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went into a skirmish as widow and there was a genji that would take me to “romantic” spots and sit with me. he put up with my awful shenanigans with a language barrier and totally made my night. he told me his favorite character was mccree and i saw he was using the mystery man so here’s to you, friend. i will never forget our dates that were always crashed by someone else.

Kyungsoo Popteen Magazine Q&A

Q1. While acting as Hwan-dong in the drama, what are the similarities and differences?

I hope I was the same with being positive and working hard. I also have things I want to do and goals, so I’m doing my best to achieve them. However, I’m different with the dating subject. Hwan-dong is the type to not tell the person he likes things he would like to, but for me I would like not to have any regrets so I would do anything that’s possible (laughs) 

Q2.What should teens do in order for them to reach their dreams?

Normally it is not possible to reach your dreams or goals in one try. I believe in order to reach your dreams,  you should try to gain as many experiences you can that will help you. Therefore, teens should not avoid or not try their best in things they don’t like doing (laughs) even if you think  “I don’t like it” you can work hard knowing that this will help you achieve your dreams right? Even I got to achieve a dream, I’m doing my best right now to fulfill my new goal. 

Q3. How were you as a teen? 

I was a regular high school student. I spent most of my school years with my close friends and would joke around. I started to like singing back then, so I decided I wanted to be an entertainer that could sing and act.

Q4. What is your ideal type?

My ideal type is always a person with a pretty smile. There are some people who look cool by laughing with their mouth wide open, and there are those who just smile slightly and look cute. I think I like anyone who smiles with “the kind of smile I like” (laughs)

Q5. What are the fun parts of being an actor

I like the part where I can experience things I normally wouldn’t be able to. That part can also be why being an actor is good. Also, it makes me happy knowing that I get to move people that watch my acting.

Q6. I heard you were good at cooking, what can we do to become better at cooking?

It’s important to practice cooking, wouldn’t it help if you knew the flavor of seasonings and other ingredients before cooking.  If you do it like that, you get to know how each ingredients taste like if you put it together. For me I try to experiment with different recipes I find online and try to make them more tasty.

Q7. What dish can you make the best?

Steak and doenjang jjigae. If I have the chance I want to learn how to cook traditional Japanese food. 

Q8. What Korean dish would you recommend?

cheong guk jang jjigae. It smells like natto. It has a stronger smell than natto, so it might be hard to handle. But I like it (laughs) It’s so delicious!

Q9. When you were in Japan, what dish did you  think was delicious?

Chazuke, Monjayaki, Nukazuke. I also really like natto. I like Tonkatsu ramen but in Korea there’s a lot of strong flavors, so I like the light flavor of Japanese foods!

Q10. Please leave a message to Popteen readers!

Please enjoy your summer vacation! To those that have goals they want to achieve, please try your best! I’ll be cheering you on!

BSD Official Anthology -Rei-: 僕とケーキと時々パグ

Hey y’all! I picked up the BSD anthology over the weekend and didn’t see translations for this chapter yet (or maybe I just missed them). It’s filled with Akutagawa’s life being suffering also a Pug!  My Japanese is rusty and far from fluent, but I wanted to give it a shot so other Akutagawa fans could enjoy too, haha. If I mixed anything up just let me know and I’ll edit! (Also, I don’t have a scanner, so please forgive the blurry cell pictures!)

Title: 僕とケーキと時々パグ (The Cake and I and Sometimes a Pug)
Mangaka: 東郷一貴 Togo Kazuki

Transcript and Translation under the cut~

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Trying to get Jumin's bad end 2

Me: *at first feel guilty being a shameless selfish MC*

Me: *keeps choosing the insane choices but somehow keep getting +HEARTS from Jumin*

Me: ???

