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It’s finally finished! So sorry about the long wait for this one, but I wanted to make sure you guys knew I was serious about making sure it was good (ง'̀-‘́)ง

Fun fact: the background is based on the bubble tea shop where I worked on most of this comic!


Concept: Alien’s don’t laugh. Not the way we do at least. Their version of laughing is like making a noise in their native language that literally means “I find this amusing’ 

So when they meet a human for the first time and the human finds it hilarious that the alien cant fit through the door, but the alien is even more confused because the translator doesn’t know what the human is saying. They are making noise, the alien can tell that much but the don’t know what they are saying. 

and the human finally straighten back up, wiping at its eyes, “Sorry for laughing man but that was funny” the human makes the same noise as before just a little softer and a little less loud and the alien is so confused. 

So they ask the human what they were doing and the humans like “laughing? wait… you guys don’t know what laughing is???” 

and the aliens like nooooo….

so the human has to explain what laughing is “it’s when we find something funny. That’s how we let people know we think the thing is amusing” 

“like this???” and the alien does a series of clicks and hisses that sound more scary than humorous but when the human looks at the translator in their hands it flashing the text “this is amusing. I am amused by you.” 

in between blurred lines

pairing | best friend!jungkook x reader

genre | fluff bcs what’s there that i know how to write / college au / there’s proly an angst but like idk? i can’t write that for shIT

➵ warning | actually, just lots of fluff to the point that they’re cringey. And lots of kissing. also. art major!jeon (bcs what’s the point of college au if jeon jungkook isn’t majoring in arts dUH) there’s some kind of smut but it’s just that

word count | 20k (haha can u believe i wrote this in less than 2 weeks lol)

summary | Jeon Jeongguk has been your bestfriend ever since you were fetuses—no, that’s kind of weird (but you get the point)—and you were there with each other as you slowly discovered the (not so) wonders of the world. Your bestfriendship is cool; you cuddle a lot, you have movie nights whenever you’re free, you let him poop while you’re showering and he does the same. For almost two decades of friendship, you only ever think of him as the child you’ve raised ever since elementary until Taehyung said that Jeongguk had a crush on you since you were 11. Uh oh.

 note | this is heavily unedited so i’m sorry for any errors. also, no hate to some names that i’ve put in a “bad” character lmao

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"I'm gonna kill him" -- Pt 1

Imagine – You are forced into an arranged marriage

“We need this Y/N. Our family needs it”. My mother spoke, standing in front of me at her desk with my father. They wanted me to marry this wealthy Shadowhunter that came from a well known family tree.
“And what happens to what I want?”. I said, not lifting my head to look at them.
“Oh don’t be so selfish! We have given you wonderful opportunities and have gotten you so far in this institute, you owe this to us”. My mother snapped. My father blinked nervously until he spoke, “Anyway it’s done. He’s coming to the institute tomorrow where you will be married immediately. Everything will be set up, you just have to show up, do you think you could do that?”, he was so patronising.
I glared at them but there was nothing I could do. I had to do this for my family, “Just tell me the time and I’ll be there”.

I walked out of their office to be greeted by Izzy and Clary walking down the corridor, “Hey, what was that emergency meeting all about?”, Izzy asked whilst both of them linked each of my arms. I was training with her when I got ushered to my parents.
“Oh just stupid family drama, wanna go into town for drinks?”, I asked the both of them needing one last night out with my girls before my freedom would be taken away.
“Of course, give us half an hour and we’ll be ready!”. They both ran off to get all dolled up whilst I just went back to my room.

I sat on my bed and just went over what my parents had said to me, ‘Don’t be so selfish’. I’ve been everything but selfish. I have always put everyone before myself. A knock snapped me out of my thoughts. I got up to answer it, “Izzy I thought you said half an-”. I opened the door to Alec. “Sorry I thought you might have been Izzy and Clary”. I held the door open and motioned for him to come in.
“So what can I help you with?”. Me and Alec had been close for a while, we had a flirty relationship, it was playful, we knew we both liked each other.
“Erm…this sounds stupid but I was wondering if you wanted to go out tonight…for dinner…just me and you?”. I was so happy, the big grin on my face supported this.
“Alec I would-“, then I remembered. “but I can’t”, I didn’t want to tell anyone of the marriage yet. “I’m going out with Clary and Izzy tonight around town”. I saw the disappointment on his face which broke me.
“But you can come too, you can bring Jace and Simon as well if you want”. His famous smirk was now visible, obviously pleased with the invitation.
“Sounds great, I’ll go get the others”. He left, grazing my arm with his hand as he walked past. I walked over to my wardrobe looking at the options for me to wear. I wasn’t in a mood to make an effort so black jeans and a T it was.

I lay down and waited for someone to come and get me. The next thing I knew I opened my eyes to Jace leaning over me at my bedside.
“Finally! I’ve been shouting you for like 10 minutes!”. I sat up and let my eyes adjust.
“I’m sorry I must have dozed off”.
Jace looked at me worriedly, “What is wrong with you lately?”.
“I’m just exhausted, and stressed with all the mission reports I’m so behind on. The clave is on my back a lot these past few weeks”.
“Well we don’t have to go out tonight we can always-“.
I cut him off, “NO no….I need this”. He nodded with a look of concern and put an arm around me as we walked to go and meet the others.

We arrived at the club. I walked in with Clary and Izzy by my side whilst the other guys followed us in as we had more experience with mundane clubs.

Three hours, 7 shots, 4 vodka & cokes and a bottle of Malibu later….lets just say I was a little more than tipsy. We were all sat in a booth on the far side of the club right next to the dance floor. Jace and Clary were in the middle of a make out session whilst Simon was watching star wars on his phone as Izzy had passed out with her legs across Simon and her head on my lap. Me and Alec were talking…well, he was talking, I was slurring, although I could feel the room gradually starting to spin slower. Then all of a sudden Alec kissed me. It was long, passionate and so overdue. The second we pulled apart my lips did something before my brain could think about it.
“I’m getting married tomorrow”. My eyes were still closed from the kiss and they stayed closed for a few more seconds as I was scared to see what his reaction would be. All of a sudden I felt completely sober. I opened my eyes and regretted it immediately. He looked heartbroken, confused, vulnerable and angry. All those emotions were showing on one face and I was the reason why. Before I could say anything else he was gone, running out of the club faster than I’ve ever seen someone move.
“ALEC-“, I called out but the music was too loud and he was too far away, he wouldn’t have even come back even if he did hear me. Jace must have heard me though as he broke apart from Clary and chased after Alec. I looked down at my lap, tears fell from my face and onto Izzy but she was dead to the world to notice. When I looked up I saw Clary and Simon look at me with an expression that said ‘you have some explaining to do’.

I woke up in Clary’s room. She didn’t want to be on my own because of the state I was in last night, drunk and hysterical. After Simon took Izzy back to his I cried to Clary trying to get everything out whilst I still could. She was so supportive and was furious with what I was forced into but she understood that I felt like I had to do it, not for me but for my family. Jace had text Clary late last night to tell her he was back at the institute with Alec. They had just walked around the streets he said in the text and just talked. Alec had told Jace about the marriage, Clary explained it to Jace over the phone in which he told Alec but Jace was still pissed with me and Alec was still harbouring the same feelings from last night.
“They’ll both understand soon enough”. Clary must have noticed me staring into space and she must have knew that I was worrying about it all. I nodded.
“What time is it?”.
She checked her phone, “9:30 AM”.
I jumped up out of the bed and raced to the door, “I was meant to be in the chapel half an hour ago!”.

