sorry for messy line

So gore and I headcanon that Sydney likes to swap Jackets tapes for random music like Men at Work and Rick Astley and whatnot to prank him, so Jacket gets her back by blasting loud ass noises at her to wake her up. Sometimes it’s a cloaker noise, sometimes it’s gunfire, sometimes it’s a really fucking loud audio clip of a rooster crowing

Anyway, here’s a fun lil’ doodle that went too far!

The after of this jerza doodle.

Super Quick sketch (sorry for the messy lines!) I am over the moon *_* I couln’t believe my eyes! Mashima keeps showing that Jellal is not some shy, submissive guy and Erza a dominatrix, but this, they were enjoying themselves <3 

Aaah my OTP is so beautiful <3

I promise more later!!

Oooh forgot, this is dedicated to my beloved jerza pals whom I’ve been screaming like an idiot, yay guyz!!! @ajerzaaddict @ahumanintraining also @bellagill92 @deviljp6 and Estella May


Guess who came back from the grave after… holy shit.. 3 years??

I am deep in Ice skating hell, if you didn’t notice

Here’s a fanart for @kazliin‘s  brilliant fix that I’m also obsessed with. it’s from a scene from chapter 9, it’s not that accurate to the fic, but screw it, my skills are rusty and shitty. Now revered author, let me knell at your legs for giving me my YOI fix after the show ends

I’m sorry for the bad anatomy, messy lines and everything else, I drew this on a plane. Thank heavens everyone beside me are dead asleep.. I cannot explain myself if they saw this Q__Q (also, Victor why are you an Ikemen? Cannot draw ikemen!! ugh you are so haarrddd to drawwww)

also, holy shet I drew sex scenes. I’m now booked to hell

What happens when harpy!Louis takes merman!Harry for a little adventure?

Couldn’t resist but to make something quick based on the incredible pass-the-pencil‘s AU. All the creds to Mica for the AU! :)