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Overrated [m] || PREVIEW

summary: notorious bad boy, dong sicheng, was never one for attachment. well, not until he met you.
surprisingly, there was more that met the eye of the reckless bad boy—something outrageously… pure.

pairing: “bad boy”!sicheng & reader insert || university!AU

includes: humour for the peek; fluff & smut when the whole thing is out

wc: 2.3k for this preview :)

note: Due to my lack of uploads lately i have decided to upload a preview of my (most likely to be) next fic! The estimated word count for this seems like it will be around 15k, but who am i to judge my own word counts at this point ;;
anyway, this will probably be out in a week and a half or two—ill do my best to finish this sooner! I hope you enjoy what i have of it so far :) Sorry it doesnt reveal too much! ^~^

Dong Sicheng had a tarnished reputation that was effortless for him to maintain.

Sicheng wreaked havoc day by day, practically stirring an immature calamity on university campus. He carried a storm wherever he went, his footsteps equivalent to a roll of thunder. From his sour persona to the sharp way he talked; his words were bullets to those he aimed them to. Yet, girls flocked around him mindlessly and praised him like none other, falling for his recklessness without a care. On campus, students were either irked, found his personality rebarbative, or completely in love with the idea of him.

Sicheng was stellar in his own way, a star in the worst way possible that managed to outshine the rest. Men had ached to be him while girls craved to spend a night with him—just one, enough to see what he truly, dutifully packed. But that was where Sicheng would expeditiously draw the line, austere and grim, and leave them. Like rain battering down on a scorching pavement, his trace disappeared within seconds.

It was not because the spark of attraction towards the girl was absent, nor was it because he wanted to bring all of them to the edge only to leave them hanging, adding each to the list of rejected individuals. It was due to something else—something borderline shameful to his existence and reputation.

And it was because not a single soul knew that Dong Sicheng, notorious bad boy and ruthless heartbreaker, was a virgin.

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Just friends ~ Part one

Originally posted by choi-top-hyung

A/N ~ Ok so this chapter is short, I just wanted to set the scene before I pull at you heart strings with fluff and then yank it out of your chest with angst. Welcome to hell bitches, this is the beginning of your ends @tabis-eyebrows and @naanaa92

Theme ~ Best friend AU

Pairing ~ Choi Seung hyun x Reader

Featuring ~ Bigbang

Rated ~Fluff/Angst

Series Masterlist

You starred blankly at the computer screen sat in front of you while tapping your finger on the large oak desk trying to find some inspiration for your next article. Anything would do just to get your creativity flowing but nothing. not even a single word.

You slowly scanned the room hoping to derive something from the extravagant objects strung around your office. A single orchid on a small hall table against a bare wall, a Greek goddess statue in one corner, some kind of leafy indoor plant in the other corner, that you weren’t even sure if it was real as you had never seen anybody water it and a large painting hung from another wall.

Your eyes stopped on the painting and you tilted your head as you examined it. You loved art but you could never understand what the painting was trying to convey, you much preferred fine art to contemporary. To you it was just a bunch of parallel lines with a few colourful squares, nothing more. But you kept it across from your desk because Seung hyun had given it to you for your birthday.

You had met him and the other members of big bang when you had to interview them for the magazine you worked for, you and Seung hyun hit it off almost right away and over time you had become good friends. Your personalities fit perfectly, you were childish and loved to make others laugh, no matter what you looked like in the process. But you also had a darker side, a side you never liked to show anyone, instead opting to shut yourself away and Seung hyun understood that perfectly. He never pushed you into anything you didn’t want to do or make you talk about how you felt, he would just be there when you needed someone beside you, as you did with him. You smiled to yourself as your thoughts got lost in the memories of his bingu moments, trying to make you smile at the most inappropriate times.

You were snapped out of your trance by a knock on the door.

“Come in”

The door opened and in walked your boss. A balding man with a comb over, approaching his 50’s who always wore a suit and drove the most ridiculously expensive sports car you had ever seen, apart from Jiyongs. You were convinced that he was having a mid-life crisis but then again almost all of the business men you knew in Seoul were the same way.

“Ahh Miss _____ you look stunning as always”

He was always like this and it made you uncomfortable. Even though he had never actually done anything to be deemed inappropriate you couldn’t help but feel weary in his presence.

“Thank you. what can I do for you Mr Lee?”

“I wanted to talk about the last article you sent me”

“Is there a problem sir?”

He stepped closer towards your desk.