I ran into the chapel to find my mother pacing and my father talking to the silent brother who would be initiating the wedding.
“I’m sorry, I was out late and I lost track of time this morning”.
My mother walked towards me, “Enough with your excuses!”. I felt the tears build up behind my eyes threatening to run down my cheeks but I fought them back. She dragged me to the front of the room where I was met by my father and the silent brother. As I stood not listening to a word they were saying the door swung open. I clenched my jaw in anticipation for my future partner to walk in but to my relief it was Clary, Simon and Izzy. I hadn’t asked them to come and I didn’t want them to but right now I knew I really needed them. A tear escaped as I smiled at them. They sat at the very back not wanting to disturb any family business. Since what felt like forever I finally felt relaxed knowing that whatever happened today I had people who truly loved me just a couple of footsteps away. Then the door opened again and suddenly my anxiety went from 0 to 100 real fast. In he walked, the person I presumed I was getting married off to. The closer he came the more I realised he wasn’t the worst looking, I mean he was kinda cute; dark hair, tall, skinny yet muscle-y…I was literally describing Alec. Did this mean I had a type? No one could compare to how I felt about Alec. He was the one I truly wanted to be with, but my feelings didn’t matter.

The vows had been said, the runes had been drawn and the rings had been given. The wedding was over. Everyone dispersed until there was just me at the front of the room. Still stood in the place I had been stood throughout. My freedom had been taken…my future had been written. As I watched my family leave I let my guard down and all tears rushed out. Clary, Simon and Izzy raced to me. I didn’t know what to do anymore or what would happen to me now. For the first time in my life I felt lost and had no idea what I was going to do.

After the wedding I had gone straight to my room. The others wanted me to hang out with them so I could take my mind off of things for a few hours but I just wanted to be alone. I jumped straight in the shower and just stood there for what felt like hours under the hot water. I eventually got out and started to get changed when I heard noises coming from outside the bathroom door. I walked out, expecting to see Izzy gathering clothes so I could come and escape to Simon’s place with them but it wasn’t. It was my hubby…William I think his name was. I payed no attention throughout the ceremony so I avoided saying his name during the vows.
“What are you doing?”. I asked as he was putting everything from my room into boxes.
He looked back at me with what I can only describe as disgust on his face. “You are to be moved into my room on the East wing, if we want to make this believable”. The minute he turned back around anger rushed through me. How dare he come in here. How dare he take my things and look at me like that. I walked over to him and started unpacking all of my stuff.
“I’m not moving anywhere, my things are staying in this room and so am I”. I didn’t look at him. It felt good, it felt like I was getting control back over my life. This feeling stopped when he spun me around and slapped me across the face. His force was so strong that it knocked me to the ground. He grabbed the remaining boxes and left the room. I just lay there. Shocked at what had just happened.

I eventually composed myself and headed towards William’s wing, as I didn’t want to find out what would happen if I stayed in my room, when I bumped into Clary. She gasped and touched the side of my face, “Oh my god what did you do?”. I know she didn’t mean to say it the way I took it and she had no idea what had happened but all I heard coming from her voice was her saying it was my fault. Maybe it was my fault.
“Oh I was just stupid and hit my head on my bedside table from my nap before”. I didn’t want people to know and start gossiping. The wedding had already made me the topic of conversation on every mission so this would just make things worse. She just laughed, “What are you like!”. Then she left. I was just stood in an empty corridor.


I gently pulled on an oversized jumper, for the purpose of no one seeing my bruises, and my sweatpants. I hadn’t spoken to anyone for days. I hadn’t even left the room in days because I couldn’t bare to see people so they could congratulate me on my wonderful new marriage, but I knew I had to train.
As I got to the training room I saw that half of the room was already occupied by Jace. Just him and a punch bag. I hadn’t spoken to him since the night at the bar, as well as Alec.
He saw me walk in, rolled his eyes and carried on punching. I grabbed my throwing knives and my seraph blade and went over to the dummies to practise my fighting skills.
After an hour Jace came over and threw a duel stick towards my feet, “Lets go”. The way he said it was so cold. I picked up the stick and walked to the centre of the room where he was stood and without being ready he struck the back of my legs and I fell to the ground. I gasped loudly and Jace looked at me like I was being dramatic but the pain was more than it usually was.
“How could you do it? How could you hurt him like that?”.
I slowly got back to my feet and steadied myself, “I didn’t want any of this to happen! I had to do this, my parents-“. He cut me off.
“NO”, he yelled. “There was no excuse, everyone has a choice and you chose to break my brothers heart. That night you told him at the club I could feel his heartbreak, there’s just no excuse for that”.
“HEY”, this time I yelled which threw him off guard. “I love Alec…so much”, tears started to build up and a lump was lodged in my throat. “I wanted to be with him and the night he asked me out was one of the happiest moments of my life. But no one understands. No one understands the pressure I was under”. I couldn’t hold back anymore and the tears fell. Jace was stood looking down at the floor, silent. I began to walk away when he gabbed my wrist. I screamed and fell down because of the pain. Jace stood back in shock not knowing what he had done.
He knelt down beside me, “What is with you today? And why are you dressed like winter for training”. I caressed my wrist, he pulled my sleeve up and saw all the bruises. He pulled up my other sleeve where more were hidden.
“Where the hell did you get these from?!”. I quickly got out of his grip and pulled down my sleeves and stood up.
I turned my back to him, “T-they’re from m-my missions”. I stuttered, not knowing what excuse seemed best.
“No they’re not because I’m always on your missions and we haven’t had one since last week, these are new bruises”.
A new set of tears came to the surface and when I turned to face him and he noticed.
“Is he hurting you?”.
At first I didn’t say anything, I just looked at the floor refusing to make eye contact with him. But the second I looked into his eyes I started hysterically crying and that’s when he knew.
He immediately came to my side and gently pulled my into a hug. It felt good to get it off my chest. After what felt like an hour he loosened he grip. “I’m gonna kill him”. He was began to walk off but I ran in front of him pleading not to.
“Please don’t! Please Jace”.
“Give me one good reason not to”.
“Because if he knows I’ve told people then I’m dead Jace. He lashes out when the tiniest things happen, so god only knows what he’s going to do if you beat him!”.
He nodded, hands still in tight fists but he understood.

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The @sixthwheelzine preorders are live!! And here’s a preview of my three pages comic in the hope of making you maybe consider buying it!! I’m definitely biased here, but I do think this zine’s line-up was especially extraordinary, I’m still so baffled I was asked to be part of it 💕

I Got You

Word Count: 1904

Pairing: Tony Stark x Daughter!Reader

Warnings: Angst, mentions of a car crash, drugs, alcohol, abusive relationship, fluff at the end don’t worry 

Request by Anon: Can I request a Tony x teen daughter one where she lives with her mom. She kept her hidden from Tony for 14 years. Tony finds out about his daughter when she got sick and ended up in the hospital. He also finds out her mom was horrible to her and kept her in poor living conditions. So he shows up at their door with a lawyer and papers to find her doing drugs with friends and his daughter locked in her room. He takes her home where she feels safe for the first time

Author’s Note: Yay I finally got another request done! Sorry for the wait end of the school year is always fun. Anyway hope you enjoy it :)

Update: So apparently tumblr killed links (Idk why, it honestly makes no sense) But if that’s the case I won’t be linking my masterlists anymore until it’s fixed. If any post has a link in it, it won’t appear in the search engine. Obviously others are saying it too but please if you see a fic/content you like the reblog it! It just became much harder for content creators to spread their work and this would help a lot! You can find my Masterlist on my profile and my imagines under the Imagines Masterlist!

