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AU where bitty is on the lacrosse team and manages to keep the lax bros out of smh’s hair long enough that the boys start to get suspicious

word count: 2252

edit: part 2 here

Bitty has never been the biggest fan of confrontation. On the contrary, he spends a great deal of time avoiding most conflict these days. Even on the field, confrontation is Bitty’s mortal enemy, a fact proven by the way he freezes up and nearly passes out every time someone threatens to check him.

There is one place Bitty accepts (if not exactly welcomes) confrontation, though, and that’s in the safety of the lax house. Or, more often, the safety of the front lawn of the lax house when the pesky hockey team across the street starts trouble. Realistically, he knows his own team contributes to some of the bickering and fighting that goes on on that lawn, but more often than not it’s the hockey team who barges over uninvited to complain about this or that.

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Need a Jack to detox after a hectic weekend/monday before bed =A=

And bah you guys can conclude on your own who he got the hickies from <3

[Nurseydex] A Market for Lemons

Summary: Chris Chow knew all along. (Or, what to do when your friends are in love with each other: a two-year guide by Chowder.)

[Full Work on AO3]


At the start of spring semester, the freshmen of Samwell Men’s Hockey team were ordered to conduct a coordinated attack on the LAX bro house. Chris, Nursey, and Dex were assigned the actual break-in, while their luckier teammates did surveillance. When Dex asked if this was hazing, he was met with cryptic smiles and Lardo’s flat “This is the least of it, son.”

In the middle of a chilly winter afternoon, the three of them hid by an untrimmed bush in the LAX house backyard, among crushed beer cans and slimy-looking brown bags, until one member of the recon team texted to confirm the last LAX bro had exited the yard. They slid the kitchen window open slowly and dove in, Mission Impossible-style. Nursey located the mission object in the living room: the First Puck, a tough, scratched hockey puck said to have won the SMH’s first NCAA championship some thirty years back, but in the present decade was best suited to for breaking open clam shells or dashing open windshields. It sat in a cleared-out circle of empty vodka handles and red solo cups, atop an old cassette player like a crown upon its dais.

“All this effort for some old puck,” Dex said, as Nursey walked into the room. “I bet Shitty made all of it up.”

“Don’t be so cynical, Poindexter,” Nursey said, as he squatted down to inspect the thing. “Traditions like this are what makes a team a team.”

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Chris ventured.

“See? C thinks it’s chill,” Nursey said, tilting his head another way quizzically.

Dex grinned. “Chowder, you’re too impressed by everything Samwell-related.”

“That’s true too,” Nursey said, chuckling.

“Well, a lot of things about Samwell are cool!” Chris protested.

Dex laughed and looked ready to say more as Nursey reached for the puck. Then several things happened at once:

  1. Chris’s phone pinged with a text: lol oops sorry a lax bro is back are you guys still in there?
  2. The front door opened.
  3. Nursey plucked the puck off the table, and all around them, sirens wailed.

The LAX bro at the foyer, who had been texting on his phone, looked up.

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Ghosts in the Daylight: Chapter 2

Sorry I’ve been a little lax on my writing lately. With classes starting, work picking up, celebrating 4 years with the BF (😊), and being sick, it’s been a bit crazy over here. But, here’s a short chapter to tide everyone over!

Chapter 1

“So… how was yer first night in yer new home?” Ian asked him over his beer. He invited Jamie to a late lunch… probably because he missed him so much already, Jamie had teased.

“Fine.” He didn’t feel the need to tell Ian about the sleepless night he endured. In the safety of the daytime, it was easy to write off the noises that kept him awake. It was an older house; older houses tended to creak. Even Lallybroch groaned in its old age.

“Must be awfully quiet, aye? No bairns running around, screaming ‘UNCA! UNCA!’” Ian’s imitation of his children’s pronunciation of ‘uncle’ was a bit uncanny.

“Aye. I dinna miss waking up at 6 with a small human on top of me.”

“I envy ye that, to be sure.” The two men clinked glasses in a small toast.

“Ian…” Jamie spoke with trepidation. “Do… ye believe in ghosts?”

Ian gave him a worried look. With his mouth full of pasta, though, it was more comical than anything. “What? Do ye think yer house is haunted?”