“The subject matter is fine, as a modern day magazine I don’t mind exploring new pathways but I feel..”

He paused as he slowly made his way around the room and sat on your desk, his body facing you, his knee brushed against your own and you shifted in your chair at the sudden contact.

“I feel like the quality of your writing was not as good. You see Miss _____ we need to engage our readers by telling them a story. We need to be as enthralled about the subject as if it were our own passion.”

“I’m sorry sir. I will rewrite the article and send it back to you right away”

A smirk formed across his lips.

“It’s ok _____-ssi but I think it’s best if we go over it together….just to make sure”

He lent forward placing his hand on your exposed knee. You stared at his hand for a while before looking back up at him wide eyed.

“O-of course Mr Lee”


He gave your knee a little rub before removing his hand. he stood from the desk and made his way to the door.

“I will have my secretary call to book a time around your schedule” he said before leaving.

You opened the front door to your studio apartment and threw your keys and handbag on the corner lounge as you gazed out your balcony doors at the glittering city lights adorning the night sky and sighed.

“I had better get some work done”

You sat down at the dinner table and opened your laptop. you flicked through the files looking for the last article you had submitted when you heard a knock at the door.

You opened the door to find the members of Bigbang grinning back at you. Seungri and Daesung with arms full of food, Seung hyun clutching at a box full of what you could only assume was wine, while Jiyong and Taeyang stood empty handed.

“What are you guys doing here?” you asked as you furrowed your brow at them.

“Don’t tell me you forgot our date noona” asked Seungri with a cheeky grin

“Shut up Seungri. Are you going to let us in or would you like us to take our party else where?” Seung hyun asked while he pretended to walk away.

“Is it Friday already? Aish I’m so sorry, I completely spaced. I’ve just been so busy with work I totally forgot” you apologised as you opened the door wider allowing them to come inside.

“It’s ok noona, we can relate” Jiyong reassured you as he kissed you on the cheek and then entered the apartment.

“I can’t, how could you forget about us?” Seungri pouted at you.

“Seungri cut it out, she doesn’t need you bothering her with your horrible attempts at flirting” Seung hyun scolded as he pushed him out of the way and into the apartment. “But he is right” Seung hyun whispered to you with a grin as he went passed.

You closed the door behind them and began to clean up the table, removing your things so you could all sit down and eat.

“What are you working on?” Seung hyun asked pointing at your laptop while opening one of the many bottles of wine that he brought.

“Oh it’s nothing, I just have to redo one of my articles. Mr Lee thought it lacked passion” you said rolling your eyes and you heard Seung hyun tisk. He never liked your boss and told you on many occasions.

“What’s it about?” Daesung asked genuinely interested.

“The modern art scene in Seoul and some up and coming artists” you replied.

“Oh why don’t you get hyung to help you?” Jiyong asked.

“I personally know he would love to help you” Seungri said with a cheeky grin, Seung hyun hit him across the back of the head as he placed the wine bottle on the table and went to the kitchen bringing back some wine glasses.

“It’s ok, Mr Lee wants to work on it with me”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” Seung hyun said through gritted teeth as he focused on pouring the wine into the glasses.

“And why not?” you asked raising your eye brows.

“Because he’s a creep and he has a major thing for you” Seung hyun said with a tightly clenched jaw.

“Ah, you’re over reacting. He’s my boss, it’s not like that” You said shaking your head.

“I’ve seen the way he looks at you and I don’t like it, this is a bad idea” Seung hyun said in a stern voice.

“Well I’m a big girl and I can take care of myself, besides he’s my boss, it’s not like I can just say no. It’s fine, really” you said assuringly.

“Just promise me you wont be alone with him, I don’t trust him” Seung hyun sighed as he slid one of the glasses towards you.

“I think that’s just the comb over hyung” Jiyong joked causing everyone to laugh.

“Shall we eat?” you said trying to change the subject, you couldn’t promise him something you knew you would have to break. He was your boss and you had your own office, you were bound to be alone with him, in fact you were this afternoon and nothing happened, not really.

The six of you sat around for what seemed like hours eating, drinking and laughing at the guys tour stories, which mostly consisted of Seungri making a fool out of himself some way or another.

“Noona, you should take some time off and come with us one time” Taeyang suggested.

“It would be fun but, I don’t want to deal with all those crazy girls that follow you around all the time” you laughed.

“Well how about a weekend away at Jeju?” Jiyong asked with his famous gummy smile.