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You never liked hospitals so you tried to stay far away from them as possible. If you did get sick you would suck it up for a few days until your illness passed. Though, as fate would have it, you ended up in the building you hated. You were taking a cab home when a car pulled out too quickly hitting your side of the cab. No major injuries but you needed surgery to repair a ligament in your leg that tore in the crash.

Your mom, however, didn’t have that kind of money or at least you though she didn’t. When she instantly had enough money, you grew curious. Your mom could never hold a job for long and the jobs she did find weren’t high paying. When you asked her, she just brushed you off telling you that this was a discussion for later. You knew too well that she wasn’t going to bring it up unless she had to.

So now, here you were sitting in your hospital room alone while your mom goes out and parties with of few of her friends. Ever since you could remember, your mom always put partying before you. She rather get drunk or high with a few of her stoner friends than ever care about your well being. You couldn’t just leave even if you wanted to. Though she was a pain in the ass, you had nowhere to go. You never met your dad and he was probably just as bad as her.

What dampened your mood, even more, was that fact that you had to keep off your leg which meant you were trapped with your mother. You sighed sadly flipping through tv channels wishing you didn’t get in that cab so you wouldn’t be in this situation. Zoning out a bit, you didn’t notice someone was knocking on your door until you saw someone pop their head it.

“Miss (Y/L/N)?” A woman said as you sat up if your hospital bed.

“Yes,” You answered quietly trying to figure out who this lady was.

“I’m Mrs. Reynolds and I work with social services. I wanted to talk to you privately, your mother has already been informed.” She said as your blood ran cold. They were going to take you away and put you in the foster care system - something you did not want to end up in. “Miss?”

“O-Oh that’s fine,” You began clearing your throat, “What do you need to talk about?”

“Your mother recently reached out to your father when you needed surgery and he would like to meet you. He’s a persistent man so he’s currently waiting outside of your room. I wanted to make sure you were ok with this before I send him in.”

You stared at the women blankly as you tried to wrap your head around what was happening. Your father after fourteen years wanted to meet you. You always wondered what he looked like but your mom never kept any pictures of him. She didn’t even tell you his name after asking her many times. But here you were about to meet the man you always thought about. Nodding quietly you prepare yourself for the worst as Mrs. Reynolds leaned out into the hall summoning him in.  

You expected a nobody, someone who either had no idea you existed or just now realized he made a mistake. But your were dead wrong, instead walked in someone you immediately recognized. It was Tony Stark, Tony freaking Stark. Your mouth dropped in shock as you stared at the man claiming to be your father.

“So (Y/N) right?” He said sticking his hands in his pockets unsure what to do next.

“Wait is this a joke? How? I mean, I know how but it’s been-”

“I know fourteen years. To be honest I didn’t know you existed until your mother randomly called me asking me for money.”

“Oh,” You quietly said trying to process everything.

“How’s the leg? I heard it wasn’t serious but surgery is surgery.”

“It’s ok,” You answered unsure how to act around Tony.

Watching him sigh, he walked closer to bed trying to think what to say next. He seemed just unsure of you as you were of him. You didn’t know why he even bothered to come, he missed most of your life already and now after one phone call, he’s here. Still, you were grateful he actually was a good person than some druggy who couldn’t get his life together.

“Look I know this is awkward,” He sighed looking at your uncomfortable posture. “But I don’t want to leave this room and not see you again.”

“Me too.”

“Well then let’s start this off right,” He spoke excitedly extending his hand out to you. “I’m Tony and your name is?”

“(Y/N),” You replied with a small smile on your face.

And that was a start to a new beginning.

Three months later you were still visiting your father often but instead of taking a cab there, he made his driver Happy take you to him. After the cab incident, he made sure you didn’t have to ride with anyone else but Happy. Life was good for the most part, your mother was the same but you could tell she didn’t like you hanging around your dad.

He was pretty clear that she wouldn’t get a dime out of him unless it was for you. Once she heard that, she started taking her anger out on you. Your mom still had full custody and every night she would threaten to stop you from seeing your father. You had to beg her just to go see him even if it was an hour or two, just to get out of the house and away from her.

You wanted to tell your dad what your mom was like but you knew he didn’t want to fully adopt you. He was an Avenger and billionaire, he didn’t want some kid ruining his style. So you kept your mouth shut and enjoyed the time you had with him. That, of course, didn’t make this easier on you at all.

“W-Where are you going?!” Your mother slurred as her friends started to snort random drugs. “You know I don’t like you leaving when we have guests!” She was definitely high from whatever she was smoking. Your mom couldn’t function like an actual person when she was like this and that scared you.

“D-Dad’s,” You whispered as her face turned to rage. “I-I’m sorry I-I’ll go back to my room.” You ran quickly as your mother continued to scream from behind you. Slamming the door, you quickly locked it as she banged loudly against it.

Sending your father a text that you couldn’t make it because of homework, you slid down to the floor trying to calm your breathing. Eventually, the banging stopped but you were too afraid to move from your spot.  

Tony sighed reading the text you just send as he ate a handful of blueberries. He had a bad feeling that something else was happening back at your place. He knew your mother and she wasn’t as stable as she thought she was. Though he couldn’t just take you away from her, she still had full custody. This was something that he was going change.

He called a lawyer down beforehand to try to get custody and today he was going to ask you if you were ok with him proceeding with it. Tony was going to try and ask your mother first before trying to take this to court. He was even ready to offer her some form of money just to get you away from her.

You never mentioned how horrible your mother was to him but he had a feeling when you kept showing up with a few bruises every now and then. So when you said you couldn’t make it, he knew something was definitely wrong. Without even thinking, he was out the door with his lawyer ready to finally get you away from that hellhole.

Even after three months, he never actually saw where you lived. Happy always picked you up a corner farther away from your house. Your apartment was definitely not what he expected it to look like when he pulled out front. Some windows were boarded over while some were just broken. The roof looked old along with the cracked brick covering the apartment complex. Walking into the building was whole other story.

The smell was awful and you could hear bricking a few doors down. The wallpaper was peeling and the ceiling was littered with water stains. Tony knew more than ever, that he needed to get you out of here. When he arrived at your door, he knocked only for the door to slightly open. Pushing the door open and walking into the apartment, he called out to your mom.

When he got no answer, Tony walked further into the room, only to find your mom and her friends passed out surrounded by empty beer bottles and drugs. Without even glancing at his lawyer, Tony watched as his friend pulled out his cell phone to contact the police. Now all was left to do was find you and get you out of here. Stepping over a few bottles, he made his way over to the hall where he heard a few sobs coming from behind a door. Realizing that was you, he tried to open it only to find that it was locked.

“Leave me alone,” You whimpered. 

“(Y/N), it’s me. Open the door,” He said hoping nothing happened to you.

Tony heard shuffling behind the door before he heard the lock quickly turning. Then the door flew open as you jump straight into his arms. You started crying harder finally letting out all the emotions you bottled up. Wrapping his arms tightly around you, he made sure you felt safe.

“Shhh, I got you, I got you.”

Once your breathing calmed down, you wiped your tears away before hugging your dad once more. “M-My mom,” You hiccuped as tears started to form again.

“Don’t worry, I got her taken care of. Let’s go back to my place ok?” He said as you nodded following his lead.

Once the two of you were back at the tower you were still shaken up but you managed to calm yourself enough to explain what happened to your father. He knew you didn’t want to cause any trouble but you were clearly not in a good environment.

