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  1. Anonymous said: About that last LGBTQ+ post you made, I really feel you. As a young asexual biromantic girl, I was so happy to go to my first gay parade, and it turned out to be an almost traumatic experience. Drunk men and women both were hitting on me, making body contact with very few clothing items and when I said if they can stop, as I have a boyfriend and I am ace, they were like “Why do you say you are part of our community if you are straight, then? You are not welcome”. -continues-
  2. Anonymous said: I know I’m not gay, but I am not straight either! I’m a biromantic ace girl and the fact I have a boyfriend doesn’t make me straight! I was also told my LGBTQ+ local community I’m homophobic for not wanting to go to a pride again, since it was awful for me. But apparently I’m homophobic. Idk, it’s sad because it seems that the same way white feminists don’t understand the oppression black girls face, gays don’t understand the oppression other queers face. - continues -
  3. Anonymous said: Gay parades are apparently only for gay people (and sometimes trans), and, people in general, be it gays, white women, or else only understand the oppression they themselves face. Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think it applies to most people. Idk it just makes me angry I’m not welcome neither in straight places, neither in queer places and that even oppressed people only care about themselves. Sorry for the rant.

Can I first just say how sorry I am that your pride event experience was ruined by those people? I mean, the one space, the one event where you’re supposed to feel safe and welcome, and they completly trashed it with their bullsh*t. I’m especially disgusted by the outright disrespect for not only your sexuality, but the blatant disregard for your personal space and comfort. Furthermore, ignoring your requests for them to stop? Un-f*cking-believable . 

And the thing is, I see/hear about this a lot. Especially from, as you’ve noted, certain white gay folks who act like anyone not them can’t be included. My god do I see this a Loooooot. I also hear the whole: ‘What? You don’t participate in such-a-such event or speak out at rallys or speak for the whole community? WELL YOU’RE HOMOPHOBIC!’ Which is just utter and complete nonsense to begin with, but is also completly ignores anyone with a disability, social anxiety, fear for their life due to dangerous environment, children, people with PTSD, people with traumatic experiences, etc etc etc. 

The whole concept that one can ‘own’ and control the entire LGBTQIA community, and therefore commands who can stay and who can go, needs to be thrown in the trash. People need to stop this. 

I’m sorry, again, anon. I hope any future endeavors are safer and more welcoming to you. I know it’ll probably take time, or some pointy elbows and a pissed-off-cockroach attitude, but I really do hope things improve. 

And, even as only one member of this vast community, I absolutely welcome you with all my heart. 

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ty @garlicbreadfriend​ for tagging me!  🍯 lets do thiss

  1. What is your MBTI? im a infp!! (like yoongi, surprise surprise)
  2. Are you in love? omfg yes i luv my gf like nothing else
  3. If you could choose a song for your main theme, what would it be? mmm rn id say divina commedia by gdragon? idk i like how it makes me feel n it feels like smth that could represent me, beat related and all
  4. Do you remember the last time you cried from laughing? When was it? yes i do, with my gf a few days ago, my asthma was so bad n when i laughed i made funny sounds n she was dying laughing bc of it n it was just this ridiculous cycle lmao i miss her sigh
  5. What is your favorite eye color? i dont rly have one but light brown/green on ppl w dark skin is so beautiful it always makes me gasp
  6. Do you pay attention to astrology? some things are just too real, idk i dont care much for it but i always read a post abt it when i see it on my dash
  7. What annoys you the most? ppl who refuse to listen n bring u down for fun
  8. What fictional character(s) do you identify with? mitch from modern family lol, its funny bc fiona is def cam n we crack up all the time bc theyre literally us, we would react the same way they do abt things lmao
  9. Do you have a skincare routine? ive been doing face masks n cleasing often but thats abt it tbh, i was blessed w good skin
  10. Are you a dog person or a cat person? changed often but id say cat person lately
  11. Last song listened to? caroline by aminé, yall should check it out its the shit

my questions:

1. whats ur fav song atm? 2. anything u want to accomplish by the end of the year? 3. any language u want to learn? 4. do u still get along w ur oldest childhood friend? 5. any movie u think everyone needs to watch? 6. what makes u smile/laugh everytime? 7. who do u look up to? 8. a shoutout to a lovely mutual u love (not a question but i thought it would be cute idk) 9. what is ur summer makeup aesthetic? 10. the biggest pet peeve? 11. what are u looking forward to the most atm?