“No!” Jamie protested. He wracked his brain, thinking of a good explanation for his question. He shouldn’t have said anything, but he couldn’t take it back now. “No… its just… its for a story I’m thinking about writing, ken?”

Ian looked at him sideways, but eventually decided that Jamie’s explanation was acceptable. “Well, we’re Scottish, aye? We’re full of stories and tales and oddities. Our national animal is a unicorn, for Christ’s sake. If there were ghosts in Scotland… Let’s just say, it wouldna be the strangest thing.”


The one thing reviled by all writers was writer’s block, and unfortunately, Jamie was experiencing it. Lounging on the sofa in the sitting room with the laptop perched upon his knees, he stared relentlessly at the blank walls, hoping to uncover some secrets from the void.

The walls groaned, pulling Jamie out of his stupor. It was a rainy night, and the stormy winds were constantly barraging the brick walls.

At least, that’s what Jamie told himself. Truthfully, the rain was a soft mist, and the wind was no more than an autumn breeze. No, the creaking came from something else entirely.

“Quit creepin’ about, and show yerself,” Jamie murmured sarcastically to the possible spirits roaming his house.

But, said spirits didn’t understand sarcasm, and when Jamie blinked his eyes, a figure appeared before him. He jumped to his feet, laptop forgotten and crashing on the floor.

The figure was unperturbed by the commotion, staying completely still. It’s features were unfocused and gray, like figures on a broken television.

“H– hello?” Jamie felt completely stupid talking to this form that may or may not be real.

“Hello.” Its voice echoed throughout the sitting room, soft and decidedly female.

“Are you… are ye going to hurt me?”

She chuckled. Not a menacing chuckle, but a chuckle of mere mirth. “No, Jamie. I am not.”

“How do ye ken… it doesna matter.”

Jamie stepped forward, arm outstretched. He wasn’t sure what he was doing, acting on pure curiosity. Would she feel like the mist it seemed she was made of? Or would she feel solid, like a human?

He didn’t get the chance to find out, though, for she dissipated before he could reach her. He stood dumbstruck, arm still out, staring at the now blank wall.

Either Jamie had witnessed a supernatural being, or he was going completely mad.

He placed his bets on the latter.

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Jess sorry for confusing you. I was in a hurry 😥 The autograph hunter sells autographed things on the Internet. Maybe that's the reason to close his personal account but I follow him. Anyway he just posted this on Twitter and there are no photos,so no evidence . I asked now and he said that Sam was not with luggage, so maybe he was waiting someone...? He said cuz of bad weather many flights were delayed at LAX. Sorry for the mess!

Ah there you are. Thanks for coming back anon! I’ll take the sighting with a grain of salt as always but if he really was there and he had no luggage and was waiting for someone, maybe it was Cait :) 

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the part of me that wants every kind of kiss + the dads ghdkglh BUT 18 + narumitsu, please!!

18.Kisses because I missed you and you really shouldn’t stay away so long, @shusihi, this is late im so sorry. (also not under the cut for mobile users. sorry)

Fuck LAX. Seriously. It’s slow, and quiet, and grey, and Phoenix has never been to an airport with more delayed or rescheduled flights. True, Germany in January was a northern hellscape of snow and ice. Sure, they were expecting a winter storm to come in around the time of his husband’s departure. And yeah Miles had told him that they’d been expecting a storm, and that if he ended up coming home the day he promised it would be at a strange time due to possible emergency landings to wait out the weather and the time difference. And yes that wasn’t LAX’s fault, not in the least, but he couldn’t exactly say, fuck your stupid job for making you leave for so long, especially to Germany, even though I know you love it there, because I miss you, dammit.

So he’s settled on fuck LAX, because what else was he supposed to do to pass the time? Trucy fell asleep–he checks his phone, and see’s that its nearing 3 AM–two hours ago. Her head is on his shoulder as he taps out a message to Maya, who should be asleep but is pulling an all-nighter to binge Steel Samurai with her fiancé. Fran had gotten back from interpol the only the day before, and had agreed to this binge so long as she was allowed to fall asleep if the need arose. Apparently Maya had agreed, and he was currently asking what the point of an all-nighter was if one of them was just going to go to bed. 