“Great idea hyung, how about this weekend?” Seungri chimed.

“But I have so much to do, I have to finish my next article plus, go back and fix the other one” you said biting your lip, you couldn’t deny you were tempted. You had been working a lot lately and had barely had any time to have fun and be you.

“I thought you said Mr Lee was going to help you with that” Daesung asked.

“Well yes but, I wanted to have it done before hand, to show him that I’m capable of handling it. It’s hard being a foreign woman in Seoul, I have to prove myself more then anyone else”.

“Ok well how about you come with us tomorrow, we will give you some time to work on whatever you need to work on and we can hang out in between and just to sweeten the pot, we will even pay for the whole weekend” Jiyong said fluttering his eyes at you.

“Ah, ok. But, you have to promise to let me work when I need to” you said pointing a finger at him and he gasped.

“Of course” Jiyong said with a over the top shocked look like he was offended.

“Well it’s a deal then, I guess we should head home and get some rest for the big weekend” Taeyang said as he got out of his chair, the others followed one by one heading to the door, Seung hyun last with you trailing behind him. When you got to the door Seung hyun stopped and turned to face you.

“Don’t work late tonight, we’ll come by to pick you up at seven” he smiled at you as he placed his hand on your arm.

“I promise I wont work late, see you tomorrow” you smiled back at him.

spones-in-my-bones  asked:

Spones prompt: cooling down on a hot day of shore leave 💖

ok so it’s not exactly what you asked for i’m afraid; i’m notoriously bad at following prompts to the letter so i ended up sticking them both in a heatwave, mostly because i’m stuck in one right now and if i have to suffer so does everyone else and my writing ability

also it’s aos!spones because i suck and somehow all my star trek fic ends up turning into aos!fic even when i try not to let it get away with that lmao,, sorry!

On his first night of shore leave after the Krall incident, McCoy wakes up suddenly to an empty bed in the middle of what appears to be a desert, if the uncomfortably hot, arid atmosphere is anything to go by.

He sits up, disoriented. “Lights at thirty percent,” he croaks, the words dragging over his dry, cracked lips like razor blades.

No response. So the power’s out, then. Well, at least that’ll be easier to fix the generator than a broken air conditioning unit, McCoy supposes as he staggers blearily into the kitchen. He restrains himself from sticking his head directly beneath the water faucet and instead fills a glass he picked up off the counter on his way in, but it’s a test in endurance not to down the whole thing in one when he sets it to his lips. It’s refreshingly cool, but almost as soon as he’s set it down the oppressive heat returns, surrounding him in a cocoon of sticky warmth that promises to best all his attempts to keep it at bay.

McCoy rests his head on the counter and groans. The tap gurgles sympathetically, and Helix twines around his legs, butting her head against his knees with a rusty meow. McCoy grins as he scoops her up, ignoring her wriggling limbs. The presence of their cat almost always precedes the appearance of the other occupant of their temporary accommodation here in San Francisco, and sure enough, less than a minute passes before Spock enters the kitchen, mirroring McCoy almost exactly as he fills his own glass and drains it, all the while scrutinising the PADD in his hand

“Good afternoon, Leonard.” Spock doesn’t even look up from his PADD when he speaks, but there’s a warmth to his voice far more welcome than the unexpected heatwave.

“Afternoon?” McCoy squints at the clock, but there’s no display; it’s been disabled by the powercut. “Shit.” The full implications of a lack of electrical power begin to dawn on him, and he frowns. They need to get the generator up and running again as soon as possible. “I should-”

“I have already contacted a technician. They will be available to assist in the necessary repairs tomorrow morning,” Spock interrupts him smoothly. “They apologise for the delay, but ours was not the only residence affected by last night’s storm.”

McCoy doesn’t remember a storm. That being said, remembering anything that happened in the last 24 hours is a struggle right now, so he doesn’t dwell on it, focusing instead on finding something to eat that doesn’t require an electrical appliance to heat or refrigerate it.

He’s halfway through his sandwich when he notices Spock hasn’t moved since first entering the room. He’s still staring down at his PADD, seemingly oblivious to the stifling heat in a long-sleeved black t-shirt and faded sweatpants McCoy has a sneaking suspicion are his own. That, or they shrunk a hell of a lot in the wash.

“Are you-” McCoy frowns, incredulous- “are you doing paperwork?”

“All crew members are required to submit a mission report after every excursion into deep space,” Spock replies, still not looking up.

