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Father@omelette: “tch what did I expect from my daughter, giving a kid a name of a food...” he growls and grins “well let’s have a test and see how fast this omelette will crumble...” (sorry not sorry)

Midnight: You mean you want to battle me? OK! I always beat my sister when we battle even though she’s fast, so a fat, slow pokemon like you shouldn’t be a problem! Hee hee!

(Is was at this moment mod knew… they fucked up)



bet they nuzzle a lot

A bit of a warning for young female roleplayers.

This is something I, normally do not do. But with the things that are happening I think it is best to share this with others so they can be wary of the guy. The guy being one who goes by Theherooftime68, from what I know he mainly messaged minor females -myself included- asking about roleplaying, wanting to well roleplay NSFW kinda things. I be putting some of the things he done under a readmore, since it probably will get long.

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Hey yall, I recently hit a new k and have always wanted to do a follow forever, so I figured why not make one instead of doing smth useful like doing homework? Anyways I love all these people hit em up w a follow if you’re interested!!

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[ENG] Yo. It’s my first time writing on this blog since a long long time ago. Sorry ! I thought about how could I udpdate in a cool way this tumblr, and… Okay, I just didn’t touch CSS, javascript, html, or anything else, because I wanted to post quickly. So here I am ! I restart with a new positive mind, thanks to personnal development books and methods like Miracle Morning, KonMari… And I will explain more with drawings ♥. Bye bye !

[FR] Hey ! C’est la première fois que j’écris sur ce blog depuis un long moment. Désolée !! Je réfléchissais à comment mettre à jour mon blog de manière cool, et… Ok. J’ai pas touché au CSS, javascript, html, tout ça, parce que je voulais poster rapidement. Du coup me revoilà ! Je recommence avec un esprit optimiste, grâce aux livres de développement personnel, et de méthodes comme le Miracle Morning, ou la méthode Marie Kondo…

J’expliquerai plus de choses prochainement avec des dessins ♥ Salut, salut !

(PS : Sorry for my English mistakes…).

hi my angels! 👼✨ 

i hope ur all doing amazing as u all deserve to be! anyway since i reached a goal of mine i wanted to make sure i took some time to appreciate u, my lovely mutuals! thank u so much for following my messy blog,, it really means a lot to me 😪 seeing u all on my dash and makes me so happy nd im so glad that we’re mutuals,, i love u all very much nd i’d do anything for u all 💌💞 (im so serious sfhsh) pls know that im here for u all, literally just send me an ask or a message about anything (im starting school tmrw so i won’t be as active but) yeah just literally pop in my askbox and tell me about ur day nd id go along with it like??? i love talking to u guys so much so!! 

anyway here we go… (if i forgot u or if u changed ur url im sorry! ill fix it just tell me!) 

💐 = i admire u so much??? ur blog is amazing and i probably aspire to be like u and reblog alot from u (gdhf im so sorry) 

🌟 = even though we have different aesthetics ur blog is everything and i enjoy ur content on my dash!

💗 = we’ve interacted a few times or at all and  ilu pls lets interact more 

🌹 = everytime i see u on my dash i smile,, ur really amazing 

💘 = this is especially for ash,, i hate u well i just want u to know that uh i kinda love u like i dont know what id do without our daily convos n stuff??? ur so funny n im glad i met u…n u kinda mean a lot to me?? yeah ok bye 😪💌 also ten came back to me and made me write this so 

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(Hi artist I'm sorry i don't know your actual I couldn't find it I might just be blind though.. ANYWAY! I just want to say i love your style so fricking much its beautiful!! Ok anyway bye <3)

(Oh gosh I guess I never have stayed my main blog before haven’t I, sorry about that. My main blog is @ghost-wants-murder where i draw things that aren’t Daniel, if you’re into that)

Hi sorry I haven’t been posting it’s been a long couple weeks and idk if I’ll be free again but I’ll post prompts soon I p r o m i s e 
I’m gonna whore myself out for a second tho and promo my webcomic which just launched the day before yesterday

Basically the characters from this comic are essentially the reason I made this blog in the first place, I don’t make a prompt without them in mind

It’s about vampires, vampire hunters, and a wedding

Pls check it out if u can ok bye I’ll post prompts soon I promise

Um hi I’m new!