Me: *keeps getting plus points as Jumin actually LOVES the creepy choices*

Me: o_o




Me: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Me: *got bad end 2 with a special CG*

Me: i’ve abandoned my humanity and i shall embrace the eternal darkness

Hey sorry for my bad English but I want to share this.
I’m Mexican so I play overwatch in Latin american spanish, all the voices are amazing (sombra is my favorite one) and as you know some actors made others cartoon characters too like…
Junkrat- SHREK
Lucio- krill in, josh peck, xander (yes from drawn together)

BTW today doomfist came out and I can’t stop laughing because maybe doomfist is not voiced by terry crews BUT HERE IN MEXICO IS THE OFICCIAL VOICE OF THE ROCK!! YES DAWAYNE JHONSON! And Brian Griffin.

Here is the official video of latinamerican doomfist and a link to a scene of Brian griffin from family guy.

Have a nice day and sorry for my bad English, I dont use goggle translate.


okay boys, this is too much for your uncle.

no, seriously…He’s crying. i can’t handle this.

(btw, sorry for my bad translation)

vinzound  asked:

Hola x, ¿En el mundo futurístico en el que vives (21XX) cual es el porcentaje de flora y fauna que se ha extinguído? :'/

Aun asi, hay esperanza de que la flora y fauna natural se recupere algun dia.

||Q. Hi x, In the futuristic world in which you live (21XX) what is the percentage of flora and fauna that has been extinguished?
||A. Unfortunately we have a strong ecological problem, only 20% of the flora and fauna is natural, an attempt to solve this problem is to make artificial flora and fauna, although it is expensive, is a quick solution to this disaster, there is still hope that natural flora and fauna to recover someday.


Oh I’m so sorry Diana. John is not feminine in the least! I should have known that “on dirait une jouvencelle” (he looked like a maiden) “son ossature fine et son teint de pêche lui donnait un air de jeune fille” (his fine bones and fair skin made him look like a young girl), “yeux de biche” (doe eyes), “de long cils de jeune fille” (long girlish eyelashes) were all just translation mistakes. Of course. Sorry my bad.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I really like your writing, you are so good at it!! Now that the requests are open, could you do a scenario with the RFA+Saeran and V with an brazilian MC that scold them in portuguese when they are arguing (and they get like wth). Sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian too and still learning (google translator is a good friend too)

I knew a req about brazilian MC would show up eventually, LOL. I wish I was a little more inspired to doing this, tho.

Hope you still like this ^^

Brazilian MC scolds RFA + Saeran and V in portuguese


  • OMG!
  • He thinks it’s so cute! He’s terrified and dazzled at the same time.
  • Because you sound really mad, but he can’t understand a thing, and you speak so quickly, it’s… it’s adorable.
  • “Babe, I got it. You’re mad, I won’t do it again, please breath, babe.”
  • And when you’re calmer, he’ll ask for translation.
  • He’s  S H O O K, you have a hella dirty mouth in Portuguese.
  • He swears he’ll do his best not to act like a “babaca” again. Whatever that means.
  • Oh, it means, “jerk”. Hum… cue Zen calling Jumin a babaca in the chatroom all the time now.


  • Terrified
  • If it had came to this point, it’s because you’re really pissed at him
  • He just wished he could know what you’re saying exactly so he can fix it.
  • “MC, tell me exactly what I did wrong, in Korean now.”
  • Oh… you’ve scolded him before about this, why it sounds a lot worse in Portuguese?
  • I mean, one thing is you telling him to go easy on his jealousy because there’s no need to, and another one is you telling him to “tomar tino” and “parar de caçar pelo em ovo” because you love him and there’s no need to be jealous
  • Which means “get a grip” and “stop… looking for hair on an egg?” what the hell, MC?
  • Oh, it means not to look for problems where there aren’t. Oh… weird way to say it, but he’s glad you’re basically saying there’s nothing for him to be worried about.


  • Poor thing does her best to keep a straight face
  • But she’s having mixed feelings inside. It’s scary, but it’s adorable, and maybe a little funny?
  • On the other hand, she knows that if it came to this point, it’s because you really need to vent.
  • Or maybe you’re saying some really harsh stuff you don’t want her to understand?“If you want to talk, let’s talk. Preferably in the same language.”
  •  And as you explain yourself, she thinks the tone in portuguese sounds really harsh, but you weren’t saying anything that tough.
  • And when you tell her to “maneirar” or “pegar mais leve antes que cê fique doida de tanto trabalhar”, you’re just saying that she needs to take it easy on work before she goes crazy.
  •  You’re just aggressively concerned with her, lol.