When he flips his phone closed, he lets out a heavy breath. 

Miles had been gone since Christmas. He had been asked to give a few lectures at a university overseas, as well as observe a few cases that might be linked to some international ones he’d prosecuted in the past. The whole ordeal would take a little over a month, and when he’d first heard about the trip, Phoenix was…hesitant. He loves that these trips happen, and that Miles–once dubbed the Demon Prosecutor–is now trusted and respected enough to be asked to do all of this. It’s such a shocking, welcome change for both men, and each embrace it with an open mind. But he’d been due to leave on the 18th, which meant that Christmas would be spent…alone. And so, consequently, would the 28th. 

He knew that Miles had been fairing better and better over the years with his nightmares. But December was always tricky. Some nights he only started awake, and by the time Phoenix would wake and take notice, Miles was calmed. Sometimes they were the night terrors he’d suffered from when he was younger. Those were, he’d been told, harder to get through on his own.

I’m just saying, maybe see if you can’t leave after the new year, and stay the month of January. The protest had been weak, and Miles had only given him a droll stare. 

You realize that asking that would be my asking a university to change their schedule, and the courts to rearrange their dates, all so that I may sleep next to my husband if I should have a nightmare, yes?

Yeah. So?

Miles had snorted then, and reassured him that for fourteen years he’d dealt with them on his own. A month on his own when he was better, when most of the demons that had been hanging over him had been vanquished, would certainly be no problem.

It…really wasn’t that reassuring, but he trusted Miles to know what he could handle.

And he hadn’t gotten a call or anything about him having a rough night, so…

Next to him, his daughter groans and buries her head in deeper into his shoulder. She was never an easy person to wake up, even when it was her own doing. Trucy whimpers and sighs, and grumbles about the brightness of the waiting area. 

“Is he here yet?” she moans. She’s removing herself from his side and rubbing her tired eyes. “It’s been hours.”

“You slept through the midnight delay,” Phoenix says, flipping his phone open again. “They announced that it would be around three fifteen, and it’s three nineteen now…”

Trucy groaned into her hands, dragging them down her face. “If this is why you hate snow,” she says, “I totally get it.”

Phoenix sighs and rolls his shoulders and neck, reveling in the pops and cracks the motions create. “Hopefully it won’t be another two hours. If we’re here until five…”

“Ugh,” Trucy whines. 

“Ugh,” Phoenix agrees. He glances at her feet, where her purse and a welcome poster she’d made a few days before lie. Written on it in glitter paint are the words “WELCOME HOME, PAPA” with a bunch of magic paraphernalia drawn all over it, and the “O” in “HOME” made to be a defense attorney’s badge. Trucy had been watching it like a hawk so that people didn’t step on it, or that it didn’t start to curl around the edges. She wanted it to be perfect for when Miles stepped off the plane. 

Trucy leans into her father again and huffs out, “Come oooooon!”

He chuckles and wraps his arm around his daughter, offers her a small smile. “Any minute now, right?” He shows her his open phone. “Three twenty five. Any second the passengers will start departing, and he’ll be home.”

Truce screws up her face into a pout for a moment, thinking, and then straightens up. Phoenix drops his arm and watches as she takes a deep breath, grin, and claps her hands together loudly, before raising them in an odd gesture toward the gate and saying, quite loudly, “NOW!”

The first passengers start trickling out, and Trucy and Phoenix stare slack jawed. 

“You’re magic,” he chuckles. 

“Or psychic,” she giggles. 

They stand and grab their things, and move a bit closer so they can scan the crowd more clearly. 

“If papa ever skips out on Christmas again,” Trucy murmurs, standing on her toes and gripping her sign, “I’m gonna hit him with the welcome sign.”

Phoenix bursts out laughing and ruffles her hair. “You know, I might have to agree with you there, and let you.”

“You should stick him with your badge, too.”

“Oh, yeah, that’ll teach him.”

Trucy laughs, and turns toward the crowd again. 

There aren’t a lot of people coming off the plane, since it had been an early flight for Germany, but it was enough that he had to stand on his toes at some points just to try and catch a glimpse of Miles. 