Um hi I’m new!
Hello! So I’m bad at everything thing so here goes my terrible introduction post:
I’m new on Tumblr so my blog is gonna be TRASH and I’ve been playing Choices for a while now and I was tired of having no one to scream about Maxwell with so that’s why I created this blog!
Some of the stuff you will find on my blog:

•trash™ posts•sarcastic and annoying comments
•Maxwell obvi
•a LOT of reblogs cause I’m not original AT ALL

•and more Maxwell!

So that’s the post I know it’s bad but I hope I can share my love of Maxwell with all of you guys and I hope you all understand my craziness! I look forward to my time on here so.. here we go



| Mark | JB | Jackson | Jinyoung | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom |


So this has been in our drafts for a while and Admin Coffee would have posted it except she was waiting for my texts which I didn’t finish until now sO IM SORRY OK I SUCK I KNOW 😅😅 Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy and like it and pls appreciate Admin Coffee’s work bc wow ok bye sorry for being inconsistent af with posts but here’s one for the New Year bringing in a new group to the blog!

~Admin Coffee & K(atfish)

gUESS WHAT i jzust spent all my savings on an iPad Pro so I can use it as a drawing tablet. With the Apple Pencil thing.  SO I am gonna be doing lots of terrible sketches all the time from now on and will be able to answer u questions with drawings really easily now. Which has been a huge barrier with me using this tumblr cos it’s just too much to draw,photograph/scan, edit and try to fix the shitty low light of the picture bcos it’s always nighttime wen I feel like drawing and not being able to upload a picture as a response to asks using my phone so it was just. UGH . And u guys always send me so many nice messages and I read them thank u ❤️ I will be trying to answer them all soon.0 thnx for patience sorry this blog ws but ghost town for a bit.  AnYway I’m not going to bother proof reading this . I have to go to work now:((( I want to play on my new toy. Iv had it for one hour ! I did u this drawing! Yay! coffee! Ok bye

“mmmmm oh my god”

I don’t talk a lot on here about my personal life.

But hello!

There are over 10,000 of you following this blog!! That is alot!

I first started this blog back when I was in college, mainly to keep a thing for a bunch of references so I could look at later..forget i ahd this blog till I found something else to reblog and use as reference!

But i sometimes get messages about how this blog helps people and it just kinda makes me happy,I guess. It’s odd, sorry.

I just wanted to say,DON’T GIVE UP! Keep working and do your best!

I went to college and graduated with a Media Arts and Animation degree!

When I first started college my stuff was

And almost two years after I graduated ( about five years including being in college!!)

I am not to where I want to be with my art yet,but I still love it and have improved!

So don’t give up! 

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latekid’s 12.6k blogrates!

Hey beautiful friends :) I recently hit 12.6k followers (ahhh!!) and I’m gonna celebrate with some blogrates!

Just be following mereblog this post and leave me an ask (not anon!) telling me about the most interesting thing that’s happened to you recently! After that (I’ll try to get to everyone as quick as I can) I’ll rate ur cute lil blog w this:

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I JUST REACHED 700 FOLLOWERS ! I want to thank you all so much for making my days brighter, me getting involved into Shadowhunters was one of the best things that could have happened to me!! To celebrate this, I’m gonna do some blogrates !


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Ok so I keep thinking what if MC was actually a boy and no one knew (except seven) and didn't care if people thought they were a girl, so they didn't correct anyone; or they were too nervous to tell anyone. Like how would the 5 react when they do meet MC for the first time and find out that they are a boy? (And that also MC is like 178cm tall maybe??) ((Sorry for the longish ask this has been on my mind for a while and also I love your blog so much bye))

~Ahhh thank you so much sweetie!!! That’s so nice of you!!! I hope my answer has satisfied you!!!~

{188 cm = 6 feet 2 inches}


🌟He can’t wait to meet you!!!

🌟He’s sooooo excited to meet his GIRLfriend!!!

🌟When he sees you come in a suit he glosses right over you and keeps looking bc he thinks you’re a girl

🌟And you are a boy

🌟Eventually you nervously come up to him to introduce yourself

🌟He shakes your hand nicely and asks if you’ve seen a very pretty girl that goes by MC

🌟"Haha about that…“

🌟"Are you her brother?! Is she ok?!”

🌟You quickly calm him down before he freaks out and take a deep breath

🌟"I’m MC…“

🌟Yoosungs quiet for a couple seconds before he hugs you

🌟"MC!!! You’re so cute!!!”