“You’re not going back there,” Tony said feeling the anger boil in him. “I won’t let you, that women will not be coming near you again.”

“But she still has full-”

“Not for long. I have my best lawyers working on it, she won’t come near you again. And after than stunt she pulled today she won’t have a case.”

“Really?” You asked as he nodded. You smiled widely as you jumped up from your spot and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, dad. I glad I tore a ligament that day.”

“Me too kid, me too.”

At the end of the day, you knew your father was there for you and would project you no matter what. After fourteen years with your mother, you finally felt safe and found a place where you could call home.

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First Time | BTS Reaction

Anonymous:  Can you do a bts reaction where they accidentally hurt their s/o during sex and then they feel guilty and scared to touch them again, then their s/o ask them if they’re at mad at them for something and then they explain why they were being distant? Sorry if it’s confusing 😭

Summary: You decided to allow your boyfriend to be your first, after months of waiting, you finally felt ready. However, you didn’t anticipate how much it would actually hurt. You don’t mean to show how much it hurts by your voice or expression, but your boyfriend catches on and feels extremely bad about hurting you. You try telling him it’s not his fault and try to make him realize you don’t love him any less.

A/N: Sorry! I changed it a little bit so it would fit. I don’t like my reactions being too long. Thank you for sending in a request! 


Jin: He lay over the top of you, easing himself in, however he stopped dead in his tracks the moment he saw your face scrunch up in pain “Jagi?” he spoke the little pet name before you opened your eyes

“I-..It’s fine…Carry on.” You said, before chewing on your bottom lip, bracing for the pain once again, however it didn’t come because Jin stopped. He shook his head and basically threw himself off you

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Baths/Showers with the Hosts

(Hello hello! :) Sorry for the long wait - I’ve had a hard time finding some inspiration for writing lately, but I’ll do my best with this! :) Thanks for being a fan!)

The princely type boy would go beet red in the face the moment you suggested having a bubble bath together. 
A young woman shouldn’t be seen in such a manner until she’s married, he’d declare nervously, making you laugh.
Marry me then, you’d tease back, grabbing two fluffy white towels and heading for the bathtub.
Once he was finally in the bath, the boy will NOT stop pouring in bubbles. Whether it was to conceal your naked bodies or just because he really enjoys bubbles, you can’t tell.
So. Many. Bubbles.

You’d probably confuse the poor boy by suggesting a bath together.
I’ve got quite a lot of work to do and you’ve got to study-
Come on, old man, have some fun with me, you’d chime
Kyoya would probably just watch as you got the temperature just right, and pour in the bubbles and maybe some relaxing essential oils
No you can’t bring your laptop with you
Full honesty, he’d probably really like the bath but how else is he going to keep his cool demeanour around you when you’re looking so beautiful 
Definitely make out sessions, let’s be honest

He’d be the one to suggest it
Well more like nudge you towards the bathroom with two towels in hand
and there would be the bathtub all ready for you two
He just wants to spoil you and tell you he loves you but like words are hard and who needs communication when you have actions
Takashi did you do all this for me?
He would let you just rant about how hard work is or whatever thoughts you’re having, giving little sounds every now and then so you know he’s actually listening

Honey, why are there bubbles in the hottub?
There should be a contest to who poured the most bubbles, Honey or Tamaki
He would be making funny facial hair with bubbles 
Your sides would be in so much pain after all the laughing, your cheeks hurting so much you have to hold them so you stop smiling so much
So much splashing that you feel bad for whoever has to clean it

He would definitely turn as red as a tomato if you suggested a bath together
It would probably happen because he teased you about it one time
What, you don’t want to be next to my naked body in a hot bath, Y/N?
Then when it actually happens, the boy is stammering like crazy
Really enjoys the relaxing side of a bath together
Talking about dreams and aspirations together, philosophies
He’d wait for you to relax so much your eyes close, and he’d just admire you until you tell him to stop staring
Cute little romantic kisses

The boy is embarrassed AF when you tell him you want to bathe together
He’d probably be like What about Kaoru
You’d have to drag him into the bath
Make outsssssss
Probably play it off like it was fine, kinda dumb… but like can we do it again?
Would have the most fun pouring water on your hair to get all the bubbles out, and just twirling your hair around his finger

Why would we take a bath? Doesn’t it just waste water? Don’t we just sit in our own filth? We could just take a shower-
Push her into the tub before she can give you more arguments
Becomes a ritual to relax after a hard week of dealing with the host club
Maybe if there’s a storm, she starts to ask you awkwardly for a bath to try to become less nervous


Person A had noticed that Person B had been acting odd all day and decided to confront them about whatever their problem was, because damn it, it was their job.

It wasn’t until A was driving B home later that day that they finally asked what was going on with B.

B instantly clamed up, and it wasn’t until they were almost to B’s house did they finally confess.

“…A, I’m sorry that I’ve been keeping this from you for so long. Your my best friend and I trust you so much but I have to tell you…I’m gay…”

Person A waited until they turned off their car in the driveway before turning to B and responding,

By full on making out with B.

“Babe, we’ve been married for the past three years.” And walking out of the car.

EXTRA: Person A smirked at the thought of B’s befuddled face left in their car.

Lost luggage [Shawn Mendes Imagine]

Summary: Shawn gets very upset over losing his suitcase and you find out that there is a bigger reason for his distress. 

Very fluffy piece, ~1,4K

“Shawn, would you please stop bouncing your leg?” you asked, running out of patience, as the two of you sat on one of the airport benches.

“Oh, sorry,” he mumbled, finally sitting still, looking around nervously.

It was the middle of the night, and luckily you weren’t bothered by the fans a lot. You landed in this small airport in the middle of Switzerland only twenty minutes later than the rest of the team that had to fly in on another plane since there weren’t enough tickets. Shawn’s bodyguards flew out with you and were standing a few feet away from your bench, waiting for Shawn to make up his mind.

“Babe, maybe we should get going,” you started, grabbing his attention back to your face.

“But my suitcase-,” he tried to argue, but you were quick to interrupt him.

“I’m sure they will take care of it. Us staying here for an hour won’t speed up the process, Shawn,” you tried keeping your voice as soft as possible, despite the annoyance.

Since you have landed, Shawn was extra cautious of getting his small black suitcase back. For some reason, he wanted to grab it himself, but after ten or fifteen minutes you realized that his suitcase wasn’t anywhere to be found. Shawn grew very nervous, and you had talked to a few staff members, giving them your contact information in case they have found his suitcase. However, he refused to get back to the hotel without it. You were told that it might be possible that his suitcase was sent here on another plane that should be arriving in an hour, and he wanted to make sure that he will have it.

“I can’t lose that suitcase, Y/N, it’s crucial for me to have it,” he shook his head.

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Pairing: Reader x Jimin

Words: 1.5k

Summary: Jimin missed you. Your smell, your voice, your moans. (I was listening to this song and got inspired.)

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo


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anonymous asked:

Kayako, Micheal, Jason, Billy and Brahms on meeting an Soulmate S/O whose been feeling their injuries since before they met?