It always happened like this:

He’d be waiting at the gates, looking over people, and his heart would be pounding, like it was the first time he was seeing Miles, like when he’d first met his eyes over the bench in court all those years ago. They would lock eyes, and Miles would smile, and Phoenix would sort of grin in some clumsy way because no one had a right to look so damnably handsome when they smiled. Then they would meet, hug, maybe kiss, and get a taxi home. 

Tonight was a little different. 

One, because Trucy shrieks when she spots him, and shouts, “Papa!” and holds up her sign, beaming brighter than the sun. Miles is in his winter coat, and looking quite tired, dragging along a rolling suitcase. 

When he sees the sign he pauses for a moment, and something passes over his face that looks like pure affection and adoration, and something in Phoenix’s chest warms. 

Miles speeds up a bit to meet them and Trucy has already handed her sign to Phoenix, scurrying away to wrap her father in what looks to be a rather tight bear hug. Phoenix tucks the sign under his arm and watches Miles nearly topple over–after all she wasn’t eight anymore, her fierce hugs could do some damage–and smile down at Trucy, before setting the suitcase aside and wrapping his arms around her shoulders, holding her close.

He has always had a soft spot for Trucy, Phoenix notes, as Miles kisses the crown of their daughter’s head. 

When he catches up to them, Trucy is talking a mile a minute, still attached to the man’s waist.

“–and then Polly left, which was really kind of sad, since it was just Christmas but he said that he’d get Klavier to send him the DVD of my Christmas show, which was really sweet! Oh! And Klavier was my assistant too, because daddy’s back was hurting, and he really didn’t want to be sawed in half, even though that seems better suited for back pain than a chiropractor, don’t you think?”

“He’s been skipping appointment’s hasn’t he,” Miles says, and it comes out like  statement, rather than a question. 

“Of course he has!” Trucy tattles. Miles chuckles and Trucy heaves a dramatic sigh. “I had to deal with him not listening to me and my advice for seven years, Papa. He’s your problem now.”

“I suppose he is,” Miles muses. “How tragic.”

“I’m not that bad,” Phoenix protests, startling them both. “Just saying! I could be worse.”

Trucy giggles and lets go of Miles, but then takes the sign from Phoenix–gently of course, so she doesn’t ruin it–and holds it up. “Do you like it, by the way?” she asked, a bit nervously. “I mean, it’s obviously really ostentatious, what with the glitter and everything, but Aunt Maya said that because your wear a cravat–”

Miles waves a hand cutting her off. “I believe I can figure out what Maya said well enough.” And then, in a kinder, warmer tone, “Trucy, I am…quite touched. I…thank you. It was a wonderful surprise.”

And he does look like he means it; his eyes are crinkled in the corners, something that only happens when he smiles a real smile. It warms him, he warms him. Miles makes him feel like he could burst with happiness with only the curve of his smile.

He turns to Phoenix, and for a moment they stare at each other, eyes locked. They’ve done this often enough during past pick ups that it isn’t too odd they’d do it again.

But the moment passes and Phoenix closes the distance, takes Miles’ face in his hands. This meeting is also a bit different because Phoenix kisses Miles deeply, holding him close in a very different way than the standard hug would allow. 

When he pulls away, Miles looks quite a bit more awake, and is staring at him with wide eyes. “Er. Hello,” he breathes. 

Phoenix whispers, “Hi,” back, and presses a gentler to Miles’ lips. It’s lingering and soft, and god he missed him. 

When he pulls away again, Miles shakes his head, bewildered and exasperated. “Your daughter is right there.”

“Welp.” he shrugs, “guess that’s what you get for staying away for a month.”

“Over-the-top public displays of affection and glitter all over my coat?” he asks. 

Phoenix rolls his eyes. “Oh, and here I thought I was missed, and that you were too tired to be an ass.”

Miles laughs, and leans in to kiss him again. Phoenix sighs into it, even though it’s quick. It’s a loving peck and he relishes it. 

“I missed you,” Phoenix tells him once they’re on the way home in a taxi and Trucy is asleep on her papa’s shoulder. 

“I missed you too.” Even in the dark of the early morning, Phoenix can see the small smile on his face. “I always do when I leave on these trips.”