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” says McCoy, raising his voice slightly, as if he were speaking to someone from a great distance (which, come to think of it, isn’t too far from the truth), “but we are on shore leave. You can afford to relax for a day or two before you start pushing papers.”

This time Spock doesn’t respond, only raises one eyebrow, and McCoy sighs. As much as he’s growing to enjoy arguing with his colleague and- the word boyfriend comes to mind, but it’s far too juvenile for his liking, so he settles on significant other- if his internal body temperature rises any further he might spontaneously combust where he stands.

He waves a hand dismissively. “Have fun with that, then. I’m going back to bed to sleep off this heatwave.” When Spock doesn’t reply, he rolls his eyes. “If you’re not going to join me, then don’t bother waking me up unless anything ‘fascinating’ happens.”

This time, Spock nods, but there’s an absent quality to the action that suggests to McCoy it’s more an instinctual response than actual acknowledgement.

“Hey,” he says, swatting Spock’s hip, “don’t forget to take regular breaks. And for god’s sake, drink if you get thirsty.”

Spock’s lips twitch. “I am not a child, Leonard. I am perfectly capable of ensuring my own wellbeing.”

“I know you,” McCoy retorts, before adding, in a gentler tone, “the last thing I need is you dehydrating in this heat.”

Something in Spock’s expression softens,  and he crosses the room, placing his PADD on the table before stepping into McCoy’s personal space, allowing him to rest his head against Spock’s chest; though the lack of a heartbeat is still somewhat unsettling, and the warmth of his body almost unbearable in the suffocating heat, it’s comforting to be able to wrap his arms around the vulcan and celebrate the simple fact that they’re still alive. After everything they’ve been through- Krall and his swarm, Khan, Nero, and all the countless skirmishes in between- they’re both standing here, in this stuffy kitchenette, still in possession of all four limbs and the better part of their sanity.

“I will take care of myself, ashayam,” Spock assures him, one hand carding through McCoy’s hair in an attempt to smooth down his tangled curls. “That much I can promise you.”

And damnit, McCoy knows Spock is only using terms of endearment to placate him, but it doesn’t stop him from snuggling closer, lifting his head slightly in order to rest it on Spock’s bony shoulder.

“Mngh,” he murmurs. “Good morning, love.”

“Good afternoon to you too, Leonard.”

“Oh, shut up.”

anonymous asked:

So prompt ironfalcon - Tony designed the original wings okay and did the maintenance before Afghanistan and knew Sam /very/ well, and Steve goes to introduce them and they're like we know each other *flirting while steve watches in confusion*


MCU timelines are a thing of incomprehension. According to the MCU wiki, the Jericho missile was created in 2010, and the EXO-7 thing was “sometime before 2014″ which I’m assuming means that Winter Soldier takes place in 2014. *eyes MCU timeline* Sure. We’ll just… go with that.

Whatever, let’s just consider timelines to be wibbly wobbly.


Tony Stark had a reputation. He was charming, an asshole, egotistical (and had a reason for it, with his genius and successful company), and damn good with weapons.

Sam wasn’t expecting anything more, and the first time he met Tony Stark, he didn’t get it.

Charming smile, quick words and handshakes, eyes that never settled on anyone for long. Except Rhodes. The smile was a bit looser, the words a bit warmer, when directed at Rhodes. But then, they’d supposedly known each other since their college days, and Rhodes was starting a liaison position with SI and the military.

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Request: May I request a Laurens x reader where the reader persuaded gwash to join the revolution despite her being a girl so one night she goes to a bar with the guys and a random dude comes up bc he doesn’t agree that she should be fighting and Laurens just stands up and clocks the guy and just lots of fluff

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Warnings: fuckboys, war, violence, death, kissing, angst (sorry)

Word count: 2,087

A/N: While I work on a second part of “Yorktown”, here’s a fic! Tremendous thanks to the lovely @azure-hamilton for proofreading! Also “Je promets ça” means “I promise” basically

askbox || masterlist

You were at the Schuyler ball, dancing across the floor in the arms of a young soldier whose name you hadn’t caught. He tried to talk to you as you danced, and in any other circumstances his curls and his smirk would have distracted you.

Today, however, you were more focused on managing to dance with General Washington. One dance- barely a few minutes- was all you had to persuade him to let you join the revolution despite being a woman.

The music changed just as you neared the general, so you stepped gracefully away from your current partner, gave your thanks, and went to stand at the side of the ballroom. You had heard Washington was well-mannered and chivalrous- standing without a partner should attract his attention.