The Other answer besides getting their asses kicked by their s/o


Originally posted by horroraddict247

  • Pregnancy for Kayako was pregnancy for you, as ever contraction she had you felt, and going into labor felt like you were having your insides being ripped apart, though you had no child to show for it. God please! Epidural! Get an epidural!
  • The day came when you were walking about when your body suddenly goes through a screaming pain. You hit the ground, as you saw the bloodied hands of your s/o crawling on the floor. Before there was a sharp pain shooting through your neck and everything went black.
  • You bolted upright, and the mortician about to make an incision into you let out a shriek. Your neck was in excruciating agony, and you were so cold, and when you opened your mouth to speak only a croaking noise came out.
  • What happened to your soulmate? Did they die? And how are you still alive? Cuts, bruises or anything of the sort no longer showed up on you.
  • You take a trip to Japan, impulsively, in a way just trying to run away from yourself. From your constant neck pain and the coldness.
  • You get completely lost in rainfall, and you run into an old house, you’ve knocked but nobody answered. You slide down the door, as the water rolls off you, soaking wet. So cold. You’re so cold.
  • You look up when you hear the creaking of floorboards, and sees the figure of a woman crawling down the hallway. You only sit in shock, as she crawls closer and closer to you. In reflex, you hold your hands out in front of your face as you close your eyes and wait for her to kill you. maybe in death, you’ll see your soulmate.
  • Kayako stops. the scars that Linger on your fingers look awfully familiar. She holds up her hands close to yours. They line up perfectly. You open your eyes to see tears dripping down her face.
  • The pain she must have caused you. She’s so sorry. All this time she was focused on Kobayashi. She makes her croaking noise and do you understand. You cry out and Wrap your arms around her pulling her into an embrace.
  • Finally, you feel warm again.


  • As a child, you felt slaps against the back of your head or on your face by a phantom hand that would make you cry. But, sometime around Halloween when you were six years old. They stopped.  
  • Afterward, you felt little pinpricks in your arms for seemingly the rest of your childhood, teen and into your adult life. The scars of needles trailing up and down your limbs.
  • There would also be unexplained bruises around your wrist like from handcuffs or something of the sort. People would joke and ask if you’re into kinky shit. You’d laugh it off, but honestly, you were nervous about what your soulmate was up too.
  • It was one night, As you were sitting at home by yourself on a Halloween night. A sharp pain shot through your neck, you gasp out, too shocked to scream as you fall to the ground, blood dripping from your neck as you struggle to stand. You’re crawling to your phone when you feel another sharp pain in your eye.
  • You’re sobbing on the floor, bleeding, unable to see as you’re screaming out as through the rest of the night your body is wracked with such unbearable pain you eventually pass out.
  • You awake in the hospital, your neighbor called the cops after hearing you scream.  You’ve got an eye patch, and your neck chest and shoulder are bandaged, What the hell happened? You asked the nurse if anyone else has been checked in with similar injuries to yours. She says no.
  • As your lying in the hospital bed, your flipping through the TV. Seeing the news of a serial killer just escaped from the hospital, still on the loose after a night of massacre. You wonder if your soulmate was a victim of him.
  • A month later, you were at home. Still getting used to seeing out of only one eye as you carefully did your dishes. As you turned around to put them away, there he was, the shape of Haddonfield, standing behind you. Knife raised as he stalked towards you.
  • You scream out, falling to the floor, the pain of Halloween night seemed to resurge, as you remembered how you felt like you were going to die. Not again. Not again, please.
  • Michael stops as he sees your eye, white and scared, just like his, a scar on your neck, just like his. Oh my god. Oh my god. He didn’t know that someone like him would have a soulmate. His heart cries out as he can only imagine what you went through, alone and afraid.
  • He drops his knife and takes off his mask, showing you his face, his scarred eye, and neck, the same as yours, as softly he tilts your head up to look at him.


Originally posted by gifsme

  • You were out playing in the fields with your friends as a child when suddenly started spitting up water. Your lungs were burning as you tried to cry out but only gargled up water. Your friends ran off to go get help, leaving you alone and afraid, Before finally you blackout.
  • You will walk in the hospital your parents crying over you. They thought they lost you. You even went brain-dead at one point. Your mother explained to you that something must have happened to your soulmate.
  • Worried sick about what happened to them, you made them a get well soon card so when you meet you could give it to them.  
  • From that day you always felt cold and honestly sort of waterlogged like you were never truly dry.
  • Your parents thought you were always sick because you kept bundling up even when it was outrageously hot outside.  
  • One day you were your own business when your shoulder seemingly split open on its own. With a scream, you grasp your shoulder as you started spraying blood everywhere
  • An ambulance drives you to the hospital and they quickly stitch you up. Your shoulder still in a great amount of pain. With time to kill, you draw out another get well soon card for your soulmate. You put it in your bag where you always keep the one you made them when you were a child.
  • Shortly after your hospital visit, you’re in the grocery store when you have a sharp migraine and you hit the ground like a ton of bricks. The next thing you know, You’re awake days later, back in the hospital with a huge gash in your head.  All right what the hell is going on? How are you not dead? Both of you should be dead, right? 
  • The staff keeps you over a few days just to make sure nothing else happens and sure enough, it did. You seem to have been beaten right in your bed, Bleeding all over the hospital floor. You’re in a severe amount of pain, but you’re only thinking about your soul mate. What’s happening? You’’re stuck in the ICU for a month, clinging onto life before finally you’re discharged.
  • You’re horrified to go out on your own, Worried about dying painfully.  Wondering what your soulmate is going through. You try to relax by taking a walk through the woods, just hoping another attack won’t strike. You’re unaware you’ve wandered into the territory of Jason Voorhees until it’s too late and he comes crashing towards you, machete in hand. You only stare in shock. Finally, maybe this will be an end to all you and your soulmate suffering.
  • Jason stops, seeing the scar on your head. Just like the one on his. Through your tank top, you can see a scar on your shoulder just like the one on his. Oh no. Oh god oh no. What has he done? He’s lost hope of having a soulmate ever since he drowned, thinking you drowned with him. He drops his machete and grabs your shoulders. Tears stream down his cheeks as he wishes his voice to return to him so he can beg for forgiveness. You looked up at him, seeing the same scar that you have, you piece it together. Reaching into your bag taking out your get well cards.

Billy (I assumed Loomis)

Originally posted by nomotives

  • Recently your soulmate has apparently been getting up the trouble, as suddenly you’ll feel a Swift punch to the nose, feel bruises on your arms. You wished they would cut it out, As you’d awaken a couple times now with two black eyes and a nosebleed
  • You’ve noticed Billy Loomis around the school, but you never paid him or his friend group too much mind, you were busy blending into the background and now fretting about the serial killer haunting Woodsboro.
  • One night you were home alone when you got a call on your phone. “Hello?” You asked. You were only greeted with heavy breathing before a deep voice whispered; “Do you like scary movies?” Nope. Nope. Nope. You slam the phone down and quickly run to lock all your windows and doors but it was too late. Ghostface already made his way inside angry that you didn’t answer his question.
  • You let out a scream, and try to make a run for the back door, but he’s quick on your heels making slashes and stabs with you with his hunting knife.
  • You try to open up the back door but it’s locked it. Damn it. The one time being too careful bites you in the ass. You turn around just in time to see him make a slash with his knife, He drags it across your open palm of your hand.
  • You both give a Yelp of pain. Immediately, you turn around unlocking the back door and throwing it open as Billy looks down seen the same slash he made on your hand appear on his.
  • “Wait!” he calls out. But you’re out the door running for your life, crashing through the woods behind your house, as hand drips blood. “Come back! I won’t hurt you!” He calls again but you don’t believe him, running fast into the night.  
  • You report the incident to the police and you get a total of 30 stitches in your hand. That night, you’re too traumatized to sleep. You lie awake in a crappy motel, thinking of your attempted murderer. Your hand throbs with pain. You just want to go to school and be surrounded by other people So you can be less of a Target.
  • The next day at school, you’re sitting alone at lunch, thinking about your night of terror when you hear a voice. “Mind if I sit with you?” you look up to see Billy Loomis giving you a sweet smile. Confused and flustered you only nod.
  • “Looks Gnarly.” He smiles, pointing to your hand, with his own bandaged one.