🌟Yoosung standing at only 5'7" (171 cm) was surprised by your tallness

🌟"You’re not upset that I’m a boy?“

🌟"Of course I’m not!!! You’re a really cute boy…”

🌟You couldn’t help blushing and nearly killing him in a hug

🌟"U-Um… do you still want to be my boyfriend?“

🌟"Of course I do MC!!!”

🌟While you weren’t what he was expecting he fell in love with who you are

🌟Besides… he likes tall somewhat intimidating looking people…


☕ She never thought in a hundred years that she’d fall in love with a girl

☕ In fact it really made her open her eyes to things

☕ So when a boy shows up on her date with MC she kinda glosses over him

☕ But she does give you a weird look when you plop down in the seat in front of her

☕ What man thinks it’s his right to sit and talk to a lady obviously waiting for her date?

☕ “G-Good afternoon Jaehee… I hope I haven’t kept you waiting…”

☕ She’s so surprised you know her name and about this date

☕ “Who are you?”

☕ “I’m MC! S-Surprise!”

☕ She’s surprised that you’re a guy… like you recommended her chocolate and understood her period problems… (You have sisters)

☕ She sees your hands shaking and she takes them in hers

☕ “I’m so happy to finally meet you!”

☕ “Wait really?!”

☕ You were so surprised that Jaehee was accepting you

☕ You thought she’d hate you for ‘being a catfisher’ or something

☕ “Yes of course!!! You’re so much more handsome in real life!”


😻 He’s nervous to meet you because he has a bad impression of women from his father

😻 So when you show up at his door he’s surprised and wants to call security

😻 But you quickly explain it’s you MC and even show him the proof

😻 He never thought the Does Jumin Han is Gay rumor was true but… here you are… and he loves you…

😻 He’s actually happier that you’re a boy

😻 He would’ve felt weird with a woman to be honest

😻 Your date goes as planned and he’s happy with you despite your gender

😻 He is confused to how you’re taller than him though

😻 You’re literally two whole inches taller

😻 What did your parents feed you?


🎶 He was so excited for his princess to show up to see him perform

🎶 So when he looked into the audience and didn’t see a girl and only a boy he was discouraged and immediately texted you

🎶 Zen: MC~ I thought you were coming to see me~

🎶 You: I’m in the audience! Don’t you see me?

🎶 He looked back and you waved and his eyes got as wide as saucers




🎶 He’s nervous when he comes up to you bc you’re not what he expected

🎶 But he loves you all the same

🎶 He’s a bit jealous that you’re taller than him though because how is he going to protect you when you’re up there?


📱He’s so excited to see you and everyone’s confused as to why he doesn’t have the traditional things you give a girl

📱He keeps saying they’ll be so surprised when they see you

📱And they are surprised when a 6'2" male walks in and Seven goes running at him yelling “MC!!!”

📱He’s so happy to see you

📱Even though you’re a boy that didn’t stop his love for you

📱You’re his shield for the whole night to be honest but he gives you lots of kisses for protecting him

📱And you can’t stop blushing which he makes fun off

( art by op - x ) 

-BLARES AIRHORN- guess what you ducky fucks, I just reached 300 followers! And considering this blog is less than 5 months old, I’d call that a pretty good feat !!

     I don’t know how I received this many followers so quickly or where y’all even came from, but the fact that around 300 DIFFERENT PEOPLE legitimately enjoy seeing my Mei on the dash really warms my heart !! <3  Thank you for being who you are, you wonderful people !!  Thank you for providing your own little thing in this community I grew to love, and thank you for MAKING ME SMILE OR LAUGH, OR MAKING ME FEEL LEGITIMATE EMOTIONS FOR THESE FICTIONAL CHARACTERS YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. STAY GOLDEN !!

alright, now onto my squad.

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ok so apparently i accidentally just scrolled through your entire blog and liked everything so i’m sorry for spamming you lmao but it’s fuCking amazing jgkhfl you’re a gift to the universe ok that was awkward i don’t usually compliment people aND I’M RAMBLING sorry ok bYe have a nice life that sounded really rude? OK I’M LEAVING NOW SORRY

Ahhhh thank you so much! And it’s totally cool that you liked everything I really appreciate it! You too are a beautiful gift to the universe and all its inhabitants also im totally a rambler too so don’t even worry about it! This actually made my day so thank you and no need to apologize!
(Totally rambled through this and used all exclamation marks yikes.)