him to follow through. So he did. Slowly, placing his hands on her hips and pulling her to him, he stepped in her personal space and ever so slightly bent his head forward. Her intake of breath was loud in the tiny space, making Kurt’s fingers twitch with anticipation.

He smiled, still staring at her eyes. Lips so close he could feel her breath in them. She smiled in turn and that was all the permission he needed, his lips closed the distance to hers with an urgency that took him by surprise. But he took it slow, caressing her lips with feather light kisses that made her eyes close and her hands hold on to him to stay balanced. It was such a delicious feeling.

Her hands traveled up his arms to his neck, touching his ears and neck lightly. He brought them even closer still, enjoying the feeling of her hands on him when she opened her mouth to him as an invitation, which Kurt took without a second thought. He nibbled her lower lip lightly and her involuntary moan lit his desire. He pressed her against the wall and explored her mouth with his tongue frantically, like a mad man.

Jane pushed for dominance, her hands everywhere. Changing angles to kiss deeper and stronger. They were devouring each other. Too lost in the feel of one another to notice someone coming their way.

“Wow!” Tasha’s voice startled them. Sending them both jumping away from each other -as away as the little hallway allowed. Alarmed beyond what would have been considered okay for Kurt, he looked at Jane, she was staring at the floor, covering her lips, trying to catch her breath. They were both pretty aware their coworker was not going to make life easy on them.

“That was hot! Please don’t let little me interrupt. It’s not like this place is public or anything– oh wait, it is!” Tasha mocked.

Jane never looked up from her spot in the floor, but she seemed to relax a bit. Opposite to Kurt that looked from one woman to the other, more annoyed the more Tasha spoke. Not only had they been interrupted again, but it had been Zapata. Did it really have to be her? Of all the random people in the ferry. Even Reade would have been a better option, at least he didn’t have an agenda to make his life a living hell.

“I don’t know who I’m more impressed with, Mr. Tight-ass Weller or Ms Innocent-eyes Doe!” Tasha keep pressing them, enjoying herself too much. Kurt’s eyes were fixed on Jane, awaiting any possible reaction. “All that comes to mind is just WOW, you guys were not holding back.”

Kurt finally decided he had enough. He knew Tasha meant no harm, but he needed to step up if not for himself, for Jane. “Enough Tasha, what are you, like three? What do you want?”

“Well, first of all you two were the ones making out in the first dark corner you could find, so don’t be questioning my maturity level. And second I was trying to use the head.” She answered, making a show of pointing at the door behind the couple. They both instantly moved as out of her way as fast they could, the small space making it almost impossible to maneuver. “We are reaching the dock. Not that it was the ‘destination’ you too were heading towards.”

Kurt felt a blush creep up his neck and cheeks, but surprisingly when Jane looked up he could only see desire in her eyes. She was not backing off. Yeah, she looked a little embarrassed, but not remorseful, if anything she looked more turned on. This was a good thing, he reassured himself as she walked past him to sit next to Reade. Maybe as they settled in the airport or the plane they could talk. It was going to be a long way home anyway and there weren’t many places for her to avoid him in a plane, right?

To say he was busy once they docked in Turkey was the understatement of the year. He had dealt with the FBI, the damn reporters, the American embassy, three other embassies from some of the hostages, local police and Agent Smart-ass Zapata being, well, herself. He had spent most of his time at the airport on the phone sorting things out so they all could get home even if paperwork was a mess after the kidnapping. Sometimes it sucked to be the man in charge.

Jane had been eyeing him the whole time. She was helpful as ever with people, distributing food and checking for injured ones to send to the paramedics. But when ever their eyes met he got a chill up his spine. She was blatantly obvious about her intentions as soon as they got a chance and he could hardly wait. Focusing was hard even for the best!

Once on the plane, he had to debrief Mayfair for about twenty of the most annoying minutes of his life. Most of the time the woman expected him to be a miracle worker and it was exhausting. Hanging up the fly attendant’s phone, he decided to look for Jane, even though most people were already asleep, she was sure still up. They needed to figure things out, before they got way out of hand.

An arm slipped out from the restroom’s door, grabbing his jacket and pulling him towards the inside. If the tattoos hadn’t been enough give away, the green eyes awaiting him would have definitely been. They were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, even as dark with desire and need as they were.

She closed the distance between them and kissed him with such a passion that he was absolutely sure of what was about to happen. “Jane, Tasha is already on to us… Maybe we should–”

“She. Is. Asleep.” She interrupted in between mind blowing, resolve destroying kisses. Opening the buttons of his shirt one by one, without breaking the touch of their lips, she pulled his shirt off.

Jane stopped then to look him over, top to bottom, from the top of his head down his stubble, to his well-defined chest, over the not quite sculpted but strong stomach, past his straining erection and finally down his strong powerful legs. When their eyes locked again, he could see appreciation there. He didn’t think he’d ever seen such an intense look from her before. It made him even harder just knowing he had this effect on her.

Without breaking eye contact she pulled her sweater and tshirt off, and pressed her body to him for another searing kiss. Whatever sensations had been passing between their bodies before were now multiplied extremely as they allowed all the feelings for each other loose. Kurt was sure the flimsy restroom door was going to break any minute, as he felt it bent and squeak with the pressure of their weight on it.

He reached his hands trying to stroke her body everywhere he could reach, an extremely hard task with their heights in such a tiny space. He pulled her pants down without getting them completely off and went back to kissing every piece of skin he could find. Jane struggled to keep her fingers working on his belt and pants buttons, because her hands kept reaching for his hair to keep him kissing certain delicious spots every so often.