Phoenix takes his hand in the dark and smiles. He knows they hate the separation, and that there will always be more. But so long as they are each other’s to come home too, Phoenix is fine with that. 

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hi.. um... you don't have to... but... um... 5 times Roman made Virgil cry +1 time Roman made him smile... so yea....

A/N: Yes i love 5+1′s so much and this fandom lacks them Trigger warning: self hatred, being hated, self deprication, panic

1) unwanted

“God no one wants you around,” Roman growled, “So why are you even here? Go back to your room you freak. No one wants you.”

“Fuck you Roman,” Virgil said sinking out remaining his composure until he had disappeared. The minute he got to his room he sunk to the ground sobbing, covering his mouth to muffle the sound.

2) unworthy

“God, I don’t even know why I bother with you. You’re not even worth it,” Roman scoffed waving his hand dismissively and leaving the room.

Virgil went back to his room dejected and alone, tears rolling down his face. He had always thought even if Roman hated him he hadn’t hated their banter but he was wrong. He should have known, no one wants him, why would they want him?

3) undeserving

“You don’t even deserve to be here you freak,” Roman said.

“Roman,” Patton said warningly.

“No, he doesn’t. Why can’t he be normal? He’s such a freak and you all keep acting like its normal and your coddling him,” Roman said, “and I won’t do it anymore,” he strode forward until he was in Virgil’s face, “So listen closely, none of us want you or need you and you sure as hell don’t deserve to be here so leave. Go back to your room and stay there, no one wants you. All you do is ruin everything around you,” he practically growled.

Virgil had tears streaming down his face and he was shaking. He couldn’t breathe. He was dying he’s dying what’s happening? Why can’t they see that he’s dying? What’s happening? He needs to leave, has to go right now. He doesn’t even reply just sinks out, goes to his room to calm down alone. They would only make it worse but that’s okay he always made them worse. He deserves this, not them, this.

4) unneeded

He was so scared so alone. They were trying harder, they were trying to make him feel better but he knew, he knew that he wasn’t really needed, not in the form he was. They only really tried because he was vital, but not needed, not wanted.

5) unloved

God, he had been so stupid. Why had he done that? Virgil was shaking, the look on roman’s face oh god what had he done. He was so stupid. Roman wasn’t being nice because he wanted too, he was nice because he had to be. He wasn’t flirting with Virgil, he didn’t want Virgil. God why did he kiss him? It was so stupid, he was so stupid. Roman didn’t love him and it was foolish to say otherwise.

+1 maybe that’s not so true

Virgil’s thoughts are cut off by a banging sound on his door, “Virgil open this door right now or I will just sink in,” Roman yelled from the other side.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil said voice stuttering, “I won’t come out again. please just leave me in here. I’m sorry, I can’t deal with you yelling at me or hitting me or whatever you have planned right now please, please just go. You won’t ever have to see me again, I promise,” he said chest convulsing as he sobbed.

“I’m coming in,” Roman said.

“I’m sorry,” he cried panic rising.

“Virgil,” Roman said in a calm voice, “I’m not going to yell at you or hit you or whatever you think. I want to talk to you but I need you to breathe for me okay. Come on it will be okay, I’m not mad. Please just breathe Virgil.”

Virgil couldn’t comprehend anything he was shaking and his entire body was convulsing he couldn’t breathe and all of his muscles ached from how tightly he had pulled them. His body was practically buzzing and tears were running violently down his face. he couldn’t breathe couldn’t think beyond ‘dying he hates me. Hurt me he’ll hurt me. Doesn’t want me. I’m sorry,’ the words shot around his head picking up speed as his panic increased.

“Virgil,” Roman said as calmly as he could, “breathe it’s okay,” he reached out and touched Virgil’s hand. Virgil immediately cried out, slamming his eyes closed and scrambled backwards.

“Okay I won’t touch you. I’m sorry, it’ll be okay, please Virgil breathe,” Roman said putting his hands up. Eventually Virgil’s thoughts began to slow and Roman was able to slowly coax him out of his panic.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil finally managed going lax, eyes falling closed, exhausted, the panic draining him.