You watched Washington out of the corner of your eye as he finished his conversation, and noticed his gaze fix on you. A moment later he was walking over.

He bowed and you curtsied, and he bent to kiss your hand. “A young lady should never be allowed to stand too long without a partner on such an occasion,” he said, and you smiled as you accepted his hand.

The music changed to a waltz. “General Washington,” you began once you had exchanged pleasantries.

“George, please,” he interrupted.

“George,” you said as he spun you round, “I have a proposal for you.”

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Taking a Stand

It happened thirty minutes into their 45-minute panel.  The fan who stepped up to the microphone wore a t-shirt with a picture of Donald Trump dressed as Captain America.  No one but Tom and Danielle, who were sitting on either side of him, heard Carlos murmur, “Dude …” but the whole cast exhaled with the same resignation when the man began to speak.

“This question is for Greg and Andrew.  I’ve been reading the comic books since I was a kid and …”

Jesse didn’t bother to hide his disgust at what he already knew was coming.  He grimaced, folded his arms across his chest and leaned back in his chair. 

“ … and I just wondered why you felt like you had to change Iris?”

The showrunners exchanged a look of undisguised impatience. “We don’t think - -” Greg began.

“I’ll answer that.”  

Grant’s interruption took everyone on the panel by surprise, including himself.   The question had been thrown at the show by disgruntled fans since the first announcement of the casting for Iris West.  Over and over again, Candice handled the attacks with grace and civility and while the rest of the cast had been supportive behind the scenes, for the most part, they remained publicly mute, and hoped that a lack of engagement would eventually silence the complainers.   It hadn’t worked out that way.  The non-response only made that small sub-set of fans louder and Candice, seemingly alone and unsupported, an easy target.  

Now, faced with the thinly-veiled racism yet again, and watching Candice’s fingers tighten around the water bottle on the table in front of her, Grant was suddenly ashamed of his own rectitude.  Determined - finally - to take a stand, once he began to speak, the words poured out.  

“I’ve read the comic books, too, and you know what?  I don’t look anything like Barry Allen, but no one ever complains about that.  Why does it only matter that Iris doesn’t look like the comics?  Never mind. I think we all know why.”

He waved off the ripple of applause that ran through the audience and glared at the man still standing at the microphone.

“Candice embodies all of the qualities that make Iris West who she is.  She’s beautiful.”  He turned to the woman sitting beside him and found her dark eyes, shimmering and damp, fixed on him.  “And brilliant and courageous and strong and loyal.  She’s also kind and funny, and more gracious than a lot of you deserve.”  

His furious, hard glance raked the packed auditorium.  They stared back, spellbound and absolutely silent.

“The minute Candice auditioned, Iris West jumped off the page and became a real person.  Every time I look at her, I understand why Barry has traveled through time for Iris, over and over again. Every time I look at Candice, I understand why in every universe … in every world … Barry Allen loves Iris West.  How could he not?”

Grant caught Candice’s eye again and for a few seconds, everyone else disappeared.  He found one of the hands she’d dropped into her lap and squeezed.   The fan who’d asked the question was still standing at the mic when he looked back up.  

“If you can’t see that Candice is everything that’s good and decent and beautiful about Iris, then maybe you should actually read the comics instead of just looking at the pictures.”

The applause that broke out was deafening.  When the rest of the panel jumped to their feet in a standing ovation, the audience followed suit.  Focused on each other, Grant and Candice ignored them.

“I’m sorry.  I should have done that a long time ago,” he whispered, as she blinked away tears.  He leaned in, his voice dropping to an even huskier baritone.  “I should have done this a long time ago, too …”   

When he pressed his lips against hers, a shocked gasp hissed through the crowd, followed immediately by squeals and screams and the explosion of what looked like a thousand flashing lights as everyone scrambled to take photos. Even their fellow actors stared at the two of them in stunned surprise.

When they finally broke apart, laughing shyly, flushed and embarrassed, Candice hid her burning cheeks against Grant’s shoulder.

“Maybe next time, you should kiss me in private.”

“Good idea,” he murmured back.  

They held hands for the rest of the panel.



ETA:  I used this prompt as a little bit of wish fulfillment on my part.  Yea, a girl’s gotta be her own hero sometimes but I’m tired of no one else coming to Candice’s defense and leaving her to face this kind of shit by herself all the time.  Step up, people.  And by people, I mean GG.