Originally posted by defaltsbitch

  • When you were eight, Suddenly you caught fire and the pain was so excruciating. It left burn scars up your sides. Scarring the side of your face. “Well look on the bright side.”  Your father said. “It’ll be easier to identify your soulmate.” Thanks, Dad.
  • Other than the whole fire incident, nothing was really that bad, but you got a lot of splinters, and what looked to be like rat bites on your ankles?
  • As you grow older The splinters and bites seemed to die down. Thank god.
  • Much later into your adulthood, You are walking home from work when there was a Sharp Pain in your abdomen. You fell to your knees and blood started to pour out of it.
  • You were rushed to the hospital, as you lay in bed hoping your soulmate was okay, wondering what happened to them. Luckily for you, your wound wasn’t very deep, and you were discharged quickly.
  • Feeling like a walk, you ventured around the neighborhood trying to recover from your wound. But ended up getting totally lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood. You decide to duck into the abandoned Heelshire Manor, To take a break and get a moment to get your bearings.
  • Brahms is ready to kill you upon sight, as you trespass on his grounds, but he stops soon as he sees your scarred face, eerily similar to his. You lift up your shirt to check on your wound. You poke it softly to see if it still hurts. The wound on Brahm’s stomach aches as you do so.
  • His heart catches in this throat as soon as he realizes what it means. That’s soulmates are real, that you are his.  
  • Carefully he sneaks out from the wall, watching as you look at your phone for directions. Still rubbing your sore stomach.
  • His hand snakes around your mouth, muffling your surprised scream, as you struggle against him. Your wounds both hurt as your flail and panic against him. But it’s worth it to Brahms. He will take good care of you he promises. Soon you go limp in his arms, and Brahms scoops you up and carries you deeper into the mansion. Welcome home. 

Corpse Groom

Ben Solo, son of fish merchants, finds himself in an arranged marriage with Armitage Hux, a high-society man whom he’s never even spoken to. After Ben horribly messes up the wedding rehearsals, he ventures deep into the woods while practicing his vows. However, once he finally gets them right, he discovers he accidentally recited them to a corpse. His new, dead groom takes him with him to the Land of the Dead, while his living fiancé waits desperately for his return in the Land of the Living.

With two grooms both pining for him, Ben must decide between his love-at-first-sight fiancé Armitage, or his tragic corpse groom Thomas.

Slowly getting into the mood for Halloween! Sorry if this doesn’t make sense for you, this is an ongoing Thomas in joke from Twitter.

Pen Pals

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

@thatthinghasclaws:  Newt Scamander soulmate AU? Where you can see what the other one writes on their skin. :)

A/N: Arg, this is probably so bad. Sorry for making you guys wait for so long! I’ve been super busy but I finally finished! Thank you so much for waiting patiently!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

A lot of strange things started happening ever since you turned eleven and found out about a magical world that was living parallel to the only world you thought existed; the Muggle world. That is, if you could even call it a world at all, what’s a world without magic? But, if possible, things were getting even weirder now.

You were sitting at a desk in a boring Transfiguration class, fighting hard to keep your eyelids from falling. Professor Dumbledore was happily explaining about some fancy Transfiguration spells, preparing you and all of the other Fifth Years for the upcoming O.W.L.s. Oh, the dreadful O.W.L.s. You shivered at the thought, reminding yourself that you still had a little over a week to prepare.

Still bored, you discreetly glance over at Newt Scamander, who was sitting a few seats away to your left. He looked as enthusiastic about all this as the rest of the class. You watched him scribble down a few notes and admired his neat-messy handwriting from afar before he snaps his head up and his green eyes meet yours. You quickly avert your eyes and pretend that nothing happened.
You and he had a…“strictly platonic”…okay fine, “not even really friends yet” type of relationship. There was no denying you had a massive crush on the freckled Hufflepuff, but you were sure that he didn’t share the same feelings. Ah well, maybe something would happen eventually, but that was currently the last thing you wanted to worry about.

“(Y/N), are you following along? You seem distracted.” Professor Dumbledore says curtly, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You nod your head furiously, hair flying everywhere, desperately hoping you looked alert or better yet; awake. He smiles.

“Well if that’s so, will you please tell the class what I was going to turn this goblet into?” he asks with a sweet smile, his eyes twinkling from behind his glasses.

“Umm, a potato?” you say idiotically, mentally facepalming yourself and giving up on life in general, as the whole class started giggling uncontrollably. Some boys even fell out of their chairs, for dramatic effect of course. You rolled your eyes and giggled too, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

You hopefully glanced at Newt and your heart jumped slightly as you saw him chuckling too. Yes, you made him laugh! Well, he was probably laughing at you but you still made him laugh and that was good enough for you.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He laughed softly and looked at you through his long lashes. There was no denying it, he had strong feelings for you but he was always too shy to gather the courage to talk to you.
Sighing quietly, he admired your handwriting from his seat, thinking that the tiny letters looked as adorable as you did.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

“Please pay attention now (Y/N), I want you to do well,” Dumbledore says gently yet firmly and you nod, relieved that you weren’t getting detention.

Minutes passed and the class returned to its boring state. You sighed and picked up your feathered quill and dipped the tip in ink.
You lazily proceeded to draw on the back of your hand, writing random little phrases and words.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He jumped slightly in his seat as he felt a tingling sensation tickling the back of his left hand.
He cautiously looked around to make sure no one else saw his little jump and he peered at his hand. The words I’m so bored appeared on his hand in what appeared to be black ink, as if the letters were being written on with an invisible pen in the air.

He blinked a couple times, utterly confused. What was going on? Were these words reflecting his feelings? He definitely felt bored but this hasn’t happened before?…

He felt tingling again and he quickly looked down.

Lalalalalalalalala was scribbled across the palm of his hand now.
Yeah, these definitely weren’t his thoughts and this was all getting more than a little strange.

He picked up his own quill and dipped it in a vial of ink. He was going to try something…
The tip of his quill moved swiftly across the soft flesh of his hand.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You yelp as you feel tingling on the back of your hand next to your own little scrawls.
You watch in surprise and wonder as delicate little letters appear, spelling out Hello?

Professor Dumbledore turns to you again after hearing your surprised little sound and quirks up an eyebrow.

“What is it this time (Y/N)? Would you like to share with the class why you felt the need to take such a sharp intake of breath?” he smiles kindly as you shake your head furiously, and he resumes his lesson.

Shaking nervously you grip your quill and write on your hand again. All the ink of your precious conversations, if you even call them conversations, was still etched onto your soft flesh.

Hi. What’s going on and who are you? you write.

The tingling comes back.

Beats me, though I must admit this is rather fascinating. Who are you?

No fair, I asked first.

Well, I asked last.

Okay fine, just tell me this; you aren’t some murderer, right?

Oh no, definitely not. If it makes you fell any better I attend Hogwarts and I’m sitting in a rather boring class right now. This is quite the highlight of my day.

Oh thank goodness, I’m at Hogwarts too! Maybe we could try finding each other?

You were slowly starting to inch your way up your arm for you were running out of room on your hand.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Well, this is very interesting, he thought as he dipped his quill in ink again.