  • He knows the basics, okay?
  • “Por favor”, “Obrigado”, “Bom dia”, friendly greetings, in general, that he learned when he came to Brazil on a business trip.
  • And buddy… you’re definitely not saying anything friendly right now, are you?
  • “I’m really willing to understand what you’re trying to say, my love.” Because sometimes he doesn’t understand what he did wrong even if you speak in Korean, lol
  • You explain yourself, but he’s not really convinced you were saying the exact same words.
  • So he goes to Google Translate and searchs for “cria vergonha nessa sua cara”. “Raise some shame in your face” what? He’s confused, so he finally gathers courage to ask you.
  • You almost forget why you were mad, but you explain it means something like “getting your shit together” and that he really needs to do it and stop acting this possessive sometimes.
  • He is fascinated by your language and idioms. He definitely needs to learn after he gets his shit together.


  • He cannonly speaks 17 languages
  • Portuguese must be one of them.
  • So he understands everything you’re saying, and boy… it ain’t pretty.
  • “That’s… that’s really rude, MC.” (he’s terrified to say anything else)
  • But he knows you’re not saying things like that to hurt him, it’s like you said… “e é tudo porque eu te amo.”
  • Which doesn’t really need a translation, judging from your deep sigh and worried eyes, but… it means “that’s because I love you.”
  • Well, he knows sometimes he can be a little bit of a “cuzão” (asshole), but he’s doing his best in order to be the man you deserve.
  • And you know that when he listens to all your scolding quietly and just answers in loud and clear Portuguese: “eu também te amo.” (I love you too)



  • Oh shit… you look so mad!
  • But you also look kinda funny, so he really needs to hold back this little smirk when you look so pissed at him.He’s not doing to be an ass, he just thinks the sonority of words is funny.
  • “You can keep yelling like this, but I don’t understand a thing, so this is pretty useless, you know that, right?”
  • Oh… there is something worse than when you talk to him like that: when you decide stop talking to him.
  • So he just stays there, looking at you, waiting for some words, any words, doesn’t even matter the language. And you’re just: “Sai do meu pé, Saeran.”He googles it and “get off my foot” wtf? Oh… it’s a sort of slang for leaving one alone. Oh… shit, you’re really pissed, huh? What can he do to fix things.
  • A… foot massage? “I will never get off of your feet.” Now you’re like wtf? But the massage is good, at least.


  • He’s fascinated
  • And not understanding a single thing, but keeps nodding like he is understanding.
  • Because you sound so angry, and passionate, and your language has a very different sonority from what he is used.
  •  “I understand, my love.”
  • He really does, because there is a context, and he can infer a lot from it.
  • Also, he knows some words in Portuguese. (he’s that guy fascinated by the word saudade and how it is something that only exists in your language)
  • So, he says the only thing you should listen right now: “Me desculpe, MC” (I’m sorry, MC)
  •  Yep, that’s exactly what you need to hear, and you have just the right answer: “Tá desculpado.” (you’re forgiven)

NozoEli Radio Garden (#89) - Kusu-Kusu Daimyojin: Moles and Mekatron!

Thank you to @soulesswarrior1998 for sending your Little Sheep “Stone” to cheer me on,

He was so cute that I wanted to hug him like this one,

And thanks to everyone who follows and encourages me.

Now my schedule is unstable so I can not upload comics often,

But now I’m slowly making comic turn the disney kingdom.

Hopefully it will be as good as you waiting to read it.

(Sorry for my bad english,Because I used GG translate.)

Well … I was crying because I lost a drawing of Eliza and decided to start again. I cried again because I did not look nice and decided to make an attempt to gremlin to see if I felt satisfied. I do not feel satisfied but this is decent <3 And sorry for my… bad english. I use the google translate because I’m very stupid about this language. 


no it’s ok! this is very adorable..i love it eve