sorry for mushyness

The picture above is my own, and so is the gif version below!

I’m really peeved the gif above is terrible quality, but blame Tumblr’s gif size limit & i have no idea why it’s sped it-self up. But hey, let’s forget about the flaws.

Of course it’s of Dominic Monaghan (Drive Shaft Bass Player) & Amanda wait… I mean Matthias & Amanda Faye, sorry they look so alike! (Sorry Matthias xD)

Anyway, I just want to thank both of them from the bottom of my heart, or the top which ever is more important. Just for being so genuine in their videos, and vlogs. Matthias & Amanda have both inspired me to get into Photography, and I’m actually saving up for a proper camera and classes to get myself started thanks to them. I needed that extra little push of motivation, and they gave it me!

They’re two of the friendliest, and most genuine people on YouTube & on top of that are totally the cutest married couple & soon to be parents (yay)!

Hopefully one day I can just meet you both and thank you in person, and give you a hug too (if that’s not creepy, I don’t think hugs are creepy but personal space is vital for some people. I don’t know where this got off too.) Anyway, back to the point. Matthias & Amanda, thankyou for existing! Thankyou for making millions of people happy on daily basis, it really means more than you think!

From, @omgmysterybox & sorry for the mushyness I was going to go on longer but didn’t want to bore you both!

Matthias’ social media: 

Amanda’s social media:

Their joint daily vlog channel Matt & Amanda! Where they’re currently documenting Amanda Faye’s pregnancy, and waiting for their little girl to be born (Luna Eleanora) as well as doing other things in their lives, and trust me everyday is a new adventure for them.