Or maybe we should keep this anonymous? That way we could talk without feeling awkward around each other. What do you say?

He waits patiently, drumming his fingers on his desk, eagerly waiting for a reply.

Sure! We could be pen pals! Cheesy, I know but it will definitely keep us entertained during boring classes, like the one I’m in right now.

Pen pals it is! Who’s class are you in right now?

Dumbledore. You?

Same, actually! So we have now established that we are also in the same year, how exciting!

Yay, this will definitely be fun. But do you have any idea why all this is even happening?

No idea. But I’m glad I’ve found a new friend, even if I don’t exactly know who you are. I’m terribly sorry if this is getting weird, but I already like you.

Brilliant, I like you already too! And don’t worry, it will definitely get weirder once you’ve seen my doodles. Now, on to more pressing matters; we seem to have run out of space on our left arms, how do we erase all this?!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

Turns out that a little bit of soap and water did the trick, no magic was needed. You and your pen pal had become rather close in the next few weeks and you learned that the two of you were of the opposite gender. That made it even more exciting for you in a way.

You always felt like you had a secret, a good secret, making sure to cover up your arms with your robes after a long class.

You were making your way to the nearest washroom to rid your skin of ink when you bumped into Newt on the way.

You blush as you realize who you just crashed into and your hand instinctively pulls down the sleeves of your robes, hiding the smudges of ink and your conversations with your secret friend.

“Ah, sorry about that…” Newt apologizes with a gentle smile.

“It’s fine,” you say quickly and you mentally slap yourself. Great job, the one time you ever talked to your crush and you had to say “I’m fine”? Arg, you always blew it.

Without saying another word, you scurry off to your next class, plop yourself down in your chair and pull out a vial of ink. You try to find a bare spot on your arms and you manage to squeeze in a tiny sentence.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He was still blushing after your little encounter and he felt a tingle on his arm as he sat down in the library to study for he was done all his classes for the day.

Hey, we’re like, super tight now right?

He smiles and pulls out his own quill, swiftly replying.

Yeah, I mean, we have been chatting for over a month now. I’d say we’re pretty close and we know quite a bit about each other.

Okay, good because I wanted to ask you for some advice. I have a crush and he’s a dude and since you’re a dude too you know stuff that I don’t, am I right?

Umm, sure? I guess that makes sense.

Well, here I go anyways. So I’ve liked him for quite some time now and I just bumped into him in the hallways but I really couldn’t bring myself to say anything, what should I do?

Blimey, I just met my crush in the hallways a few minutes ago! he wrote, shaking his head in wonder. You two were more alike than he thought.

Ah! Okay, answer my questions later. Tell me all about her!

Well, I’m in the same situation as you. I’ve liked her since I’ve laid eyes on her but I’m too shy to make a move.

I suggest talking to her! How bad can it be? You’ve got to work up some courage and I’m sure you’ll do great! I believe in you!

I could say the same to you! Why don’t we both attempt to talk to our crushes and meet up to see how it went.

Wait, did you just say meet up!?

Yeah, I’d say it’s about time to see each other, wouldn’t you?

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment! I’m sure you’re lovely!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You agreed to meet up with PP (your nickname for your pen pal) by the main entrance. But before that happened, you had to try to work up the guts to talk to Newt. Yeah, that was the tricky part.

He found you before you saw him.

“Umm hi (Y/N),” he said with a shy grin, his beautiful hair falling like a halo on his head. You stood there like an idiot, no words coming out.

Abort mission! Abort mission! you scream in your head.

“I’m sorry Newt, I can’t talk right now. I need to meet someone.” you blurt before rushing off towards the main entrance.

Well, that failed.
You hold back tears as you run.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Well, that failed.
He miserably watched you go and felt something odd in his chest. His breathing got heavier. Did you just reject him or were you just really busy? He couldn’t say.

He finally decided that he should probably go meet his pen pal. At least that would cheer him up.

“Oh, Mr. Scamander! Will you help me move these textbooks to another room?” Professor Dumbledore asks Newt, beckoning him over.

Newt opens his mouth to tell him that he was busy but the professor would hear none of it. Newt sighed and made a mental note to apologize to his pen pal later.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

Hello? you write, standing alone by the entrance, finally beginning to calm down after the very one-sided conversation with Newt. You hadn’t meant to seem rude, you just…panicked.
You’ve been waiting for 20 minutes now and no one showed up.

I’m on my way!

A frantic scribble appears next to your sentence and you huff, slightly annoyed yet still tingling with excitement. Even though you had failed to talk to Newt, you were finally going to meet your new friend!

Soon, you hear footsteps running towards you and you turn, only to see Newt panting a couple feet away from you. What was he doing here?

“Hi, Newt. Umm, what are you doing here?” you ask, your voice coming out as a little squeak as he straightens up.

“Uh, I am here to meet someone.”

Your heart fell as he looked away, clearly avoiding eye contact. When would your pen pal show up?


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Oh no, why was she here? He was even more nervous now than before!
He hastily looked away before blushing furiously, refusing to face her.

The two of you stood opposite to each other, both leaning against the wall, waiting and not daring to speak to each other for you were both nervously shaking.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You frantically pull out your quill and shakily start to write.

Where are you?

A tingle.

I’m here waiting for you!

You blink as the writing appears and your breath hitches in the back of your throat. It couldn’t be…

You and Newt both turn and spontaneously walk towards each other.

You shakily lift up your arm and he does too, like a mirror mimicking your precise movements.

Your arms are now side by side and the words you just exchanged were both printed on your forearms.

You tilt your head up just enough to look at him and your eyes brighten with realization.

“It’s you.” you both murmur at the same time.

Romantic Hauntings

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader

Genre: Romance, Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 7.2K

Inspired by this Neighbour AU.

Originally posted by sumimaurmom

You don’t expect to hear knocking on your door, especially not at midnight and certainly not when you’re not expecting company. The only friend nearby who comes to visit you is away for the weekend and your parents aren’t the kind of people to surprise you by driving or flying all the way down to where you are. Honestly, you’re usually asleep by now and the only reason you’re awake is because you wanted to practice some of the new recipes you’d learnt at the academy a few days ago. That and you’re almost done with Naruto Shippuden.

Maybe you’re also addicted (a compelling argument put forward by your best friend) but no, you just needed some company while you cooked. Obviously.

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auston matthews - personal teddy bear

requested: yes | no

  • boo-boocmf : hey, liv, just wanted to say that I LOVE your account and I saw that your requests is open so I was wondering if you could do an auston matthews where him and his gf are having a lazy day and she keeps throwing him compliments making which causes him to blush. 

smut: yes | no

word count: 613

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BTS reaction: kissing their SO for the first time

A/N: Hope you will like this! I found it somewhat refreshing, writing about some fluffy scenarios for a change :)). 



This guy had planned the whole thing before hand, wanting to be prepared when your first kiss would happen. Of course, as clishe-ish as he could be, he took you on a nice date. It went from the cinema to a pretty diner and he payed for everything that was taking place that night, like the gentleman that he is. When he then, at the end of the tiring night, walked you home, he held your hand into his as the romantic vibes began to really set in. You both knew, the kiss would be needing to happen soonernor later, it’s only up to Jin when it’s going to happen, since he is the leader of this date.

When you both arrived at your house, you stopped in front of your door, nervousness rising within you as you wait for him to make a step, and oh boy, he took a step. He carressed your face gently, hand cubbing your cheeks as he gazed lovingly into your eyes. Then he attached his lips onto yours, big blump lips making little motions against yours. It felt like heaven, your first kiss with Jin, something so perfect and adorable. He’d even grunt against your lips by the affection he began to feel while he is so close against your body. A perfect kiss with a perfect boyfriend.