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//takes a deep breath


  • is so passionate about his job and supporting muggle rights that he doesn’t give two shits abt his reputation as a blood traitor even tho it’s apparently the reason he never got promoted at the ministry
  • wrote the book on why u should not enchant muggle objects and literally has a shed full of flying vehicles and shit that he hopes his wife doesn’t find out about??? lmao what a rebel?? i love this guy
  • was concerned about harry before he even met him because ron was worried that he wasn’t responding to letters and when harry came to stay he totally could have been like ‘shit another mouth to feed’ but was really really happy that harry was there and safe??? ‘pls sit next to me at dinner, child, i need to ask you ten thousand questions about muggles’
  • like he was actually the first adult ever besides maybe hagrid to sit there and ask for harry’s opinions and recognize that he had knowledge and thoughts to offer im crying
  • fixed harry’s glasses for him after they broke in the floo ;-;
  • gave zero fucks about what everyone else thought should be done and told harry about sirius black bc he wanted this kid to be aware and safe as possible??
  • dragged the dursleys for not treating their nephew like a human being (and destroyed their living room what a great moment tbh)
  • gives advice that harry remembers years later bc he respects this kind ginger man so much ‘don’t trust something that can think for itself if u can’t see where it keeps its brain’
  • (lol remember that one time molly was upset about death eaters at the quidditch world cup and he made her some tea and then was like ‘i think this needs some whiskey too trust me i’m a doctor’)
  • agreed that harry should be told certain things about the resistance because he knew harry was competent and intelligent enough to handle it but like also kept in mind that harry was a kid in the middle of a war
  • took harry to work with him and made sure he got to his hearing on time and distracted him and ‘smiled at him encouragingly’ when he knew he was nervous im dying this was so sweet
  • was part of the group who threatened the dursleys to keep their hands and shitty attitudes away from harry and he was so ‘light’ and ‘pleasant’ abt it omg this dude was throwing so much shade
  • was ready to fight scrimgeour with remus when the minister wanted to get harry alone and harry had to be like ‘omfg stand down pls’
  • ‘am i about to discover where you, ron, and hermione disappeared to while you were supposed to be in the back room of fred and george’s shop?’ … ‘how did you-?’ …  ‘harry, please. you’re talking to the man who raised fred and george’
  • never raised his voice except for that one time he told a fully trained auror to back the hell off and get out of his way so he could see his injured son and harry literally thought ‘holy shit’ it says so right there in the book u can check
  • fought in the battle of hogwarts and after fred and harry had been killed he went into full on rage mode and teamed up with percy to fuck up the minister for magic
  • owns chickens


‘madame delacour glided forward and stooped to kiss mrs. weasley too. “enchanteé,” she said. “your ‘usband ‘as been telling us such amusing stories!” mr. weasley gave a maniacal laugh; mrs. weasley threw him a look, upon which he became immediately silent and assumed an expression appropriate to the sickbed of a close friend.’


gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”


Saeyoung: Ohhhh, Saeran! I’m so happy! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Saeran: Yeah…you too. Happy birthday…idiot.

Saeyoung: Hey, let’s take a selfie with your new phone! Get over here!

Saeran: *sighs* Alright.

Saeyoung: Smile!

Saeyoung: This has been the best birthday EVER!! Thank you, Saeran…

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 


tag meme: name ten favorite characters from ten different fandoms.


I can’t believe I did this in one day.
Thank you so much, my little trolls for playing with me, that was really interesting and intense to do. Maybe I will do more in few weeks.
I noticed there was lots of requests about The invisible Child, the last dragon on earth, Adventures of Moominpappa and the Secret dish! I know i didn’t draw an Adventures of Moominpappa’s doodle (something’s coming ;D ) and I certainly forgot some episodes you asked me… But you were so many! XD

Last thing, even it’s doodles, I swear I did my best. Thank you to be with me and I hope i will give you the need to rewatch some episodes!!

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Yoooo, because I always wanted to see more of him in the books, what are your head canons on Charlie Weasley??

huh, let’s see

  • him and hagrid were the best buds during charlie’s hogwarts years, charlie probably used to hang out at hagrid’s hut quite often, just like the golden trio years later after him
  • percy calls him “an outdoor type” at some point in the books which gave me a mental image of charlie barely spending any time at home and instead exploring the wilds surrounding their village, looking for all kind of creatures, magical and not, keeping a little journal of his researches, interesting herbs and flowers pressed between the pages, doodles scattered across the notes
  • not perfectly fluent in romanian, but still can speak it
  • like twice a month gets owls from oliver wood who keeps begging him to ditch his sodding dragons and join professional quidditch (wood’s team, obviously)
  • he was in the same year as tonks at hogwarts, so naturally i imagine them being friends during their school years; tonks was probably the first one to join him in any secret shenanigans (like sneaking into the forbidden forest when charlie became obsessed with an idea to confirm rumours about an acromantula colony being established there. they were shortly caught by hagrid though)
  • i really like the idea of him and harry hanging out together, maybe it’s because they’re both among my favs and i always want my favourite characters to hang out with each other. anyway, there’s this one scenario i enjoy, where harry sets off to travel for a bit after the war to take a break from everything and to see what wizarding communities in other countries are like. at that point of his travels where he starts to miss familiar faces, he visits charlie. they get to know each other better, bond over their fascination for dragons and quidditch and after a while charlie becomes the third closest weasley to him (after ron and ginny, obviously) 
  • i also wonder if the place in romania where he went to study dragons is something like an alma mater for draconologists from all over the world. like, if you want to study dragons, that’s where you go. if so, then i like to imagine it’s a very interesting multinational and multilingual community there 

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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on