“It’s okay,” Roman said, “Can we talk about what happened?”

Virgil’s eyes shot open, “Listen, I get it you don’t feel the same way, no hard feelings.”

“Virgil,” Roman said softly, “I never said that, nor did I intend too.”

“Oh,” Virgil said, too exhausted at this point to give a more cohesive thought.

“You’re exhausted,” Roman said, “We’ll talk about it tomorrow, you need to sleep.”

Virgil just hummed in response slowly slipping into unconsciousness he wasn’t even sure he wasn’t dreaming this.

Roman picked him up and carried him to his bed, gently laying him down, “I just want you to know that I love you okay?” he said kissing his forehead. Virgil didn’t care if this was a dream anymore it was good and he never wanted it too end. He didn’t reply to Roman, worried it would shatter the illusion but he smiled ever so slightly as he fell into unconscious.

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Adventure cast ranked from best to worst parent.

Sorry I’ve been a little lax on these. After the September Inbox clear-out and all the tri. articles on System Restore, I needed to slow things down a bit. Plus some of the questions next in the queue require a bit more thought (still have to write that post on Meichi that I asked for after Coexistence came out, and there’s been so many good articles echoing my opinion that it’s hard to add more perspective on why it worked so well). But I haven’t disappeared completely!

Anyway, Best Parent… apropos since my son’s been eating up the bulk of my time:

  1. Sora (Obviously the self-described Mom will have that perfect balance between not thinking she’s doing a good enough job and actually doing a great job)
  2. Yamato (A ferocious guard dog around his child, basically devotes his life to making sure no harm comes their way)
  3. Joe (Constantly worried about the child’s well-being while constantly befuddled by the kid’s oddities and thought patterns. This is surprisingly natural and bodes well for him being a good dad)
  4. Takeru (Once he’s ready for children, he’ll be totally up for the job, smiling his way through all the frustrating bits. Might be more capable of tolerating the headaches of parenting than anyone)
  5. Taichi (A bit more casual than he probably should be, but ultimately will keep his kid out of trouble until he hits an age where he’ll let him get away with murder)
  6. Hikari (Will be a loving mother, of course, but might not be ready for all of the stress involved with parenthood and could be overwhelmed. Finds herself asking “How would Taichi handle this?” way more than recommended given Taichi’s only one spot above her)
  7. Mimi (Says she’s totally up for the challenge, but there’s a long stretch where there’s no room to be her kid’s friend and has to be a parent. Has Wine Mom written all over her)
  8. Koushiro (Will be great once she’s old enough to reason and start asking questions, but the early stages where he’s supposed to constantly care for her and be nurturing will require a major adjustment. Guaranteed to forget she exists on more than one occasion)

Remember that all seasons are now open for rankings so send in suggestions for anyone you want!

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This is @dreamyarcana‘s apprentice Isla, thank you for the request, she’s so lovely—!!!! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

On a side note, sorry for the lax activity and progress in getting through these, because it’s Novembers a lot of my classes are picking up their paces even further with projects, so that’s taking up a good amount of my time / _______ \

Hiya!! Sorry I’ve been lax about posting lately! We have a little more to do before we can really see the “is” words in action, so sorry about that! I promise from now on to plan these things out more ahead of time to make sure I don’t start going off in a direction before I’ve shown you some prerequisite notes!! 

Anyways, though, here are a few words for places, and later we’ll get to the に particle and expressing general locations! 

Vocabulary || Places 

建物 - たてもの - tatemono - Building
家 - いえ - ie - house 
店 - みせ - mise - store
事務所 - じむしょ - Jimusho - office
学校 - がっこう - gakkou - school
図書館 - としょかん - toshokan - library
公園 - こうえん - kouen - park/public garden
スーパー - suupaa - supermarket
病院 - びょういん - byouin - hospital

  • teacher: where's your homework
  • me: listen up larry was just fucking spotted at LAX together and I was looking for hq pictures okay I've been waiting 3 years for this fucking shit just let me have my moment I don't have fucking time for homework when they are sitting on a plane together like its 2012 again
  • teacher:
  • me:
  • teacher:
  • me:
  • teacher: schools canceled larry is real
  • me: squaadddd