Yoongi is a simple man and it isn’t a secret to you at all. So you didn’t expect the kiss to be planned or over-romantic, what you aren’t complaining about. You love how Yoongi is just so down-to-earth, in a relationship it’s very handy, mostly when you’re having an argument.

It happened when you were both just relaxing on the couch, you in his arms, cuddling close up to him. It was very comfortable in his arms and he felt the exact same. He suddenly wrapped his hands around your waist, facing you towards him. He looks down at your lips, making you immediately known what he is plannig on doing. Your heart began to make a pace and soon your lips were connected. He moves lazily against you, making the kiss passionate and rememberable. You’d enjoy it so much that you couldn’t stay away from his lips very long and began a make-out session. needless the night became rememberable. 


Hoseok hadn’t even noticed it when he first kissed you. It came almost natural to him as he got to you in the morning, seeing you peacefully on the couch. He felt so much love from his side, that he just gave you a longing kiss out of no where. You looked wide-eyed at him, shocked to his bold actions. He also had to think about his actions before he soon would realize that he had ruined your first kiss together.

‘Oh my god, ___, sorry I forgot-.’

You cut him off by leaning up and to connect your lips with his. You litterally couldn’t get enough of him anymore, having waited so long already for this to finally happen. This kiss would eventually lead to you straddling him and beginning a long-lasting make-out, already this early in the morning.


It happened when he arrived at his studio, just walking in as he sees you trying to create some melody with his pc. You were always so impressed by Namjoon, how he always just creates songs out of nothing but his own mind. You want to try doing the same and you’ve seen him making music so often that you’ve picked up some skills. You finally managed to get out a melody when he walked inside of the room. His eyes shot towards you upon hearing the sweet tune leaving his computer, knowing it wasn’t his doing.

He walked up to you, peeked over your shoulder as you’re very concentrated in the song you’re producing. You’re doing just great, he notices and suddenly grew so much adoration for you that he just needs to kiss you, feel you closer for you to really know how great his love is. He puts his hand on your shoulder, making you jump and turn around. He has this loving gaze on your eyes and then leaned in, lips making contact instantly. You were taken aback slightly, but got into it very quickly, closing your eyes and pulling him closer while deepening the kiss. When he pulled away he would be smile at you, a twinkle visible in his eyes.

‘You’re so perfect ___, I couldn’t resist anymore.’


You were both chilling on your bed, watching something on Netflix as he held you close against him, loving the warmth against his body. You kept crawling closer to him, he noticed, as if you need to be even closer to him than you already were. He found it apsolutely adorable, stroking your cheeks as you looked up at him with a smile. Though you haven’t been together for a long time, you felt as if you could spend your life with him and these moments only reminded you of it.

Then he suddenly leans in and it wasn’t hard for him to connect your lips, making you melt into his touch. The kiss was soft and somewhat passionate, lips working slowly against each other. It was when he began to smile against your lips that you broke away from each other, both happy that your kiss finally happened.

'Now I can finally begin kissing you regularly.’


It was very unexpected when you were both just walking over the streets, having a shopping-date. Since you both love to just stroll along the cute little shops, it was an ideal date. He was holding your hand firmly as he walked you around the busy mall, dragging you along all pretty clothes, begging you to try some on.

After that tiring day, you were walking back to his car. Before you were planning on stepping inside, he tossed you around by your hand and pinned you against the surface of the car. You clensh your jaw, awaiting his actions.

'This has been an awesome day jagi, thanks for joining me today.’ He grins, hand coming up to cub your jaw and to bring you closer towards his own lips. And then, suddenly, you feel his lips onto yours, a foreign feeling that is an addiction by the first touch. His lips are passionately working against yours, a growl leaving his throat by the overwhelming feeling, finally feeling your lips against his. It was a perfect night for you and he couldn’t end it more perfectly.


He is a shy guy, so his first kiss wouldn’t be any different. It was already a whole task to get him into this relationship, because this guy is so uncertain about himself sometimes. It wasn’t a shock that the kiss would also take some time, but you aren’t going to push. If you’re in a relationship, you also have to respect the other person’s pace into the relationship.

It was during a quiet night, you having prepared a meal for the both of you. He had walked into the kitchen, seeing you concentrating on the new recept you’re testing out that day. He found you so sexy in some ways, seeing you all focussed like a house-wife. He had already imagined you as someone je would be spending his life with, so seeing the image in front of him was somewhat overwhelming.

He walked up to you from behind, hands on your hips and head resting on your shoulders, sniffing the delicious food. You turn your head to look at him, analyzing lovingly, but suddenly got cut off as he attached his lips with yours. You widen your eyes, not yet responding to the kiss as he lazily moves his against yours. It was only a few moments later that you fully turned around after dropping all your acquirements. You deepen the kiss as you swing your arms around his neck, pulling him closer and he let you take controll intirely.

When you broke away from him, he just looked at you with a big smile, giving you a last little peck before gesturing for you to go on with the food. He leaned against the kitchen counter as he watches you making the food, falling only deeper and deeper into your love.

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Imagine: Robins second dad

this idea just popped into my head and I had to jot it down. Use freely if you like :)

Imagine after being brushed off by Batman one night Robin decides to prove to his dad that he can do it alone.

He goes out late at night and finds himself tracking the Joker who’s in the middle of blowing up a bank.

seeing Robin Joker of course assumes the Batman is near by and continues his scheam. Robin trys to rein him in but Jokers too cunning. He ties Robin up I’m the building, revealing his diabolical plan to the young kid, telling Robin he’s got Batman beat this time and that he won’t be saved.

the bomb keeps counting down, Joker getting more anxious as Batman is no where in sight. Dick is afraid and begins to tear up, sobbing that he shouldn’t have come without Batman.

Joker hears that and frowns suddenly “wait.. Batman’s not here?”

Dick shakes his head.

Joker grabs him and jumps out the window in the nick of time. Shielding the smaller body from any debree, Dick is in shock, was he just saved by the Joker?

But before he can question it the Joker speaks up “WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING!!!” And “You could have been killed!”, “You think this is a game?” He scorns Robin angerly “If Batman finds out about this.. he’s gonna kill me” he bites his nails just thinking about the what ifs..

“I’m sorry Joker.. I just wanted to prove to Batman I was capable.. he never recognizes anything I do”

Joker, of course, can relate to Batman’s neglectfulness and pities poor Robin.

“I should take you to him” Joker finally says, leaving all the easy to grab money in the bank.

“Wait! Please don’t make me go back now! I’m still mad at him” Robin would plead.

“Well you can’t just stay with me!”

Robin’s eyes go big and soft like a puppies and Joker is already defeated.

“Ugh. Fine”

Joker would call Batman and tell him that he’s got Robin, and not to worry, but that’s all he says so of course Bruce is super confused and worried and they try to track the Joker down all night

Joker and Robin spend all night sneaking onto rides at a carnaval, defacing public property and eating all then junkfood Robin could ever want. It’s more liberating then living with anal batman and police officer Babs. It’s nice to get away from the rules and be a kid. When Robin finally passes out into a Cotten candy coma Joker carries him back to Wayne manner.

Everyone is there, shocked to see the Joker at their door and Robin completely unharmed, looking like he got back from a circus complete with Clow face paint and balloons

Bruce is thankful, but was also worried sick so he gives Joker a lecture on Robins curfews and no sweets after 6