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“Hey! I was wondering about your head canons about sex with Kit Walker? (I love your blog btw, your writing is so good)” - Anon

“Can you do a sex with kit?” - Anon


A/N: I’ve had that last one sitting in my inbox for about a week. I’m so sorry that everything is getting out a bit late. And where do I sign up for a Kit Walker? I’ll even take the alien part 😭😭😭

  • First off, hella foreplay
  • Like, annoyingly long foreplay
  • And then some more build-up with him fingering you
  • Because Kit’s a total butt/thighs guy
  • “princESS”
  • “baBY GIRL”
  • (light daddy kink?)
  • He’s usually very gentle, but sometimes it’s some A+ fucking
  • You’ve probably had sex while at the station
  • Especially while he was working on a car
  • And in the office area (is it called an office? idk)
  • As soon as he gets home at night, S-E-X
  • Nice, gentle, easy, sex*
  • And he’s great with pacing himself
  • And much like a few other characters, Kit isn’t into anything particularly worth noting
  • I think he’d want to try anal once or twice, though
  • But he wouldn’t EVER do anything you didn’t want to

* Easy, breezy, beautiful, cover-Kit

// sorry for my blog being as dead as Dexton in his sleep, I want to roleplay and such, but i’m terriawkward and often I might go like 3 days without responding, and I get afraid to continue it because if I do it’ll be awkward. like, liking a post someone posted a week ago. I guess i’m not portrayed as the most welcoming role player because how underdeveloped my child is. This is just a weird update letting you know my feeling about this blog. Also here is a doodle of dexton I did a while ago. I was thinking of changing his hair to be something like this.

// also he says ‘go away’ but he really means, come back and give him food


Fired! After years… years of hard work. And ass kissing. Oh God, I kissed so many different kinds of asses.

Actual conversation i had last week
  • My friend: dude i just drew Alexander Hamilton, what should i put in his speech bubble?
  • Me: Laurens i like you a lot
  • My friend: no he looks sad
  • Me: Laurens i liked you a lot
  • My friend: SHIT DUDE NO

one day, after training, shiro fell asleep on a chair because he was exhausted and Pidge and Hunk decided to braid his hair


mcgenji week day 2 | Alternate Universe

AU where Hanzo doesn’t kill Genji and Genji stays and works with the Shimada clan, and McCree is… well… McCree (with Deadlock? Or Blackwatch? that’s for Genji, Hanzo and the Shimada clan to find out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

also whoa, 2000 followers!! Thanks for sticking around despite me updating this blog sporadically ( TT TT ) ;;; I’ll continue drawing and doing my best!! Here’s another reminder (sorry) that I’m more active on twitter, where I post and hang around more frequently! 

And here’s a mcgenji comic that I doodled really quickly and posted on twitter a while back that I just realized I haven’t posted here yet, under the cut:

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Sorry I haven’t been as active guys, it’s actually because of something very exciting I haven’t announced until just now–Cartoon Network Social has recruited me (as a result of this blog and my YouTube) to start making some freelance social media content for them!! The first stuff I’ve made is starting to get released next week on CN’s social platforms.

I’m going to get to have more creative flexibility going forward and I’m very excited! I hope I will get the chance to make some official SU social media promo content soon!! :-) Thanks so much for supporting my blog because it is what has given me this amazing opportunity! Love you all so much!!!

Strings of Fate - Part 3

(Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5) (Part 6)



Soulmate AU
“Funny how I finally got what I always wanted, but it was given to you instead.”

Warnings: none (I think)

Word count: 2333 (this number feels oddly satisfying)

A/N: I AM SO SORRY! I know I haven’t posted anything in ages and my blog has been pretty much been run by my queue except for very few interactions. Truth is, senior year has been a bitch and I spent the last week in bed because I was sick, so I apologise if I haven’t been as active as usual BUT I’m all better now and ready to come back so I bring you, part three!

Thank you for all your support, you guys are awesome <3

Hope you enjoy

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“So, what are you going to do now?” asks Sam in between bites of breakfast, stirring his cereal every now and then.

It’s been a few days since you came to him in a panic, and Sam has been kind enough to let you stay at his house and avoid Nat, who’s left at least two dozen missed calls on your phone and sent you several texts, from which you’ve answered none.

“I don’t know Sam” you sigh, taking small sips out of your coffee mug, feeling the hot liquid burn its way down your throat. “Now that I can’t see the strings, there’s nothing I can do to help Nat. Besides, there’s still the art shop, and paying my rent, and my art project I have to finish at the studio- Crap!

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Week 4: Hide and Seek

Summary: yay! week 4 of sex games with Castiel. This game is like regular hide and seek, only it involves sex toys and lingerie. 

Pairing: Cas x reader ((duh))

Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: language, use of sex toys, le sex, I also went crazy with the NSFW gifs I got from my cas porn blog, sorry hahahahah

A/N: I havent proofread this yet so pls excuse any mistakes, I’ll fix em later!

Sex Games Masterlist


Ok, so you were sore.

Like, really sore. Upon waking up the next morning, you could barely move your stiff muscles. So instead of continuing the games, much to Cas’ dismay, you opted to stay in bed all day and catch up on some reading.

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tealiqhts  asked:

bro i come back to your blog every few weeks and i am blown away by how much you improve and grow each time, like SHIT i've sent you four asks and every time i'm just flabbergasted, god bless

ohmygosh????? please take this insufficient wip,,,, I haven’t drawn anything good in forever asjdkfld

Hey hey hey!! So, a few weeks ago my blog turned 2 years old and I decided to celebrate it by making another follow forever!! These last 2 years have been amazing thanks to all my amazing mutuals, wonderful followers, and other incredible blogs. (ノ◠ヮ◠)ノ*:・゚✧ I’d love to give a big warm hug to everyone but unfortunately that’s impossible, so here’s a bunch of high-quality blogs that make me smile everyday!! ☟ (◕‿◕✿) ☟

Also, I recently changed my url to jeanjcques, but it’s only temporary!!!

Bolded = Mutuals (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ 
Italics = Faves (✪▽✪)

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