She was still in her undies, and his hands hadn’t even reached her centre yet - his mouth too busy making love to her neck-, when Kurt heard her moan in pleasure, leaning against him for support trembling in his arms. “Please.” She whispered and he knew Jane would be forever his undoing.

He couldn’t deny her anything, wouldn’t. So he finally moved his hand inside her panties, where he knew she wanted him. Working his way to what he knew she was asking of him. She moaned again, longer and loud this time, her tattooed body beginning to shake as pleasure spread through her. His free arm encirlced her waist, holding her steady to him as he kissed her parted lips, her throat, the bird on her neck, and finally buried his face in her hair.
Once her breathing evened a little, Kurt let go and straightened up, hands clasping at the small of her back. Their heads dropped together, resting on each other’s foreheads. Kurt could only stare. Her face and chest were flushed red and her lips were swollen. She was breathtaking beautiful, stunning and he would never grow tired of just watching her. Specially in moments like this, when she was so vulnerable and open.

His mind was racing. He desperately wanted to be inside her, but maybe what they should do first was talk. “Jane,” he began, his voice betraying how on edge he was; but the woman in his arms just shushed him, immediately sealing their lips together one more time.

“Look at me.” She said and without hesitation wrapped a leg around his waist and guided him inside her. The look in her eyes as they became one was something Kurt would never ever forget. No matter how many lives he got to live or even if his mind got erased like hers. It was engraved in his soul as the most intimate, overwhelming and heart wrenching moment of his life.

When Jane finally smiled and gently kissed him deeply, he picked her up without breaking their connection and set her down on the edge of the small sink. His name on her back, in the reflection in the mirror, hitting him like a ton of bricks as he thrusted trying to bring her back with him this time. She began to whimper as he throbbed quickly against her, each thrust seeming to go deeper than the one before. More desperate, more frantic until their bodies surged together, locked, ridding their climax together.

Kurt didn’t know how could pleasure get to this point, his whole body and soul where on fire, he’d never felt like this in his whole life, not with any woman.

They stood there holding each other for a long time, reluctant to break the connection and face the world. Jane’s arms where still holding him with a force he couldn’t understand after the exertion they had just put their bodies through. It was like she was going to stay there forever, attached to him as one. He kissed her temple as her legs started to go back to the ground and they fell apart to dress again. They did it in silence, never taking their eyes of each other. It was unnerving but very intimate.

Kurt got out first, making sure no one was paying much attention to him. With one more glance her way he walked back to his seat. She followed closely after. She wasn’t sitting with him so he just watched her move between the rows of sits. To his surprise, she pulled her hoodie from her sit and walked to the one next to him. Jane never said a word, just sat there and putting her head on his shoulder closed her eyes. She was asleep in seconds.

He was exhausted. Spent. But the turmoil inside his head and his heart kept him awake. He had just had the most amazing mind blowing sex with the woman of his dreams but something was off with her and he knew it. There was so much unsaid. They desperately needed to talk, but right now she looked so tired. It could wait.

Once they were home they would set things right, they could figure out what they were doing and a way to make it work. His mind was set. With a new excitement for the future, he just sat still enjoying the warmth of her body against his. Day dreaming about all the amazing things that awaited them.


Cumberclay: When my babies fly to London to meet their new owner :D CABIN PRESSURE CAST

Just want to thanks Aki for Thank You Cabin Pressure project (that’s brilliant) and the opportunity you gave me to make clay figurines for the casts! Also M who took the photos and videos! They all are amazzinggg!!

Cabin Pressure means a lot for me, it’s not just a radio show but also a friend during my sleepless night working, a good laugh when everything seems sad and an effective mood booster.

It was Benedict who introduced me to CP but at the end of the day I adore all the cast! I love them all to death especially the brilliant brain behind it Mr John Finnemore (love u, i hv a crush on u hehe)

So all of these are priceless to me!!

Thank You Cabin Pressure, you’ll be missed!!

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Hi! I just read your Rich!Percy Poor!Annabeth AU and it's great! can you continue it please? (sorry if my english is crap, My main language is spanish and sometimes I confuse the grammar)

your english is great! here is part one

  • when they’re finally together, Percy making Annabeth go with him to all the dumb fundraisers he’s required to make appearances at for school and they spend the whole time people watching 
  • one night, Percy spots the kid that got him in trouble and sent to Camp and Annabeth wants to clobber him but Percy stops her- “Honestly, I should send him a thank you card.” Annabeth blushes and they kiss and she tugs him out of there by his tie because his mom had book club til 10 which leaves them plenty of make-out time that she plans to take full advantage of 
  • she loves calling him Prep and he low key is into it 
  • “You know that you go to private school too, right?” 
  • “Yeah, but I’m on a scholarship and you’re on a trust fund.” 
  • “I-” 
  • “You’re not gonna win this.” 
  • “Fine, but leave my sweater vests out of this okay? They were a gift from my mom.” 
  • she hates how crazy she is about this dork 
  • also Annabeth finally letting Percy meet her family and he has to stop himself from glaring at her step mom and dad
  • he gets along with her brothers, though, and they’re always asking if he’s coming over 
  • they have a big fight around prom and Percy realizes it’s because she had to use the money she was saving for her dress to be able to do a camp she really wanted to go to, so instead he plans a rooftop picnic as a surprise! he spends the whole day before setting up fairy lights and streamers and a telescope!! He even made a playlist for them to dance to and put a punch bowl out for the prom effect and Annabeth almost cries because it’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for her 
  • “Wanna know the best part?” he asks, as she takes his hand for a slow dance
  • “What, prep?” 
  • “All of this only cost me ten bucks” 
  • she laughs as she presses a kiss to his lips, “my coupon-clipping hero”