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Hey sorry, just checked out the DVD campaign there, and I'm totally in! ^^ only thing is, the petition link won't work for me? :/ this might just be my iPad, but j wanted to let you know in case it was the link itself 🌸


And just checked and the short link seems to have stopped working. Here’s the petition link: However it seems it’s closed now.

But everyone, please continue the letter writing campaign! For those who don’t know, here are the details:

Portrait of a Victor

Chapter 26 is now posted on A03 and FFN

Peeta lifted his gaze slightly so he could trail it down the smooth, olive skin of Katniss’ arm, the way her fingers played against the white sheet in her sleep, as though searching for something to grasp. She still didn’t look familiar to him - nothing more than a girl he’d met in Thirteen weeks before - but there was something there. He knew there was. There had to be.

There wasn’t any other reason for him to be there if there wasn’t.